Bookies that don’t request age verification

Have you ever thought why bookies ask for documents as soon as you complete your registration or when you’re about to make your first withdrawal? Well, the answer is very simple. They do it in order to confirm that the account is under your name and you’re old enough to gamble. If you’ve been trying to find bookmakers that don’t ask for ID then you should stop searching, because you are in the right place.

Below we will provide you with bookmakers that don’t ask for your age along with some easy verification bookies that require limited documents. We will also explain how to bet online without even registering and how to bet anonymously. So keep on reading to find out more.

Why play at a bookie with no age verification

If you are looking for a bookie that won’t ask you to verify your age, then you probably belong to one of the following categories.

1. You are underage or using 3rd party details
The main reason why somebody would like to find an online bookie that doesn’t ask for ID is because he is below the minimum legal age for gambling. But, are there any bookies that accept underage players? The answer is no; due to the fact that most international bookmakers don’t allow users below the age of 18 (or 21 depending on the country) to bet online. We highly suggest no to gamble if you are a minor.

2. You are not willing to have your personal data exposed
You might want to keep your personal information and other essential data undisclosed due to privacy-related reasons or simply because you don’t want to upload documents online. For example, you open an account and as soon as you decide to close it, you would rather know that all your personal details won’t remain visible to the bookmaker that you chose or you might want to avoid credit checks.

But, do bookies do credit checks? Well yes, they do. As a matter of fact, many bookies tend to do in-depth research in your records and may request asset and source of funds declaration if they deem it necessary. Furthermore, you might be afraid that your credit score, known also as credit rating, could be affected. A credit score is an indicator that measures how often and how well someone repays his debts. Gambling won’t affect your credit score, provided that you gamble safely and avoid borrowing money or going overdraft in order to fund your betting account.

3. Gambling is not allowed in your country
In countries where online gambling is illegal there are players who resort to betting on non-licensed bookmakers. The bookies that operate in such countries don’t usually ask for ID. For instance, Turkey is considered as a black market when it comes to gambling. In Ukraine the online lottery is a state monopoly and betting is forbidden, while in the US gambling is totally prohibited in the state of Utah and Hawaii. If you live in such a country and want to bet anonymously, then in the following section you’re going to find valuable information on how to make it happen.

How to bet online anonymously with Bitcoin

The best way to bet anonymously is no other than through a betting site that accepts cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can actually deposit or withdraw Bitcoins from your betting account without being requested to give any personally identifying information. That happens due to the fact that Bitcoin transactions are not linked to a person or identity.

FortuneJack and 1XBit are the two most prominent crypto sportsbooks. It is worth noting that the registration process on 1XBit is super easy. All you have to do is to click on the registration button and you’re done! You don’t have to provide any information. It’s optional if you wish to receive your account number and password, that are created automatically, in your email, or simply select to save them on a file or as a picture on your pc.

The Best Bookmakers to bet anonymously

How to bet without giving away too much information

Betting on politicsIf you are a person who doesn’t want to give away too much personal info and wish you could avoid the online ID verification process; then you don’t have to worry about it because we know the way to achieve this. Below you will find betting sites with easy verification that won't ask you to send them too many documents.

No ID bookmakers

No ID bookmakers1XBet and Melbet are two prominent bookmakers that don’t ask for your ID. On the contrary, bookmakers like Betclic and Sky Bet, which require verification of your identity as soon as you register, or before you make your first withdrawal; will request to send them a copy of one of the following documents: ID card, passport, driver’s license. 

Moreover, there are sportsbooks out there that require call verification when it comes to verifying the information you gave in order to open your betting account. More specifically, they request to call you to your landline phone in order to be sure that you didn’t provide them with somebody else’s home address; thus you’re using a false identity. We strongly suggest you avoid this kind of bookies.

Betting sites that don’t require selfie or video call verification

Apart from sending them the aforementioned ID documents, there are bookies like Leonbets, which ask you to send a selfie while holding the docs next to your face. We have also seen bookmakers, demanding to chat with you in a small video session, to confirm you’re the same person who is depicted on the ID card you’ve sent them. Thus, we suggest you choose to wager on more relaxed bookies, i.e. Betway or 5Dimes, that don’t require photographic identification or video calls to verify your age.

Bookies that don’t ask for utility bills as proof of address

We know bookies, i.e. JustBet, that ask you to send them a scanned copy of a utility bill (water, heating, electricity bill), as a way of verifying that the home address you provided them with is real. So, you should rather select to place your bets on more relaxed bookmakers that don’t request utility bills, like Pinnacle and Betphoenix.

Bookmakers that don't request source of funds

Bookmakers that don't request source of fundsSome bookies request proof of your source of funds. They basically ask you to send them a copy of your bank statement (with your name and the bank’s logo on it). It is worth noting though, that most of these operators, request to send them documents that can be submitted as legitimate proof of source of funds only when you make your first withdrawal.

It is also worth noting that, it usually depends on the license the brand holds. For example, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), requires the identification of a player to be verified if the total amount of his withdrawals equals €2,300 or more. Thus, there is a good chance to skip the whole verification procedure, if the amount you withdraw is never higher than the designated amount. However, the MGA brands will usually ask for ID verification within 30 days after funding your account.

The same applies to other regulators too, like the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) for instance. In for example, which is licensed by the UKGC, the identity of a player will be verified if the total amount of his withdrawals, or his deposits, equals £3,000 or more.

Top bookmakers with easy verification

No account bookmakers - online betting without registration

Betting online without registering is a new trend destined for players who don’t want to waste their time filling out registration forms and sending identification documents to bookmakers. This can happen through the Pay N Play platform which is powered by Trustly, an innovative payment method that allows you to pay instantly from your bank account. The way Pay N Play works is extremely easy and the clue is that it allows you to skip the whole registration process and start playing right away! More specifically, all you have to do is to:

  1. Enter the betting site that you selected and click to play
  2. Deposit straight through your online bank
  3. KYC data are passed automatically to the bookie, which creates your account in the background, so you don’t have to do anything
  4. Withdraw funds directly from the bank account you used so as to make a deposit.

The two most distinguished bookmakers without registration that offer Pay N Play in association with Trustly are ComeOn and Betsson. They both give you the opportunity to bet online seamlessly without having to go through the time-consuming registration process.

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