Tennis Betting Rules

You can’t hope to achieve much success in betting on tennis without thorough preparation. That preparation begins with understanding both X’s and O’s of tennis and, more importantly, the tennis betting rules and how different bookmakers settle the markets. Bookies operate on various levels and regulations that might not work to your advantage, so you have to be extra careful when choosing the right one. Luckily for you, our goal is to provide you with a detailed account of all those betting sites that best suit your betting style and on which your stakes will be secure at all times.

Tennis retirement rules

The most common betting market for tennis is the Match Winner market, and as such, it will be the primary concern of this article. The match-winner can occur when one of the players retires due to various circumstances. These include a debilitating injury sustained during the match. When such an event unfolds, online bookmakers resort to the following settlement rules:

Ball Served
This rule can also be seen as “First ball”, “1 ball”, 1 ball served”, “One serve played”, “One point played”, or “First serve,” but refers to the same thing. The rule is essential for all match winner or money line markets, as the bet will stand if one ball is served in a match. So, if the player you wagered on retired from the game, you would lose your stake. On the other hand, punters who placed their bets on the remaining player, that was the winner, would win the bet.

1 Set Completed
Some bookmakers have specific tennis set rules that require the entire first set to be played in a match before the bets could stand. This rule is also found in forms such as “One set”, “One set completed”, or “First set completed”. If the set hasn't finished before the player retires, the bet is void.

2 Sets Completed
Essentially, this rule is the same as the previous one, with the only difference being that the bookmakers who follow it require at least 2 sets to be completed before bets stand. The rule can also bear names such as “Two sets”, “Two sets completed”, or “Second set completed”.

Match Completed
This rule stipulates that the entire match needs to reach a natural conclusion before all sorts of bets are active. Otherwise, the wager is void. This rule can be found under the names “Full match”, “Full match completed”, or “Whole match completed”, depending on the bookmaker.

All bets that have been made on other markets (such as over/under, game handicaps etc.) will not count unless their outcome has been decided before retirement, in which case, they can be either won or lost.

Bookmakers’ tennis betting retirement rules

As indicated in the introductory segment, we will categorize the bookmakers according to how they settle the players’ bets and which tennis retirement betting rules they follow. Recently, bookmakers need at least one set to be played before settling a bet.  Therefore, no bookmakers require at least one point to be played (Ball served) before a bet settlement.

Next in line are the bookmakers who abide by the rules stipulating that the entire set has to be completed (1 Set completed) before the bets can be considered active. These bookmakers are:

There are no bookmakers that demand at least two sets to be completed (2 Sets completed) before they settle a bet, so let's move to those that call for the entire match to be completed, which are quite a few:

Tennis match interruption scenarios

Various other scenarios can affect a Match Winner bet apart from a player’s retirement. For example, if a match gets interrupted or is abandoned for some reason, other rules come into play. We bet that you would like to know what happens to your wager in that case. Here, we present you with the most common scenarios.

Walkover: A walkover is used in many sports and is quite frequent in tennis. A tennis walkover is a situation in which a player is awarded a victory because the opponent is unable to compete and therefore has to forfeit. Since tennis competitions most commonly have the form of a tournament, the standing player will go directly into the next round. In this case, all bets for the match are called off and considered void.

Weather Conditions/ Darkness/ Technical Issues: Matches can also be suspended and postponed to a later time due to technical reasons and weather conditions, like darkness and rain. For example, we have seen a number of matches in the 2019 French Open suspended due to severe rain and wind. If this happens, all bets regarding that particular match remain open until the game finishes on another day or another time.

Player Withdrawal or Disqualification: Instances, where a tennis player gets injured during the game or disqualified by the umpire due to bad behaviour, are more frequently seen in tennis nowadays. In such cases, the bets are settled as described in the retirement section above.

Bookmakers’ main tennis rules

tennis-rulesIt is always good to become acquainted with the rules of tennis in their general sense and how they impact the betting options, you get from the bookmakers. Moreover, it is even more important to know some critical tennis betting rules deriving from the following operators that we singled out.

Q: Which are Ladbrokes’ tennis rules?

The main tennis betting rules of Ladbrokes are, the Tie-Break Rules, in which a tiebreak is seen as one game for all betting purposes. This means that a set that finishes 7-6 is deemed to have included 13 games rather than 12 plus the tie break. As well as, the Ladbrokes Tennis Retirement Rules according to which all the bets that were not decided at the time a player retired, should be considered as void.

Q: Which are the main Bet365 tennis rules?

The key rules of Bet365 when it comes to tennis betting are the following: the In-Play Point Betting Rule, according to which if the wrong player was indicated to be the server, then any bets taken on the in-play point betting will be deemed as void regardless of the result. And the Bet365 Tennis Retirement Rules, where in the case of retirement or disqualification at any time during the match without being completed, all bets will be void, unless the settlement of the bet has already been determined.

Q: Which are the key William Hill tennis rules?

Among the various William Hill tennis betting rules, we selected the most significant ones. These are: the Tiebreak Score After 6 Points Rule, where you can predict the score in a specific tiebreak after six points have been played. However, if the play gets suspended, cancelled or a player is disqualified or retires during the first 6 points, all bets are void. And the William Hill Tennis Retirement Rules according to which if a player retires from a match, all bets placed on the winner of the match market are void because the match was not played for the full duration.

Q: Which are Betfair’s tennis rules?

The main tennis betting rules of Betfair are: the Change of the Number of Sets Rule, which suggests that if the scheduled duration of the game is reduced/increased due to the change of the number of sets needed for a win, all bets will be void except for the “Match Odds” and “Set Winner” bets. Together with the Betfair Tennis Retirement Rules according to which, if your player happens to retire during the first set, all bets will be void. However, if the player retires after the first set, you will get your stake back.

Q: Which are the most significant Coral tennis betting rules?

When it comes to tennis betting, Coral has many rules; nonetheless, here we gathered those that truly stand out. More specifically, the Total Games Betting Rule, where in case of retirement, all bets will be void unless the result of the total games has already been determined. And the Coral Tennis Retirement Rules, according to which if a player withdraws from the game or gets disqualified before the completion of the first set, all Match Bets will be considered void.

Q: Which are the most important Pinnacle tennis rules?

The most significant tennis betting rules of Pinnacle are the following: the Handicap and Total Games Betting Rule, according to which if a tennis match is not completed, all total games and handicap bets are off and the wagers are refunded. As well as the Pinnacle Tennis Retirement Rules, where at least one full set should be completed before a player retires for the money line bets to stand.

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