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DNB Meaning In Betting

Bookmakers offer a Draw No Bet (or DNB) across a wide range of sports where the final result eliminates the draw possibility; the market converts the classic 3-way into a 2-way bet. This betting option improves your chances of winning by refunding your stake in the case of a draw. It is available for final results and half-time markets. In addition to Football, it applies to sports like Ice Hockey, Cricket, and Boxing.

Here, you can find the exact DNB meaning in betting, alongside valuable examples. Learn why it works so well and discover how to adopt it in your strategy, albeit with lowered odds compared to the 1X2 market.

How To Calculate DNB In Betting

BMB_Calculate_ProfitsWhen bettors decide to take a punt in a sports game with a tie possibility, they face three potential outcomes: home win, away win and draw. The DNB option removes the latter and only leaves home and away wins.

If a match does end in a tie, the initial stake is refunded. To delve deeper into DNB in betting, you must first comprehend the types of bets you can find. Suppose you want to bet on the Chelsea vs Manchester United clash at one of the top betting sites.

The 1X2 odds set is 2.10 - 3.55 - 3.40.

Let’s see how bookies present the bets in two formations based on the naming of the market.

Draw No Bet Form


You can find the two options and their odds in one horizontal line below the market’s name.

DNB Form

You can find the two options and their odds on one horizontal line below the market’s acronym.

Also, there is the vertical form, in which the two named options are just one below the other, near their odds (i.e., for full-time and half-time results).

Finally, in some bookies, you can find a list of Draw No Bets. They introduce the market on a list of all the matchday games, one below the other.

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1 DNB Meaning In Betting

BMB_Live BettingKnowing the Home Νo Bet or 1 DNB meaning in betting is vital if you want to back the host team. Following the Chelsea and Man Utd example above, the 1 DNB pick means you back Chelsea to win.

Suppose you place a €10 wager on 1 DNB at 1.51 odds. If the Blues win, you receive €15.10. On the other hand, if the Red Devils make the break, your bet is lost, while a possible draw brings the €10 back.

2 DNB Μeaning Ιn Βetting

BMB_Location_IconOn the contrary, 2 Draw No Bet, otherwise known as Away Νo Bet, means you have elected to back the visitors with some coverage. Following our example, the 2 DNB meaning in betting refers to Manchester United winning.

A €10 bet at 2.52 odds offers €25,20 total returns. If Chelsea wins, your bet is lost, while with the draw result, you receive back your stake.

Draw No Bet vs AH 0.0 Example

BMB_Handicap_LineHave you ever wondered, “What is Asian Handicap betting 0.0”? The Level Ball, effectively, is the same as Draw No Bet meaning. Both teams start with 0 goals handicap, so you are wagering on the game-winner.

If the match ends in a draw, your bet is void. The only difference between the two is the odds, as the Asian Handicap 0.0 offers better prices on the favourites. Look at the Bet365 odds for the Leicester vs Crystal Palace match.

DNB Market

Draw No Bet vs Double Chance

BMB_Versus_IconSo, What is a Double Chance bet? DNB and DC are primary markets for sports bookmakers, straightforward to understand and safer for amateur players. Instead of the draw being voided, the Double Chance market asks you to pick two out of the three possible results.

  • Home Win & Draw.
  • Home & Away Win.
  • Away Win & Draw.

Despite being a 3-way market, you still have a 66,6% winning shot since you cover two outcomes. Generally, the odds for the Draw No Bet vs Double Chance comparison are lower at DCs, but you will win some money in case of a draw. However, a string of a couple of losses will critically damage your bankroll.

What is a Draw No Bet ACCA

BMB_ACCA_BetDNB is an excellent alternative for those who enjoy betting on big accumulators. Naturally, the more picks you add to your bet slip, the higher the risk. However, a Draw No Bet ensures that that particular selection will be voided in the event of a tie, and the rest of the wager will still be alive.

