What is Double Chance Ιn Betting

When placing a bet, you want to increase your winning chances as much as possible. Do you want to find a way that will be hard to lose? Let’s introduce what is double chance betting, or DC betting.

Double Chance is an excellent market since it covers two out of three outcomes in a single match. They work as 3-way bets (1X2), but you can select two possible outcomes instead of one having a possible 66,6% chance of winning like a 2-way market.

This betting market has three combinations: 1X, X2, and 12. Bookmakers.bet guide analyzes the types you can find online, examples for singles and ACCAs and betting tips to build a profitable strategy.

Double Chance Betting Meaning

BMB_Double ChanceThere is an easy explanation for why double chance wagers are so popular. They minimize the risk by securing a 66,6% winning possibility compared to 33,3% in a conventional WDW market. To grasp the full double chance betting meaning, follow our example from the English Premier League.

The 1X2 odds are Newcastle (2.30) - Draw (3.40) - Chelsea (3.10).

All best odds sites offer DC bets, including three betting options using a combination of letters and numbers:

1Χ: You bet Newcastle to win or draw.
X2: You bet Chelsea to win or draw.
12: You bet on Chelsea or Newcastle winning, while the draw loses the bet.

Follow our tables below and check how you can choose the double chance market for the EPL match.

Form A => 1X - X2 - 12.

Form Β => Team A or Team B - Team A or Draw - Team B or Draw.

What is Double Chance 1Χ

BMB_Example IconDouble Chance 1Χ is a possible double-result bet. You win if the home team wins or the match ends in a draw. At the same time, the final score doesn’t matter, and possible overtime isn’t included.

Some new online bookmakers call the 1X double chance bet “Team 1 will not lose.” Following our example above, the 1X DC is the second most likely option at 1.38 behind DC 12; that happens because Newcastle is the favourite to beat Chelsea at the match result odds. So, there are two possible outcomes for becoming your bet a winner: a. Newcastle to win and b. a final draw.

What is Double Chance X2 in betting

BMB_Example IconThis time around, you will receive earnings if Chelsea wins or the match goes drawn. The odds for the 90 minutes regular time are 1.62, as shown in example B, the higher price between the three options.

Chelsea is the slight underdog to win the game in the match-winner market; thus, the odds are better. Generally, when you place an X2 double chance bet, you back visitor teams’ win and you bet on draws at the same time. You can find it as “Team 2 will not lose” at specific bookies.

12 Double Chance Bet Example

BMB_Example IconYour bet wins if the final result is not a draw, the rarest result in team sports like football and ice hockey. This option provides the lowest prices of the three possible outcomes. Following our double chance bet example, the odds are 1.32 for Newcastle or Chelsea to win the match at football bookmakers. If you want to bet the 12 DC, you should know the prices range between 1.20 and 1.40.

How to Place a Double Chance Accumulator

BMB_Markets GenericWhether looking for favorites or underdogs, the cause remains the same; minimizing the risk. Double chances reduce it but also concern those betting on low odds. In almost all matches, the winning possibilities of a double chance are high; that’s why it’s optimal for ACCAs. By examining how it works and how to place that bet type, we will see how profitable a double chance accumulator can be.

How does a DC ACCA work?

BMB_ACCA_BetBefore placing an effective ACCA double chance bet, you should thoroughly understand what it is.

  • Accumulators consist of a number of bets. For example, if you want to place a 5-fold ACCA based on DCs, you must pick five different matches and choose the 1X, X2, or 12 options.
  • Multiple double chances are added on the same betslip; you must have successful predictions for all the parts of ACCA bets to receive returns.
  • The benefit is you get low odds on those matches, so each leg’s winning chances are higher than other bet types.

Step-by-step betting

BMB_Research IconWe have had the double chance betting explained, so it’s time to move on to the process of creating an ACCA. Reading our underneath points, you can comprehend how to bet online by using double chances in an accumulator.

  1. Find an available sport with three possible outcomes where draws are applied, like football and ice hockey.
  2. Pick your favourable option between 1X, X2, and 12.
  3. Αdd each selection to the betslip, and repeat the process until you build your ACCA. For instance, you must add four double chance bets to place a 4-fold.
  4. When you finish with your picks, enter the stake.
  5. If you have placed a 4-fold, you must have four winners to receive earnings.

Below is a practical example of a straightforward ACCA bet on double chances integrated into a betslip.

How to build a Double Chance Bet Strategy?

BMB_BankrollWhen betting on double chances, you should choose which side of the fence you are; do you intend to bet on favourites, or do you prefer dark-horse hunting? Initially, we will aim to make the bet type’s analysis about benefits and drawbacks and which sports are available to build your pre-match and live betting strategies.

  1. Main Advantage: Higher winning chances for bettors.
  2. Biggest drawback: The lower odds offered.
  3. Sports Available: Football and ice hockey include the draw as a possible outcome and have three probable results (home win, draw, away win). On rare occasions, you can find odds on sports like American football, handball, rugby, and water polo because draws have limited winning chances (7.00 to 35.00 odds).
  4. Strategy: You can bet on DCs when the target is to bet safer on an underdog or to minimize the risk in an ACCA bet.

Before building your double chance bet strategy, you should decide which one of two distinct options you will follow.

Low-risk bets on favourites

BMB_FavouriteSuppose you finish your analysis and think there’s the possibility of a draw apart from the favourite team’s win. By placing a bet on the double chance, you accept far lower odds, in some matches, slighter than 1.30. Although, you know you will get all your winnings if the favourite simply avoids defeat. So, if your analysis excludes the underdog win completely, double chance betting seems optimal.

