Does Overtime Count In Basketball Betting

In Basketball betting, many types include extra time. The main markets, such as Moneylines, Handicaps, and Totals, are bets with overtime. Conversely, Half-Time or Quarter markets don’t include it. So, do you want an accurate answer to the question, “Does overtime count in basketball betting?”

Remember that the main markets refer to the result of a Basketball game’s entirety, not just regular time. Bookies set their own rules, so do your research and due diligence before placing wagers.

Our article aims to introduce you to which Basketball markets include one (or more) 5-minute overtime and how to win overtime bets. Meanwhile, check our shortlist of the top bookies with the highest odds for your activity and the most transparent terms for extra time in this fast-paced sport.

Which Basketball Overtime Betting Rules Should You Know?

BMB_Date_Time_IconSeveral players have asked about the status of their bets in a 5-minute overtime. Basketball is one of the sports, like North American Baseball and Ice Hockey, that continues to play until the game has a winner.

So, you should point out the importance of the different terms between markets that apply during regular time and those that include extra time. Most bookies indicate this option by noting the “(inc. overtime)” explanation near the market title. So, backing a team to win in the Moneyline differs from the 3-Way Moneyline, used during the 40 or 48-minute regular time.

Moreover, the Basketball overtime betting rules vary from Games/Teams Totals to in-play 2-Way and 3-Way Totals for teams and games. As a tailpiece, consider that overtime betting in Basketball can be a blessing or trouble, depending on the placing wager.

What Markets include Overtime in Basketball Betting

BMB_Basketball_BallFor main Moneyline, Handicap, and Totals markets, betting on overtime in a Basketball game is precisely the same as wagering on an event that ends in the regular time. These are the most common wagers where you back the winner, the favourite’s probability to overcome the offered handicap, and the Over/Under total points.

So, let’s make a shortlist for pre-game and in-play markets that include overtime in Basketball betting unless the bookmakers state otherwise.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
    Games/Teams Totals.
  • 4
    Winning Margin.
  • 5
    2nd Half Markets.
  • 6
    Teams/Players Props.
  • 7
    Double Result (HT/FT).
  • 8

Which Basketball Markets do not include Overtime

BMB_Basketball_BallBesides the main markets, Basketball offers opportunities in secondary ones and also in live wagering. In most bookies, the T&Cs policy for quarter markets is clear unless otherwise stated; when it comes to the 4th, bets don’t include an overtime period. The same applies to the Scoreless Quarter and the Highest Scoring Quarter markets.

So, let’s introduce a more extensive answer to the question, “Does overtime count in Basketball betting or not?” by highlighting the pre-game and in-play markets where extra time is excluded.

  • 1
    3-Way Moneyline.
  • 2
    4th Quarter Bets.
  • 3
    Scoreless Quarter.
  • 4
    Highest Scoring Quarter.
  • 5
    In-Play Quarter Markets.
  • 6
    In-Play Half-Time Markets.
  • 7
    Teams/Games In-Play 2-Way Totals.
  • 8
    Teams/Games In-Play 3-Way Totals.
  • 9
    Race To X Points Market.

Which are the Best Markets for a Basketball Extra Time Bet

BMB_Best IconAfter reading the full details of your wager, consider that the main markets include overtime. These are the top options for placing a Basketball extra time bet due to their transparent terms in almost all bookies.

Moreover, check your benefits from possible overtime in a game where you hope your bets go over the total points line or the favourite team will have a second chance to win after a regular-time draw.

Overtime Yes/No

BMB_Versus_IconThis is the most straightforward 2-Way market regarding extra time in Basketball. You just need to choose if a game will go to overtime or not, picking the “Yes” or “No” option. Despite the high deviation between the odds, the VIG is acceptable, at around 7%, in most reliable bookmakers.

Let’s take the Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors NBA game as an example. In this event, the “Yes” option pays 11.50 (+1050), and the “No” option is at 1.02 (-5000). The implied probability of extra time ranges at 8.7%; however, for bettors who seek high odds with low stakes, this basketball overtime betting strategy might be profitable.

