Scoop 6 Betting: Where to Find Scoop 6 Jackpots Online

Scoop 6 was launched in 1999 and is a type of horse racing bet that operates through the Tote system. As a Tote bet, Scoop 6 doesn’t have fixed odds. Instead, the sum of the money collected is divided among the winners. To put it in technical terms, Scoop 6 is a form of pool betting.

Ways to win the Scoop 6 betting

The aim of the game is reasonably simple: correctly predict the winners of six designated races. However, the difference between Scoop 6 and other Tote jackpot bets is that there are three ways to win. So, even if all of your picks don’t win, you could still scoop some money. From the funds collected, the Scoop 6 fund is split into the following three categories:

The Scoop 6 Jackpot: If you correctly pick the winners of six nominated races, you win the main jackpot. This is the largest prize of all and will often be worth five, six, or seven-figures plus.

The Scoop 6 Place Fund: If all six of your picks place and/or win, you’ll earn a consolation prize known as the place fund. In this instance, five of your horses could win and one could finish second. This would entitle you to a share of the Scoop 6 place fund.

The Scoop 6 Bonus Fund: Every Scoop 6 winner that wins a jackpot pot has the chance to collect an additional prize the following week. To win a share from the Scoop 6 bonus fund, you need to have picked six winners from the previous week and at least one winner the following week. Anyone that manages this will bank an extra payout from the Scoop 6 bonus fund. 

Best Scoop 6 betting sites

In the following shortlist you can find the top 3 sportsbook with Scoop 6 betting options. We chose them by evaluating the Scoop 6 dividends, total prize pools and if they offer betting insurance.

How much is the Scoop 6 Jackpot Worth

The Scoop 6 win fund depends on the amount of money collected from all entries. The money staked is put into a pot and then divided among the winning ticket holders, minus the organizer’s commission. This means that the amount you receive will be based on the number of entries you bought and the total number of winners.

You ideally don’t want anyone else to win. If that happens, you’ll gain the entire jackpot or Scoop 6 place fund. Because it’s tricky to predict the winner/place finishers for six races, there aren’t always winners. When no one wins in a given week, the money rolls over to the next. In this sense, the Scoop 6 win fund is identical to a lottery. 

Scoop 6 Dividends: costs and potential payouts

As we’ve said, the amount you win will depend on the amount of money in the Scoop 6 win fund and the amount you stake. Naturally, you also need to meet the qualifying criteria for the Scoop 6 jackpot or Scoop 6 place fund. When all three pieces of the puzzle are in place, you’ll win some money.

How to Place a Scoop 6 Bet

Under Scoop 6 rules, the minimum amount you can stake is £2 per line. However, it’s possible to choose more than one horse per race. So, let’s assume Race 1 has two top contenders. To spread your risk, you might decide to choose both of them. This means that, if either horse wins or places, your Scoop 6 bet will stay alive.

Although selecting more than one horse per race is possible, it also costs. Based on the minimum stake being £2, you can work out the cost by multiplying that figure by the number of selections in each race. If you chose one horse per race and wagered £2, Scoop 6 rules dictate that your overall stake would be: 1X1X1X1X1X1 = £2

However, if you decide to choose more than one horse per race, the price will increase. Again, you have to multiply your stake by the number of selections in a race. Therefore, if you have two picks in one race and three in another, that needs to be factored into your cost equation: 1X2X1X1X3X1 = 6 = 6 X £2 = £12

As you can see, even a couple of tweaks can cause the prize of your Scoop 6 bet to increase. However, the potential payoffs still make this type of wager appealing. Indeed, the Scoop 6 jackpot can be worth six, seven and even eight-figure sums.

Bookmaker Reviews: How to Place a Scoop 6 Bet Online

Scoop 6 betting is popular at racecourses, especially across the UK and Ireland. However, you can also place Scoop 6 bets online, which is a lot easier than visiting the racetrack. The best bookmakers online with Scoop 6 options include:

Betfair Scoop 6 Betting

To place a Scoop 6 bet with Betfair, you need to use the Tote Gateway. The market opens at 8:00 am on Saturdays and all the usual Scoop 6 rules and payouts apply. To help guide your picks, Betfair releases race-by-race previews on a Friday night. Additionally, you’ll find Scoop 6 syndicates running via Betfair’s forum and betting exchange.

William Hill Scoop 6 Betting

Like Betfair, William Hill follows all the standard Scoop 6 betting rules. Placing a wager is made easy by one-click virtual race cards that allow you to tick your picks. At the end, you simply input your stake and the software calculates the amount you have to pay. Finally, if you place Scoop 6 bets on William Hill, you could be playing for jackpots topping £15 million.

Bet365 Scoop 6 Betting

To find Scoop 6 betting at Bet365, you need to click through the horse racing tab and go into the UK & Ireland section. From there, scroll to the bottom of the page and Scoop 6 will be listed alongside special types of bet, include trifecta, exacta and forecast. Like its peers, the minimum stake is £2. Moreover, single line and permutation (bets that cover multiple runners) entries are accepted. Finally, you will need to register for the bonus fund if you’re eligible, entry isn’t done for you automatically.

Coral Scoop 6 Betting

As well as the chance to win jackpots topping £15 million, the one thing Coral Sports does exceptionally well with regards to Scoop 6 is information. As well as general guides on how to make these bets, Coral provides leg-by-leg breakdowns. In terms of betting, all the rules used at Betfair, William Hill and Bet365 are in place. However, the standout feature is the fact you can get experts insights for each of the six legs from multiple sources.

Full list of Scoop 6 betting sites

Q: When can I bet on Scoop 6?

Scoop 6 betting opens on Saturdays at 8:00 am. These bets are a weekly occurrence during the racing season. When you go to place a Scoop 6 bet online, the race cards will be picked out beforehand. Therefore, all you have to do is select the horse/s you believe will win/place.

Q: What happens if there’s a non-runner in a Scoop 6?

In the event a horse is declared a non-runner (i.e. it’s withdrawn once the race has been declared but before it starts), it’s removed from our Scoop 6 bet. In place of the voided entry, the starting price favourite will automatically be added to your selections.

Q: What happens to the place pot if a race is called off?

If a race is abandoned and not run that day, Scoop 6 payouts will be based solely on the money collected that day. In other words, money that’s been carried over from previous weeks won’t be available to win and, therefore, rolled over to the following week. Otherwise, bets will be settled as if the abandoned race/s were never part of the original bet.  

Q: How much can I win from Scoop 6?

The Scoop 6 jackpot can be worth huge sums of money. There’s no fixed return because this is a Tote bet. Back in 2014, the Scoop 6 win fund allowed a group to winners to bank £1.3 million each. Additionally, the bonus fund was worth £5 million.

Q: What happens if some horses win and the rest place?

If some horses win and some place, you’ll win a share of the Scoop 6 place fund. You can only win the Scoop 6 jackpot if every pick wins its respective race. However, the place fund can still be lucrative, especially if longshots win. Indeed, back in 2006 the place fund divided was almost £40,000.

Q: How are races selected for Scoop 6?

It’s generally the case that Scoop 6 horse racing bets are chosen from those due to be televised on a Saturday. These bets are specific to UK racing. Therefore, if the race is due to be shown on TV, it could be part of Scoop 6. The idea is that people can watch along as the bet plays out.  

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