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independent-bookiesIn recent years, one country after another has followed the massive, global trend of online gambling regulation. This has led bookmakers that abide by the rules of strict regulators to impose tight restrictions on their players. However, there is a growing number of bettors who simply cannot stand those restrictions. Therefore, they opt for independent bookmakers who are licensed offshore.

Those bookies come with a wide array of benefits. They offer high bonuses & lots of promotions, accept credit cards, as well as crypto deposits and have relaxed ID verification procedures. Nonetheless, not all of them are legit; as there are some who use their own shady terms & practices and don’t follow a fair resolution policy when it comes to player complaints. This is why we go the extra mile to show you how to identify which independent online bookies are truly reliable.

Best Independent bookmakers

The table below consists of the best independent sportsbooks. We have thoroughly reviewed their level of reliability; by taking into account their players’ positive feedback, decent complaints resolution policy and fast withdrawal times.

How independent bookmakers operate

How to ask for a withdrawal Independent online bookmakers are offshore bookies; mostly based in Curacao, Panama and Costa Rica. They don’t fall within the jurisdiction of any licensing authority that is located in Europe. In recent years, the major European gambling regulators have tightened their licensing requirements and have imposed stringent restrictions on their licensees; in order to promote socially responsible gambling. For instance, in Sweden bettors are entitled to only one bonus per sportsbook. In Germany bookies impose a 5% tax on their players’ winnings and in France spread betting is not available on any bookmaker holding a license.

Along with the tighter regulations; came the imposition of higher licensing fees and the rise of taxes for operators. This led several bookmakers, who simply can’t stand the financial burden of compliance, to operate independently. Moreover, independent sportsbooks don’t abide by the rules of the big European authorities; since they are not willing to comply with their bonus-related provisions and strict marketing restrictions.

Advantages of Independent bookies

advantagesThose who opt for independent bookmakers online can make the most of their major advantages; such as their smooth ID verification process, plethora of bonuses, taxless winnings and limited restrictions. So, let’s take a closer look at all their benefits.

Relaxed identification rules: Since they are not licensed by prime regulators; they don’t use strict identification procedures. Plus, they don’t require an extensive age verification process. They basically have very convenient KYC policies. Plus, they allow players to deposit funds to their accounts & gamble before they get to verify their ID. Due to the fact that they don’t require identity checks or payment ID verification upon registration; they are also known as non-KYC bookies or No verification bookmakers.

More than one bonus: Non EU licensed operators provide bettors with more bonuses than just the initial welcome bonus. So, they come with lots of enticing bonus offers & appealing promotions for both new and existing players. On top of that, they don’t apply any bonus restrictions on their bettors; even if they supposedly show signs of problem gambling.

Higher odds and bonuses: Independent betting sites offer bigger bonuses; since they don’t comply with any bonus legislation. This in fact means that; their bonus offers are usually better than those of operators that hold licenses of major European authorities. Plus, their odds are also more competitive.

Allow credit card deposits: Standalone bookies offer flexibility when it comes to deposit methods. So, apart from accepting e-wallets, mobile payments, direct bank transfers and debit cards; they also accept credit cards. This is great news, especially for bettors who reside in Great Britain.

No tax on winnings: Contrary to the EU-licensed sportsbooks that most of the time apply taxes on their bettors’ earnings; winnings deriving from independent bookmakers online are tax-free. This means that when you place your bets on them; what you win is yours to keep.

Accept crypto transactions: Cryptocurrencies are not recommended by major gambling regulators based in Europe. So, only a few of their licensees offer them as a deposit option. Nonetheless, independent betting sites offer instant crypto deposits. They can take up to 15 minutes tops until Blockchain confirms the transaction. The same applies to withdrawals; which are processed instantly. Bear in mind though that your first withdrawal might take up to 1 working day for all the necessary checks. Cryptos' main edge is that they offer anonymity and don't charge fees on players. Their very low miners fees constitute the only exception. However, they are not applied by bookmakers.

Fewer restrictions: Since standalone sportsbooks are licensed offshore; they come with very few country restrictions. Contrary to bookies with European licenses. More specifically, they offer more freedom to players when betting online; pertaining to payment-related limitations and bonus restrictions that apply in several European countries.

