Bookmaker Verification Process

You have opened an account, placed some bets and won. Now, the bookie asks you to verify your data before paying your winnings. Some may think the nightmare begins. But you shouldn’t. The KYC (Know Your Customer) or bookmaker verification is a process where you are asked for documentation to prove your identity. Handing your details to an operator may seem complicated, but our betting guide for beginners will help you through.

As an entry-level bettor, you will understand what sports bet account verification is and the steps to perform it. If you are more advanced, we offer some helpful advice on how to make the whole procedure faster and grab your wins quickly.

What is Betting Site Verification?

BMB_Question MarkThe KYC is the only way an online bookie can know if a player is underage or placing bets with a false identity. You are usually asked to provide some form of identification that matches the information you used on your registration. Regulatory authorities have imposed this measure to ensure transparency between operators and bettors, ensuring that betting can be safe.

For example, the UKGC does not allow bookmakers to accept wagers from unverified users. while MGA-licensed sportsbooks give you 30 days to verify before closure. Of course, there are always some exceptions, mostly regarding Curacao-licensed. To find them out, you can always visit our page on which bookies do not request age verification.

How can I verify my betting account?

You must verify your account by providing certain documents. There are various options to do it, depending on the sportsbook.

1. The first way to do betting verification is on the website. There is a particular section in your profile settings or a permanent link that can lead you there. Underneath, you can find a typical step-by-step on how to do it.

  • 1 Log into your account
  • 2 Go to account settings
  • 3 Find the specified KYC section
  • 4 Provide the required documentation

KYC Website

2. Another way that applies to the majority of bookies is to send your documents via email. This is a pretty straightforward method that allows you to finish the process fast and efficiently. You can even use this template to help you. Instant withdrawal betting sites will demand a fully verified account to send you winnings immediately. 

KYC Email

3. In rarest cases, you can send the papers through the post. This can also happen vice versa, as the CS can send a confirmation code to your postal address. Sometimes, agents may also ask for a video call via Skype or other platforms to make sure it is really you.

Age and Identity Verification

As for the documents needed, government-issued ones are the way to verify your identity, given that they offer the surest way of confirming if the information is legitimate. In most cases, you can use either a photo or a scanned copy of a document. You can use one of the following:

⏩ National ID, Armed forces ID or Voter’s card (front and back)

⏩ Passport (photo and cover page)

⏩ Driving license (photo, name and signature visible)

⏩ Provisional license (front and back)

Proof of Address

You will have to provide some proof of your address and will be asked to send a photo or scanned copy of a document issued during the last three or six months. Make sure you use the following:

  • Household utility bill where your name is clearly visible.
  • Bank, building society or credit card statement that includes your name and current address.
  • Local authority tax bill (name, address and tax ID number visible).
  • Solicitor's letter confirming a recent house purchase or land registry under your name (proof of previous address will also be needed).

Source of Wealth

Even the low deposit betting sites might ask you for additional documents to complement the verification process. This could be especially the case if you are using instant banking, credit card or e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller.

Bank account: Bank statement issued during the last three months.

Credit/debit card: Photo or scanned copy of the front and back of your card. Only the first four and last four digits are required (e.g.1234 XXXX XXXX 4321). Make sure to cover or blank out the rest, as well as the CVC/CV2 number, on the back of your card.

E-wallet: A screenshot of your e-wallet account that clearly shows information concerning your ID.

You may also be asked to verify your phone number during or after registration. It is strongly advised to offer all kinds of information only to legitimate bookmakers that are regulated under a well-respected authority.

How can I make the bookmaker KYC verification faster?

BMB_European Handicap Icon 2While the process is easy, there is no specific timeline as it depends on the support team. In most cases, it will be completed within 24 hours in local bookies and between 24-48 hours in international ones. To avoid a long waiting period, sending your documents on working days is preferable, as weekends are busier for betting operators.

