Football Betting Strategies

If you are interested in making money from betting on football, check out the best ways for your benefit and count on advanced tips to help you win. shows how to make money using all the available betting markets and analyzing numerous football betting strategies. Do you want to generate a high ROI across major and secondary leagues? Do you aim at building a successful track record? We uncover all the secrets and examine the data to make you a successful bettor.

Football Betting Strategies that work

Football Betting Strategies that work

You need to follow certain rules to get started on the right foot, even if you are an experienced player. Football is a sport that offers an extensive range of markets such as goals, corners, cards, correct scores, goalscorers, and more. We have created articles about the best football betting strategies to help you make a profit. We also perform a step-by-step analysis of the principles you must know to win. After all, there are always some areas you can improve and specific common mistakes you must avoid.

How to build a winning football betting strategy

If your goal is making a living from football betting, you should stop giving in to mistakes that seem inevitable for the majority of bettors. Betting on the wrong matches, teams, and markets, without having discipline and stake management are just some of them. You are better off focusing on singles which are the easiest bets you can place, and don’t be fooled by the potentially high earnings of ACCAs. Here are some specialized tips for building football betting strategies and making money.

Follow value football betting

If you look for a mathematical approach about how to bet on football and win, the odds value analysis seems a safe path. Following that pattern, you can place a bet without necessarily believing in the favourite or underdog team you invest your money in. For example, if you think West Ham has a 50% chance of winning at Brentford for the English Premier League and you find the Hammers on 2.22 (61/50) odds, it’s a value bet because the price is above 2.00.

Do extensive research

magnifying glassYou should carefully do your homework for each football match you want to bet on. Search for injuries and bans reports, current form and H2H results, head coach changes or any tiny bit of info you can get your hands on, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Start making a living from football betting, and avoid betting solely on instinct and leaving everything to chance.

Place simple bets

quick mobile siteKeep your bets simple. Bet on singles, and don't try to mix up winners with goalscorers and in-play picks with pre-match ones or extremely high odds and easier bets. Greed is your enemy. Firstly, calculate your stake and the projected profit you want to reach. If you keep cumulating picks to increase your winnings by making big ACCAS, you reduce your winning chances.

Keep an archive

Differences between a Promo and a Free bet Code Regardless of how profitable some odds might seem, it’s always best to spend time watching the matches you bet on and strike at the right moment. Besides monitoring your betting activity, you can accurately know how much you have lost or earned by keeping a record. It’s helpful to document every pick and stake, odds and profits or loss. An archive with your best football bets will offer insights into which leagues you perform better at and what types of bets you should avoid.

Evaluate public bets

winnersOur football betting strategies articles show that the majority may not always be right, but it can offer critical insights. If you observe any rapid odds movement, try to identify what may have caused that situation. You may have missed a star player being left out of the squad or a goalkeeper’s injury, which can cause a massive change in odds. Οn the flip side, you shouldn’t place bets blindly without counting extra information like the percentage of bets placed on a favourite and the percentage of money bet on that side. Let’s see how the Southampton vs. Chelsea clash for the Premier League can become a subject of public betting. If 70% of bets back the Londoners and €6 million from €7,5 million have been invested in them, the odds will adjust accordingly.

Take advantage of bookies’ mistakes

Bookmakers may seem unbeatable, but they deal with a massive number of matches daily, so it’s impossible to avoid mistakes. These mistakes are unintentional and can arise from human errors in most cases. For example, even top bookies may release odds without counting the injury of a team’s key striker. Some bettors build soccer betting strategies by observing and chasing mistakes on odds to secure profit.

On the other hand, bookmakers make intentional errors to exploit public opinion on popular bets. You can check that they are fully aware that the prices don’t reflect the more probable outcome of one elite match, but these odds reflect the betting volume. To be more accurate, these types of errors occur in international clashes like the World Cup final, where bettors can affect the betting volume due to patriotism, for example. The same thing happens in elite matches, like the Champions League final.

Top 3 Football Betting Strategies that work

Inplay football betting sites The most successful players optimally manage their bankroll and look for the ideal conditions. Besides critical factors like the home advantage and the teams’ news, you should check different factors to build your football betting strategies. Backing favourites, underdogs, or placing bets on middle odds can be three profitable alternatives to bet and win.

Place value bets on hot teams

Tips for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021There are teams in football which are favourites to win every weekend in their domestic leagues. Is it possible to win every game? The answer is “no.” These teams usually have very low odds, but the challenge is understanding why. Chelsea's 1.30 (3/10) odds to beat Brentford at home might have no value for an average punter. A sharp bettor evaluates prices with a different approach, seeing that:

grey arrow iconChelsea is in great form with six wins in a row.

grey arrow iconThe favourite has the home-field advantage.

grey arrow iconChelsea has conceded one goal in the last three games.

So, betting on Chelsea is one of the best football bets. You back a hot team with very high winning chances.

Choose middle odds on strong teams

Risk Management Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun ProjectStrong teams are usually between the 4th to 8th position in domestic leagues. They have a solid winning record but are not so consistent as the top teams. Their odds are undoubtedly higher, so you can build football betting strategies on quality teams and see your profit overgrow. From 1.60 to 2.40, betting on middle odds is riskier than placing wagers on favourites like Chelsea. Check, for instance, that after matchday 30 in the English Premier League, the Blues have 17 wins, while West Ham, which is 7th, has 14. As you can see, there’s no big difference between them.

Risk low stakes with underdogs

low risk iconBacking heavy underdogs to win means that you can secure high earnings even with a low stake. However, the theoretical chances of hitting your wager are small, and the risk is too high. Underdogs don’t win as much as the favourites, but detailed research can give you some answers about how to win football bets on high odds. Here is some critical advice you must follow:

Check all the available stats and the updated teams’ news (i.e., if a key player is injured or banned). Take advantage of these reports; for instance, you can back an underdog with higher winning chances if the favourite suffers an injury blow and field without two or three stars.

