How Bet Builder works

Bet Builder is a betting service that allows bettors to create a pre-match or an in-play permutation bet from the same sporting event without using social media or e-mail to request it. The idea behind Bet Builder is to achieve the maximum profit with the smallest stake possible. Many leading bookmakers provide this service, but Building a Bet tool's efficiency depends on the betting terms and availability.

Inevitably the existence of many markets and selections creates an attractive setting for the player. The innovative feature experiences thousands of requests per minute, serving players with a specific strategy looking for tailor-made bets. However, as always, for Multis, some particular drawbacks must be recorded.

Best bookmakers with Bet Builder

betting types on politicsOnline bookmakers have made significant progress in providing a fast-growing Bet Builder function. Find out which betting sites offer the highest odds, live betting services, and in-play Cash Out for Bet Builder among an expanding list of sports.

How to choose a Build Your Bet betting site

Betting on politicsA low-risk - high-reward Bet Builder fulfills the function's purpose. To increase the winnings by using the Build Your Bet tool, you need to consider several factors. Odds, pre-match/in-play terms, range of sports, and Cash Out are the most critical for Bet Builder. Before choosing a suitable betting site, it is vital to check the license, profitability, deposit options, and withdrawal methods.

Seeking transparent terms

It seems crucial to seek the running terms on each betting site, but it is required in industry innovations like Bet Builder. Players have to decide on every move, under full oversight, by choosing the ideal range of markets and the amount they can afford. Furthermore, bettors have an ultimate need to shield themselves with a protective umbrella, even for a smaller potential profit, such as the Cash Out feature.

Desktop and Mobile user experience

Mobile AppsA convenient desktop and mobile navigation with high-quality usability are essential for players when using the Build Your Bet tool. The truth is that user experience might differ from bettor to bettor. However, it is the players' main advantage to place a Bet Builder within the shortest possible time. Even the number of desktop clicks or mobile taps do their part.

High Bet Builder odds

High oddsHigh odds are players' first step towards gaining an advantage. Betting sites offer different odds in the Bet Builder even for the same markets like Over/Under, Both Teams To Score, and all the individual bets, such as a Player To Score or Receive a Card. What is required to be recognized is that even the smallest payout difference is worthwhile.

Let's see a practical example with a home winning scenario for Liverpool against Leeds United. Picking two more selections (Both Teams To Score & 1-0 Half-Time Correct Score), the same 3-fold Bet Builder pays @13.00 odds on Bet365 and @12.69 odds on Betfair.

Bet365 + Betfair Bet Builder

Build Your Bet and Cash Out

Not all bookmakers offer full Cash Out services for the Bet Builder feature. It is a decisive advantage for a betting site to give this option. To Build Your Bet and win maybe is a matter of luck. However, Cash Out brings more control. That's why it would be more convenient to look for a betting site that provides it.

Number of selections

Most betting sites offer about six selections on the Build Your Bet feature, usually the most common betting type. Some bookmakers provide Corner Handicaps and Booking Points as particular legs, introducing specific markets such as Goal Methods. Leading betting sites also advance a unique feature established by players' stats (i.e., tackles, passes, and offsides).

Wide range of sports

Bookmakers that offer Bet Builder give an ever-increasing range of sporting events. Players should check the details and specific terms to create a customized bet depending on one sporting event. Soccer, tennis, the NFL, MLB, and the NBA are stats-oriented sports, therefore widespread for bettors.

Free Bet as a Build Your Bet Bonus

Sportsbooks reward bettors' activity by offering new services and reload bonuses. It is not very common, but an experienced player can find free bets to use on Bet Builders as a Welcome Bonus. This opportunity is excellent for beginners but also rare.

Bet Builder & Request a Bet beginner's guide

red arrowBet Builder has a step-by-step guide and basic parameters that must carefully stick to beginners and professionals.

  • Create a betting account.
  • Find the event to Request a Bet and click on the Bet Builder tab.
  • Check Add Selection and choose the market.
  • Include all the events in a Multi Bet slip.
  • Bet Builder calculates the odds instantly.
  • Place a Bet.

Why use the Build a Bet feature

red arrowThe most likely confirmed Multi Bet combination is the minimum of two selections. However, a 2-fold bet is simply a combo, not a Bet Builder. Players can add many selections to their bets.

Analyzing the sportsbook's choices within a sporting event and researching clear stats backup is very useful. Build a Bet tool gives the players the ultimate action control.

Bettors use this type of Multis by combining various markets, allowing them to earn big payouts with small stakes. Finally, the pre-match Bet Builder function offers a great variety of options, even for the most demanding players.

Are there downsides to placing a Bet Builder

Online bookmakers love Multi Bets because it multiplies their profit margin. Bet Builder belongs to bookmakers' friendly Doing Yourself In Bet feature. Even though players place smaller bets, using Build a Bet reduces the winning chances because you need to hit all the selections correctly.

Cash Out is not a developed tool in most betting sites. Therefore bettors cannot reduce the risk and lock potential winnings. Bet Builder also has considerable drawbacks when it comes to live-betting. It is a non-provided service from all bookmakers that offer much fewer live events compared to pre-match ones. The in-play slow-bet acceptance and the limitations of combining picks make it harder and challenging to use.

