How to Request a Bet

Request a Bet is a betting service that enables punters to select a combination of outcomes, then contact the bookmaker and ask for a price. All the top bookies are now providing bettors the freedom to get unique odds on personalized bets for almost any possible outcome. The million-dollar question is if using it is worth it in the long run. Τhere are certain benefits and drawbacks to that type of Multi. Players who are seeking tips on the ways to Request a Bet should know how to choose the sportsbooks that provide the fastest services and highest odds.

Best Request a Bet Bookies

The introduction of this feature gives bettors the ability to instantly contact the bookmakers and ask for competitive odds on sporting events. In the shortlist below, we gathered the top 3 bookies with Request a Bet, based on the payout, how quickly they provide odds to players, and whether they have insurance or not. 

How to create a Request a Bet

Almost all the leading bookmakers offer a service that enables bettors to build personal multiples and get enhanced odds. These are three easy ways to create a Request a Bet

⏩ Online betting sites might provide a list of pre-made custom bets to choose from. Bettors can save time evaluating the odds and decide whether they hold value or not.

Bet Builder is the Request a Bet's outgrowth. Players can use it to make a combo bet within the same sporting event. It works just like selecting single picks and adding them to the traditional accumulator.

⏩ Asking for odds via Twitter is an option that many bookmakers provide. Punters can tweet the custom bet they would like to place by using a unique hashtag and create a wager. When it is accepted and priced up, they will receive an answer with a link to place the bet.

Request a Bet Βookmakers to Price it Up

Request a Bet rules via Twitter are quite simple. You have to follow the notifications and wait until the bookie accepts or declines a bet. Then, follow the link and place it on the website. Here is a list of the Twitter hashtags of the best betting sites that offer it:

Bookmaker Hashtag
William Hill #YourOdds
Betfair #OddsOnThat
Betfred #PickYourPunt
Coral #YourCall
Ladbrokes #GetAPrice
Paddy Power #WhatOddsPaddy
Betvictor PriceItUp

Why Ask for a Bet

In sports betting, many selections cannot be combined, as some picks might correlate with others. The service turns this drawback into an advantage, changing the bookmakers' usual rules. It gives players the flexibility of asking for bets that do not appear in the sportsbooks. Not only on sporting events but for anything that can be added in a betslip. Request a Bet specials may offer an option to those who want to place bets on elections, Oscars, Grammy Awards, or even for the winner of their favorite reality TV show.

Exotic bets are also useful for those seeking fun rather than profit. Asking personal bets is an excellent way of increasing the betting experience. Finally, it is a tool that suits professional bettors who want to take control of their wagers and follow Bet Builder type strategies. Deciding to focus on high-profile competitions like the English Premier League with hundreds of markets, create bets, and ask for enhanced odds can be profitable.

Request a Bet drawbacks

Bookmakers allow punters to create accumulators via social media, mainly Twitter. Most betting sites' services claim that the prices will be given immediately. However, they are not evaluating the bets straight away. The requests go to the trading team, who then appraise them. The odds that you will receive are usually offered without any deviations from the sportsbook's odds, though. Generally, it's less convenient than clicking on the sportsbook list and placing your Multi there.

Best Sports & Events to Ask for a Bet

The Request a Bet markets are virtually endless. There isn't a registered list to find them. It allows betting on a host of related contingencies. The main reason is that you can ask for odds on almost everything. Soccer is the king for the Request a Bet service. Besides that, basketball, NFL, MLB, tennis, and other sports, political and entertainment betting, strengthen a sportsbook's' presence. As it's simple, now you can ask for a bet to apply in your country's elections or try to predict the result of a Big Brother TV Show by asking odds for the result you are hoping for.

The way to make a profit with the Request a Bet tool

spyThe crucial difference between Bet Builder and Request a Bet is the time of the betting process. Using social media as an intermediate factor, you shouldn't be in a rush. If you are, this tool isn't ideal for you. Meanwhile, with the Bet Builder feature, you can create your bet more efficiently without losing time waiting for odds. However, some special bets that are not related to football, basketball, or other common sports can be placed only with a Request a Bet, which is advantageous.

Generally, the idea of creating multiples or other accumulators is undoubtedly tempting. The possibility of gaining a significant profit with a small stake always gives extra motivation. Although bookmakers love to let you chase such complicated bets, it is useful if players don't choose to create a crazy wager with more than 3-4 picks. Extreme multiples are for those who dream of winning a fortune at a stroke. This type of gambler is harmless for the bookies.

Full list of Request a Bet Bookies

Q: What is the alternative betting terminology of the Request a Bet tool?

The leading betting sites have alternative names for the feature. William Hill refers to it as Ask for a Bet and Paddy Power & Betfair as Same Game Multi. However, you can also come across it as Bet Builder, YourCall, Get a Price, and PickYourPunter Builder.

Q: When is a Request a Bet wager void?

Request a Bet rules define that if a match is postponed/abandoned or a specific leg is canceled, the bet will be void. For example, if you bet on a player to score and didn’t take part in the match, the bet is nullified, and bettors receive the original stake.

Q: Why doesn’t Unibet have a Request a Bet hashtag on Twitter?

Unibet provides the service via the Unibet Community Forum, not from Twitter. You simply inform Unibet’s operators what you would like to bet and ask for odds. Unibet informs the players in the Community's Forum thread if the request is approved or declined.

Q: Does the Request a Bet feature support in-play betting and Cash Out option?

The tool is one step behind Bet Builder and applies only to pre-match markets and bets. Players cannot use it for live-betting. Besides, Cash Out is not an available option yet.

Q: What is the Request a Bet Insurance service on Skybet?

Skybet Request a Bet Insurance applies to all pre-match bets placed within the Request a Bet Insurance titled markets. The feature offers a stake return to the players’ balance as cash even if one selection in the Multi loses.

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