Make a profile for your selected underdog: a) How has the team performed so far? b) Which are the potential strengths and known weaknesses? c) Can the team come from behind and win?

Search for public bets on favourites and choose an underdog among these football matches. There are many reasons that bettors tend to back favourites (e.g., popular teams, star players, media reports), regardless of the odds, so that’s a way to find value.

Advanced stats to build your soccer betting strategy

head iconEvery football bettor has a wide array of data and a vast choice of markets available. Following our football betting guides, you can find numerous ways to profit in popular leagues like the Premier League and the Champions League. There are ways to understand these options and make them potentially profitable even on secondary special markets, such as a player’s certain number of shots or passes in a game. Specific leagues and competitions show certain predictability, especially for Over/Under and Full-Time results. We have already evaluated the best leagues to build your football betting strategy.

Favourite-friendly leagues

favourite iconThe English Premier League might be the most popular to watch and bet, but it’s unpredictable. We see favourites struggle to overcome lesser teams all the time. On the flip side, lower leagues like the Bulgarian or Serbian championships have dominant teams. For example, Ludogorets, Partizan Belgrade, and Red Star frequently win, with an average of more than 20 victories from 30 season matches. If you choose a favourite-friendly league, where you can place winners οn decent odds, it’s an excellent pillar to build your football betting strategy.

Home-field advantage impact

footballPlaying home is a huge advantage for many teams. Even in small countries, visitors travel one day before the match. Moreover, in some low-funded leagues, like Lithuania, Greece, and Nigeria, teams can’t afford of jetting away on private planes. Exploring the leagues with the highest percentage of home wins, we didn’t find an elite one from Europe. The highest rate comes from Argentinian football (82%), while 78% of home teams win in Egypt. The U-19 Elite League in Norway (75%), Primavera Cup in Italy (70%), and the CONCACAF Champions League (68%) follow. So, you can build football betting strategies based on the home-soil advantage on lower tournaments.

High draw percentage leagues

X icon 2It’s a necessity to focus on stats before building football betting strategies on draws. You have to deal with one of the most demanding wagering missions because draws are generally low probability bets. However, in some lower leagues, draws occur at a high percentage. If you observe the Primera B Nacional in Argentina, you can see that a 42% ratio of matches ends in a draw. On the other hand, major leagues like Spanish La Liga and Liga NOS in Portugal provide a lower 30%.

High scoring percentage leagues

goalpost iconBookmakers mainly offer a main 2,5 goal line, but Over/Under betting is one of the most popular betting types in football. So, you can find alternatives for low lines, like 0,5 goals, and high ones, such as 5,5 goals. You can find stats based on average match goals, the Over 2,5 goals percentage, and the average of goals scored/conceded for each team. However, you can choose specific leagues and build your soccer betting strategy chasing Over picks.

For instance, the English EFL Cup has a 3,18 goals average per match in the 2021/22 season with a 66% match ratio on Over 2,5 goals. It seems a profitable option. If you want to risk with Over 3,5 bets, you can bet on the English Women FA Cup, where the respective numbers are 4,27 goals per match with a 74% match ratio on Over 3,5 goals.

Are the soccer betting strategies profitable?

Which football betting site is the best A wealthy bankroll, a staking plan, and a betting strategy are everything when you want to become a successful bettor. Especially in football, the most popular sport worldwide, the markets are infinite, and you have a massive variety of options to wager on. Our guides point out what you should avoid when betting on football and which main principles you must follow. Undoubtedly, football betting strategies are profitable if you stick to the steps below:

Use all available data and statistic categories, like ball possession percentages, the accuracy of passes, the number of fouls after half-time. These digits can lead you to place your best football bets.

Search every detail of your football bet, evaluating injuries, suspensions, H2H records, etc. Delve deeper and observe if the team you back appoint a new manager or just returned from a recent continental match (e.g., Champions League).

Pick the value before you place a bet. It’s more profitable to bet on a high-value favourite at low odds instead of chasing higher earnings and betting on an underdog with slight winning chances or the opposite.

Evaluate factors like home-soil advantage and build a strategy on them. Keep a record of every bet you place and track your progress.

Q: How to place the best football bets without losing?

Following our guides with the best football betting strategies, you can find solid alternatives to increase your profit. You must trust all the steps with accuracy, read all the available stats before your bets and the necessary injury and ban news. If you become a football expert and have patience, you can become a successful bettor.

Q: How to build a successful soccer betting strategy?

Football is the most common sport worldwide, so learning the secrets and rules isn’t the tricky part. When it comes to betting, you should comprehend how to predict the outcome of the market you want to bet on before placing your wagers. Our soccer betting strategies can advance your level quickly, without wasting time as a newbie.

Q: Which are the best tips to bet on Under/Over goals?

Picking high scoring leagues or tournaments it’s the first step to creating profitable football betting strategies for Totals. Then you must check the previous meetings between the teams in the league you chose. History tends to repeat itself, especially when contenders score many goals when facing each other.

Q: How to create a winning football betting strategy on corners?

Firstly, you should pick attacking teams that enjoy playing in the final third of the field; these teams are likely to create more scoring chances that may produce corners. Then, identify the playmakers and observe how teams prefer to employ their attacking plan. If the best players are positioned on the flanks instead of the middle, they may try to cross the ball, resulting in more corners.

Q: Can I create a soccer betting strategy on outrights?

Betting on futures isn’t an easy concept to grasp in football. Although, you have plenty of options to choose from among the tournament's winner, top goalscorer, the player with the most assists in the season, the clubs to be relegated, etc.

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