  • The starting odds for the World Cup match between England and USA are 1.65 - 3.75 - 5.60.
  • The double chance odds are 1Χ: 1.17 - Χ2: 2.30 - 12: 1.28.

You can easily conclude that the odds are low for wagering where England’s win is included (i.e., 1X & 12).

Increase risk with underdogs

ΒΜΒ_UnderdogsThis is more lucrative, as the double chance odds on the draw/underdog are much higher, sometimes exceeding the favourite’s offered odds. In this case, you can choose the dark horse if you feel comfortable with the cover of two outcomes. So, suppose you exclude England’s win, following the double chance bet example above; if the USA wins or takes the draw, you receive returns based on 2.30 odds (i.e., X2 option) which is higher than the favourite’s win (1.65 odds).

Double Chance vs. Two Separate Bets

BMB_Versus IconBettors believe placing two separate wagers is more profitable than choosing the DC option. Occasionally, they would have a point, but this isn’t a principle. Betting the odds for the World Cup match England vs. USA, we can check the potential profit and the differences using our bet calculators. Our bankroll is €100, so if we place a double chance bet, the stake will be €100; otherwise, in the case of separate bets, we will back two bets of €50 each.

Double Chance Bet

  • 1X at 1.17 odds: €117.
  • Χ2 at 2.30 odds: €230.
  • 12 at 1.28 odds: €128.


  • England at 1.65 odds: €82,5.
  • Draw: €187,5.
  • USA at 5,60: €280.


If England wins:

  • Τhe 1X option wins €17 clear profit, while the separate bets create a €17,5 loss.
  • The 12 option wins €28 clear profit, while the separate bets create a €17,5 loss.

To place a double chance is in your favour.

If the match ends as a draw:

  • The 1X option wins €17 clear profit, while the separate bets generate €87,5.
  • The X2 option wins €130 clear profit, while the separate bets generate €87,5.

In both cases, you receive returns, although the X2 option generates more.

If the USA wins:

  • Τhe X2 option wins €130 clear profit, while the separate bets generate €180.
  • The 12 option wins €28 clear profit, while the separate bets generate €180.

In both cases, you have earnings, but separate bets are the optimal choice if you think the underdog can make the upset.

Where to get the highest odds for DC Betting

In the underneath list, you can find the best online betting sites with value odds for double chances in all the available sports.

Q: What is double chance in betting?

Α double chance bet evolves two possible outcomes out of three of the 1X2 market. The 1X expresses the home team will win or draw, while the X2 option means the visitors will win or draw. At last, the 12 represents the potential home or visitor team win.

Q: How do you bet on double chance in football?

Suppose you want to bet on the opening match of the 2022 World Cup between Qatar and Ecuador. The South American team is the slight favourite at the WDW prices, 3.25 - 3.25 - 2.30. The double chance odds are 1X: 1.65 - Χ2: 1.37 - 12: 1.36. So, the 1X option means a Qatar win or a draw at 1.65, the X2 has the Ecuador win or draw meaning at 1.37, and the 12 the home or away contender’s win at 1.36.

Q: How do you win a DC bet?

When the team you back win or draw, or the match you bet on has a winner, and you wager on the 12 variation, your bet becomes successful. Find the odds value; the difficulty level to judge whether your bet is worth it’s the same as every other betting market. Have patience, and remember winning three single DC bets of 1.33 odds is like winning a single WDW wager at 2.00.

Q: Can you lose a double chance bet?

When you bet on double chances, you have a 66.66% chance of winning at football betting, which is tempting in theory. As you understand, betting on two possible outcomes doesn’t secure complete success, and if the third possibility happens, you lose your bet. So, you are never in a safe position; that’s why you must avoid higher-stake bets even if your winning chances with double chances are far better.

Q: Is double chance profitable?

Double chance betting might be profitable if you follow specific principles. You shouldn’t make the common mistake of thinking that’s only a bet type for high rollers. It’s suitable for all who aren’t in a hurry to make money but carefully aim to create a better winning percentage. For example, suppose your average odds are 1.33 for DC bets; in that case, you need an almost 67% winning percentage to keep your bankroll healthy.

Q: How is Double Chance different from DNB?

In both markets, bettors recognize that a draw may happen; when backing the Draw No Bet option, they remove the draw from the selection without seeking profit from the specific bet type. Conversely, a DC bet can never be void because the draw remains active for a game’s regulation time. Comparing the odds, the DNBs provide higher prices than the double chances.

Q: What are the differences between double chance betting and AH 0.0?

The Level Ball or AH 0.0 is the same as Draw No Bet; bettors are wagering on the game-winner. If the match ends in a draw, the bet is void. You may find different odds in some bookmakers, as the Asian Handicap 0.0 offers better prices on the favourite team. So, comparing double chance betting with AH 0.0 has the same result as the DNB comparison; higher prices for AH 0.0, where the draw possibility is wholly removed.

Q: Are AH 0.0 and double chance betting meaning the same?

Double chance betting on the underdog is almost the same as a +0.5 Asian handicap. Both types offer the same winnings from two outcomes; however, if an online bookmaker offers double chances and the specific handicap on the same match, you might notice a slight difference in odds. Usually, the AH odds are a little higher because of the VIG; in AH betting, the bookmakers’ margin is far lower than in 3-way betting.

Q: Do extra time count in double chance bets?

DC bets apply for 90 minutes of a football match’s regular time and 60 minutes of an ice hockey game. Where extra time or overtime/shootouts are played, in a UEFA Champions League final or an NHL event, for example, don’t count in the final double chance result.

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