How Does Partial Cash Out Work

Partial Cash Out is a betting service that allows users to make some early profit. Players can Cash Out a portion of the starting bet, retaining the rest until the final whistle. How often do you avoid paying a double margin by placing and using Cash Out on your initial bet?

This exciting feature offers you the chance to win “twice” on the same wager, securing profit if the starting bet satisfies the partial Cash Out requirements and maximizes returns if the remainder bet is successful. Find out all the needed knowledge about partial cash out, how the slide bar works, the differences with other Cash Out types, and the more commonly applicable markets.

Partial Cash Out Calculator

BMB_Implied_OddsBetting on an exchange fulfils the requirements for Partial Cash Out implementation. Using this type of Cash Out service, bettors reduce potential losses, but as is evident from the example above, also reduce their potential winnings.

More specifically, this type works better for players that want to minimize losses while having good chances for returns. You can use the Partial Cash Out service to make some profit if your starting bet wins and be in a no profit-no loss condition if your initial bet is a loser.

Besides these, you should be careful to select higher back than lay odds. There are two different options; to partially close a lay position or partially close a back position. Discover how the Partial Cash Out calculator works in this method on a betting exchange.

1. In case you want to close a lay position partially, you can learn how is cash out calculated using this mathematical formula for Back Amount:

Back Amount = [(Lay Odds -1) / (Back Odds -1)] x Lay Amount

  • If the Back Bet wins, the Return is €0.
  • If the Lay Bet wins, you can find the Return using this mathematical formula:

Return If Lay Bet wins = Lay Amount - Back Amount

2. In case you want to close a back position partially, you must have an equal Back & Lay Amount.

  • If the Lay Back wins, the Return is €0.
  • If the Back Bet wins, you can calculate the Return using this mathematical formula:

Return if Back Bet wins = (Back Odds - Lay Odds) x Back Amount

3.  To compute the Fair Partial Cash Out Amount, the mathematical formula is as follows:

Fair Partial Cash Out Amount = (1 - Vig) x Returns

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How to Use the Partial Cash Out Tool

BMB_Question MarkPartial Cash Out allows bettors to take an early payment for a part of a running in-play bet. Essentially, players can Cash Out part of their bet to secure some winnings and risk the rest. The betting service is available for singles and multiples for various sports; these events include Soccer, Tennis, Horse Racing, Cricket, and Basketball.

Firstly, you should increase your field of knowledge in a wide range of markets. Learn more about both teams to score meaning in football, and make focus on superfecta betting in races; discover how to place a winning margin 3-way in basketball, and start betting. Before using the feature, you should be fully aware of what is the slide bar and how does Partial Cash Out work:

  • 1
    Login to your betting account & go to your betslip.
  • 2
    Click on the Cash Out icon on the preferred unsettled bet.
  • 3
    Select the Partial Cash Out option.
  • 4
    When the slide bar appears, choose the amount you would like to Cash Out.
  • 5
    Once you click the Cash Out button, the chosen stake will be settled & the remainder of the bet will be retained at the starting odds.
  • 6
    The minimum amount that you can partially Cash out stands at 10% of the total stake. Εxample: The minimum Partial Cash Out on a €10 bet is €1.

Bookmakers Offering Partial Cash Out

BMB_ListPartial Cash Out is a valuable feature for players that always examine the best potential payout. We have gathered the top cash Out betting sites based on sports & markets’ coverage and availability.

Win & Lose Partial Cash Out Example

BMB_Enhanced_OddsThe main scenarios using the Partial Cash Out service are two, where your bet losses or wins. For example, you place a €10 Four-Fold bet with soccer matches at 10.00 odds to win €100. Three of the selected matches already are winners, with the final one having an early lead of 1-0. The Full Cash Out option has a €50 Fair Value Amount.

Scenario #1

If you choose to Cash Out this wager at 50% partially, you can have a €25 return and €15 as a secure profit (subtracting your initial €10 stake). The remainder of €5 of your €10 initial stake is placed on the running bet, but the accumulator bet loses because the final match is a 1-1 draw. You have no further payout to receive, although there is a €15 profit.

Scenario #2

Suppose the remaining bet wins because the final match ended 1-0, or with another winning score, your Partial Cash Out choice is even more profitable. The €5 of your initial €10 stake will be paid out at 10.00 starting odds, giving you €50 (€45 winnings & €5 stake back).

