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What Is 3×3 Basketball Betting

The 3-on-3 Basketball is a relatively new sport, enjoying an increasing popularity among fans and bettors. First of all, it’s simple: there’s only one hoop, half a court, and two teams of three players plus one substitute.

What’s more, it’s fast-paced; each game ends after ten minutes. The shot clock is set at twelve seconds, while there aren’t breaks after scoring one or two points, no quarters, and no half-times.

Finally, it’s entertaining; each game is over at 21 points, while the first team that scores two points wins the probable overtime. FIBA, the Basketball’s global governing body, promotes and sanctions the rules and format.

So, do you want to make money only in a matter of minutes? Our article introduces the best markets for 3x3 Basketball betting, locating the top bookies with the highest odds to place your wagers. If you want to build a winning strategy for the sport, follow our guide and get all the needed info to be successful and profitable.

Best Bookmakers for 3x3 Basketball Betting

BMB_SecurityBefore you place your bet on a 3on3 Basketball game, you should rank essential factors to chase profit with the winning chances on your side. is the go-to source for the top markets for the sport, the most options for live wagering, and the best 3x3 Basketball odds.

We have rated all the reliable Basketball bookmakers for wagering on 3-on-3 with the broadest range of tournaments, so check our list and choose among the elite ones.

Top Markets for 3x3 Basketball Betting

BMB_Basketball BallThe 3-on-3 version of Basketball is a variation of the sport played three-a-side. So, the fast-paced nature allows you to place a decent range of bets, like Moneylines, Handicaps, and Totals.

Probable overtime is included in primary markets, while bettors can adjust their activity in elite tournaments, like the Olympic Games, the Summer Youth Olympics, the Asian Games, and the European Games.

Our section about market analysis aims to inform you in-depth about 3x3 Basketball betting, pre-match and in-play, avoiding all the common mistakes before you go to the betslip.

Regular Time Result & Moneyline

BMB_Date_Time_IconAs in Basketball, the Moneyline market remains the most simple for bettors. You should predict the winner of a 3-on-3 game, either in the regular time or in a probable overtime. The odds are affected by the strength of the participants, their current form, and the injury news.

21-Points/10 Minutes Result: Let’s take the Wuxi Huishan vs Antwerp example for the Qatar Men Challenger. The 3-way market’s winning odds for Wuxi Huishan are 3.05 (+205), while the Belgian team is the favourite at 1.363 (-275), and the draw pays 24.00 (+2300).

These prices refer to betting on the regular playing time of ten minutes or until a team reaches 21 points. The VIG is 10.33%, which is too high; your bet will become successful if you predict the winner in the regular time.

Overtime Result: So, what is Moneyline in betting? Let’s take the same example; the prices for Wuxi Huishan are 2.89 (+189), while the Belgian team remains the ultimate favourite at 1.36 (-278).

The Basketball 3x3 betting odds include a probable overtime; the winner will be declared after one of the two teams scores 2 points in the extra time. The VIG is 8.13%, which is marginally acceptable, and your bet will secure profit if you predict the winner in regular time or overtime.

3x3 Basketball Handicap Market

BMB_European Handicap Icon 2Handicap or Spread is a common 2-way market in 3x3 Basketball, where bookies set a virtual advantage for the underdog team. Unlike five-a-side indoor Basketball, you rarely find a 3-way alternative for Basketball handicap betting in an integer number (e.g., 4 points).

Probable overtime is included in the “To Win Match With Handicap” market, where the VIG is high at 9.28%, as you can check using our Bet Calculators.

Let’s introduce a 3x3 Basketball betting example based on the Wuxi Huishan vs Antwerp game. The team mentioned a home one has a +3,5 spread at 1.83 (-120) odds. Suppose you bet on this handicap; you need a Wuxi Huishan win or a loss till 3 points to profit from your wager.

If you back Antwerp against the spread and the Belgian team wins with 3+ points, you will win 1.83 odds for your successful bet.

Totals in 3x3 Basketball Betting

BMB_Handicap_LineThere are two basic markets for Totals regarding 3-on-3 Basketball. In a game, you can bet on the Over/Under Total Points and the Odd/Even alternative. To illustrate our view, take two straightforward examples of the market variations and learn how to calculate Total Points in Basketball.

Over/Under: Following the Wuxi Huishan vs Antwerp game, the line is set at 36,5 points by the bookie. Suppose you bet the Over option at 1.83 3x3 Basketball odds, and the final score is 21-17, all for the Belgian team.

