Next French Election Betting Guide

The next French election is a race for two horses. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are the two primal candidates for the next president “throne” which will take place between 8 and 23 of April 2022. Bettors can find some desirable election odds, especially if they are willing to bet on the underdogs. Right below, you will find a political betting guide with the best french election bookmakers that offer top odds, alongside all the main and secondary markets.

Top French election bookmakers

Right below, you can view a shortlist of the top-rated political betting sites for the French elections. The selection is based on the odds, variety of markets, and the number of political events these bookmakers offer. 

French election markets

French electionWinner of the 2022 French presidential election: The gap between the two primal candidates, Macron and Le Pen has opened up. The current president leads the election betting odds as the polls show that he has 28% of the general voting intention. Marine Le Pen gathers 25%, while Jean Luc Melenchon has 17%. Another major factor is the second-quarter economic shrinkage. French GDP decreased by 13.8% in the 2020 second half as a result of the COVID pandemic.

That is a post-war negative record for the French economy. Also, Macron’s approval rating declined below 30% because of the “Mouvement des gilets jaunes”, the yellow vests movement, that called him to resign. These three factors can turn around the election betting odds as the election dates approach. 

Macron's first-round vote share: One of the most popular markets among the french election bookmakers. Top sites provide the choice of what will incumbent president Emmanuel Macron’s vote share be in the first round of the 2022 presidential election. This market can also be found as over/under 25%. 

Election date: The third market that bettors can find regarding French elections is the date. Punters have the choice to bet on whether the election will be held before the 8th of April 2022. 

Next French election betting odds

Election betting oddsAs we approach the final days, some key factors will affect the betting odds about the next French president. Macron saw 17 political dissenters break away and form an independent group. This way, the LREM party has been left with 288 seats, meaning that it is one short of a majority government. This is the latest blow for the current French president, who is still leading the election polls and bookmakers put him as the favourite at 1.20-1.30. 

On the contrary, Marine Le Pen wants to take advantage of her opponent’s unstable popularity and pull off one of the biggest political wins in modern European history as an underdog. In a recent poll, only 20% of the french citizens believed that the 2017 runner up would have done a better job at handling France’s reaction to the pandemic coronavirus. Her public perception in her homeland and with Macron perceived as an elitist could give her the advantage and right now bettors can wager on her at 4.50-5.50. 

These are the nominees for the  French presidential election:

Candidate Party AVG Odds
Emmanuel Macron La Republique En Marche! 1.235
Marine Le Pen National Party 4.695
Eric Zemmour Reconquete 50.00
Jean-Luc Melenchon La France Insoumise 65.00
Valerie Pecresse Soyons Libres 100.00
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan Debout la France 250.00

Full list of french elections bookmakers

Q: When is the next French election?

The first round of the 2022 French presidential election will be held between 8 and 23 April 2022. The second round will be held two weeks after the second. The runoff will be held between the top two candidates.

Q: What are the candidates?

Two leading candidates gather up the most possibilities to win the 2022 French election. These are the current French president, Emmanuel Macron and the 2017 runner up Marine Le Pen.

Q: Who is the favorite for winning the elections?

It is a bit early to predict a sure winner but Emmanuel Macron has the lead so far in the election polls. Although, the difference between him and Le Pen is small enough for the underdog to have serious chances to win this time.

Q: When was the last french election?

The last French presidential election was held in 2017. More specifically, the first round was on the 23rd of April and the second round was on the 7th of May with Emmanuel Macron to winning with 66.1%.

Q: What are the most popular markets in French elections?

The most popular markets regarding the upcoming french elections are three. The presidential election winner, Macron’s first-round vote share (over/under 25%) and the possibility of the elections to happen before the 8th of April 2022.

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