What Is A Good ROI & Yield In Betting

Several bettors think that winning 50% or more of their bets means success and profits. In most cases, the winning percentage represents bettors’ profitability; however, two more essential indicators show if you are sharp in betting. Sports betting ROI (Return On Investment) and Yield are reliable measures to calculate your net profit for a specific period or a number of wagers. So, are you good at betting? Do you want to evaluate a tipster before you start following tips? Our advanced betting guides analyze ROI & Yield benchmarks, teach you how to work out these indicators and assess your profitability.

How to calculate sports betting ROI

BMB_Calculate_ProfitsReturn on Investment indicates how much you earn or lose in a specific period. To measure it, you need to know your actual profits or losses compared to the money you have wagered for a week, a month, or a year. A positive ROI is essential for long-term success, and you can work out it using the following formula or bet calculators.

Sports Betting ROI = (Net Profit or Loss/Bankroll) x 100

Positive ROI Example

BMB_Example_IconSuppose you started with a €100 bankroll and you earn a €30 profit after a month. Your ROI for this period is (30/100) x 100 = 30%. So, you have high efficiency as a bettor because your earnings are 30% more than your starting investment. The indicator can be measured in decimal format as 0.3, but the most common is shown as the profit percentage.

Negative ROI Example

BMB_Example_IconIn that case, we will start from the same premise for your €100 bankroll. During the first month, you lost €10, so using a betting ROI calculator, the result will be (-10/100) x 100 = -10% or -0.1. Your monthly strategy lost 10% money relative to your starting bankroll.

What is a good ROI in sports betting

BMB_Percentage_GenericThe metric helps you understand your profitability, whether you are succeeding or not. At the end of the specific period you set to win, ROI in betting will clearly show if your investment has paid back. Bookmakers.bet explains when it’s really good without generating misleading results for your betting activity.

Time factor: Τhis indicator is a purely mathematical one, so you should evaluate it alongside time. An extended period means more placed bets and a bigger bankroll. These flexibility conditions can help you overcome lousy runs by building long-term strategies and setting a target for your desired potential returns. Remember, the calculation ignores turnover, so you don’t measure the number of your lost bets.

Cash flow: ROI shows how much you get as returns on each € you stake, so how high you invest is a non-factor. It’s critical for a high ROI to have discipline, wagering on events you know, and a strict bankroll. Those who stake €10 or €20 can be sharper than those who bet €500 on one game; even the high-roller may have earned more money the previous year.

Good ROI Percentage

During a calendar year, your starting €1,000 bankroll has been increased to €1,350. Your net profit is €350, and your positive ROI is 35%.

Why is this ROI good?

A 5-10% ROI is considered a good return, and you overcame this percentage. Everyone can be profitable in the short term, but your 35% ROI was shaped after a calendar year; only a few bettors can have a bolstered bankroll in the long run. You had a €1,000 bankroll; suppose you bet at least once daily, so you didn’t stake more than 1-5% of your total amount, steadily improving your ROI.

What is Yield betting?

BMB_Profits_GraphThis is an efficiency metric, which shows how much profit you receive per bet. To calculate it, you must know the profit or losses for one bet or the number of bets compared to the bet’s stake or total. You can evaluate your gain or a betting losing streak, mainly for a short-term and a certain number of wagers. Yield betting is based on the below formula.

Sports Betting Yield = (Net Profit or Loss/Total Stake) x 100

High Yield Example

BMB_Example_IconIn calculating Yield, you don’t consider the bankroll, as ROI does, so the equation includes the sum of your profit/loss and the sum of the total stakes. Suppose, after ten bets, you make a €200 profit after wagering €500. Your Yield for these series is (200/500) x 100 = 40%; that means you receive €40 average per bet, which is an excellent return.

Low Yield Example

BMB_Example_IconOn the flip side, let’s see what happens when the profit after ten bets and a €500 total stake isn’t too high. Suppose you receive €10 during this series of wagers, so your Yield will be (10/500) x 100 = 2%. Your risk a high total stake to get back only €2 on average per bet, and reasonably your profit is low.