Disadvantages of online independent bookmakers

disadvantagesNot all independent online sportsbooks are legit and operate in a fair way for bettors. There are quite a few that may use annoying terms & conditions when it comes to bonus requirements and avoid responding to their players’ complaints. Thus, let’s check in detail all their cons.

red arrowShady terms and practices: Since those bookies operate independently; they use their own rules and regulations and not those imposed by a credible gambling authority. So, their general terms & conditions, as well as their bonus and promotions terms; are not always very transparent. That may often lead to misunderstandings with bettors.

red arrowNon-transparent complaints resolution policy: Contrary to betting sites licensed by reputable European authorities; independent online bookies don’t follow clear procedures when resolving complaints. Thus, they usually don’t provide bettors with information on how exactly to submit a complaint. Moreover, they don’t offer a resolution within a specific timeframe. However, most of them operate under IBAS. So, bettors may escalate their complaints there if needed.

red arrowPlayer protection issues: When it comes to protecting bettors who have serious gambling problems; standalone bookies take a failing grade. As a matter of fact they are not compatible with player protection schemes. So, bettors can only contact the customer support department of their bookmaker and ask how they can self-exclude themselves. On top of that, there is a lack of protection from scams. This means that if you eventually get scammed; your financial safety is not guaranteed.

red arrowSome payments are excluded: If you opt for an independent online bookmaker you may notice that not all popular payments are available for transactions. For instance, PayPal is not available on offshore betting sites that operate in Great Britain. Furthermore, both PayPal and Trustly deposits are not offered by standalone bookmakers that operate in the Swedish market. Plus, Sofort is not available on bookies licensed outside of the EU.

New Independent bookies

There are many bettors who are constantly looking to find newly licensed sportsbooks, in order to take advantage of their benefits. New independent bookmakers in particular offer much bigger welcome bonuses and better promotions than those offered by bookies with EU license. Moreover, they offer higher odds and very quick payout times. Every new independent bookmaker that is featured on our review operates online since 2017. Plus, new independent betting sites, are known for their appealing promotions and great variety of crypto options.

Are independent online bookies worth?

What is a free bet bonus No one can deny the fact that independent bookmakers bring to the table great perks for players. First of all, they allow you to sign up with ease and start gambling right away. They also offer great welcome bonuses and promotions on a daily basis. As well as very high odds on a wide array of sporting events. Plus, they accept credit card as well as crypto deposits. Therefore, they cater to the needs of both new and experienced bettors. However, some of them have turned out to be scammers. This is due to the fact that they indulged in bonus cheating, rejected their players’ payouts, and closed their accounts without prior notice. So, avoid opting for dodgy standalone bookies you may find on the web and stick to the ones featured on our review.

Q: What is an independent bookmaker?

Independent bookmakers are non-EU licensed sportsbooks, mostly Curacao, Panama and Costa Rica based, that accept bettors residing in Europe. Don’t confuse them with self-proclaimed independent bookies, such as Joe Jennings and Bet McLean, that actually operate betting shops in Great Britain.

Q: Are independent betting sites legal?

All independent sports betting sites that are featured on our review are legal, due to the fact that they hold offshore licenses. They allow bettors to sign up fast and offer them lots of bonuses. Plus, they come with very high odds and accept transactions via credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Q: Are standalone sportsbooks licensed by any authority?

Standalone bookmakers may not hold licenses issued by any of Europe’s biggest regulatory bodies, nonetheless most of them operate with a license. More specifically, lots are licensed by the Curacao gambling authority, while others hold a Panama gambling license.

Q: Is it safe to join a standalone betting site?

The independent bookies displayed on our review operate legally with offshore licenses and are safe to join. However, there are many standalone operators that are either totally non-licensed or identified as scams. Moreover, lots of them offer rigged games and are known for not honoring their players’ bets.

Q: Will I get my winnings if I bet on a standalone bookie?

Yes, on most occasions you will. More specifically, you will get them if you opt for one of the standalone bookies we recommend. However, if you choose to wager on an independent sportsbook that you randomly find on the web; then your winnings will not be guaranteed.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

No, winnings deriving from independent bookmakers are not taxed. However, this is only one of the many benefits that they offer. So, keep in mind that they come with many bonuses, high odds, fewer restrictions and a wide array of cryptocurrencies.

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