According to this Partial Cash Out example, if your Four-Fold bet loses after being partially cashed out, you have a €25 return and a €15 pure profit. If it wins, you have €25 secure returns and €15 winnings, plus €50 extra returns and €45 extra winnings.

⏩ In the winning case, your Fair Partial Cash Out Amount will be €75 (€25+€50), which is less than the €100 potential with no Cash Out winnings but much more than in case your Four-Fold wager was a loser.

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Auto vs. Partial Cash Out

BMB_Versus_IconCash Out has become the betting industry’s standard and is constantly evolving. The most significant improvements apply to live betting. Partial Cash Out is more versatile than the other types since bettors can have guaranteed returns while keeping part of the wager alive.

On the other hand, the starting bet might be in a weaker position; the opportunity to not lose the entire stake is preferable. The utility of Partial Cash Out explained section in the examples above, referring to betting exchange markets and accumulator bets as well. In contrast to Partial, the Auto Cash Out feature is profitable only if the running bet goes well.

The major disadvantage is that you cannot reduce potential losses. Finally, Edit My ACCA is a tool based on the service but does not secure any returns because bettors can only change the initial bet. In conclusion, the Partial Cash Out feature includes in one use all the beneficial characteristics of all Cash Out types.

Is Partial Cash Out Worth It?

BMB_Book SpyWith this option, you can get your initial stake back if your selections go well and leave the other part of the starting wager to run. It’s a handy relief among the controversial idea of building a betting cash out strategy. This feature also offers the opportunity to win twice on the same wager; firstly for the initial Partial Cash Out and then if the remainder bet wins.

That’s an indirect alternative to getting a risk Free Bet without chasing bookies’ promotions. I think it’s an exceptional opportunity to create a Free Bet from your initial bet and claim more profit with no additional risks.

It is also popular when used on multiples; meanwhile, for advanced bettors is an excellent tool to secure winnings on betting exchanges. Generally, my opinion is that Cash Out stops bettors from taking a much higher payback on a long-term basis.

And here is a substantial benefit of this service; “locking” at least your initial stake and hunting higher yields is the leading Partial Cash Out meaning. One of the main drawbacks, though, is that you might end up closing a winning bet early. If you partially Cash Out, your profit is more vested.

Full List of Partial Cash Out Betting Sites

We have analyzed specific parameters, so we recommend the best bookies per software for your needs in order to use fair partial cash out for more winnings.

Q: Which online betting sites offer the Partial Cash Out service?

Betfair, Bet365, and Unibet have all committed to the extended Partial Cash Out feature with detailed terms and conditions. These leading bookmakers also provide frequent acceptance with short request delay and instant Cash Out withdrawals.

Q: When can I use this betting feature?

You can use the Partial Cash Out feature when you have an open single or multiple bet. It depends on the bookmaker for more complicated wager types, like Bet Builders and Outright Bets.

Q: Which sports are available for Partial Cash Out?

This type of Cash Out has been employed in a continually increasing range of sports. Notably for Soccer, Tennis, Horse Racing, Rugby, Darts, Snooker, Basketball, NFL, and Cricket.

Q: What is the Create Rule button in many online bookies?

To set a Partial or an Auto Cash Out request in some bookmakers, like Bet365 and Betfair, you must first enter the limit you would like to hit and then click on the Create Rule button to end the procedure.

Q: Is Partial Cash Out available on your mobile or tablet?

You can use this betting service the same way, regardless if you are betting on your desktop, tablet, or mobile apps.

Q: Which is the main difference between Partial and Auto Cash Out?

Auto Cash Out offers the flexibility to set an automatic limit. If the wager reaches or passes the agreed threshold, the bet is settled as a winner with no further betting action as it happens with the Partial Cash Out.

Q: What is the Bet365 Partial & Auto Cash Out slider?

It is a bar where players can set the Cash Out limit using the If The Value Reaches section. Clicking on the slider allows you to input a cash amount, press the Create Rule button, and automatically take the returns when it reaches your threshold.

Q: How many times can a bettor partially Cash Out on the same bet?

Online bookmakers usually have limits on how many times you can use this feature. You can use it up to 10 times for single bets in most betting sites and up to 5 for accumulators.

Q: When can’t players use this type of Cash Out?

If a selection’s price is changed or the market suspends, then the Partial Cash Out request may not be successful. So, be aware of the time delay in accepting the request.

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