Which is the best live betting basketball strategy

In-play basketball betting allows you to place wagers after games have started. The bedrock to make a profit from a fast-moving sport, where odds and lines change rapidly, is to manage time, preferring bookies who open the markets instantly. A detailed knowledge of all in-play options and a good stats/latest news research are always key parameters for a winning live betting basketball strategy. Our article aims to show you what you need to pay attention to before placing a live bet. Is it better to back an underdog during the game or to prefer a heavy favourite? Can the preference for elite and most competitive leagues influence your winning chances, or are domestic and minors more profitable? Our specialists will help you build a profitable system, suggesting the best basketball bookmakers who offer the best odds and the most active live betting markets.

How to build a winning live betting basketball strategy

Leading bookmakers offer odds during the games for all basketball betting markets, including the main ones such as moneylines, handicaps, and totals. In-play wagering is a crucial part of a smart bettor’s daily activity. Before taking any action, let’s analyze all the main factors to help you formulate a winning live betting basketball strategy.

Pick the right bookie: Try to find the superlative conditions for your bets, a wide range of in-play markets, lines and odds that don’t lock instantly. If you manage to secure quick bet acceptance and premium betting offers (i.e., free bets, early payouts, ACCA bonuses) will be advantageous for your wagers.

Use multi-accounting: Opening more than one account can lead you to long-term profit. Multi-accounting allows you to compare and evaluate live odds in real-time. So, every moment you can justify your bets’ value by calculating different prices and their probabilities.

Βet on markets you understand: If you are an entry-level bettor, start with the most straightforward live options and comprehend your bet’s settlement process (e.g., if overtime is included or not). It’s easier to place a live moneyline wager, where you should predict the winner of the quarter or game, than risking props on players’ points, rebounds, or other personal stats.

Increase your chances with singles: The most common bet type is simply calculated by multiplying the stake and odds. The winning possibilities are excellent because you should predict only one outcome to collect earnings. Most pro bettors prefer singles among 2-way, 3-way live markets, favourites or underdogs. Moreover, the research is easier because your homework refers to learning the latest news, stats, and trends only for one basketball game.

What to check before placing a basketball live bet

basketball iconBasketball is one of the most fast-paced sports, so in-play wagering can change in the blink of an eye. Do you want to make a basketball live bet? You should wait for the opportune moment to place it. Here’s some helpful piece of advice.

Manage your time

basketballThere’s a central in-play basketball principle. Bookmakers change the odds and lines rapidly without analyzing all the pre-game’s critical factors. Meanwhile, bettors have limited time and pressure to make the right decision by evaluating the game’s updates in a few seconds. To be successful in live basketball betting, you must exploit all possible mistakes, finding wrong odds which aren’t correctly updated.

So, time management depends on your preferred site because a short bet acceptance can become your ally. Besides your intuition and research for higher odds and weaker lines, your goal should be to select a bookie with available live markets. Basketball is a fast-paced, high-scoring sport with unstoppable action. It’s optimal to find bookies that open the markets and release rapidly updated odds without waiting for the next time interruption (e.g., a foul or a time-out) to place your bets.

Place value bets

basketballIt’s the eternal fight between the bookie and the player. Everyone who risks money seeks to find that the chances of one outcome happening are better than the bookmaker’s offered odds. To improve your in-play basketball betting strategy, you must make fast and accurate decisions by analyzing implied odds and evaluating at the same time every odds movement.

Let’s take a practical example of Team A vs. Team B game in the 4th quarter, five minutes before it ends. Team A has a four-point advantage, 71-67. The -5,5 handicap pays 1.80 odds, while Team B +5,5 is at 1.95 odds in one bookie. If you compare the prices with another betting site, you will see that the same line pays 1.85 for Team A and 1.90 for Team B.

You should focus on getting higher odds and securing value, so if you want to back Team A to cover the handicap, you must take the first bookie’s price. Otherwise, even if the difference is tiny, the right move is to back Team B in the second bookmaker in case you want to bet against the handicap.

