What is the If Bet – How Reverse Bet works

A Reverse Bet is a betting service that includes two If Bets. An If Bet may be selected from Money Lines, Handicaps, or Totals markets, and has three possibilities; Win, Tie, or Cancel. Bettors must choose at least a pair of singles together, and if the initial Bet wins, the same fixed amount set for the first wager carries over to the next one. If the second also wins, then the Bet is successful.

So, what is a Reverse Bet? It is an If Bet that works in both directions. Α wager combines two reverse If Bets where the second selection of the starting one becomes the initial of the reverse. In this type of wagering, the initial stake is multiplied by the number of selections it combines. Find out the best betting sites that offer Reverses & If Bets, a list of available sports, and how profitable this strategy can be.

Best Bookmakers with Reverse Bet

The Reverse Bet tool minimizes the possibility of losing players’ returns due to the order of the selections. In the shortlist below, you can find the best betting sites with this feature. We chose them by evaluating the odds, the variety of markets available, and also for how many sports you can use it. 

How do If Bets work

Betting on politicsThe first step to create a Reverse Bet is to decide your straight two or more selections, which build your starting If Bet. Let’s see in detail how it works:

⏩ Add at least two selections to the bet slip.

⏩ Click on the If Bet button & choose the betting direction you prefer (If Win or If Action).

⏩ Decide the required order of your selections.

⏩ If you win, the wager of your first Bet will carry over to the second one.

⏩ If it ties or is cancelled the original stake will be placed on the second wager.

⏩ In case your first Bet loses or pushes, there is no further betting action.

⏩ If you want to place a Reverse Bet, you must lay down an equal stake for each If Bet.

What is an Action Reverse Bet

red arrowThere is no difference between the Reverse Bet and the Action Reverse Bet, neither structure-wise nor in the selection process. Every Reverse Bet can be created as an Action Reverse Bet. So, the first wager to play will determine the next one’s outcome. If the initial Bet wins, pushes, or is postponed, cancelled, or abandoned, the second one will automatically have action. Besides, if the starting Bet loses, then any additional bets will also have action.

Action & Win Reverse Bet differences

Sports vs political bettingA Win Reverse Bet has a similar structure as an Action Reverse Bet. The difference between them is how bookies handle a push. This type of wager has no action when a match does not take place or when it finishes precisely on the point spread. In a Win Reverse Bet, the initial wagers must have action and win, but if the first match is a push, the second Bet sees no further betting action. So, in an Action one, the second Bet is automatically placed if the initial Bet has pushed.

The Win Reverse Bet is a single action, which means that the remaining wagers will be placed if the initial Bet wins. An Action Reverse Bet is a double-action bet because the next bets will be placed if the initial Bet is a win, a push, or is cancelled, abandoned, postponed, or delayed. More bettors prefer to use Win Reverses because the secondary wager is valid only if you have already made a profit from the first.

How to use the Reverse Bet Calculator

red arrowReverse Bets are types of wagers that include two or more If Win, Tie, or Cancel Bets. If the starting Reverse Bet wins, ties or cancels, bettors will have action on the second one. If the second wins, ties or cancels, they will also have action on the initial one. A Reverse Bet represents every possible combination from the selected matches.

Here is an example of creating a Reverse Bet from the NFL matches Las Vegas Raiders vs. New England Patriots & Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens.

If Bet #1

First Bet: New England Patriots with -6 Handicap (1.91/-110 odds). Wage £/$110 to WIN £/$100.
Second Bet: Baltimore Ravens (1.571/-175 odds). Wage £/$110 to WIN £/$63.

If Bet #2

First Bet: Baltimore Ravens (1.571/-175 odds). Wage £/$110 to WIN £/$63.
Second Bet: New England Patriots with -6 Handicap (1.91/-110 odds). Wage £/$110 to WIN £/$100.

Possible outcomes using a Reverse Bet Calculator

You have wagered £/$220 in total to WIN £/$326. All potential returns will automatically be calculated by the Reverse Bet Calculator provided by the bookmakers who offer this betting tool. So, here are all the possible outcomes of our example:

  1. New England Patriots -6 & Baltimore Ravens both WIN. You will win £/$163 from the If Bet #1 & £/$163 from the If Bet #2. Total Wins £/$326.

  2.  If the New England Patriots -6 WIN & the Baltimore Ravens LOSE. You will lose £/$10 from the If Bet #1 & £/$110 from the If Bet #2. Total Losses £/$120.

