Both Teams To Score (BTTS) – Advanced betting guide

Given that the main target of every football team is to score more goals than their opponents, it is only logical that a bet on whether both of them can accomplish this or not, would exist. Both teams to score is one of the most exciting wagers you can find and although it is found under various names on online bookmaker sportsbooks (BTTS, Goal-No Goal and Goal/Goal), its essence remains the same.

How does a Both Teams to Score bet work

Betting on politicsThe definition is simple: To win a BTTS bet, both teams need to score at least one goal, making any result from 1-1 and upwards, a winning bet. Of course you can bet on the exact opposite (the “no goal” option), which requires that either both or one of the teams does not find the back of the net during a match. These bets are really exciting and prove to be extremely profitable, if you are willing to spend some time analyzing certain statistics and following the right strategy.

Similarly to some other special football bets (over/under etc.), punters have a slight advantage compared to traditional 3-way betting. As the options are two (“Yes” or “No”) the theoretical chances of winning increase to 50%, instead of 33.3% when trying to predict a match winner. This market is extremely popular when it comes to live betting, where the odds rise and fall instantly depending on the match's facts.

A goal can completely change a football match, as managers replace players, sometimes by switching to a more attacking approach, in order to get a much needed equalizing goal. The “Both Teams To Score” bet gives punters the chance to take advantage of such events, in order to get profitable odds, when only one of the two teams has managed to score.

What rules apply

Various online bookmakers have their own guidelines on how a bet is placed on this market, however certain rules apply universally. In order to win the bet, both teams have to score on the selected match, (it doesn’t matter if they score more than once). Extra time and penalties do not count towards this bet (90 minutes + injury time only). You can bet on singles and upwards, but keep in mind that postponed/abandoned matches will simply be removed from your accumulator bet, while the remaining selections will stand.

Tips to win easier

If you intend to implement goal/goal bets to your play-style, analyzing numbers must become a crucial factor of your study. Pointing out what a team has done in the past is an excellent indicator of what it is likely to do in the future, because to a degree, the ability to score or keep a clean sheet, technically does not depend on the opposition. However, some teams find it more easy to score against certain opponents than others and likewise not to concede from  the other side. The defensive and attacking qualities of the team in question are in most cases more important than the opposition's quality. Keep in mind that defending and attacking are very dependent on confidence and, therefore, tend to happen in streaks.

Another great thing about backing both teams to score (or not) is that the stats required are pretty basic and easy to analyze. You can quickly see if a team has been scoring and conceding during the last games or since the beginning of the season. You can also look at head-to-head games between certain opponents and see whether a pattern appears.

Quite often the majority of online bookies give too much credence to season-long stats or teams’ records in previous seasons. However, this is a market where confidence is of vital importance and sequences of six-eight games are not that uncommon. Cashing in on these opportunities at the right time, is crucial when trying to make a profit on betting on both teams to score.

You should also take a look at combo bets, the most popular of them being Both Teams To Score and Win. This is a combination bet, you have to find the match result and wait for at least one goal for both to be a winner. This is thanks to the relatively high odds available on each single bet. Keep in mind that usually, the more superior one team is to another, the less likely the lesser team is to score.

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Other types of BTTS bets

Both teams not to score

If you decide to back this type of bet, it's worthy to consider first other options. Both Teams To Score covers a lot of possible outcomes, but not to score (simply pressing the "no" button in BTTS option) only covers a goalless draw and teams to win and also keep a clean sheet. Would any of these three bets present a better value bet? All of them are usually available at pretty decent odds and if you think one team has a better chance of winning than the other, then maybe choosing a match winner with NG, will indeed offer better value. If you predict both teams are struggling to score, then a "no goal" bet (or even under 1.5 goals) might be more valuable. However, if you want to play things safe and think that there is value on a "both teams not to score" bet, then there is nothing wrong with placing that wager.

Match winner & both teams to score

betting types on politicsWhen placing a bet like this, consider that the team you are backing to win has to score 2+ goals in order to get paid and, of course, to concede. Try not to back strong favorites, or at least pick the ones that are conceding goals regularly. Remember that this type of bet is far different than picking a simple BTTS bet.

Of course, you want both teams to score at first, but you really need a winner, so the ideal scenario is the losing side to score only once. In most cases you want to find matches where the expected final score will be 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 or more. Good teams as visitors facing mid-table teams at home are, as a rule, good picks.

5 things you should look out for

There are a couple of facts you need to analyze in order to get value bets on this market.

Match Tactics - The 4-3-3 is a typical example of an attacking team, whereas a 5-4-1 shows a much more cautious side.

Team News - You might find some match defining information, such as a team playing with an alternate goalkeeper, having crucial absences in defense or a top scorer being on the bench.

Home/Away performances - Teams usually perform differently in front of their supporters compared to playing as guests in an away match. This is an extremely important aspect to be analysed, since many teams alter their game style depending on the atmosphere they are about to face.

Match context - Are both teams fighting for a title? Is it the championship final stage, a fierce derby, or simply a boring match with nothing to play for?

Strikers - Players who are good at scoring are crucial for this bet. The more there are available, the better your chances of winning. You don't need to know if they will be in the starting line up. All that is required is to know whether they are fully fit and motivated to score.

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