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Horse Racing Betting Systems that Work

What is every player after in sports betting? A winning system that not only works but will continue to work for a long time. Due to its competitive nature, horse racing hides some fantastic opportunities to turn a profit.

However, horse betting strategies are affected by the number of participants and differ from other sports like football or tennis. If you want to make money, you have come to the right place. We will analyse the horse racing betting systems that work and how to keep your account under the radar once you start winning.

Profitable Horse Racing Betting Systems

Profitable Horse Racing Betting Systems

The first question you need to address is which horse racing betting strategies suit your style. Of course, you need to gain a lot of experience before following them. has released detailed guides around all the major and less well-known systems. Some, such as matched betting or scalping, can actually guarantee a profit. However, if bookmakers suspect you are using them, they will limit or close your account. On the other hand, some strategies like following the market movers or betting on trifectas and superfectas are higher risk higher return.

Which are the Top 3 Horse Racing Betting Strategies

Without any other delay, we will present you with the top three most profitable horse racing systems. Keep in mind that, to develop them, you need to gather a lot of experience and be as quick as possible in your decisions. Timing is everything, so even the slightest miscalculation will not allow you to profit.

Scalping System

BMB_Number_One This is a trading system where you win small amounts fast. One of the most common occurrences in horse racing is odds fluctuation. With scalping in horse racing, you are trying to predict price movement and get ahead of the bookmakers.

You will back a horse to win in a traditional bookie and lay the same horse on a betting exchange. The margin between the odds will not be huge, but it will guarantee a profit.

Especially during the weekends when there are hundreds of races, this is one of the horse racing betting systems that work constantly. However, it requires a lot of discipline because the returns will be minimal compared to the stake, which can be frustrating.

Matched Betting

BMB_Number_TwoThe idea behind this system is similar to the one above. You bet on a horse to win on a bookmaker and lay it on an exchange to ensure winnings. However, the differentiation is that instead of using real money on the bookmaker, you will have to use a Free Bet or another promotion.

This horse betting strategy is easier to follow during the biggest events like the Cheltenham Festival or the Triple Crown because sportsbooks will most likely publish daily offers on all races. Keep in mind, though, that sites are well aware of matched betting in horse racing, and even though it is not illegal, your account will most likely be limited if they catch you.

Lay the Favourite

BMB_Number_ThreeThis means that you bet on the shortest-odds runner not to win the race. The favourites might have a higher implied probability of winning than the competitors, but data shows they only win around 1/3 of the time.

So, if you always bet against them, you will win 66% of your wagers, right? Well, no. The lay-the-favourite strategy will only work if you pick the right spots. You should bet against horses with a proven bad record on that track or surface.

Also, the odds for this market greatly depend on the number of runners in a race. In highly competitive ones, they will not be too close to doubling your money. So, if you don’t win the bet, you will lose more than you would have made. And these losses amount quickly.

Building a Simple Horse Racing System that Works

Besides understanding all the basic and more complicated horse racing betting strategies entirely, you can also follow a specific set of steps to improve your chances. Find all the necessary ones and more right below.

Do your research

BMB_ListThe last thing you want is to place a bet on a horse you’ve never heard of or seen live in an event. It’s quite easy to carry out background research on runners, jockeys and trainers. There are ample websites online that have a vast amount of details on the form and preferences of horses and riders.

For elite races, Youtube is an excellent resource to watch past meets to get a clear picture of what to expect before building your horse race betting strategies. Blind betting is not a good idea.

Record past results

BMB_Research iconMaking a note of all your bets is a sound strategy to see where you have succeeded and where you have failed. It builds a picture of areas of strength over time and should allow you to develop a horse racing betting system that will enable you to make a healthy profit.

For example, it’s worth tracking runners throughout their respective campaigns. You do not want to forget a horse or a jockey that has let you down in the past. In addition, it is vital to evaluate the horse racing points system of each tipster you are following. 

Learn from your mistakes

BMB_StopSince you will do your research and write down all the past results, you should analyse them and see where and what you did wrong. The more wagers you place, the more data you will gather. All these will help you improve your horse racing betting strategies.

Being realistic is also critical. If you go after huge winnings immediately, you will probably end up losing fast. Aim at smaller winnings at first and then move on slow and steadily.

