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What Is a Basketball Combo Bet

Combos or combination bets are, typically, wagers that combine two or more types of odds into one bet. This is a relatively difficult type of betting in Basketball and other sports because the meaning of a Combo is unclear. Some bettors confuse Combos with Systems, like Trixie or Yankee, a Basketball Accumulator, and a Bet Builder.

The bookies have managed to delimit the bet type, offering odds for a Basketball Combo, for instance, including a game’s two specific markets in one wager. That’s why combination bets enjoy an increasing popularity among bettors offering bountiful rewards.

A Combo includes two main or secondary markets at enhanced odds in one price; bettors should successfully predict the two parts to secure returns, such as the game’s Winner and the Total Points (Over/Under).

By reading our guide, you can learn to read the odds and their implied probability, how you can place a winning Basketball Combo bet, and the right bookies to invest your money.

Which Are The Best Bookies For Basketball Combos

BMB_SecurityThe first step before placing Basketball Combos is to pick the bookie with the most combined markets in one wager, the best offers, and the highest odds. We have evaluated all the reliable betting sites for betting on combination bets in Basketball with the widest range of available competitions.

Elite bookmakers mainly use specified terminology to introduce a Basketball Combo bet. You can find given combination wagers in each game’s main menu or as individual markets.

The most popular are Winner & Total, Winner & Over/Under, Match Result & Total Points By Both Teams, Team 2: Result & Total, Handicap 2 & Total when it comes to the visitor team, etc. So, check our list and choose among the top ones.

How to Place a Winner & Total Basketball Combo

BMB_Basketball BallIt’s one of the most straightforward Combo markets; bettors should predict the final winner of a Basketball game and the total number of points scored backing Over or Under, including overtime. There are four options, and in most cases, you should compete with high VIG in the market, probably double-digit.

Let’s take the Partizan Belgrade vs Barcelona example from our Euroleague predictions and explore the Winner & Total (inc. Overtime) market. Τhese are the four Basketball Combos included and their odds.

  1. Partizan Belgrade & Over 166,5 @ 3.20.
  2. Partizan Belgrade & Under 166,5 @ 3.10.
  3. Barcelona & Over 166,5 @ 4.00.
  4. Barcelona & Under 166,5 @ 3.85.

If you bet the Serbian team to win and Over the total number of points scored, you get returns with a final score of 88-80, but your bet becomes a loser with a final 85-80. Using our VIG Calculator, you can understand why this market has high and unacceptable margins; for the example above, the VIG is 14.48%.

Best Basketball Combos for Handicap & Total

BMB_Handicap_LineMost bookies offer fractional (e.g., +6,5) and not integer handicaps (e.g., +6) in the market; bettors should predict which team will protect or cover the offered spread plus the game’s total number of points scored, including overtime. These combination bets consist of 2-way markets, so the options are four again, like the Winner & Total one.

Using the Partizan Belgrade vs Barcelona example again, we can introduce the market by presenting the four options and defining the best Basketball Combos and their prices.

  1. Partizan Belgrade (-2,5) & Over 166,5 @ 3.75.
  2. Partizan Belgrade (-2,5) & Under 166,6 @ 3.60.
  3. Barcelona (+2,5) & Over 166,5 @ 3.60.
  4. Barcelona (+2,5) & Under 166,5 @ 3.40.

If you back the Belgrade team against the spread and Under the total number of points scored, you will receive earnings with a final score of 83-80, but your wager will be a loser in the case of a 90-86 final. The VIG is double-digit at 11.64%, but lower than the Winner & Total market.

1st Quarter & Half Combo in Basketball

BMB_Research IconΒasketball time structure favours betting for the game’s final result or score and at least for the first two 10/12-minute periods until half-time. Bettors can place a Basketball Combo for the 1st Quarter/Half-Time winner or the Handicap winner plus the total points in that period of time to secure returns.

These combination wagers include 3-ways and 2-ways, with six options for the 1X2 market (i.e., there’s the draw possibility) and four for the Handicap, respectively. We present a bulleted list, defining which Combos you can find for a game’s 1st quarter and half-time.

  • 1st Quarter 1X2 & 1st Quarter Total.
  • 1st Half 1X2 & 1st Half Total.
  • 1st Quarter Handicap & 1st Quarter Total.
  • 1st Half Handicap & 1st Half Total.

The pattern you can calculate odds and earnings is the same, as you can check on the examples above, but let’s look at the 1st Quarter 1X2 & 1st Quarter Total for the Partizan Belgrade vs Barcelona game. You can back the best Basketball Combo bet among these alternatives.

  1. Partizan Belgrade & Over 42,5 @ 3.50.
  2. Partizan Belgrade & Under 42,5 @ 3.60.
  3. Draw & Over 42,5 @ 31.00.
  4. Draw & Under 42,5 @ 31.00.
  5. Barcelona & Over 42,5 @ 3.80.
  6. Barcelona & Under 42,5 @ 4.00.

If you back the home team to have the lead after the 1st quarter and Over the total number of points scored, you will get money back with a 10-minute score of 24-20. Conversely, your wager will become a loser after a 21-20 1st quarter score. The VIG is double-digit at 14.13%, which is undoubtedly high and against bettors.

Match Result & Total Points By Both Teams

BMB_StatsThe market is an exciting alternative for those who explore combination wagers in the sport. Bettors should predict the game’s winner and if both teams will score more points than the offered lines. The lines can be 60 points for each team or 80 points, depending on their offensive ability. Regarding the NBA tournament, the lines shown can be 90 or 100 points, respectively.

