What Cash Out means in betting

Cash Out is a betting service that allows players to settle their bets before a sporting event has finished, either to protect their winnings and reduce their losses. Most online bookmakers provide it for an expanding number of different sports, as well as for singles and combo bets. The various types allow players to build alternative tactics and make in-play betting even more attractive. Read on to find out the specific mathematical formulas, using the possible returns against the in-play odds for calculating the Fair Cash Out Value & offered Amount and discover what exactly Cash Out means in betting.

How to use a Cash Out calculator

Online bookmakers evaluate the Fair Cash Out Value & the offered Amount automatically. Still, it is useful for bettors to know and comprehend the mathematical method that Cash Out calculator processes the contingencies. There are three mathematical formulas to determine values and amounts. These formulas use the potential profit against the current odds. Let’s see a practical example to understand how the Cash Out calculator works.

You place a €100 bet on Manchester United to win against Chelsea in the English Premier League with odds @2,50. Manchester United scored the opening goal in the 70th minute, but by the 85th minute, you start doubting your bet. So, you consider cashing out to be safe. At the time of your request, Manchester United pays @1,20 odds. The bookmaker’s margin is 10% (0,1 as a decimal number) and the reference currency is Euro (the same applies to the respective exchange rates).

Ηow to calculate your Fair Cash Οut Value

Kelly Criterion equation#1 Mathematical Formula:

Fair Cash Out Value = {(Initial Odds / Live Odds) x Initial Stake} - Initial Stake.

Example: Fair Cash Out Value = [{(2,50/1,20 x 100)} - 100]= (2,083 x 100) - 100 = 208,3 - 100 = €108,3.

Kelly Criterion equation#2 Mathematical Formula:

Fair Cash Οut Value = {[Initial Stake x (Initial Odds - 1)] - [Initial Stake x (Live Odds - 1)]} / Live Odds.

Example: Fair Cash Out Value = {[100 x (2,50 - 1)]} - [{100 x (1,20 - 1)]} / 1,20 = {(100 x 1,50) - (100 x 0.20)} / 1,20 = 150 - 20 / 1,20 = 130 / 1,20 = €108,3.

Including your starting stake, your Fair Cash Out Value as a return is €100 + €108,3 = €208,3 instead of €250 potential winnings.

How to calculate the offered Cash Out Amount instantly

Kelly Criterion equationMathematical Formula:

Offered Cash Out Amount = (Full Bet Payment / Live Odds) x (1 - Vig).

Example: Offered Cash Out Amount = (250 / 1,20) x (1 - 0,1) = 208,3 x 0,9 = €187,47.

Including your starting stake, the offered Cash Out Amount is €187,47 from €208,3 Fair Cash Out Value and €250 potential winnings.

What is Cash Out in live-betting

Players should carefully read the terms and conditions to understand how they can take full advantage and what is Cash Out in live-betting. Depending on the betting circumstances and what they look to achieve, there are different types:

Full: It is the oldest and most popular type. Players can take some of the initial bet back and close the wager.

Partial: Get back only a part of the bet and keep the rest open to run. The amount that a player may keep is adjusted by using the Partial & Auto Cash Out slider.

Auto: By pre-setting a value, the bet will be automatically closed when it reaches or exceeds the selected limit, either in full or partially.

Edit Bet: It allows bettors to add, swap, remove selections, change the initial betting type or increase the stake. If the request is successful, the new wager’s odds will be updated to reflect the current prices.

Pre-match Cash Out explained

Many players use the feature in pre-match conditions or utilize the Edit Bet service to revise the starting bet by changing one selection or more. Some bettors regret the starting selections, so they prefer to pay a double Vig (i.e., the charged fee by bookmakers to accept a bet) and Cash Out a wager rather than risking it. Indeed, the significant majority of pre-match bets are ongoing on the in-play mode, but this range of wagers have been operated under the live-betting status.

How to Cash Out bets

Betting on politicsThe leading idea is to get money back from your wager while a football match has already kicked off or a horserace is being run. The amount is determined automatically depending on the current odds. Bettors should know which types are at hand and for which sports and markets they can use it. Discover how to Cash Out bets using this step-by-step instruction manual:

⏩ Click on the eligible bet.

⏩ Select the type you would like to use.

⏩ When you choose your desired value, click the Cash Out button.

⏩ The amount automatically goes to your balance.

Where to use the Cash Out service

Due to its versatility, more and more bookies offer the Cash Out service. So, we pick the best ones by examining the payout, the available types, and the number of sports and markets players can select.

