Top eSports Bookmakers 2023

Electronic Sports is the world of competitive video gaming, an industry that has exploded over the last decade. Events now take place on a weekly basis, with players being able to earn millions in prize money. As a result, it is not surprising that eSports bookmakers are now very common. The best ones accept bets on various games, from CS:GO and League of Legends to VALORANT and FIFA. Pre-match, in-play and futures can also be placed on teams and players.

When searching for a bookmaker, you must consider available markets, odds, games covered, and special bets, among other things. Primary options, such as match-winner and totals, are available on most sites, while secondary markets, including map and round betting, are sometimes more difficult to find. This guide will deliver the best eSports betting sites, as well as explain different bet types and promotions.

Which are the Best eSports Bookmakers

It is evident that not all sites offer the same package to players. Our experts use strict criteria when separating the best eSports bookmakers from the rest. Factors considered include the number of sports, odds competitiveness, available markets and live streaming. We have thoroughly tested all eSports betting sites, with the following being those that scored the highest.

How to Pick the Best eSports Bookies

how to play on paytm betting sitesYou can come across different bookmakers regarding the markets and features available. Fans of video game betting will already be aware of what some of the most critical factors include. Below are all the aspects to consider when you are looking to bet on eSports online.

Variety of Markets

Top betting sites cover many games, including major titles, such as CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2, as well as minor games, including Call of Duty, FIFA, NBA2K, VALORANT and Starcraft II. Bets can be placed before matches start, as well as right up until their completion. Meanwhile, popular markets include match winner, total maps, 1st map winner, handicap and outright tournament winner.

Number of Games

Leading eSports bookies also cover more diverse games. As such, wagers can now be placed on hundreds of matches per day surrounding CS:GO, compared to a handful of Call of Duty ties. High profile and regional tournaments can be bet on, including everything from The International to APAC North.

Value of the Odds

It is nice to know that you are taking advantage of nothing but the very best odds when betting. Often overlooked by punters, the best eSports bookmakers offer fair prices to those with a good knowledge of the industry and an opportunity to find value regularly. Our top-ranked bookies all offer attractive odds, often as high as 94%+.

Live Streaming

The ability to watch matches live is hugely rewarding. Not only is it entertaining, but it can also be beneficial to those placing live bets. An increasing number of e-Sports bookmakers offer live streaming, a service often available for free, with no qualifying bet being required. Many streams are delivered via Twitch, one of the leading online streaming platforms. Players can view each kill, goal or basket, significantly enhancing the betting strategies.

Fast Payouts

If you are successful, you will be able to withdraw considerable winnings. The speed of payouts is therefore essential; you don’t want to have to wait days and days to get your hands on your money. Payouts will likely take anywhere from 1-3 working days, with no fees incurred. Withdrawals should also be available from a small amount too, catering for beginners.

Legality & Licensing

Bookmakers must be legal in your location, meaning that they require the relevant gambling license. Whether it is from the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority or Curacao eGaming, such authorities only deliver licenses to safe, fair and reliable bookies.

Which Types of Bets Do e-Sports Bookmakers Offer

Most sportsbooks now feature a variety of bet types. These can be broken down into main and secondary market categories. It is crucial to understand how each one works; for your convenience, we have listed all of them below:

Main Markets:

Match Winner: All eSports bookmakers offer match-winner options. Here, each team or player has odds based on the likelihood of coming out on top. Only the final result will determine if your bet wins or loses. For example, betting on Astralis beating Team Liquid in CS:GO.

Outright: Wagers can also be found on the winner of individual tournaments. For example, ahead of The International, you may wish to bet on OG winning the event. Prices will be available before and during the game, with odds varying between entrants.

Totals: Whether it is surrounding maps, rounds, kills, or other incidents, players can also bet on over or under a specific number. For example, over 21.5 kills in a League of Legends match.

Handicap: To level the playing field when there is a clear favourite and underdog, bookies will give one a deficit and the other a surplus. You can place bets with the specific handicap in mind. An example is Cloud9 beating BIG at -1.5 rounds in CS:GO.

Secondary Markets:

Map Betting: Betting on the winner of the 1st map is available on selected games, including CS:GO and League of Legends. Meanwhile, bets on the team or player to come out on top in all following maps is another option.

Rounds Betting: Many matches have several rounds. For example, with CS:GO, the first team to win 16 rounds is the winner. Therefore, eSports bookmakers accept bets on the total number of rounds, as well as in-play bets on the winner of the next contest.

Fantasy Betting: Like football and other sports, eSports fantasy betting is available on selected sites. Here, you pick a team made up of professional players. High-performing players who finish with the greatest number win points and earn cash and in-game prizes.

Correct Score: For those looking to increase the potential returns, the right score market is well worth considering. Rather than simply backing the team you think will win, you must gamble on the exact scoreline, for example. Natus Vincere to beat Team Secret 2-1 in a best-of-5 Dota 2 match.

Can I Also Claim Welcome Offers?

Which are the top French Open betting offersWhen registering with a bookmaker for eSports, you will likely find yourself in a position to take advantage of a welcome offer. However, terms and conditions vary between sites, which will impact how you qualify and your ability to profit from a bonus. For example, some offers will not be eligible for eSports. However, most ones will be.

Matched deposit bonuses are the most common. New players will see their opening deposit enhanced up to a certain percentage, which can lead to a significant opening kitty. “Bet-Get” style welcome offers like bet £/$10 and get £/$30 in free bets are also available. Below are the best sign-up bonuses for eSports.

global country Accept players from your country

Do New eSports Betting Sites Emerge Often

Payoneer spyA bookmaker for eSports makes it possible to bet on video gaming events from around the world. Gaming betting continues to go from strength to strength, leading to new sites. Whether it be a specialist bookmaker or sportsbook adding eSports to its portfolio, bettors have almost endless options today. The best sites, including new bookmakers, feature live streaming, generous bonuses and fantasy betting. Check our list of the top eSports bookies below before selecting your favourites.

Q: Which are the best eSports bookmakers?

We have listed our top-ranked eSports bookmakers on this page, with operators performing well when it comes to available markets, promotions, payment methods and bet types. Meanwhile, they are all licensed and regulated by respected authorities, who have deemed them safe and fair.

Q: How can I pick the top eSports bookmakers?

Before signing up on any site, ensure that the bookie in question suits your needs regarding eSports betting. This will likely mean they offer competitive odds, excellent gaming coverage and quick payment methods.

Q: Which are the most prominent events annually?

In eSports, certain events attract the attention of betting customers more than others. When looking at the tournament calendar, The International, DreamHack, ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters and League of Legends World Championship are among the biggest.

Q: Can I find new eSports bookmakers?

Yes. New eSports betting sites are being launched regularly. Often coming with significant welcome bonuses and modern betting features, such sites are well worth considering. While not having the experience or reputation of others, new bookies are not to be ignored.

Q: Do I also qualify for a Welcome Bonus?

Most likely, yes. If you are signing up with a bookie for the first time, a welcome bonus will be available. A qualifying deposit or bet is required to claim your bonus, with other terms and conditions also being applicable.

Q: What types of markets can I place bets on?

An increasing number of eSports markets are available. Popular bet types include match winner, total rounds, over/under maps and outright tournament winner. Fantasy and skins eSports bets can also be placed on selected sites.

Q: Can I watch the matches live?

Yes. Many betting sites offer live streaming. This feature makes it possible to watch eSports matches live. Whether you are tracking the progress of your pick or monitoring potential in-play selections, live eSports streaming is very useful.

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