Live Odds Changes and Movements

Live betting seems profitable and attractive for bettors. You can secure the best possible winning chances by choosing the highest odds. Before a sports event starts, consider the offered prices and the pre-match data. However, during in-play betting, the live odds changes occur every minute or sometimes within seconds. Regarding match data, you might see a team dominate the opponent, whether a pre-match underdog or a favourite.

So, you should calculate with accuracy your sports betting ROI and avoid hasty misjudgements; you could lose your entire bankroll faster than you might imagine. Many bettors insist that wagering in-play is different from pre-match. Do you want to find the reason behind this belief? Are there any secret rules in live betting? Read our guide and discover why the time factor is crucial for the offered odds and the real-time bets you may back.

How To Profit From In-Play Odds Movement

BMB_BankrollEven novice bettors can start their live betting activity with a few winning bets within minutes. These predictions could be proved right in a short time. However, online bookmakers are outside the business of donating money. You may watch a sports event live on their platform, but they are not trying to help you win by allowing you to bet live.

On the contrary, you should take advantage of it, picking the best in-play odds at the right moment. Do you like, for example, betting on comeback victories? Follow our advice and clear your mind without rushing yourself to find easy bets.

Understand the software

BMB_Power IconBefore you bet, you must realize that the in-play odds don’t change due to bookmakers’ decisions. On the contrary, software and algorithms notice two crucial factors; the actual sports event’s momentum and the amount of money staked on every market. The current result’s prices drop, and the other markets rise as time passes. The odds will vary depending on the match facts, stats, teams, and leagues.

Use the website effectively

BMB_StatsWhen the software makes live odds changes, either the bookie lowers or raises the prices for any reason, there’s always a signal message during your live betting activity to inform you. For example, you may back a bet on an under 2,5 goals market, and by the time you are ready to confirm, the bookmaker changes the odds.

Some betting sites will let you tick a box where you automatically accept any in-play odds movement during bet placement. Otherwise, you must place your wager again within a few seconds to avoid further delays.

Take advantage of the high odds

BMB_FavouritePicking the right price at the appropriate time can offer valuable odds during live betting. Spotting these opportunities isn’t easy when the live odds changes can happen several times during a sports event. So, you should consistently check which leagues and matches you decide to invest in.

Maybe in some secondary tournaments where a bettor’s minority is attracted for wagering, the in-play odds change less frequently. That means you can find more winning bets if you take advantage of them, making accurate time management in live betting.

What Does Accepting Downward Live Odds Changes Mean

BMB_Profits_GraphMost bookies offer a service during live betting called “accept all odds movement” when the prices change downwards. If bettors click the button, they agree with the prices’ movements even if the bookmakers reduce them. For example, if you placed a wager at 1.50 odds and your betting site minimises the price of your bet to 1.40, you should choose if you will accept it. If you click the “place” button, you accept downward live odds changes.

How To Check Soccer Odds Movement & Win In-Play

BMB_Football BallSome bettors try to make money from in-play betting, believing that bookmakers fear increasing the favourite’s prices, in a soccer match, for example, beyond a specific limit. It’s a fact that behind the prices is money, so every possible turnover becomes a crucial factor in how a bookie will set the odds.

Sometimes you might check that the odds for a home favourite team’s win will change only slightly during the first half, even if no team breaks the deadlock. If you want to check the soccer odds movement during live betting activity and become profitable, follow our brief guidance before placing a bet online.

Follow a pattern: Avoid placing several bets simultaneously and choose specific markets based on soccer stats like cards, penalties, and corners, also following goal scorer betting.

Analyze the match: Reading stats might be crucial in winning a bet, but these categories don’t tell every match’s real story. A soccer team could have over 70% possession, dozens of shots on goal and still not manage to score. This is something the bookie always takes into account.

As the draw odds drop, the team constantly attacking will have lower odds than the defending team. In that case, it’s wiser to analyze the underdog’s chances to win rather than the lower odds on the favourite.

Understand public opinion: Have you ever noticed that the in-play odds of a favourite are rising or dropping even if the score remains the same? That’s due to the number of bets and the stakes the home team receives. Mainly, you should comprehend the dropping odds meaning and the opposite; if a team is a solid favourite to win even if they don’t perform well, increasing their odds would attract more bets as time passes.

To avoid taking a considerable risk, the bookie decides to limit these prices and avoid paying a lot of money in case of a standard favourite’s win. This is your time to strike, as the bookie is risking.

Full List of Bookies with the Best In-Play Odds

In the list underneath, you can explore all the top bookmakers for all sports. Find the best prices, a wide range of live markets, and several special in-play bets to choose from before you start betting.

Q: How to read in-play odds?

Advanced bettors can read in-play prices and their implied probability in the same way as the pre-match ones. The odds represent the chances of something happening in a sports event. When odds change in live betting for more than 15-20%, the fact usually alerts bettors who back the possible outcome or go in the opposite direction against the dropping prices.

Q: What is an in-play bet?

An in-play bet, also known as live betting or in-running betting, is a bettors’ act of placing wagers during a sports or novelty event. Unlike pre-match bets, which are placed before a football match or a basketball game begin.

Q: How do bookmakers choose patterns for live odds changes?

The odds are altered by specific software and algorithms and not by a single person closely watching the match and manually changing the prices according to estimations. Pre-set in-play odds patterns exist in which prices vary according to the remaining time and the markets’ individuality.

Q: What does it mean to accept all line and in-play odds changes?

When bettors agree to any differentiations in the bookies’ odds or lines after placing their bets, they accept all line and live odds changes. The new in-play bets are calculated with the altered odds if these wagers become winners.

Q: How to profit from the in-play soccer odds movement?

The first step is to watch the soccer match you want to bet on, analyzing what is happening in real-time besides the stats. Then, you should follow a pattern by choosing which market is more profitable to focus on (e.g., corners, cards, penalties, etc.). Measuring the public opinion factor, you must select the highest offered in-play odds before placing your wager.

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