  3.  Baltimore Ravens WIN & New England Patriots -6 LOSE. You will lose £/$110 from the If Bet #1 & £/$47 from the If Bet #2. Total Losses £/$157.

  4.  New England Patriots WIN with 6 points margin & Baltimore Ravens LOSE. You will lose £/$110 from the If Bet #1 & £/$110 from the If Bet #2. Total Losses £/$220.

  5. New England Patriots WIN with 6 points margin & Baltimore Ravens WIN. You will win £/$63 from the If Bet #1 & £/$63 from the If Bet 2. Total Wins £/$126.

  6. Baltimore Ravens TIE & New England Patriots -6 LOSE. You will lose £/$110 from the If Bet #1 & £/$110 from the If Bet #2. Total Losses £/$220.

  7. Baltimore Ravens TIE & New England Patriots -6 WIN. You will win £/$100 from the If Bet #1 & £/$100 from the If Bet #2. Total Wins £/$200.

  8. If the First or the Second Bet is cancelled/postponed/abandoned and the other is a loss. Total Losses £/$220.

  9. If the First or the Second Bet is cancelled/postponed/abandoned and the other is a win. Total Wins £/$126 or £/$200.

  10. Suppose First or the Second Bet is cancelled/postponed/abandoned/pushed. Total Wins £/$0.

If Bets & Reverses are safer than Parlays

spyBetting with Reserves & If Bets is not the best strategy for beginners because it is challenging to understand how they work and when to use them. Perhaps it is more profitable for advanced bettors, who know how to minimize the risks. So, for them, Reverses & If Bets offer some notable benefits.

These wagers are preferable to Parlays because they can offer a return on investment even if players don’t win every selection. The risk of placing two single wagers is less than placing an If Bet, but that’s not true about Parlays and other multiples. The Reverse Bet is even less risky than the If Bet because it gives you a second chance of winning. However, it is not a very common type of wager, and the main reason is the lower payout. Reverses don’t offer the same returns as Parlays do. There are also not many bookmakers that provide this tool because it is most common for US sports.

In conclusion, the Reverse Bet offers chances to win in more ways. Of course, a strategy demands a winning percentage near 50% and not many selections. If Bet features and Reserves provide more winning chances than Parlays, but not as high outcomes. For the fans of US Sports, they are a notable option as a betting strategy because ties do not occur often. So, you can find winners more efficiently and make money.

Full list of If Bets & Reverses Betting Sites

Q: How many selections can players pick to create a Reverse & If Bet?

Bettors must select at least two picks to build a Reverse or an If Bet. The total number of selections might be up to 15 on the bookmakers, which offer this betting service.

Q: On which sports are Reverses & If Bets available?

Reverses are more commonly available for NFL & NCAA College Football. These types of bet can also be placed on the NBA, the Major League Baseball, and the National Hockey League.

Q: Why is it more risky to place an Action Reverse Bet on baseball?

Baseball odds are strictly related to each team’s starting pitcher. Α possible pitcher change causes prices to alter and bet cancellations. It is wise to check the list of starting pitchers before making your decisions.

Q: What is the push in Reverse & If Bets tools?

Generally, in sports betting, a push occurs when the Points, Runs, Goals, Handicaps, or Totals hit the exact line you bet on. Example: A bettor picks the LA Lakers to win against the Houston Rockets with -5 handicap, and Los Angeles wins with exactly 5 points. The wager has neither won nor lost, so the bettor gets the initial stake back if there is no option to predict the exact margin.

Q: Do If Bets allow the option to use winnings from the initial bet on the second one?

Besides the same initial stake, If Bets do not offer the ability to bettors to use potential winnings from the first to the second wager.

Q: Which are the main differences between If Bets and Parlays?

Cash Out service is not provided on If Bets & Reverses, apart from some exceptions like Interwetten. After a winning match in a Parlay, bettors can use the money they bet and win on the next pick. Using If Bets, they can bet only the starting stake.

Q: Are Rolling If Bets the same with If Bets & Reverses?

The Rolling If Bet (RIF) is a Parlay or Teaser bet related to the outcome of a placed wager that is still pending. The pending bet can be a wager on an event in progress or one that has yet to begin. The pending wager cannot be an If Bet, Reverse Bet, or any other type of wager with a pending bet (Parlay or Teaser). Bettors can only make a RIF from a Money Line, Points/Goals, Handicaps/Totals Straight Bet.

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