What Sports & Markets are available on Cash Out games

Germany Bundesliga predictions todayNot all sports events and markets can be cashed out. When an online bookie cannot provide immediate information on the process of a sports event, it is reasonable that cannot manage to offer the feature. For example, if a player places a wager on a lower Russian or Nigerian soccer division, he will probably have to wait to see the outcome. Here are the most common markets that bookies might offer to Cash Out games:

Soccer Match Result, Goals Over / Under, Multi Scorers, Handicaps, Half / Full Time, Outrights, Winning Margin, Scorecast, Wincast
Horse Racing Over / Under Distance, Win or Each Way, Fixed Handicap, Selection to Win / Place, Lengthen the Odds, Insure Bet, Faller Insurance
Rugby Match / Outright Betting, Handicaps, Winning Margin, Half / Full Time, Team / Player to Score the First Try, Total Points
Basketball Money Line, Total / 1st / 2nd Half Points Odd / Even, Overtime, Race to 20 Points
Darts Match Betting, Handicap 2-Way, Correct Leg / Set Score, Highest Checkout, 3-Dart Average
Tennis To Win Match, Handicaps, Total Games, Set Winner, Asian Lines
Snooker To Win Match, Handicaps, Total Frames 2-Way / 3-Way, Match / Player Centuries
Cricket To Win Match, Top Team Batsman / Bowler/ Match Sixes/ Fours, Total Runs
NFL Game / 1st / 2nd Half Lines, Winning Margin, Result & Totals, Race to Points
Boxing Fight / Round / Round Group Betting, Fight Outcome, Total Rounds, Method of Victory, Down But Not Out
Golf To Win Outright, 72 Hole Group or Match Betting, Top 5 / Top 10 Finish, Betting on the Cut, Hole-in-One Betting
Handball Match Betting, Total Goals Odd / Even, 1st / 2nd Half Race to 10 Goals
Volleyball Match / Set Betting, Total Points Odd / Even, Set Extra Points Required / Winner

Betting with Cash Out offers safe returns

spyCash Out is an excellent addition to online betting, as it offers more flexibility while increasing the winning chances. It provides all possible ways to handle a bet, depending on how it goes. Partial, Auto & Full Cash Out, and alongside Edit My Bet are services that allow you to take the safest choice and claim the money that is on the table as returns. Τhe option to receive a part of potential winnings earlier proves that betting with Cash Out can ensure profit. Here you must also consider that early use of these services means that bookmakers can pay out for wagers that may go on to lose.

From my perspective, you should read the T&Cs, as online bookies set certain restrictions on the whole process. A common-known example is when a live bet placed on a smartphone can only be partially or automatically cashed out via your mobile device as well. Of course, the potential amount you receive back depends on the prospect of the wager. If you are losing the initial bet, this service provides another way to reduce your losses.

As it happens in real life, this betting tactic can both make some returns or cost you heavily. For those who don’t have patience, it is an excellent choice. I often observe opinions about how the Cash Out offers more fun in betting. When money is being staked, the fun doesn't matter so much. Betting with Cash Out service is a great option to make you feel safer at your bet and get a profit from it.

Full list of Cash Out bookies

Q: How many different Cash Out types exist?

There are four different types, either pre-match or in-play; Partial, Auto, and Full Cash Out are three of them. There is the Edit Bet feature also that allows you to alter your selections.

Q: How is the offered Cash Amount calculated?

The value is based on the initial wager, the starting odds, and the potential winnings. To calculate the Fair Cash Out Amount, you must determine the Cash Out Value and then multiplicate with the result of “1 - Vig” subtraction.

Q: Can Accas and system bets be cashed out?

Cash Out is commonly used on accumulators, and a lot of players include many selections in their Accas. So, online betting sites that offer this service allow bettors to use the service for single bets early on a wide variety of sports as well as Accas and multi bets.

Q: When is the Cash Out option suspended?

If an in-play market is no longer open, then the service cannot be utilized. For example, a market is suspended when a goal scored in a football match, so only the eligible markets for live betting are available for Partial, Auto, or Full Cash Out.

Q: Is it still available when a bet includes a void selection?

The selected wagers with a void selection will not count during Cash Out calculation when trying to close a bet. So, the service is undoubtedly available.

Q: Are there any bet types that I can’t Cash Out?

Bettors might be restricted from using it when betting on specific markets like Jackpot & Placepot on Horse Racing, Wagers with multiple bonuses like Lucky 15, and Each-Way Bets on Greyhounds.

Q: Can bettors Cash Out a Free Bet?

Cash Out isn’t a commonly available option among online bookmakers for wagers placed using a Free Bet. However, if some bookies allow it, the offered Free Bet will not be included in the Cash Out Amount. Generally, players who have pending bonuses like Odds Boosters can rarely use the feature that influences the wager’s total price and qualifying bets to redeem.

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