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BTTS Meaning In Betting

Given that the main target of every Football team is to score more goals than their opponents, it’s reasoning that a bet on whether both of them can accomplish it exists. Our article for BTTS meaning in betting aims you to find winning wagers.

You can explore the market found under various names on online sportsbooks, like Both Teams To Score, BTTS, Goal/Goal, and No/Goal, delving deeper into all types and the rules and backing the highest odds on our reliable bookmakers.

How To Place Winning Both Teams To Score Bets

BMB_InfoTo win a BTTS bet, both teams must score at least one goal, making any result from 1-1 and upwards a winning wager. Indeed, you can back the opposite, the No Goal option, which requires that either both or one of the teams will not find the back of the net during a Football match.

The market is straightforward and highly profitable if you analyze specific statistics and learn how to bet on Football and win. Similarly to other special Football bets, such as Over/Under, bettors have a slight advantage compared to traditional 3-way betting.

The options are Yes or No, so the theoretical chances of winning increase to 50% instead of 33.3% when trying to predict a match winner. This market is trendy for live betting, where the odds rise and fall instantly depending on each match’s facts.

A goal can completely change a Football event, as managers sometimes replace players by switching to a more attacking approach to get a much-needed equalizing goal. The Both Teams To Score bet allows you to take advantage by following a betting Cash Out strategy when only one of the two teams scores.

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Μain BTTS Rules

BMB_ListVarious online bookmakers have guidelines for placing a bet on these Football betting markets; however, specific rules apply globally. To win these wagers, both teams must score in the selected match; it doesn’t matter if they score more than once.

Extra time and penalties don’t count towards this bet, 90-minuτe regular period and injury time only. You can bet on BTTS singles and ACCAs, but remember that postponed or abandoned matches will be removed from your accumulator bet while the remaining selections stand.

Betting Tips To Win Goal/Goal & No/Goal

BMB_Football BallIf you intend to implement Goal/Goal bets into your play style, analyzing numbers must become a crucial factor in your study. Pointing out what a team has done in the past is an excellent indicator of what it is likely to do in the future; technically, the ability to score or keep a clean sheet doesn’t depend on the opposition.

However, some teams find it easier to score against certain opponents than others and not concede from the other side. In most cases, The defensive and attacking qualities of the team in question are more important than the opposition's quality; remember that defending and attacking depends on confidence and tend to happen in streaks.

Another great thing about backing both teams to score or No Goal is that the stats required are basic and easy to analyze. You can quickly see if a team has been scoring and conceding during the last games or since the beginning of the season. You can also look at head-to-head games between certain opponents and see whether a pattern appears.

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Get the Best Odds On Both Teams To Score

BMB_Markets GenericMost online bookies often give too much credence to season-long stats or teams’ records in previous seasons. However, this market is where confidence is vital, and sequences of six to eight games aren’t uncommon.

Cashing in on these opportunities at the right time is crucial when trying to profit by betting on the market and understanding both teams to score meaning. You should also look at combo bets, which are the most popular for BTTS and win.

This is a combination bet, so you must find the match result and wait for at least one goal for both to be winners, thanks to the relatively high odds available on every single. Remember that a powerhouse team usually has more chances to score than an underdog.

Both Teams To Score No Meaning

BMB_Football_FieldIf you back this type of bet, it's worth considering other options first. Τhe Both Teams To Score option covers many possible outcomes. Conversely, the No/Goal option only covers a goalless draw and teams to win and keep a clean sheet; you can simply risk it by pressing the No button in the BTTS option.

However, could any of these three bets present a better value bet? All are available at decent odds, and if one team has a better chance of winning than the other, choosing a match-winner with No/Goal will offer better value.

If you predict both teams will struggle to score, a No/Goal bet or even an Under 1,5 goal wager might be more valuable.

If you want to play things safe and think there’s value, just integrate Both Teams To Score No meaning and understand the risk you take.

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Any 3 To Win and BTTS Meaning

BMB_Money_ProfitWhen placing this bet, consider that the team you are backing to win has to score 2+ goals to get paid and concede. Avoid back firm favourites, or pick the ones conceding goals regularly.

Remember that this bet type differs from choosing a simple BTTS bet; you want both teams to score, but you need a winner, so the ideal scenario refers to the losing side scoring only once.

In most cases, you want to find matches with the expected final score of 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 or more, a crucial factor for bettors who try to build a late goals betting strategy. As a rule, any 3 to win and BTTS meaning includes favourite teams as visitors facing mid-table teams at home are good picks.

How To Build A BTTS Strategy

BMB_Book SpyAfter understanding all types and forms of the market and comprehending our tips, you must analyze some facts to get value bets for BTTS and No/Goal bets.

Match Tactics: It’s pretty straightforward to follow more aggressive teams. The 4-3-3 formation is a typical example of an attacking team, whereas a 5-4-1 shows a much more cautious side.

Team News: You might find some match-defining information, such as a team playing with an alternate goalkeeper, having crucial absences in defence or a top scorer being on the bench for tactical reasons.

Home/Away Performances: Teams usually perform differently in front of their supporters than as guests in an away match.

This is an essential aspect to analyze since many teams alter their game style depending on the atmosphere they are about to face.

Motivation: Are both teams fighting for a title? Is it the championship final stage, a fierce derby, or a boring match with nothing to play for?

Strikers Quality: Players who score well are crucial for this bet. The more available, the better your chances of winning. You don't need to know if they will be in the starting lineup. All that is required is to see whether they are fully fit and motivated to score; it's one of the main principles of second half betting.

Best Bookmakers For BTTS Betting On High Odds

Q: What does BTTS mean?

Both Teams To Score, or BTTS, is a famous market among Football bettors; you can bet on all elite and secondary leagues. It’s a wager type where you must predict the possibility that both teams involved in a game will score at least one goal each.

Q: Where to find the most extensive BTTS markets?

You can explore our complete list of betting sites to secure the broadest range of Both Teams To Score markets and place your bets safely and reliably. You can also find other options, such as No/Goal and Any 3 To Win and BTTS alternatives.

Q: How do you find the best odds for Both Teams To Score bets?

You can find the best prices for the Both Teams To Score option following our recommended list. We chose the bookmakers because they offer the highest odds for Goal/Goal and No/Goal bets.

Q: Which odds are good for BTTS?

You can find lucrative medium odds, from 1.70 (7/10) to 2.50 (3/2), for all Goal/Goal and No/Goal bets, picking the Yes or No options. Moreover, it’s risky but profitable to back half-time wagers for the BTTS market, securing even higher prices up to 2.80 (9/5).

Q: Where can you find the best BTTS predictions for Football matches?

Our experts release daily picks for all elite tournaments and leagues worldwide, like the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League, and the English Premier League. You can follow them and choose among their predictions the most lucrative odds for Goal/Goal and No/Goal options.

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