How to bet a superfecta on the horses and win

In the world of horse racing betting, you may have heard mention of a superfecta before. Just what are these wagers and, of the different types you can place, which is best? Learn how to bet a superfecta by picking and eliminating the right horses for it. Like any wager, there are pros and cons for you to discover, but you also need to know the costs involved. You can also see the merits of the 10 cent superfecta approach to betting.

Best superfecta betting sites

Right below you can find our three best bookmakers with superfecta betting options. We chose them by examining the payouts they offer for this kind of bet. We also checked for how many horse races it is available and whether or not there is insurance.

What is a superfecta

Superfectas are exotic bets that originated in pari-mutuel betting pools like the Tote, where you have to find the first four horses in a race in the right order all in one wager. Similar in concept to, but more challenging than exactas and trifectas to pull off, you are betting on particular horses to be first, second, third and fourth. It is also known as a first four, quartet, and quadrifecta around the world.

The types of superfecta bet

Did you know there are different types of betting available to you? From a straight superfecta to reverse ones that keep this complicated wager reasonably straightforward, there are also more sophisticated varieties. Using a superfecta box or wheel to include additional selections to your bets are options available to you. Let’s look at each of the main types, in turn, with examples.

Straight superfectas

A straight superfecta sees you pick four horses for the same race and specify the finishing order of them, from first down to the fourth place. For instance, Kauto Star to win, Denman to be second, Imperial Commander to be third and Long Run to be fourth. All four horses must finish in the precise order you say on the bet slip for the wager to be a winner.

Reverse superfecta

Straight superfectas can also be reversed. This allows you to cover more bases. A straight bet needs ABCD to be the right finishing order. Reversing it covers the following outcomes: ABCD, ABDC, ACBD, ACDB, ADBC, ADCB; BACD, BADC, BCAD, BCDA, BDAC, BDCA; CABD, CADB, CBAD, CBDA, CDAB, CDBA; DABC, DACB, DBAC, DBCA, DCAB, DCBA. There are 24 permutations in total.

Superfecta box

With a superfecta box, you can make additional selections to the bet. By boxing it, your unit stake is multiplied even higher, and the total wager costs even more. Five horses boxed mean 60 potential race outcomes. If six are included, this increases to 120 permutations, and for seven, you are betting on a whopping 210 different outcomes of the event. Remember, only one finishing order will be correct.

Wheel superfecta

Wheeling a superfecta bet is something to consider when you are confident that you have found the winner of the race. A wheel can reduce the permutations covered, thus: ABCD, ABDC, ACBD, ACDB, ADBC, ADCB. In that example, horse A is the one you are confident will win, and you bet on those six outcomes with the other three horses finishing second, third, and fourth. You reduce the total cost of the bet down by three-quarters.

How much does placing superfecta bets cost

As mentioned above, the costs can get enormous, indeed, if you start reversing or boxing them. A €1 reverse superfecta will cost €24 to put on. As soon as you box such a wager and make additional selections to the bet, you are talking €60 for five horses, €120 for six, and so on. The cost can spiral out of control, and you have to be extremely careful that any payout you receive turns a profit.

What could my superfecta payout be

If you do get a winning superfecta bet, then your return will be pretty big. It does depend on the type of wager placed. If you have boxed, reversed, or wheeled your bet, then you must deduct the losing outcomes from your payout. A superfecta calculator can help you to come up with a staking plan which should yield overall profit.

Where can I bet a boxed superfecta

Which type of superfecta betting should I use

Superfectas are complex wagers to place. Boxing or reversing one only complicates matters. Your total costs also grow. Using a wheel can keep your unit costs from multiplying out of control and reduce the number of outcomes covered. There is a trade-off between how many permutations you want to cover and the bet's total price. Playing exotic bets like these is too difficult. Wheeling is your best option if you think you have picked out the winner.

How should I pick and eliminate horses for superfecta bets

With a superfecta bet, you want to be gambling on horses that have run well throughout the race before. Eliminate any horses who do not act on the ground conditions that the event is being run on. Study race terms carefully. Is there any weight-for-age, sex allowance for fillies and mares or penalty structure to the event? These can help you identify which horses have an advantage and those who suffer from the conditions. 

You can also use the market as a guide for which horses to include or leave out. While racehorses can and do outrun their odds, the offer prices are an indicator of their chances. The higher the odds available on a horse, the smaller their implied probability of winning or placing is. Those with minute chances that are big price outsiders can be eliminated from contention. Picking fancied runners in superfecta betting makes more sense.

Picking and choosing horses to include in superfecta betting is also about selecting the right race. Competitive events where there are two or more market leaders should be avoided. A superfecta is hard enough to pull off as it is without trying to do it in big field handicaps. Stick to non-handicaps, which attract six to ten runners. It is much easier to get a handle on the form and race terms in smaller field events.

The benefits of superfecta betting

A huge upside is you can win big off a small stake if you can do it successfully. The odds for winning are multiplied to the place fraction for the runner-up. That is then multiplied again for the place fraction for the horse in third and once more for the fourth home. Large accumulating prices like these mean huge profits. You don’t have to bet on a grand scale to see a significant return.

What are the downsides of a superfecta bet

The clear and obvious drawback is how rare it is for such a wager to come off. Sometimes, it is hard enough finding the winner, let alone the second, third, and fourth horses all in the same race. A superfecta is a complex and difficult bet. Once you start reversing or boxing, your unit stakes multiplies to the point where your total stake can be huge. You are also betting on many losing outcomes before you start by using a box or reversing the wager. 

The 10 cent superfecta system

Small stakes for big returns is the principle lying behind superfectas. Using a 10 cent system allows you to keep your unit stake reasonably low. Doing a quick bit of maths, or using a calculator can reverse this bet and have it cost just €2.40 while covering 24 potential outcomes. That is a small commitment because the unit stake is minimal. The 10 cent superfecta is very popular in North America as a result.

Key horses in a 10 cent superfecta box or wheel

Identifying key horses can also keep your costs down. If you want to keep the multiplication of your unit stake even lower, then tailor this approach to the 10 cent system. By wheeling or using a smaller number of horses in a 10 cent superfecta box, it gives you more chances to win without substantial investment. A superfecta wheel where you think you have the winner and then put the other three horses in any order costs just €0.60.

Is there value in superfecta betting: by Book Spy

Due to your chances of pulling one off being so small, it is hard to make a case for betting it as a regular part of your horse racing gambling. The degree of difficulty is exceptional, and there will not be many races with the right market and the number of runners to make it worthwhile. A 10 cent superfecta approach to boxing, reversing, or wheeling the bet is fine as a novelty, but it is not advised for serious gamblers.

There are simply far more effective approaches to betting on the horses out there, demanding less of you. Picking the right four or a combination of four as the finishing order is just so tough. Even though a superfecta payout will be huge, anything that rarely comes off doesn’t make sense. There are less taxing exotic bets like exactas and trifectas where you have to be right with your picks on fewer places.

Full list of superfecta betting sites

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