Provably Fair Gambling

The rise and ongoing development of crypto-friendly gambling sites also saw the creation and establishment of provably fair games. But what does this catchphrase mean? Well, in simple words, these games enable players to verify themselves that the results of a game round are fair and non-manipulated. Players who choose provably fair gambling can rest assured that no fraudulent practices exist behind the website’s interface. This revolutionary technology empowers trustless systems such as online gambling sites, as neither the operator nor the player needs to know or trust each other. The system in place simply guarantees fairness between them transparently.

What are the processes behind Provably Fair gambling

The mechanisms behind a provably fair system are usually facilitated by cryptographic hashing algorithms that may or may not be embedded in a blockchain network. The most common method consists of seeds (random strings of numbers) generated both by the gambling site server and the player’s hardware device. Their combination determines the result. We will explain the process in detail below. It is important to note here that most popular gambling sites that offer provably fair games do not rely on a blockchain. That is because a blockchain network severely limits the available selection of games and payment methods.

How the Provably Fair algorithm works

The process is quite technical, so we will try to explain it as simply as possible. The most common provably fair algorithm consists of three basic variables. The first is the server seed, provided by the gambling site. The second is the client seed, usually generated by the player’s browser. The third and last variable is Nonce, which is simply a variable that increases by one depending on how many rounds someone plays on the provably fair game. Let’s describe how the variables above collaborate to secure a fair result.

red arrow Initial seeds and nonce

As a player starts a new round, the two types of seeds are generated. The server of the gambling site creates the server seed, and the browser or the player’s hardware creates the client seed. The nonce number is also visible, so the player knows how many rounds he has played with those particular seeds. Note that many sites allow you to change the seeds at will to randomize the results furthermore. The combination of server seed, client seed and the nonce number determines the outcome of a round.

red arrow Server’s hashed seed

As long as the gaming session with the same server seed is in action, the gambling site provides only the encrypted (hashed) seed. If it was not encrypted, the player could accurately predict each result, completely eliminating the fairness from the equation. The real seed is revealed after the end of the gaming session or if the player refreshes the seed pair.

red arrow Testing the results

With both the unhashed server seed and the client seed, a player can re-play all rounds and determine if the results match the previous ones. You can do that with tools provided by the same gambling sites.

red arrow Proving the fairness

But how can a player determine if the hash provided by the gambling site is legit? This is the crucial part that clears out fraudulent practices. The way to do it is to type in the unhashed seed in an SHA-256 calculator. There are many third-party calculators, but the most common one is ( SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm. In order to prove the legitimacy of the provably fair game, the input of the unhashed seed should return the original hash that the gambling site provided before the first round. If they match, you can be certain that the results were fair.

Blockchain-Based Provably Fair Gambling

Blockchain-based gambling sites are known as gambling Dapps (Decentralized Applications). All processes, including payments and rolls/rounds, are implemented in the native blockchain via smart contracts. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts written with programmable code that exists within the blockchain. That means that all code is transparent and everybody can review it. Additionally, all transactions are recorded immutably on the blockchain, making every fraud permanently visible.

Nevertheless, gambling Dapps require quite a bit of technical expertise to use effectively. It is also necessary to acquire a token native to the particular blockchain the Dapp is based on for transaction purposes. Additionally, due to the unregulated nature of blockchain networks, there are many scam bookmakers and casino Dapps to be found, so be very careful. We recommend gambling Dapps only for bettors experienced with cryptocurrencies that seek the best payout and the highest level of privacy. 

Provably Fair gambling in action

Let’s see in practice how you can verify the legitimacy of a provably fair round. We will use two rounds of dice as an example, but the same method applies to all games. However, keep in mind that different gambling sites have dissimilar layouts, but the basics remain the same.

