How Is Cash Out Calculated

Cash Out is a service that allows you to settle your bets before an event ends. Maybe the game you have bet on is hanging by a thread, and you want to ensure some profit in case of a late goal. The sports bookies provide immediate cash out offers with a feature to protect winnings or reduce losses if your bets don’t go as expected.

They provide the feature for an expanding number of sports in different variations, namely full, partial and auto. Besides analyzing what cash out means in betting, we will show you how to use the service and how to calculate potential returns. Is the cash out value fair? Let's find out.

How to Use Cash Out Bet Calculator

Using this service is not an easy decision. That's why it’s helpful to know if even the highest odds are fair, how is cash out calculated, and the deviation from the offered amount. So, let’s check if a cash out calculator is needed and the three main principles you should understand before you bet:

✔ Τhe fair value cash out odds.

✔ Bookies’ offered amount.

✔ How the bookies’ commission affects CO.

Betting Cash Out Calculator for Fair Odds

BMB_Markets GenericSuppose you place a £/€100 bet on Arsenal to win the London derby against Chelsea. The starting odds are 2.50. Arsenal scores the opening goal in the 70th minute, but in the 85th minute, you start doubting. At the same time, Arsenal pays at 1.20 odds, and your bookmaker’s margin is 10% (0,10 as a decimal number).

You must follow a mathematical formula to calculate the precise amount of money you deserve without cumulating the VIG.

The formula is Fair Cash Out Value = {(Odds / Live Odds) x Stake} - Stake.

Using the numbers above for our cash out example, [{(2,50/1,20 x 100)} - 100], the outcome is £/€108,3. If we include your starting stake, your return should be £/€208,3 instead of £/€250 potential winnings.

Where to Use the Cash Out Service

In the shortlist, you can find our football and basketball bookmakers rating for the best available cash out, as we have picked them by examining the live odds, the available types, and the number of sports and markets players you can bet.

Cash Out Calculator for Offered Amount

BMB_Payment_Method Although betting sites use the VIG to profit from every bet, the final offer will differ. You can be informed by calculating the offered amount with the maths below; it might be priceless knowledge to beat the bookies.

The cash out formula is Offered Cash Out Amount = (Total Earnings / Live Odds) x (1 - VIG).

Adjusting the numbers again for the example, (250 / 1,20) x (1 - 0,1), the outcome will be £/€187,47. The £/€20,83 margin is the cash out betting sites profit from offering you the service.

What Does Cash Out Mean in Betting?

BMB_Research IconHave you ever wondered, “Why should I start to bet online?” The various types allow you to build alternative tactics and make in-play betting even more attractive. However, you should carefully read the bookies’ terms and conditions to understand the cash out meaning and how to take full advantage of it. Depending on your target, there are different options:

Full: It’s the classic and most popular type, handy for newbies and advanced players alike. You can take a part of the potential winnings or the starting stake back and close the wager. You can also use it to minimize your losses.

Partial: You can receive only a part of the potential winnings and keep the rest open. The amount that a player may keep is adjusted by using the slider where they are offered. Sometimes may be profitable to use a Partial Cash Out Calculator to work out your wagers.

Auto: By pre-setting the amount you want to earn, the bet will be automatically closed when it reaches or exceeds the selected limit, either in full or partially.

Edit Bet: It allows bettors to add, swap, remove selections, change the initial betting type or increase the stake. If the request is successful, the new wager’s odds will be updated to reflect the current prices. We have covered you if you want more info about how Edit My ACCA works.

How to Cash Out Bets

BMB_BankrollBefore you utilize the feature, you should know the available sports and markets. The main idea is to get money back from your wager while a football match has already kicked off, or a future bet goes as expected, offering you decent returns.

The amount is determined automatically depending on the current odds. Real-life examples are the best way to discover how to cash out bets, so use our step-by-step instruction manual and follow our live betting tips.

  • 1
    Click on the eligible bet. It’s usually found under your selected bookmaker’s ‘open bets’ section.
  • 2
    Select the type you would like to use. Depending on the bookies, like Bet Builder betting sites, you can choose between Full, Partial and Auto.
  • 3
    When you choose your desired value, click the cash out button. The amount automatically goes to your balance.

Sports & Markets To Cash Out Games

BMB_Sports_GenericMost sports bookmakers offer one or more types for pre-match and in-play, where live odds changes are something that bettors should face. Do you want some guaranteed earnings? Do you want a chance to walk away because your starting bet isn’t going well? These are the most common sports and markets in that bookies offer you the opportunity to cash out games. So, keep the list in mind before you place your next bet.