Learn the in-play markets

basketballBefore you start, it’s critical to know how to increase your options and exploit the potential value of as many markets and odds as possible. Moneylines, handicaps, and totals are the main ones. Most bettors try to make accurate predictions for several other offered alternatives, aiming to make a successful basketball live bet. You can find in-play markets for periods’ winners, winning margins, odd/even points, and players’ props.

For example, you can bet in-play on a team or a star athlete’s total points during a game without caring who will win. Let’s take the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors clash. The visitor team leads 94-89 after the 3rd quarter, but you believe the Lakers can come from behind and win. You can bet the home franchise on underdog 2.40 prices to triumph.

The other option is to make a wager on Lebron James’ points. His motivation is key for the Lakers to win the 4th period and the game. James finished the 3rd quarter scoring 41 points; the Over 55,5 pays 2.00 odds and seems a decent alternative. If the LA fight for the win till the end against the Warriors, James will most likely overcome the line.

Follow the updated news

basketballFor pre-match betting, you must take all the latest info about injuries and bans to make a well-informed decision. On the flip side, live bettors have the distinct advantage of watching the game live and following updates that can affect the final result. For instance, there’s a betting impact after a star player injury during a game. Following the NBA example above, suppose Stephen Curry twists his ankle at the beginning of the 4th quarter, and he’s unable to finish. Simultaneously, Curry’s absence will directly affect the odds movement, with LA becoming a favourite for the win. So, it’s a vital part of your live betting basketball strategy to keep your eyes open and exploit the odds after such news.

Examine the real-time stats

basketballBasketball is a stats-based sport; that’s why a full pre-game analysis always includes a complete advanced statistical overview for teams and players. However, after the jump ball, the value of tracking ongoing statistics seems the optimal way to offer an objective analysis of what to bet. Besides the points scored for each or both teams and the number of total rebounds and assists during the game, several statistical categories can help you win. The free throws, the 3-pointers, and the number of ball possessions indicate teams’ attacking effectiveness. If we take the Lakers vs. Warriors example, the 89-94 score after three quarters shows two contenders with great offensive sufficiency. If you build your in-play basketball betting strategy on Over/Under wagers, the Over 235,5 points at 1.90 odds seem possible.

Top 3 strategies to place a basketball live bet

Basketball HoopEvery basketball game is different, so there are so many variations you will face in-play, which are hard to predict before the jump ball. Whether you are an entry-level bettor or a pro, it’s sure that you will sometimes face unforeseeable obstacles. For instance, a sudden injury of a quality player from the team you back can affect your wager or an opponent’s probable winning point streak. Our experts suggest experimenting with all strategies and seeing what works for you and your bankroll. They also choose the three more profitable, introducing their secrets.

Back a losing favourite

basketball ballIt’s rare to find value odds on a heavyweight favourite before a game starts. On the contrary, it seems better to wait until the prices increase after the jump ball. If the score is close between the favourite and the underdog, you can back the strong contender to win at higher odds than its starting ones. The most profitable live betting basketball strategy is to back a losing favourite after the half or the 3rd quarter.

The initial 1.20 odds will become good-value prices depending on the points margin that the favourite is behind the score and the remaining time. For example, if in the Real Madrid vs. Alba Berlin game, the German side has a 10-point advantage after 30 minutes of playing, it seems a low-risk and high-reward decision to place a bet on the Spanish giants to come from behind at 3.50 odds.

Protect the handicap

basketball ballYou can find live handicaps with two possible outcomes constantly. It’s optimal for you to prefer 2-way fractional lines (e.g., -5,5) to 3-way integer ones (e.g., -5). When it comes to a basketball live betting strategy, even weaker teams can offer value odds. For bettors, it’s enough to back these teams if they withstand to be winning contenders after half-time or the 3rd quarter.

For instance, home-court advantage is a parameter you will always consider when betting on basketball, even if the home team is a dark horse without many winning chances. Sometimes, home teams start one step closer to winning due to the fans’ pressure and the familiar court. That means you can find handicap opportunities for live betting even if the underdog team you will back don’t make it to win.