Moneyline & Overtime Bets

BMB_BankDoes Moneyline include overtime in Basketball? A 2-Way or full-game bet includes extra time. This option is preferable to 3-Way because the odds deviation between the markets is minimal due to overtime’s rareness in the sport; don’t forget it’s wiser to wager on two possible outcomes rather than three.

The Phoenix Suns vs San Antonio Spurs example highlights our belief about the odds difference. When it comes to the 2-Way Moneyline, the Suns pay 1.31 (-322) to win and the Spurs 3.60 (+260).

Suppose you prefer the end-of-regulation result; the odds are 1.33 (-303) for the home team’s win, 11.25 (+1025) for the draw, and 3.80 (+280) for the visitors. The Phoenix prices are two close in both markets, so it seems a better choice to have the overtime in your favour in this rivalry.

Points Handicap & Overtime Bets

BMB_European Handicap Icon 2The Points Handicaps or Spreads are one of the leading markets with extra time included. Besides the main line of a game (e.g., 6.5 points), all the alternative lines from 1.5 to 28.5 include overtime. In that case, you should only check bookies that offer integer handicaps (e.g., 7 points), which are settled in the 40 or 48-minute regular time.

A good example of Basketball handicap betting in overtime comes from the Euroleague clash between Virtus Bologna and Efes Anadolu. The Moneyline market offers 1.65 (-154) odds for the Italians to win and 2.30 (+130) for the visitors.

However, the main line is 2.5 points, including overtime. The 1.85 (-118) odds for Virtus favour seem more profitable because the line is less than a 3-pointer. If the home team draws in the regular time, they will have a second chance in the extra 5 minutes.

Over/Under Bets & Overtime

BMB_Handicap_LineAs happens for Handicaps, Over/Under in Basketball includes extra time except in Quarter markets. So, a wager on Totals is settled by the sum of points scored in the regular time plus a possible overtime. Suppose you bet on the EuroCup showdown between London Lions and Hapoel Tel Aviv.

The Total Points line is 175.5; you pick the Over option at 1.85 (-118) odds rather than the Under at 1.90 (-111). If the game ends 85-85 in the 40-minute regular time, you will have 5 minutes more waiting for at least 6 points to receive earnings; that’s a profitable second chance indeed due to Basketball overtime betting rules.

How to Win from Overtime in Basketball Betting

BMB_BankrollAn overtime situation in Basketball is commonly rare, but you should improve a strategy in order to comprehend which markets include extra time. Our experts examine all the factors that can affect your bets; so check all the parameters below and enhance your knowledge about how to make money when a game goes to overtime in Basketball betting.

Read the Terms

BMB_ListIf you want to place a winning Basketball extra time bet, you have to start from the beginning. The sport’s terminology is rich regarding markets, so you should know, at an advanced level, the terms and the bookies’ T&Cs for the overtime impact in their wagers. These may vary among bookmakers; that’s why it’s a topic we insist you should do excellent homework to win.

Moreover, you should check the overtime rules and terms when it comes to in-play wagering. Several sportsbooks offer odds and specific markets only into the first few minutes of the 5 minutes. It’s critical to adjust your activity quickly if you are willing to risk money for live overtime betting.

Check the Odds

BMB_Profits_GraphOne of the basic rules for a wealthy bankroll is to use only 0.5% of your money as a staking percentage when the odds are higher than 4.00 (+300). So, wagering on draws isn’t a wise choice in the sport.

However, when it comes to overtime in Basketball betting, you should evaluate when the extra time is possible and where it isn’t. For instance, if a powerhouse team hosts a weaker one, the implied probability of a draw in the regular time is infinitesimal.

In these circumstances, you can find the “X” option even at 15.00 (+1400) odds, which means a low 6.67% implied probability. So, it’s more profitable to pick the 3-Way Moneyline for higher prices on the favourite than the 2-Way, which includes overtime.

Analyze the Home-Court Advantage

BMB_Location_IconEven in elite leagues like the NBA, no one can underestimate the home-court advantage. Every team reaches more wins in-house, a factor that affects wagers. So, does overtime count in Basketball betting more for home teams? The answer is “yes” because, in a 5-minute extra time, they have a second chance to confirm their high winning chances in front of their crowd.