In case you come across any difficulty during betting verification, bookmakers have you covered. You can reach out to the CS team via one of the available channels (email, live chat, telephone, account message or social media) and accelerate the procedure.

Helpful tips for a fast KYC in betting

Before you think you know everything about the process, it is very useful to get some advice from the experts. Underneath, you can find some valuable tips on the matter:

✅ Start the KYC verification process immediately after you create your bet account and before you even make a deposit. Postponing won't offer you anything, as you are bound to undergo this procedure if you wish to withdraw your money.

✅ Capture clear photos of your documents. This way, you will avoid wasting valuable time going back and forth with customer support. Also, ensure that the files you send are sized within the specified limits.

✅ Cover the 8 digits on your credit card number and the CVC/CV2 code. Betting sites do not require them, so regardless of which operator you are dealing with, it is better to be safe than sorry.

✅ Make sure to state why you are sending the KYC documents to your bookmaker in your email. Add an appropriate subject or a small explanatory sentence (e.g. account verification).

✅ Search for betting sites that offer the fastest and most straightforward process. To achieve that, simply ask their agents before starting, or to be positive, see our list of bookmakers with fast verification.

Why is bookmaker verification important?

BMB_BankrollRegulatory authorities obligate sportsbooks to offer their services to legally aged bettors (over 18 or 21) while also preventing betting from impostors. There is no way around this, as every regulatory body is extremely strict about fraud and requires complete transparency. Let’s take a deeper look into other reasons KYC procedure is required to bet.

Anti-money laundering

Number 1 Money laundering is known as finding a way to re-introduce illegally obtained funds into the economy. Many people attempt to use online bookmakers for this with repeated bets. All of a sudden, this illegitimate money is now winnings. Betting sites do identification checks and frequently demand documentation that you are the legal owner of the payment method you use.

Player safety

Number 2Tier 1 regulated bookmakers ensure that players can permanently self-exclude from their websites when they have a problem. Bookies are also obliged to protect the financial data of their players to avoid any kind of money theft. In both instances, providing valid information can prevent players from re-opening an account or getting their money heisted.

Can I withdraw money without performing the KYC?

BMB_Markets GenericUnfortunately, there is no way to avoid the betting site verification process in most of them. Although pretty much every bookmaker will gladly accept a payment without asking about any kind of identification, they will not allow large withdrawals on unverified accounts. In addition, you will not even get a welcome deposit bonus in a few cases before completing the KYC verification, so read the terms and requirements before making your first deposit.

Q: Do all betting sites need verification?

It is not certain that every bookmaker will ask for KYC, although it is quite possible. You should be fully prepared to provide everything needed to make your account fully functional.

Q: What do you need to verify a betting account?

To successfully complete the betting site verification process, you must be able to prove your identity, residence and source of wealth. To do that, you must provide some valid documentation that certifies all of the above.

Q: Do you need an ID to open a betting account?

During a sportsbook registration, you will not be asked to provide some ID. However, it is highly possible that a bookmaker verification is next, so you must have some valid identity documents.

Q: How do betting apps verify age?

You must be over a specific age limit to participate in betting activities. To ensure this happens, bookmaker KYC verification contains putting forward some kind of ID proof documentation (e.g. identity card or passport) that verifies your age.

Q: Do bookies share information?

Your personal information is secure when you perform KYC on betting sites. At the same time, some data might be shared with trusted third parties, but this happens solely for marketing purposes.

Q: Why is the betting site asking for verification?

There are three main reasons behind betting site verification. First, the bookie wants you to prove if you are overage and the person behind the account. They also want to prevent any money laundering activity from happening, and keep you and your funds safe.

Q: Is it safe to place bets without verification?

In most cases, it is secure to start wagering without verification. You must, however, exercise extreme caution when doing so. This idea of unregulated online betting is exploited by many scam websites.

Q: Is having someone bet for you illegal?

As per regulation, having someone else place bets instead of you is completely illegal and can be considered a criminal act. This is why safe bookmakers ask for ID verification before paying out winnings.

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