White Christmas Betting 2023

If you are fed up with betting on football, basketball, or horse racing, these days, bookmakers offer a host of special options, including TV talent shows and politics. One of the latest and funnest markets to be introduced is white Christmas betting. Essentially, you will have to predict if there will be snowfall and in which city.

If you have never heard of this market, don’t worry, as it is perfect during a break in the betting events calendar with small stakes. We will show you how it works and give you tips to help you make better decisions. Which cities are most likely to see snow and which sportsbooks offer the best white Christmas odds? Let’s find out.

Best Bookies for Betting on a White Christmas

BMB_Betting_OddsAn increasing number of sites are accepting wagers on the possibility of snow during Christmas, with the majority being the bookmakers in the UK. When selecting the best ones, we considered the odds on a white Christmas, alongside the variety of markets and whether they offer a Request a Bet feature. Below, you can find our top picks.

How do White Christmas odds work

BMB_Question MarkThe first thing that you must understand is that, as is the case with most weather betting markets, it is challenging to find bookies that offer white Christmas odds. Typically, it will appear under your selected bookmaker's “Specials” or “Novelty” tab. You can place a wager on whether snow will fall in different cities in the UK and sometimes for specific locations. For example, snow at London City Airport on December 25th.

Note that this market will not be available all year round. You will only be able to engage in betting on a white Christmas as we move closer to the holiday. Even if your chosen bookie does not feature it, you might be able to ask for a price through the “Request-a-bet” feature. It is also important to consider how bookies settle bets. Are 1-2 inches of snow required, or will just a few snowflakes suffice?

For example, in most cases, information from an independent adjudicator is used, the British Weather Services (BWS). Meanwhile, the last white Christmas was recorded in 2021. This is even though less than 1% of stations reported snow settling on the ground. Instead, 6% of stations recorded snowfall.

Latest White Xmas Odds

According to the MET office, white Christmas is when snowflakes fall within the 24 hours of December 25th. White Christmas betting markets are often introduced in the weeks leading up to the big day. Odds can be found in a number of different cities, with the exact number ranging between bookies. Below, we take a closer look at the prices found in 2022:

City Odds
Glasgow 11/4 (3.75)
Edinburgh 11/4 (3.75)
Leeds 7/2 (4.50)
Belfast 7/2 (4.50)
Birmingham 4/1 (5.00)
London 4/1 (5.00)
Cardiff 4/1 (5.00)
New York 5/1 (6.00)
Paris 5/1 (6.00)
Manchester 11/2 (6.50)

Most likely cities for Xmas snow

BMB_Markets_GenericWhen placing a white Christmas bet, it is essential to consider the likelihood of the town in question receiving snowfall. A look at the record books is well worthwhile. For example, the deepest Christmas Day snow was recorded in Scotland in 1981. As such, many will bet on Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Meanwhile, temperatures in the North of England are expected to drop to as low as -8 degrees. Therefore, betting on the likes of Leeds and Manchester to have a white Christmas will appeal to many. In England, some of you may recall the record snowfall in Christmas of 2009.

However, according to the Met Office, we are unlikely to see such conditions this year, with wind and rain being predicted instead. For those looking overseas, you may think New York and snow go hand in hand at Christmas. However, 2009 was also the last time there was a white Christmas in the concrete jungle.

How to bet on white Christmas

BMB_Money_ProfitIf you still wonder how to bet on white Christmas, then fear not. Below, we will deliver our expert tips to help you beat the bookies. While they do not guarantee success since we deal with weather phenomena, they will greatly improve your chances and lead you on the right path.

Find the Best White Xmas Odds

BMB_Number_One Even though white Christmas odds are not being offered by dozens of online bookies, it is important to take advantage of nothing but the very best prices. A quick look at odds comparison platforms will show where the best odds on your potential picks can be found. Of course, you can sign up on multiple sites to ensure you always have access to the greatest prices.

Check Official Weather Forecasts

BMB_Number_TwoIt may sound simple, but it is a step often overlooked. Weather experts spend vast amounts of time looking at the likely conditions over Christmas. So, take on board information from the Met Office and other relevant organizations. They have a huge amount of information at their fingertips, as well as radar data, satellite imagery and other modern technology. They are in the best possible position to assist your white Christmas betting.

Only Place Small Fun Bets

BMB_Number_ThreeGiven that this is something of a novelty market when placing a white Christmas bet, it is generally recommended to keep your stake small. Think of it as more of a form of entertainment that could boost your bank balance over the holidays. Given its unpredictability, it is unlikely to be a market that attracts those looking for significant returns.

Find Sites with Request a Bet

Number 4If you cannot find options surrounding betting on a white Christmas immediately, don’t panic. Remember that many bookies will still offer prices through their Request-a-bet features. So, whether it be via social media or the sportsbook in question, get in touch with a staff member to receive your price. Click here to see all available request a bet bookies.

Can I find any White Christmas Betting Offers

BMB_TrophyAs we have mentioned, white Christmas odds remain something of a novelty. As such, do not expect to find promotions specific to this market. This is because snowfall will not interest many people compared to football, tennis and other events. Hence sportsbooks will not lose too much time thinking about how to attract more.

That said, there may be existing promotions catering to those taking advantage of white Christmas odds. Whether it be a free bet, cashback offer, or enhanced odds, such promos are worth utilizing when the T&Cs are favorable. The following are the top betting bonuses for those placing Xmas bets:

Is a White Christmas bet worth the trouble

BMB_Book_SpyThis market is still relatively new and should therefore be treated as a form of entertainment and fun. We recommend sticking to a small stake, with winnings being a nice bonus if it pays off. The odds when betting on a white Christmas do not yield a great return on your investment. However, those who are prepared to look at the latest weather forecasts and do their homework elsewhere may reap the rewards. Be sure to use the list of bookmakers below when wagering on cities in the UK and further afield.

Q: Which are the best White Christmas betting sites?

White Christmas markets are still relatively difficult to find. As such, you do not have as many options as they would have when betting on football, horse racing or other sports. However, the best white Christmas betting sites come with competitive odds, generous promotions and other specials.

Q: Where is it most likely to snow this year?

Scotland is typically viewed as the most likely country in the UK to receive snowfall on Christmas. As a result, it may well be worth betting on Edinburgh or Glasgow to have a white Christmas. However, New York, Paris and Manchester are likely to be heavily backed.

Q: How do White Xmas odds work?

Prices are given to each city in question. It is important to remember that with most bookies, the city’s airport that must be reported to have received snowfall for your bet to win. Prices are based on the likelihood of each city having a white Christmas.

Q: Are specials wagers worth it?

Specials bets are often seen as a form of entertainment, especially when compared to traditional sports betting. This particular market will undoubtedly make waking up on Christmas morning more exciting.

Q: How to bet on a White Christmas?

Several online bookies now accept white Christmas bets. So, simply sign up or log in before viewing available odds and placing your bets. Where odds are not immediately found, request a price from your bookie using the relevant feature.

Q: How are the bets on snow settled?

This will range between bookies. However, it is likely based on data from the Met Office or British Weather Services. Both state that a single snowfall constitutes a white Christmas. Therefore, wagers in favor will be settled as won.

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