Best Sports to Build Your Bet

Soccer is the most popular sport for the Bet Builder market, without a doubt. Τhe Build Your Bet function is also available across the following list. Tennis and US sports (NBA, MLB, NFL) offer an expanding sports range. Here are the most popular markets for the primary events to use a Bet Builder:

⚽️Soccer Match Result, Half-Time Match Result, Match Handicap, Both Teams To Score, Total Goals, Correct Score Groups, Players to Score, Match Total Booking Points, Total Corners, To Lift the Trophy
🎾Tennis To Win Match, Set Betting, Total Games, Handicap-Games Won, First Set Winner, First Set Total Games, First Set Games score, First Break of Serve, Player to Win a Set, To Win Any Set
🏀NBA To Win Match, Match Handicap, Spread (1st Half, 1st Quarter, 3rd Quarter), Total Points, Team Totals, Players Points, Players Specials (Assists, Rebounds, Steals, Turnovers, Blocks) 
🏈NFL Money Line - Match, Point Spread - Match, Handicap Betting, Total Points, Highest Scoring Quarter, Winning Margin (4-Way), Players to Score a Touchdown, Players Passing Yards Totals

In addition to the above sports, players can use Bet Builder on NHL, MLB, NRL, Cricket, Australian Rules Football, Darts, Horse Racing, Snooker, Golf.

Bet Builder spreads the risk

spyThe Build Your Bet function offers more freedom and flexibility. As a tool, it provides a novelty of the previously familiar combos, like 1 & Over 2.5 goals. The principles of multiple betting allow bettors to have more options in the same match. Ηοwever, as there are many selections in your bet, it is challenging to win it. You should Build Your Bet only if it is a good value pick, putting together the same permutation wager on multiple sites going for the best odds.

Bet Builder also offers unique combos such as corner handicaps and booking points that are not pre-match available. Build Your Bet is a strong-growing betting feature. The critical answer to the question "when should I use a multi?" is "rarely." I recommend focusing on one pick, betting on one event at a time, and avoid building your Multi Bet permanently if you don't plan to get the advantage of a more low-risk betting pattern. Bet Builder spreads your risk, which is always a false betting idea.

Full list of Bet Builder Betting Sites

Q: What are Bet Builder’s alternatives?

The best betting sites, such as Betfair and Paddy Power (Same Game Multi), Bwin and Sportingbet (Build a Bet), William Hill (Build Your Odds), Coral (Build Your Bet), and Betfred (PickYourPunter Builder), have alternative terms for Bet Builder. However, you can find it also like Request a Bet, Your Own Best Bet, YourCall, Get a Price, Bet & Get, Ask for a Bet.

Q: Αre there any differences between Bet Builder and Request a Bet?

Bet Builder and Request a Bet have a similar betting structure. Players could create a bet within a single sporting event, tweeting a combination to the betting site's Twitter account using the Request a Bet hashtag. After the traders are working through it, they will return, offering the odds. Also, bettors can create personal bets on markets that would not be provided in any other way.

Q: Is there an in-play Bet Builder feature?

The function to build an in-play bet varies by the betting sites that provide Bet Builder. Paddy Power offers pre-match and in-play options. Sportingbet gives the capability to make only a pre-match bet. The in-play function exists, but not in all betting sites.

Q: Is pre-match or in-play Cash Out available on Bet Builder?

Pre-match or in-play Cash Out is an available option. Betfair provides a pre-match and in-play Build a Bet Cash Out function. Coral, Paddy Power, and Dafafet offer pre-match Cash Out. Partial Cash Out and Auto Cash Out will not be available on any Bet Builder.

Q: Can you combine a Bet Builder with another bet?

Bettors can’t place a pre-match or in-play Build Your Bet pick with other Bet Builders, singles, multiples, or systems. Βet365 only provides the Bet Builder Double and the combo with a non-Bet Builder bet.

Q: Can you calculate Bet Builder’s payout?

Build a Bet combines a series of singles on the same event. The odds are multiplied with each additional leg. Each time a leg is successful, the winnings wage on the next. To figure a Bet Builder is the exact process as calculating a Multi Bet.

Q: Is there a selection limit creating your bet?

The most common limitation on a Bet Builder is from 2 up to 6 selections. However, it is a different option among betting sites. Bwin and Sportingbet offer up to 8 picks, Paddy Power up to 20, and Betfair increases the limit up to 25 selections.

Q: What happens if the selected game is postponed?

If a selected game is postponed or canceled, a Bet Builder is voided, and the stakes will be transferred back to the players. In case of an abandoned betting event, bettors should consult what applies to betting sites’ terms.

Q: Does the same match Bet Builder applies to the regular event’s duration?

Build a Bet function applies to the regular duration of a sports event (e.g., 90 minutes plus injury time at soccer) unless the betting terms apply to extra-time and penalties.

Q: What if one player in a Bet Builder doesn’t play?

If one player is involved with a Bet Builder leg and doesn't play, the entire bet will be made void, and the stakes return no matter how the other legs get on. Τhe same goes for any other leg made void. Although, Betfair calculates the remaining portions without canceling a winning bet.

Q: Is Bet Builder available on mobile or other devices?

Bet Builder is available on mobile and other devices supported by betting sites. Βet365 has full device services available on desktop or mobile (tablet, Android, and iOS). Betsson’s function is only available on mobile devices for a pre-match bet. Coral has a mobile-friendly application.

Q: What is PickYourPunt Builder?

PickYourPunt Builder is a pre-match function provided by Betfred. It allows you to Build a Bet and get your price instantly. PickYourPunt Builder also has a Request a Bet version. The player can tweet to the betting site’s Twitter account using the hashtag #PickYourPunt. PickYourPunt bets are not eligible for Cash Out.

Q: Does 1xBet have a Bet Builder?

Τhere isn’t a 1xBet Bet Builder feature. 1xBet Bet Constructor is a structurally different service relevant to virtual betting.

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