Why do you need Yield in betting?

BMB_Money_ProfitSeveral key factors can bring you back the money, but none reflects the metric. However, detailed game analysis, reliable sources, and a high winning percentage can increase your Yield in betting. That’s why bettors who want to evaluate themselves or look for successful tipsters should know what it means and represents. We make a shortlist of Yield’s meaning to help you learn the basics about how to bet online.

Returns ratio: By calculating Yield, you can learn the percentage of the total clear profit to the sum of all bets; to be clear, how much you bet or have won for a specific number of bets.

Tipsters’ profile: You can thoroughly understand the profitability without checking their sources, sports knowledge and personal experience.

Optimal percentage: Sharp bettors provide a Yield between 5-15%, which identifies simply a high betting accuracy. This percentage is affected by the chosen odds; lower prices mean a lower Υield and the opposite.

Betting activity: Yield helps you evaluate your bets’ history without false conclusions. After ten bets, your percentage can be 40% and, in another case, after a hundred bets equal to 5%. It doesn’t mean that on the first occasion you are more effective. Yield fluctuates lower over time, so you can use the metric for a specific low number of wagers.

What to do if you have high ROI & Yield in sports betting?

BMB_Book_SpyΤhe high importance of these metrics is out of the question. ROI helps you compare the returns relative to your starting bankroll. Moreover, Yield indicates the average amount of money you get back per bet, evaluating your betting strategy. ROI & Yield are exceptional mathematical and financial tools for long and short periods, whether you want to assess yourself for a month or a whole league. There’s a real challenge for bettors who show high percentages; it’s time to take a break, or should the confidence to beat the bookies keep them in the game?

In that case, your options are below:

  • You can withdraw the starting bankroll and your net profit and wait before your next start.
  • Get back your returns, keeping the starting bankroll into the game before you begin a new series.
  • Keep all the money active, and with a bolstered bankroll, you seek higher profits.

We recommend evaluating your Yield over short periods to build new series of up to ten bets. For long-term bettors, ROI is more reliable to indicate if you can make profits or not during six months or an entire season, even with a strict bankroll.

Complete List with Best Odds Bookmakers

You can check the highest odds betting sites in the list below, securing the best value for your bets to increase your profits. Just boost your ROI & Yield percentages by getting the top prices for the most known sporting events worldwide and place winning wagers.

Q: What is the difference between ROI & Yield?

Both metrics indicate sharpness and profitability, measuring the ratio of betting returns; the main difference is the ROI’s profit/loss ratio to the total bankroll. At the same time, Yield expresses the average return for each individual bet or a specific number of bets.

Q: Ηοw to use a betting ROI calculator?

Before using this tool, you must know precisely two specific variables of the equation Sports Betting ROI = (Net Profit or Loss/Bankroll) x 100, which determines the calculator’s outcome. These values are your net profit or loss after a specific period and the total bankroll at the start of your betting activity.

Q: What is a good ROI in horse racing?

The meaning of the Return On Investment in races doesn’t differentiate compared to other sports. Initially, you should set your bankroll and the time you want to reach your targets; then, a 5-10% ROI is commonly considered a good return.

Q: What does Yield mean in sports?

This mathematical profit indicator measures bettors’ efficiency to the total stake of sports bets. Those with higher probabilities offer a smaller income, while if you want to take a higher risk, the opposite will apply in the case of winning wagers.

Q: How to calculate sports betting Yield?

To calculate this percentage, you should know specific variables for the equation Sports Betting Yield = (Net Profit or Loss/Total Stake) x 100. These are your profit or loss and the total stake you invest for a wager or a certain number of wagers.

Q: Why do bettors need to know the Yield of their bets?

Advanced bettors can make safe conclusions about their strategies by evaluating metrics like ROI & Yield. Besides their returns ratio, they can also decide whether sports betting tipsters are good and reliable or not by checking their performance percentages.

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