Of course, this will impact the total earnings because the odds must be adjusted. Let’s take a look at a Draw Νο Bet ACCA example. Suppose you have placed the following accumulator at one of the best bookmakers for Football.


If you bet €/£10 and all your selections come through, you will win €/£133.75 in total. However, if the Man Utd vs Newcastle finishes as a draw, you will win €/£94.60.

How to Build a DNB Betting Strategy

BMB_ListMost online bookmakers offer this option so that you can find it easily. The next step is to build a DNB betting strategy. Undoubtedly, taking the draw out of action gives you the perspective to back a more risk-free bet.

If you seek a 2-way market to bolster your bankroll, follow our tips about how to bet on Football and win and learn all the secrets about DNBs.

Back a value underdog

BMB_Underdog IconThis type is an ideal low-risk option when you plan to back underdogs. Suppose you bet on the Lazio vs Sturm Graz game for the Europa League. Your research indicates that the Austrian team’s recent form can cause an upset.

Undoubtedly, it’s a risk to bet against the Italian side; if you read our Draw No Bet meaning analysis, you will understand that the advantage of ensuring your stake in a drawn case is critical.

There’s a significant difference between the visitors’ prices (i.e., 5.70 to 4.10), but you should remember that you don’t lose your money if Lazio makes an equalizer at extra time, for instance.

Finally, one option can be the double chance for Sturm Graz at 1.85, but in that case, the odds are lower compared to the Draw No Bet option.

Also Read: What is Moneyline?

Compare DNB implied odds

BMB_LegalA deep understanding of a 1 or 2 DNB meaning would allow you to get creative and use it in a wide range of Football games, like local derbies, championship/relegation battles, and other sports, such as ice hockey.

Sometimes, it’s not wise to sacrifice better prices, but having the alternative in mind is handy. Let’s consider a balanced match between Southampton and West Ham for the English Premier League. Follow the steps below to understand how to compare implied odds for Draw No Bets.

1X2 Market (Odds/Implied Probability)

2.92 (34,25%) - 3.45 (28,99%) - 2.40 (41,67%)

DNB Market (Odds/Implied Probability)

2.05 (48,78%) - 1.72 (58,14%)

If you want to back Southampton, the 1 DNB has more winning chances than the Saints’ win. Conversely, suppose you bet on 2 DNB; Your winning chances will be significantly higher in your lower-risk management plan.

What Does DNB Mean For Cover Bets

BMB_Reload_BonusOnline bookmakers developed the Draw No Bet after researching the bettors’ habits. Many bookies realized that the extra safety of getting money back in the near miss of a draw would persuade many players to either place more wagers or increase their stakes.

So, “what does DNB mean for bettors?” Undoubtedly, it’s more of a strategy than a simple type of market. The process is simple:

BMB_Number_OneFind any sports event where the draw stands as a result (3-way market) and place two bets: one on the team you think will win and the other on the draw. The only difference in the amount of those two wagers, which work as full cover bets, is that your draw stake must be just enough to give you your money back.

BMB_Number_TwoYou can choose which matches you would place a Draw No Bet instead of a straight win bet. For example, it’s recommended when favourites are playing away from home. They will likely play cautiously to protect their lead if they score the first goal. Using the DNB eliminates the risk of losing your bet due to an equalizing goal.

Ηοw Το Place a Draw No Bet

BMB_Implied_OddsOn rare occasions, you might be unable to find a DNB bet on a specific match. Our guides introduce how to make the Draw No Bet safe by creating your odds.

Use the exact amount you would place on your selected team and make an extra bet on the draw. So, learning how to predict draws in Football matches is critical. This additional bet is calculated using the same stake divided by the draw’s odds.

Suppose you have decided to place a €50 bet. The match odds are:

1 - Home Win: 1.60.
X - Draw: 4.00.
2 - Away Win: 5.50.

