How to Bet Without Losing

Sports betting can be hugely entertaining since you can add an extra spark to watching your favourite teams and players compete. However, most users place bets in the hope of winning money. Whether you are a recreational or professional bettor, learning how to bet without losing is key. However, it is estimated that just 3-5% of players are profitable in the long term.

Consecutive losses can lead to irresponsible gambling, whether chasing to overturn them or going beyond your budget. Our betting guide for beginners aims to help you avoid losses. If you think, “I am tired of losing bets, " this is the page for you. We will discuss what to do during a nasty streak before providing tips on turning missed wagers into wins.

Tired of Losing Bets? Check our No-loss Bet Tips

BMB_Markets GenericEven the best thought-through bets are not guaranteed to win. Answering the question of how to bet without losing money is not easy. You can do all the required research, only for a last-minute goal or unexpected comeback to scupper your chances.

Meanwhile, some come unstuck by letting emotions get involved, like betting on the football club they follow against their local rivals. After all, impulse betting, trying to win large amounts and failing to conduct research is very common.

Moreover, following unreliable tipsters and wagering on sports you are unfamiliar with are other factors behind unsuccessful wagers. If you are a horse racing expert, stick to what you know. Don’t stray elsewhere, no matter how attractive the odds seem. Finally, a betting bankroll management calculator is definitely worth using.

How to Never Lose a Football Bet

BMB_Football_BallFootball is the most popular sport among players. Whether it be on the Premier League, Champions League or World Cup, there are almost endless options. Many do their best to master how never to lose a football bet.

Ultimately, no strategy will ensure that you never lose. However, there are certain steps that you can take to boost their chances. So, if you want to learn how to bet on football, follow our tips for beating the bookies.

Live Betting Opportunities

Live BettingWith live markets, the odds are constantly changing. If you have expert knowledge of particular teams and competitions, you may well be able to take advantage of opportunities on sites that offer live streaming. 

You can follow the action closely and make more informed decisions. For example, if one team has 75% possession and four shots in the last 10’, they are worth backing to score the next goal. In addition, you can create a dropping odds strategy, where you back a scenario that the bookie thinks it's more likely as the match progresses.  

Avoid Backing Your Team

BMB_StopIt is vital to bet with your head rather than your heart. With football, it is easy to let emotion get in the way. Instead, weigh the key statistics, including recent form, H2H records and goals scored/conceded.

This will give you a clearer understanding of who the likely winner is instead of basing your decision on your feelings towards teams. If you cannot follow this rule, avoid betting on your team altogether.

Study Your Strongest Leagues

BMB_Money_ProfitKeeping track of your progress will certainly help too. Consider which sports and leagues you have had the most success betting on. On top of this, consider whether it is pre-match or live bets.

If you keep losing football bets, look at your bet history, which is easily accessible with online bookies today. For example, you may regularly win pre-match BTTS bets while losing 1x2 in-play wagers.

How to Get Over a Betting Losing Streak

Losing streaks, both short and long, are typical for most. If you are wondering what the things to do when you lose a bet are, we have outlined the standout actions to take below:

Take a Break

Number 1 Rather than immediately placing another wager in an attempt to cut your losses, a better option is to stay away. The length of the break will range between punters, with some requiring a day or two while others will need more than a week. Either way, refresh your brain before going again. Put past losses to the back of your mind and stick to the strategies you know best.

Do Research & Keep Archives

Number 2Before confirming any wager, ensure that you have carried out the necessary amount of research. The information available will vary among sports. For example, football fans can look into injuries/suspensions, motivation for victory and league position. As for horse racing enthusiasts, check past results at the track, trainers and jockeys, age and weight.

If you leave no stone unturned, you will have no regrets, win or lose. On the other hand, many wonder why you should keep a betting tips archive. This is because, with such information at your fingertips, it will be easy to see where you regularly miss out. Also, you can evaluate the outcomes and find your most winning odds in football or markets in basketball with the highest ROI. 

Don’t Chase Losses

Number 3When it comes to things to do when you lose a bet, chasing your losses is not one of them. This will regularly result in further disappointment. Many will place bets that they would normally avoid in an attempt to claw back to the plus side. The best bookies allow you to set a daily deposit limit, helping you remain afloat.

Take Personal Responsibility

Number 4Rather than blaming losses on outside influences, whether a refereeing decision or a late missed chance, take responsibility for unsuccessful bets. Doing so may ensure that you think about bets more closely in the future.

Check What Went Wrong

Number 5Analyse unsuccessful bets and consider what went wrong. It could be that you wagered on a sport you do not follow closely or placed an in-play bet with just 10 minutes left in a match. Having discovered what you could have done better, you will be in an excellent position to avoid similar mistakes.

Alter your Approach

Number 6If you keep losing football bets or wagers on other sports, it could be time to change your strategy. Consider where you can make alterations, whether the sport, markets, bet type or stake. You may not need to start afresh completely. However, it will likely be apparent when changes are required to learn how to beat the bookies using maths.

List of Trusted Bookmakers With Quick Withdrawals

BMB_Book_SpyDo you need a final thought about how to bet without losing? Another step you can take is to register with bookmakers with the highest odds. This will ensure you win as much as possible when placing a successful bet. Prices vary between bookies, with even the slightest difference in odds potentially being significant. Below is a list of our best odds bookmakers:

Q: Why do I always lose at sports betting?

Several factors can contribute to consistent losses. These include failure to carry out research, wagering on sports that you do not follow and letting emotion take over. Whatever the reason, it is wise to quickly take advantage of the tips on this page.

Q: How to get over a losing streak?

There are quite a few steps you can follow. These include taking a break, doing extensive pre-match research and looking into your bet history. It will likely quickly become clear which bet types you have more success on than others.

Q: How to make money in betting without losing?

Unfortunately, you will likely lose bets. However, it is certainly possible to make a profit in the long run. So, come up with a clear strategy and stick to it. Meanwhile, only place bets on sports that you have a good understanding of.

Q: Why should I keep an archive?

Keeping track of bets placed is very rewarding. Doing so will mean that you can identify the sports, markets and bet types where you have been successful. It is also possible to view where improvements and alterations can be made.

Q: How to never lose a football bet?

A considerable amount of statistics and news are available surrounding football. So, there is no excuse not to conduct extensive research before playing. You can also check what tipsters say about the match; just don’t prefer them over your instincts.

Q: Should I bet on more than one sport?

It is certainly possible to successfully bet on more than one sport. However, trying to specialise across the board is very difficult. So, pick two or three sports you will focus on and stick to them.

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