The sum of points is 38, so your wager is a winner, and the Under option at 1.83 becomes a loser.

Odd/Even: Points Odd/Even seems easy for wagering, but you need luck to make long-term money. You should predict whether the total number of points at the end of a 3-on-3 game is odd or even.

Suppose you bet on the Odd option, and the final score of the Wuxi Huishan vs Antwerp game is 21-15, an odd sum (i.e., the total points are 36).

Your wager at 1.77 (-129) odds is a winner; however, if the final score is 21-16 (i.e., the total points are 37, which means an even number), you back the 1.87 (-115) odds without success. The VIG, in the example above, is 9.98%, which is higher than the acceptable limits.

How to Find the Best Basketball 3x3 Betting Odds

BMB_Power IconΑdvanced bettors always look for the highest payout in betting, which means their strategies are based on prices. So, it’s time to examine where you can find value, the best Basketball 3x3 betting odds, and how to secure the most lucrative prices in this rising sport worldwide.

Choose a Top Bookie: To compare the odds among Basketball betting sites and choose the top, it’s one of the baby steps you should make before betting on 3x3. This strategy can maximise your potential returns.

Your payout will be higher if you bet a favourite at 1.90 odds than if you back the same team in a bookie that offers their win at 1.85.

Search for Elite Events: You will undoubtedly find more competitive odds and the broadest range of markets when betting on top events. If you invest your money in a Challenger FIBA 3x3, you will have specific options like Moneyline, Handicap, and Totals markets.

But in an Olympic Games event, you can find more alternatives on Handicaps, Top Scorers, and lines for Over/Under points, increasing your winning chances by wagering on more popular teams.

Bet on Simple Markets: The most straightforward bets refer to 2-way markets, as explained above for Moneylines. The VIG is lower, and choosing between two possible outcomes with theoretically 50:50 chances to occur is always preferable.

Can 3x3 Basketball Betting be Profitable?

BMB_Book SpyThere’s no guaranteed way to win in Basketball, and the same exists for the 3-on-3 version of the sport. The outcome of any market is uncertain, so building a sufficient and well-informed strategy may help you avoid losing streaks.

The main disadvantage of 3x3 Basketball betting is the rare elite events to wager on. The continental games come every two or four years, while the Olympics come every four.

If you want a daily activity placing 3x3 bets, you should risk money on Challengers, lower-level tournaments, and unknown teams. If you don’t use it to build long-term strategies, the fast-paced nature of the sport can lead you to a short-term profit.

Each 3on3 game ends in ten minutes or 21 points, so you can win from the basic and simple markets, such as Moneylines and Handicaps, or invest in fast markets in live betting; on the assumption that you will always have a well-informed background and a top bookie available before placing bets.

Full List of Bookies for 3-on-3 Basketball Bets

Q: What does 3x3 mean in Basketball?

The 3x3 Basketball is an Olympic sport with one hoop and three players in each team (i.e., only one substitution allowed), played at a half-court. The surface includes regular markings, including a free throw line and a 6.75 meter 2-two point line.

Q: How to choose the best bookmakers for 3x3 Basketball betting?

You should consider critical factors before starting your betting activity on 3x3 Basketball. The odds value and the broadest range of markets are essential to turn a profit. Moreover, the availability of elite tournaments, the live streaming service, and the Cash Out feature can upgrade your experience in a Basketball betting site.

Q: Which odds are likely to win in 3on3 Basketball?

You can find winning 3x3 Basketball betting odds in the most straightforward markets, like Moneylines, Handicaps, and Totals. The 2-way Moneyline seems the best option for bettors because the VIG is lower than the other markets, and probable overtime is included.

Q: When can you bet Over in 3x3 Basketball odds?

Total Points is one of the most popular markets in Basketball and 3-on-3. You can bet the Over/Under options by evaluating each team’s scoring ability and overall strength, also counting the offered odds and lines.

Q: Are there free throws in 3-on-3?

Yes, there are free throws in this Basketball variation, which counts one point each (i.e., this penalty is given when the foul is committed in the shooting). Remember that every successful shot counts one point, while the shots from the 6.75 line shall be awarded two points.

Q: How many points do you need to win in 3x3 Basketball betting?

The winner in a 3x3 Basketball game should score first 21 points or more. If it happens before the regular 10-minute playing time, the game ends earlier than the defined period.

Q: How many minutes is overtime 3x3 in Basketball?

The overtime rules are straightforward regarding 3-on-3 Basketball; if the score is tied after regular time, there’s an extra time to declare the winner. The first team to score two points in the overtime wins.

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