Especially in competitive games or great rivalries, like the Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics showdown, the home-court advantage is always an essential parameter you should check before placing bets. It seems decent to include a probable overtime on them.

Define the Underdog

BMB_Underdog IconIn several sports, it’s critical for your winning chances to evaluate the underdog’s chances to triumph against the favourite; it helps to look for high odds and win big with low stakes. However, sharp bettors know that the sport is one of the far more realistic worldwide.

You can easily define underdogs by examining the handicaps they should protect against powerhouses. For instance, taking the Granada vs Real Madrid game for the Spanish Liga Endesa, you can check that the home team has to protect a +13.5 spread.

Granada is a clear underdog, so the implied probability for a draw in the regular time is low at 21.00 (+2000) odds (i.e., 4.76%). As a tailpiece, you can choose markets where overtime in Basketball betting is excluded, such as the Highest Scoring Quarter or the Race to 30 Points.

Follow the Stats

BMB_StatsBesides the offensive and defensive ratings, you should check other stats before placing a Yes/No Overtime bet or include a market with extra time in your wager. The performance models seem accurate enough; by exploring them, you can find how often a team plays overtime periods.

As sub-stat categories, you must examine their behaviour as a home or visitor team and favourite or underdog. If your research is prolific, you can exploit the Basketball overtime betting rules in your favour and turn a hefty profit.

Can I Make Money from Basketball Overtime Betting?

BMB_Book SpyThe one-million-dollar question is if the overtime bets in Basketball are profitable. Indeed, it depends on your skills and background and how you analyze the latest team news and schedules. Furthermore, if you understand precisely all the terms and the odds meaning for successful Basketball overtime betting.

Undoubtedly, wagering on markets with overtime included, your winning chances are higher, especially if you back a favourite. On the flip side, you can find even slightly better prices in the regular time of 40 or 48 minutes by selecting markets without extra time.

However, before you place bets, remember that overtimes are rare in Basketball. Moreover, when it comes to live wagering, their first minute may create decent in-play winning opportunities.

Complete List of Bookies for a Basketball Extra Time Bet

Q: Do Basketball bets count in extra time?

Some Basketball overtime betting rules apply to most bookies; when a game goes into extra time, all the main markets (i.e., Moneylines, Handicaps, Totals) count the overtime. The additional period doesn’t count towards any 4th Quarter wager, among others.

Q: How long is extra time in Basketball?

Overtime is an extra 5-minute period for all Basketball events. If a game’s two teams are tied at the end of the regular time, these 5 minutes are played to determine the winner. This process continues until a winner is decided.

Q: Does Moneyline include overtime in Basketball?

When you place a Moneyline bet in Basketball, you back a team to win the game in the regular time or overtime. The only exception to this refers to the 3-Way Moneyline market that included the Draw possibility during the 40 or 48 minutes of a Basketball game.

Q: How does overtime affect player Props?

The main markets for players’ Props, such as points, assists, and rebounds, depend on the game’s entirety, including overtime. Only Props for a specific timeframe aren’t connected with the possibility of extra time; for example, one market that falls into is the Top Scoring Player in the 1st Half.

Q: Is overtime part of the second half in Basketball betting?

The 2nd Half bets include overtime in most bookmakers; however, you should check them before placing wagers on the precise T&Cs. If you wager during the half-time of a Basketball game for a team to win only the second, it will be settled after a probable extra time if the 40/48 minutes end on a draw.

Q: Do Basketball Over/Under bets include overtime?

Most Over/Under bets include overtime, from the pre-game Total Points market to Teams/Player Props. The wagers you need to be cautious are connected with the Quarter markets, where no extra time is included.

Q: Can Basketball go into double overtime?

Every Basketball game has a winner. So, if the score is a draw at the end of regular time (i.e., 40 or 48 minutes), the contenders play a 5-minute overtime period. If the result is tied again, they can play multiple overtimes until one team wins.

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