Following the Partizan Belgrade vs Barcelona example and the 60 points as a line for each team, there are four options to pick and place a Basketball Combo for the market.

  1. Both Teams To Score 60 Or More - Yes & Partizan Belgrade To Win @ 1.769.
  2. Both Teams To Score 60 Or More - No & Partizan Belgrade To Win @ 41.00.
  3. Both Teams To Score 60 Or More - Yes & Barcelona To Win @ 2.20.
  4. Both Teams To Score 60 Or More - No & Barcelona To Win @ 41.00.

So, if you place a bet on Yes & Partizan Belgrade to win the game, your bet will be successful with a 71-70 final score. Calculating the VIG at 6.86% shows it’s one of the most profitable markets for Combos in Basketball.

How To Make a Basketball Combo Prediction & Win

BMB_Question MarkThere are numerous factors bettors should consider before starting their activity; however, you need to make sure that you completely understand a game’s background before you place a Basketball Combo bet. It’s required to build a stellar parlay betting strategy for the combined market above and scan the primary parameters to turn a profit.

Find the Winner

BMB_Number_OnePredicting winners is the most straightforward way to bet on Basketball and any other sport; however, when it comes to Combos, it’s only one part of your wager. The safest way seems to back favourites to find winners and be successful in this sub-market. Wagering on combination bets, you can upgrade a favourite’s Moneyline win by placing a Combo with the total number of points.

Taking the Baskonia vs Barcelona Euroleague game as an example, for exploring the best Basketball Combos; the Catalans’ Moneyline odds are 1.47, so if you back the visitor team to win and Over 163,5 the total points scored, the 2.92 odds are more juicy without a doubt.

Examine the Handicap

BMB_Number_TwoThe Handicap winner for the 1st quarter, the half-time, or the entire game is a crucial part of your combo. That’s why you should always check the lines and the odds movements to decide to beat the closing line, making a more accurate prediction.

An extensive research, including your team’s current form, the injury news, and the stats coverage, is also necessary to evaluate if the favourite or the underdog you back will cover or beat the handicap in a Basketball Combo, as it happens in a Bet Builder in Basketball.

Check High/Low Scoring Teams

BMB_Number_ThreeIn most cases, each team’s points or a game’s total points will be the second part of your combination bet. So, checking the statistics and evaluating the high and low-scoring contenders is critical for success.

Simple or advanced stats, such as the average points scored and points per possession, may help you understand a team’s strength and ability to score.

The same exists for elite players; their status sometimes determines the winner, so their stats and skills are essential for Totals in betting. So, if you want to place the best Basketball Combos scan before which team can score high or low.

Evaluate the Home-Court Advantage

BMB_Number_FourA home-court advantage can give a critical edge to the home team in a Basketball game. Especially when a favourite plays in front of their audience, it’s easier to offer alternatives in the first part of your Combo for Moneylines and Handicaps.

Moreover, a combination wager consists of markets, which include overtime. The home-court advantage regarding overtime creates an essential benefit for the home team, so you should evaluate the factor before you back your best Basketball Combos.

Is a Basketball Combo Bet Profitable?

BMB_Book SpyCombination bets can be placed as a single wager, but you should predict correctly in both parts of your bet. So, the difficulty level is higher compared to a single Moneyline bet. However, the odds are attractive for bettors in Basketball, so Combos are popular among them. Our experts have made two lists with the pros and cons of a Basketball Combo, so the final decision is yours.

Why to Bet on Basketball Combos

✔️ Easy to place and straightforward bets, even for newbies.

✔️ A favourite’s Moneyline odds are boosted as a part of a Combo if you predict the team’s or game’s total points.

✔️ You must deal with main Basketball markets (i.e., Moneyline, Handicap, Total) when placing a combination bet.

Why Avoid Basketball Combos

❌ The VIG in most Basketball Combos is double-digit.

❌ Even if you place a single Combo, you need two winning sub-bets to secure earnings.

❌ Combos that include total points are unpredictable, as with high and low-scoring games in Basketball.

Top Bookies To Place Basketball Combos

Q: What does a Basketball Combo mean?

To win a Combo in Basketball, you should correctly predict the two parts of the wager. If any of your sub-bets lose, the whole Combo is lost. So, if you bet on the Real Madrid vs Alba Berlin game, the 1 & Over 170,5 Combo, you need the Spanish powerhouse’s win and a total of 171 points scored at most minor.

Q: How do you place a combination bet in Basketball and win?

Combos are more challenging wagers than singles, so bettors should always do prolific homework before placing their bets. The stats analysis, the home-court advantage, the lines and odds movements are critical factors to back a Basketball Combo and win money.

Q: What is a stat Basketball Combo bet?

All Basketball wagers are stat-based, but before you place a combination bet in the sport, you should examine more advanced statistic categories for accuracy in your predictions. Each team’s averages offensively and defensively, the elite players’ points, and their percentages for free throws and 3-pointers can lead you to high or low-scoring games. So, if you already have a favourite you want to back, it’s easier to place this bet type by combining Over/Under options.

Q: Which are the best types of Basketball Combos?

The best Combos in Basketball are based on the primary sport’s markets and are known and popular among bettors. So, typical combination bets can be a home team’s win or handicap win plus the Over/Under points scored in the game.

Q: What is a Player Combo in the NBA?

Bettors who prefer betting on players’ statistics have exceptional opportunities to combine two props in one bet. Mainly, in elite tournaments like the NBA, the plethora of markets allows one to place on the same bet the total number of points of a star-quality player plus his assists in the game, enjoying higher odds.

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