Provably Fair Gambling

Provably Fair Dice

Provably Fair System

Provably Fair

Provably Fair Calculator

Popular Provably Fair games

The algorithms needed to enable such audit systems sadly limit the variety of games that can feature this function. You will not find games with fancy production values as the big casino providers offer. However, the fairness of the process counters this issue. You might not see fancy graphics and innovative bonus round plays, but you will enjoy classic gambling games that bettors have enjoyed through the ages. Nevertheless, as different technologies develop, more and more innovative provably fair games will show up. It is possible that in the future, all gambling games will spot this feature.

⏩ Dice

A classic game and possibly the first blockchain-based one. Satoshi dice, as it is called, might be the first Bitcoin gambling application ever made. All gambling sites that have a provably fair system in place offer their version of dice.

⏩ Roulette

Another classical casino game. This popular game also comes in a provably fair version. Now you can enjoy this gambling staple without worrying a bit about fraudulent algorithms or different kinds of scams.

⏩ Blackjack

The most popular casino card game. Isn’t it weird that the dealer always has a better hand than yours? Well, now you can see yourself that it is just luck and the dealer’s edge. There might not be live tables with pretty hosts, but at least you can play with ease of mind.

⏩ Hi-lo game

One of the most popular provably fair games. Choose your next card without worrying that the casino has the deck rigged against you. You can find this game on all popular gambling sites that offer a fairness system.

⏩ Skill games

The most innovative and perhaps the most interesting types of games. They are also the games in which the creators can take more initiative and create captivating scenarios, like a mule carrying supplies over a minefield (minesweeper) or Vikings fighting with different weapons (rock-paper-scissors).

Which sites offer Provably Fair gambling

You are now probably really intrigued by provably fair games, and rightly so. They are a truly innovative concept of the iGaming scene. We will recommend some trusted crypto bookmakers, which offer both sportsbook, and casino with fairness algorithms. They spot fast withdrawals, stable platforms and offer fair gaming to their players. You can also check their dedicated reviews to get a better grasp of them.

Is Provably Fair gambling a valid choice

Payoneer spyProvably fair gambling is indeed a valuable tool for players that have second thoughts about the legitimacy of online gambling sites. It promotes trust between operators and bettors. One can feel safe, knowing that the process behind his bets is fair, and gambling sites can easily promote their transparent product, bringing in more players. However, the truth is that the games that offer this feature are pretty basic and there are not many variations. Players with experience can easily lose interest in them and find more appealing alternatives.

On the other hand, provably fair games within a decentralized platform are the pinnacle of privacy and transparency, as all actions are permanently embedded in an immutable public blockchain network. The problem is that you need advanced coding knowledge to review the games’ smart contracts. That is not very handy, so most players still rely on public forums and discussions.

I think games with the provably fair function are an exciting side activity for bettors into crypto gambling, as most gambling sites with such algorithms are crypto-friendly. The combination of fast, secure and anonymous crypto payments combined with fair gambling is a perfect match. Gambling Dapps bring this experience to a whole new level, but this is reserved only for the most technically experienced crowd unless you are willing to expose yourself to all kinds of scams.

Q: How does provably fair work?

The results of game rounds in provably fair games are generated by 3 variables. Server seed, client seed and nonce. The server of the gambling site provides a hashed (cryptographically hidden) seed that gets revealed at the end of the gaming session. The player can verify the rounds using the unhashed seed and the client seed. Finally, the legitimacy of the process can be proved by checking via a third-party tool if the server seed corresponds to the initial hashed seed.

Q: Is provably fair legit?

Yes, most provably fair algorithms are fully legitimate. It is very hard for a gambling site to cover up fraudulent practices behind such games.

Q: How to win provably fair?

It is almost impossible to hack a provably fair game. You will have to test your luck against probabilities and the house edge. However, advanced hackers may always find security flaws in software.

Q: Are provably fair games better than traditional online casino games?

They are only better in the aspect that you can verify their fairness. In all other aspects, they severely lack behind regular modern casino games, both in variety and complexity, due to how the current provably fair algorithms work. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you can not have a pleasant experience with them.

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