Let’s say you place a 2 DNB; divide the €50 available stake by the 4.00 draw odds. So, you should wager €12.50 to get your stakes back. Now, you can stake the other €37.5 in your initial bet.

If the match ends in a draw, you will get all your money back, as with the DNB option. In case of an away win, you will receive a €206.25 profit. The whole process indicates the DNB meaning in betting.

That’s why several bettors prefer using it to eliminate the 5% bookie overround on odds sets.

Is Draw No Bet worth it?

BMB_Book SpyThe Draw No Bet market has significant advantages that allow bettors to make flexible bets; it’s a low-risk strategy to eliminate the draw outcome.

It’s optimal to understand the DNB in betting for a match between balanced opponents; additionally, when you want to back a team but, meanwhile, you think that a draw has winning possibilities.

Risk-averse bettors love DNBs, and the answer to the question, “Is Draw No Bet worth it?” is “Yes.” We agree, so we explain below why.

  • 1
    This bet type is safer than betting on other Football betting markets because your stake is deposited back in the case of a drawn one.
  • 2
    It’s an accessible market for beginners, requiring no in-depth knowledge and research.
  • 3
    The odds are higher than the Double Chance market, which is safer than other options.
  • 4
    Compared to other markets, you can safely place DNBs on ACCAs. In case of a draw, you will receive fewer earnings due to the void selections, but the different legs of your ACCA will remain active.

Where To Get The Highest Draw No Bet Odds

Q: How do you win with the DNB market?

The market works by eliminating the draw during sports matches. So, what does DNB mean in betting? You only place bets on two possible results, unlike in 3-way betting, where you have to choose among three outcomes. If your bet loses, you lose the starting stake; on the flip side, if the bet wins, you receive the total payout, while you get money back in the case of a draw.

Q: How does a Draw No Bet ACCA work?

Bettors prefer DNB accumulator bets to the classic 1X2 bet type because they’re safer. Suppose you place a 4-fold ACCA with one draw and no bet included; if your pick is voided, the accumulator doesn’t fail. Your bet becomes a treble, and the other parts remain active. The total payout is affected because the odds of the voided pick are deducted from the ACCA odds.

Q: Is Draw No Bet the same as Double Chance?

For newbie bettors, double chance bets and DNBs are similar wagers, but critical differences refer to the odds and structure. DC is a 3-way market (i.e., 1X, X2, 12 the probable outcomes), allowing bettors to combine two possibilities. On the flip side, DNBs don’t include the draw, and the odds are significantly higher than double chance bets.

Q: Does DNB include extra time?

The Draw No Bet wagers only apply to the regular time of a sports match; in Football, the added time for injuries, lineup changes and other stoppages counts. For instance, you can place a pick for the DNB market in ice hockey; your bet will be settled after the 60-minute regular period without overtime or shootouts counting.

Q: Do you get a refund on Draw No Bet?

The specific market protects your stake when a sports match ends in a draw. You should integrate that before you build a DNB betting strategy; you don’t win the placed bet but don’t lose it, and the starting stake will be returned.

Q: Is the DNB meaning the same as the Asian handicap 0.0 one?

The Asian handicap with a 0 line is the same as the DNB market selection because you will receive your starting stake if the match ends in a draw. Following an AH vs Draw No Bet example, betting on A Team 1 DNB, there’s no difference from backing A Team 1 AH 0.0. The draw has been removed in both cases and if A Team wins, your bet will be successful.

Q: What does the Home No Bet (HNB) mean?

The HNB (Home No Bet) is based on the principles for DNBs, with one main difference. The market removes the home win probability, allowing bettors to back the draw or the away team to win. In this case, the 3-way 1X2 market becomes an HNB 2-way one where you regain your stake if the home team wins.

Q: What is the Αway Νo Βet meaning (ANB)?

The ANB (Away No Bet) is just the opposite of the HNB, so you get your money back if an away team wins, having a chance to bet on a draw or home win. The market eliminates the away win probability and works like a typical DNB.

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