Soccer Match Result, Goals Over / Under, Handicaps, Half / Full Time, Outrights
Horse Racing Over / Under Distance, Win or Each Way, Fixed Handicap, Selection to Win / Place
Rugby Match / Outright Betting, Handicaps, Winning Margin, Half / Full Time, Team / Total Points
Basketball Moneyline, Handicaps, Totals, Teams & Players Props
Darts Match Betting, Handicap 2-Way, 3-Dart Average, Set Score
Tennis To Win Match, Handicaps, Total Games, Set Winner, Asian Lines
Snooker To Win Match, Handicaps, Total Frames 2-Way / 3-Way, Match / Player Centuries
Cricket To Win Match, Top Team Batsman / Bowler/ Match Sixes / Fours, Total Runs
NFL Match Winner, Handicaps, Totals, Race to X Points, Teams & Players Props
Boxing Fight / Round / Round Group Betting, Fight Outcome, Total Rounds, Method of Victory
Golf To Win Outright, 72 Hole Group or Match Betting, Top 5 / Top 10 Finish
Handball Match Betting, Handicaps, Total Goals, Race to 10 Goals
Volleyball Match / Set Betting, Total Points, Set Winner


Do You Need to Calculate Cash Out in Betting?

BMB_Book SpyWe have explained how to calculate the cash out you deserve at fair prices and the amount bookies offer to evaluate if it’s a handy service for your bets. Although all the maths needs time; meanwhile a football team may score a goal, or another may build a winning run in a basketball game. In these cases, the odds’ influence will be immediate, so winning opportunities might evaporate.

That’s why the bookies’ services work like a bet cash out calculator where you can automatically see all the key information to make the right decision. So, if a wager is available for the feature, you can navigate to your bookie’s website and find the following.

  • 1
    Your starting bet’s info.
  • 2
    A clear to use cash out button.
  • 3
    The types at hand.
  • 4
    The available cash out in-play odds.
  • 5
    The offered amount by the bookie.

So, all you need to know for instant cash out is in front of you on one page; furthermore, you can use our Bet Calculators in order to save time and make more accurate moves.

Full List of Cash Out Bookies

Due to its versatility, more and more bookies offer the service. So, we choose the top in a complete list to offer you as many options as possible to build your full, partial, and auto betting cash out strategy.

Q: When should you cash out?

Some bettors regret their starting picks, so they prefer to pay a double VIG (i.e., the charged fee by bookmakers to accept a bet) and cash out a wager rather than risking it. Their motivation is based on three possibilities: a. to receive earnings smaller than their potential payout without further risks, b. to cut losses because their bet isn’t going well, and c. to recoup some of the starting stake and place another bet.

Q: What is the cash out meaning in betting?

There are four ways to use cash out in betting, either pre-match or in-play; partial, auto, and full versions are three. The Edit Bet feature also allows you to alter your selections, staking your cash out amount again.

Q: How is cash out calculated?

The value is based on a cash out formula, including the initial wager, starting odds, and potential winnings. To calculate the offered cash out amount, you must determine the fair cash out value and then multiplicate with the result of the “1 - VIG” subtraction.

Q: Which bets are eligible for cash out?

Cash out isn’t a commonly available option among online bookmakers for free bets. However, if some bookies allow it, the offered free bet will not be included in the CO amount. Generally, players with pending bonuses like Odds Boosters can rarely use the feature.

Q: How to calculate cash out for fair odds?

Besides our Arsenal vs. Chelsea cash out example and the maths we have used, there’s one more mathematical formula for the fair cash out calculation. Fair Cash Οut Value = {[Stake x (Odds - 1)] - [Stake x (Live Odds - 1)]} / Live Odds. If you adjust the example numbers in the equation, you will find the same £/€108,3 outcome.

Q: How to use the Betting Cash Out Calculator?

Even if you place a single or an ACCA bet, there’s no immediate need to use a tool to calculate returns. Our experts have analyzed the cash out formula for fair odds and the bookies’ offered amount, which is automatically shown on your screen for your in-play bet.

Q: Are there any bet types that I can’t cash out?

Bettors might be restricted from using it when betting on specific markets like Jackpot & Placepot on horse racing, wagers with multiple bonuses like Lucky 15, and Each-Way Bets on greyhounds. When an online bookie can’t provide immediate information on the process of a sports event (a lower Nigerian or Malaysian soccer division), it is reasonable that they can’t offer you the chance to cash out bets.

Q: Can ACCAs and system bets be cashed out?

The service is commonly used on accumulators, especially when bettors include many selections in their ACCAs. So, online betting sites allow bettors to use CO besides singles on various accumulators and combo bets.

Q: Is it still available when a bet includes a void selection?

The selected wagers with a void selection don’t count during CO calculation when you try to close a bet. So, the service is undoubtedly available.

Q: When the option to cash out games is suspended?

If an in-play market is no longer open, then bettors can’t utilize the service. For example, a market is suspended when a goal is scored in a football match, so only the eligible markets for live betting are available for partial, auto, or full CO.

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