How to use the horse racing point system and win

When looking for betting tips online or in print, you may have come across a horse racing point system before. You need to be familiar with what is a point system, why it is used, who chooses the values and how much it is worth. Many punters use it when betting on horses. You may also wonder what are assess points advised, when to increase the size of your bets and how to grow the betting bank in your account. Potential risks exist, so you can also learn how to manage this system effectively and get pointers on what to look out for.

What is the horse racing point system

A point system in horse racing is where tipsters indicate the strength of their fancies by allocating a specific value to the picks. One common misconception is that point values equate to prices offered in the market. The horse racing point system is, in fact, down to you as a bettor. Here are some examples of common betting tips given using the points system:

⏩ Hurricane Fly 15/2 (8.50) in the Champion Hurdle, 1pt E/W

⏩ Altior 5/4 (2.25) in the Queen Mother Champion Chase, 2pts win

⏩ Tiger Roll 6/1 (7.00) in the Grand National, 0.5pts E/W

⏩ Al Boum Photo 9/2 (5.50) in the Cheltenham Gold Cup, 1pt win

Top horse racing bookmakers

Underneath there is a list with the best horse sportsbooks to engage in horse betting. We chose them by checking odds, variety of races available as well as whether they offer insurance or not. 

What are points advised in horse betting

The points advised on betting tips indicate the strength of the fancy. If 0.5pts appears next to it, then tipsters believe the horse has some chance of winning. Should it be a 1pt recommendation, then that indicates an excellent opportunity. If it’s a 2pts pick, this is a strongly fancied horse. If E/W appears next to the tip, then betting each-way is preferable.

The higher the number of points attached to a tip, then the more strongly it is fancied. You should stake more money on a selection recommended as 2pts than 1pt. What that means in cash terms depends on how much you have to play within your budget and account. There is no standard, but common currency values you can attach to points can be £/€5, £/€10 and even £/€20.

Why tipsters use points instead of monetary values

Tipsters don’t know how much money the bettors reading their selections have available to gamble. That is why the horse racing point system exists in the first place. If tipsters attached monetary values to their picks, then it could put some punters off. You may not feel comfortable betting certain amounts in cash. It is safer for experts to talk in terms of points and leave the cash value of any bets placed in the hands of individual bettors.

Who chooses the value of a horse racing point system 

This simple horse racing system emphasizes you to decide what the value of points should be in cash terms. You will have a budget either based on the amount you deposit when opening a new betting account, or your bank balance left from the last round of wagers you placed. Based on that, a staking plan and the odds on offer, you can make choices about what a point equates to in currency terms.

Factors to consider before using a points system

The performance of the experts is the first thing to check. You can access data by visiting different betting sites. These sites assess their previous NAP selections with profit/loss over a certain period using a £/€1 level stake. You can see what the long-term return on investment (ROI) is of following their betting tips. If they aren’t well into profit, then they are a tipster to avoid. They know which experts to follow and when is part and parcel of the horse racing point system.

What these NAPs tables also help you with is identifying when most tipsters agree. Without consensus of expert opinion, then you may want to stake below the number of points advised or even hedge your bets. The odds available on the selection are an important consideration too. A short-price favourite requires a more significant stake than horses at longer odds. The market is an indicator of implied probability, so the smaller the odds, the higher the chance, in theory, of winning.

It is well worth your while looking into the form of the recommended horses tipped. If you can identify why the experts have come to the conclusions that these are the best bets in the races, and find yourself agreeing with that viewpoint, then that is a good reason to gamble. As noted above, though, there will be times when tipsters come up with different picks for a race. Discovering why is crucial, and maybe you should avoid these tips altogether. 

Where to use the points system

How can I grow my betting bank

The short answer is by backing winners. If only it were that simple. Horse racing is one of the most challenging sports to bet on because there are more than just two or three potential winning outcomes. You have to follow in-form tipsters at the right time to grow your betting bank. This may be a more gradual process finding horses to back each-way, which place, rather than a big and quick win.

If you see that a tipster has put winners up recently, then following them could help you to grow your betting bank. Wagering on horses that like the conditions, are suited by race terms and have proven form over course and distance can also help you. Stick to betting on horse racing under Rules rather than point to point horse races, which are a lot more challenging to research.

When should I increase the points value of my horse racing bets

You should consider the type of race before deciding whether or not to increase the point value of your bets. If the tipsters are putting forward a bet in a handicap race, how well-treated does the horse look? Viewing horse racing handicapping systems can help you here. When it seems to have got into a race lightly, you may want to bet over the points advised by the experts.

A careful study of race terms can identify horses that are at an advantage over others. This may be due to weights carried for previous successes at the same level or a higher class/grade. Any time that a tipped horse is “well-in,” then you should consider increasing the points value. When you have already made a profit, then it could also be worth betting over the recommended points to increase your winnings further.

Risks with a horse racing point system

The obvious risk is that tipsters aren’t right all the time. They are going to make the wrong selections sometimes. What separates these experts from ordinary bettors, however, is that they should be correct more often than not. It is also worth highlighting that two-thirds of horse racing favourites fail to win races on average. That means any time that the market leader is tipped, there is only a 33 percent chance of the bet coming off.

Furthermore, when tipsters put an each-way bet forward, they may be doing so because the horse is value for a place rather than a win. When horses you back each-way only finish second, then the outright wager is lost. That all depends on the price you took and each-way terms offered by bookies. You need to get your bet on as early as possible before bookmakers shut down the each-way angle and value in a race. Otherwise, you may operate at a loss.

How do I know that I am getting favourable odds

If other punters support this tip, then that is an indicator you have favourable odds. Experts have the potential to shape the market with their selections, and bookies react accordingly. Any reduction in odds suggests a higher implied probability of winning. Prices for racehorses drift as well as receive backing in the market, though. Taking a tip can thus go one of two ways. You can never be 100 percent certain in advance that you are getting a favourable price. This is one of the chances you take when gambling.

Book Spy: Is there value in using a horse racing point system

Yes, there is value here. Now you know what are points in horse racing betting, and that it is you not the tipster who decides what they are worth in terms of cash stakes. This system has plenty going for it. You are the master of your destiny when it comes to points. There is no obligation in the first place to follow an expert’s tips. A smart bettor will look into why the tipster fancies certain horses and then back it accordingly.

Using the advised points as a guide, you may wish bet over or under that depending on the view you take. What a horse racing points system allows you to do over other approaches, such as backing market movers, is it gives you ownership of your gambling. As long as you develop good judgment, manage your betting balance and gamble responsibly, then points have lots to offer. Just make sure to develop a plan and stick to it.

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