Handle your emotions

BMB_Enhanced_OddsIt can be natural to be excited about a victory that could spur you to go for more money. On the other side, it’s only natural to be disappointed with a defeat and look for another bet to regain your losses. Being emotional is not a recipe for success.

It will cloud your judgment and lead to damage to your bank balance. Keeping a cool head is vital, especially in a sport like horse racing.

Compare odds

BMB_Markets GenericBookmakers will offer different prices on horses, depending on their experts’ opinions. For the leading races, most will have a herd attitude where they will all plump for a similar price. However, you can find better value by shopping around as you would for any item.

Price comparison is a key part of your horse betting strategies. The most significant discrepancies will be found in the outsiders, and that is where you can make a considerable profit by searching for the best price.

Check the stats

BMB_StatsHow to analyse form is always vital. If a horse has a downright imperious record, they're going to be the favourite and probably with good reason. However, value can be found by studying the form at individual racecourses and distances.

Another critical factor is age. Certain races tend to favour younger competitors, especially in flat racing. Weight is the other key component – additional burdens in a handicap race affect the horse’s speed.

Start small and budget

BMB_Money_ProfitYou do not want to be making big bets when you’re still learning the ropes. Build up your horse betting systems slowly and develop your knowledge of the sport and its intricacies before putting down significant stakes.

Small stakes here and there can build up your balance, as well as help you avoid a horse betting mistake that you made in the past. Try targeting the significant event of a weekend meeting where there will be top contenders, and make sure to handle your budget smartly.

Make different bets

BMB_Horse_HeadDon’t be afraid of making different bets. There will be a variety of markets offered by bookmakers, primarily at the top events. You’re not just restricted to a single race but also one across a meet or even a day or a week. The same principle of finding the best value remains, but don’t just limit yourself to one market.

However, you should avoid exotics like trifectas and superfectas, especially in the beginning. While building the most profitable horse racing system according to your needs, try different things. When you find one that works, stick to it and avoid all the rest.

Watch the races

BMB_Place_A_BetThe only way you’ll be able to develop a strong understanding of the sport is to become a spectator. By watching, you’ll get a feel for the races and build up an excellent knowledge of the terminology used by the experts. Most importantly, you’ll see the horses and jockeys in action on the track.

It’s difficult to judge the manner of victories and defeats off a form guide alone. By seeing the horses and jockeys in action, you build a picture of how they perform in crucial situations. What's interesting is that several sites, such as the top Grand National bookmakers, will offer Live Streaming services to watch the races on their websites while placing wagers. 

How to Win at Horse Racing System

BMB_Book SpyApparently, there are several options you can try in a wide range of markets. Some, like arbitrage, matched betting, and scalping, can work for a short period. The reason is that bookmakers will limit or even close your account if they suspect you of using horse racing betting systems to guarantee a profit.

Because if you constantly win, it means sportsbooks will keep losing. You can try other strategies and methods; even though they have a lot of risks, the returns you will see are unmatched by any other sport.

Q: How to bet on a horse to lose?

This is only possible when you place your wagers on a betting exchange like Betfair or Matchbook. You can lay a horse instead of backing it to win. This is not an option in a traditional sportsbook.

Q: How can I build a winning strategy?

Several aspects can make you successful in horse betting. First, you need to know all the basic and advanced terms. Also, discipline is vital since losses can amount fast. Finally, following our tips and guides, you can start building winning horse betting strategies.

Q: Which is the most profitable horse racing system?

One way to ensure your profit is by utilising the matched betting strategy. Essentially, by using promotions, you back a horse to win in a traditional sportsbook and lay it on a betting exchange to guarantee a profit. However, bookmakers frown upon that and will limit or close your account if they suspect it.

Q: Is it worth backing the favourite?

Horse racing is one of the most competitive sports in the world. Unlike basketball, tennis, or football, where favourites often win, in horse racing, the runners with the shortest odds win only about 30% of the time.

Q: Can you make money betting on horses?

Yes. Despite the difficulty and complexity of the sport, horse racing can bring you massive profits. This is because the odds of even the favourites are very high. Especially in significant events, the horses that are tipped to win pay at 8.00 (7/1) and even higher.

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