How to delete my betting account

If you are a newbie in online betting, you probably know that signing up for a bookie is as simple as it sounds. However, the answer to ‘’how to delete my betting account,’’ can be more challenging. So, why would you want to close it? You could have a bad run or have your bonus requests turned down repeatedly. Or you are disappointed with the overall quality of the bookie. 

But should a simple issue be so hard in reality? Our guide will cover when a closure is deemed necessary, the multiple ways you can do it and ways to reopen it. We also clear up the differences between how to close a betting account and delete it, as these concepts overlap. We layout all the tips & vital info, so you are about to come to grips with these essential topics.

Can I delete a betting account 

Can I delete a betting account The answer is yes, but there is so much more to it. In every case, sports bookmakers will promptly close an account when asked by the player. The thing is that by closure, we do not mean deletion. Due to legal and regulatory issues, your data will remain with the bookie for some time. There is also the issue of a temporary closure that could result from an incomplete KYC process. In the UK, for example, before placing a bet, your identity and home address must be fully verified.

Moreover, it might be hard to reopen if you specify a severe reason, like gambling issues. Another popular theme is being temperamental, and due to consecutive losses or a bonus denial, ask for a deletion. Luckily, there are workarounds on how to delete betting accounts, so you will never be caught off-guard.

As a rule of thumb, the most important things to keep in mind are: 

  • There is no such thing as total deletion of your data and activity
  • Keep a cool head even after back to back losses, and take a time out of your own if necessary
  • Your privacy is protected, but sportsbooks are also allowed to keep your data for legal reasons, even after an indefinite closure
  • Bookmakers can still reach out to you even if you have closed your account

How to delete a betting account permanently 

How to delete a betting account permanently There are several scales for closing an account. If you go on and ask for a simple closure, it will happen, but you could reopen it at any time. An imminent permanent deletion is not viable due to several legal reasons. Sportsbooks are required by law to keep a database with members’ info for many years, which could be five or ten. Online gambling used to be a heaven for unlawful financial activities, so authorities want to crack down on that and data tracking is a great way to do it. Regulators also dictate that data can be preserved, albeit securely and transparently, if any tax departments want to consult it. 

On the bookmakers’ end, the decline on how to delete a betting account permanently even if the players ask for it is a win-win situation. Since a significant number of such requests happen due to a bad streak or a member's complaint, the chances are that a reopening is likely. And a standard policy to run occasional promos to closed accounts to entice a reactivation. Even if a few players get back, that is good news.

Which are the ways to close betting accounts 

Is Copa del Rey betting worth itFirstly, let’s evaluate how to close a betting account. A lot of players have a series of losses and, acting emotionally, ask for closure. You can surely do that right away if you contact a CS agent or your bookie has such a tool. Another popular case is when consecutive bonus requests are declined. The punter feels that the sportsbook does not appreciate his activity and decides to leave. Again, such closure should only take a few moments. 

A different category could be problem gambling. Staying off the bookie is usually the best solution when spending gets out of hand. If you mention such a reason, the representative can also give helpline numbers to assist you further. And finally, you might not be satisfied with the betting product of your bookmaker anymore, or you may find a better sportsbook. While you can simply abandon your current betting firm, you can go on Live Chat or send an email, and your request will go through.

 To sum up, here are the steps if you want to close on how to close your account on betting sites:

  1. Be sure that closure is the best solution and do not act short-tempered
  2. Get in touch with customer support via Chat or Email
  3. Give them a legit reason for closing
  4. The CS agent will close your account with immediate effect

Alternative Options 

Alternative Options The first and most obvious alternative is simply stopping playing on your current bookie. If you are unsatisfied with it for any reason, you can just walk away and never log in again. However, remember that you will still receive marketing and promotional emails in such a case since you will be deemed inactive, and the bookie will try to win you back. If you want to stop receiving such correspondence, you can also ask for exclusion even if you do not have gambling issues. Remember, though, that a reopening could be impossible. 

A more serious topic is if you have responsible gaming issues. An account closure that you can reverse at any time might not be the best solution here. A Self-Exclusion for a specified period or a Time Out can help you deal with problem gambling.

Can I reopen my account after I delete it

Can I reopen my account after I delete itSo, you asked for an account closure or deletion (for whatever reason), but now you feel ready to get back. That should be possible without problems, right? Well, that could depend on why you asked to close your account in the first place. If you did not specify a reason or did not mention a specific timeframe of deletion or closure, you could have your account reopened right away. Still, some bookies, even if they have no worrying signs, might give you a 24-hour notice before reopening.

But let’s see what happens if you state a particular reason for closing. Due to a temporary rage, many punters explicitly ask how to delete a betting account forever and never reopen it again. In that case, the bookie might give a longer notice period or even decline to reopen, mainly if it detects any problem gambling patterns. While the last one is pretty rare, it is important to stress that you should try to keep your temper out of gambling as it could affect you in multiple ways.

Why is my account still closed 

Why is my account still closed Usually, the reopening of your account will only take a few minutes. You get on Live Chat, talk to an agent, and he processes it. But what if you get a negative answer for reactivation? That could be due to several reasons. Firstly, if you requested a closure due to gambling addiction. Even if you did not specifically mention it, regulated bookies take preventive measures and permanently block such bettors. 

Another one is if you make repeated deletion requests or ask for an irreversible closure. Again, sportsbooks might track a pattern that concerns them and decide that it's better not to have such a member active. Having multiple accounts is another red flag for a betting site as it could indicate fraudulent activity. If that happens, all your accounts will likely get banned with no possibility of reopening.

Q: How can I delete my betting account?

If you make such a decision, you can go on Live Chat or send an email to the customer support of the bookie with such a request. They will handle it and close your account at the shortest notice.

Q: Can I close my account forever?

While you can ask for permanent closure, it is impossible to delete your data and activity from the bookmaker’s servers. Authorities require them to keep track of such data due to AML and KYC reasons.

Q: Why was my account closed temporarily?

The main reason would be an incomplete KYC process. If you play on an MGA licensed sportsbook and have accumulated deposits of over €2000 in one month, you should verify your account in 30 days. Once you do that, your account will be automatically reactivated.

Q: Will I be able to reactivate my account?

Yes, that will be possible unless you specify extreme reasons when closing. Gambling issues or having multiple accounts could get you a negative response for reopening. Other than that, once you get in touch with a CS agent, it will not take long before he reopens it.

Q: Why was my account closed?

A bookmaker will only close your account without your request if it suspects fraudulent activity. That includes bonus abuse, having many accounts or any other violation of terms and conditions.

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