For instance, let’s take the Euroleague example above with Alba Berlin as the home team against Real Madrid. Suppose the German side is nine points behind after 30 minutes of playing, showing endurance after three quarters. Alba seems to have some real chances to defend a +6,5 points handicap. If you believe they can protect it, with one quarter in front, you can exploit the offered line on the home underdog at 1.90 odds, waiting at least a defeat with no more than six points.

Props live betting

basketball ballProps in basketball are stats-based bets, both in pre-match and in-play mode. It doesn’t need to predict the winner, but you must consider all the main factors that can push you to profitable bets. A detailed stats analysis, a thorough look at players’ form and recent achievements, and the part of the game where they are sharper (offence or defence) are the bedrocks to be successful in props live betting. Of course, an injury during the game or a coach’s decision to get pulled off the court can change the odds and the winning chances of your basketball live bet. Although, if you don’t want to predict the final winner, only Luka Doncic or Giannis Antetokounmpo’s total number of points after a poor start in the first quarter at higher odds, props betting seems a decent option.

Is there value in live betting on basketball?

spyYou need to be patient in order to wait for live odds that can create value. You may be waiting for a high-scoring game, placing an Over total points bet pre-game, but the teams aren’t in good offensive condition. If you have a versatile live betting basketball strategy, you can cover your initial wager in-play seeking live odds to generate some returns. So, follow our main principles, focus on details for live betting, and, undoubtedly, you will see increasing winning chances for your bets.

  • Shop around for competitive lines and high odds; the combination can push you to place smart live bets.
  • Even if you want to back an underdog, a favourite, or an underperforming powerhouse, you must comprehend the aforementioned advantage to watch the basketball game you are betting. So, use that knowledge to predict what will happen next and make money.
  • Stop chasing probable losses and don’t place many live bets for the same game or at the same time. You must avoid this danger when you follow a specific pattern (e.g., if you back an out-of-form favourite).
  • Home-court advantage is one of the essential factors in live betting. You will face plenty of occasions when the crowd can help an underdog team make a comeback and win; you should be there to exploit the situation.
  • Find value odds on minor leagues where bookies used to make mistakes easier.
  • Focus on the stats analysis that leading bookies provide. You can find in-play bets by analyzing advanced stats, like possessions in the game.

Full list of bookies with the most in-play markets

You can explore the complete list, including the best betting sites with the broadest range of in-play markets, the highest odds, and premium bonuses. Moreover, these bookies cover all the domestic and continental tournaments, like the NBA and the Euroleague, offering you live basketball betting 24/7.

Q: How to build an in-play basketball betting strategy and win?

The first baby step is to pick the right bookies and bet on the most known and simple basketball markets; single wagers can increase your chances of winning. Then, there are specific principles you should follow to become a sharp basketball in-play bettor; find odds value, create options by learning all about live markets, watch the games you want to bet on and make money.

Q: How to place a basketball live bet?

Besides the value odds and a broad range of markets, you should also check your bookie’s other services before placing your in-play basketball bets. Offers like free bets, early payouts and ACCA bonuses can help you make money. Moreover, quick bet acceptance and versatile cash-out services are optimal for your in-play betting activity.

Q: Where can you find the best live basketball betting tips to follow?

Bookmakers.bet releases daily basketball predictions for all the elite tournaments worldwide. So, you will find picks from the NBA, the Euroleague and the Eurocup for all the available markets. These predictions can become an indicator for bettors who seek live basketball betting tips, at least for primary in-play markets such as moneylines, handicaps and totals.

Q: What to check before you bet live on a basketball losing favourite?

Odds are the main factor you should consider when you want to back a losing favourite in-play during a basketball game. If you find value and higher prices (e.g., 2.90 to 3.50 odds) than the starting ones (e.g., 1.20 to 1.40) at a heavyweight favourite that chases the score after half-time or after the 3rd quarter, it seems like a low-risk and high-reward option to back.

Q: What advanced stats should I examine for a winning basketball live betting strategy?

The most critical stats analysis for live basketball betting is paying attention to a game’s real-time statistics. Every top bookmaker offers a stats overview during the game, including main categories; like points scored, shots percentages and ball possessions. Examining these numbers, you can find live bets with excellent winning chances.

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