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Western Union Betting Sites

Western Union (WU) is one of the oldest money transfer services globally, founded back in 1851 in New York. Started as a telegraph company, it quickly rose to become one of the most trustworthy ways of transferring money in the United States. Western Union betting sites allow safe transactions and the possibility to bet in your local currency.

High-security standards, an easy to handle app and a prepaid card are the main perks of Western Union. In the following review, you will have the possibility to deeper understand how to bet using WU and learn all its crucial aspects, such as:

  • An up-to-date (2024) list of Western Union bookmakers
  • How to use it when betting online
  • All the pros and cons

Best Western Union Gambling Sites (2024)

Υou can check the top-rated gambling sites that accept WU in our list. Low fees, high odds and fast withdrawals are among their privileges. So, go ahead and choose your favourite bookmaker.

Why should you bet on Western Union betting sites

Bettors have many reasons to choose to bet with WU. Secure and fast transactions combined with the eligibility to participate in multiple promotions are the leading edges of Western Union betting sites.

✔ Most offshore bookmakers accept it: Offshore bookies located mainly in the Caribbean accept transactions through WU in most cases. For bettors from countries with complicated gambling regulations, using Western Union is a notable option.

✔ Many WU locations: For bettors who prefer using the service in physical presence, the company has more than 500,000 places around the globe. WU’s agents will do the whole process and complete any transaction.

✔ Multiple currencies: The company operates in 200 countries and territories and accepts multiple currencies. In this way, users can avoid, in most cases, paying conversion fees.

✔ NetSpend Prepaid Mastercard: WU offers a prepaid card solution as well. You can easily deposit on Western Union gambling sites by using the balance of your account and through the WU app. Also, you can withdraw directly from any ATM.

✔ Western Union app: The company has an easy to handle mobile app. Users can download it from the App Store or Playstore. Since you have a WU account, you can deposit through the app to a bookie while you are on the road.

Drawbacks of betting sites that accept Western Union

Like every other payment option, WU comes with drawbacks. Limited availability in bookmakers, withdrawal restrictions and fees on every transaction are some of the main ones.

❌ No instant deposits: Depending on the bookie, a bettor has to visit an agent to transfer money to a sportsbook account. Even if a transfer for a WU account is possible, he still needs to contact the support agents. The whole process could take up to 2 business days in some cases.

❌ Not many bookies accepted: Depending on your region, you will not always find Western Union bookmakers. Especially in Europe, there are limits. At the same time, most offshore bookies based mainly on the Caribbean accept transactions with WU since many American bettors prefer depositing on them.

❌ Withdrawals restrictions: Not every bookmaker that accepts deposits with WU allows withdrawals. In these cases, players need to find an alternative. When payouts are allowed, extra fees might apply.

❌ Fees on every transaction: A significant drawback of gambling on Western Union bookmakers is that you have a charge on every transaction. Both deposits and withdrawals come with fees. Τhe exact amount depends on your region.

❌ NetSpend Mastercard available in limited countries: WU prepaid card is a great solution to use your funds from your WU account balance. Moreover, you can withdraw your winnings more easily. However, it is available only in limited countries.

Since we have spot-up all the pros and cons regarding betting with Western Union, it is important to see why it is a safe and legal payment method and how to proceed with your transactions on bookies.

Is betting with WU legal and safe?

BMB_LegalWestern Union is regulated by multiple local regulators, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and FinCEN in the US are among them. The company holds a license to handle international and local payments, so your betting activity is 100% legal.

Regarding safety, the company uses SSL encryption and doesn't share information with a third party. Also, account holders need always to fill in their passwords to log in. WU always provides a tracking number to inform you where your money is for your transaction to Western Union gambling sites.

Do I need to create a WU account?

BMB_Question MarkCreating an account is unnecessary when you use the WU service to transfer funds to an individual. If you want to use Western Union for betting, you have to create one. Since you visit the WU official website, you need to select the Register button.

After that, fill in your email address and personal information (i.e. full name, address, birthday, phone number). The last step is creating a password. You need to be over 18 years old to sign up.

How to Deposit on Western Union Betting Sites

BMB_Deposit MethodWhen you have an account, the procedure to deposit on your Western Union Bookmakers is pretty simple. There are three ways of making a payment on an online bookmaker through Western Union. In the first case, you must visit a land-based shop and send money to the WU account your bookie has provided.

To complete the transaction, you must state the betting company's name and your Western Union account number on the Payment Services form. Then, you will receive a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) that serves as a tracking number.

You can also top up your account by using the online services of Western Union. In this case, you have to go to the payment section, find Western Union, fill in your WU account’s info and the required amount and confirm the payment.

Finally, you can use the NetSpend card as a regular prepaid card. This means that you must go to the “card payments” section, enter your card’s information (number, date of expiration, CVV code) and proceed with your deposit.

Can I withdraw from Western Union bookmakers?

BMB_Withdrawal MethodOne of WU’s most significant drawbacks is that most Western Union bookmakers don’t proceed with a payout directly to your account. In a case like this, bettors need to find an alternative method to withdraw winnings. Players can visit a WU location and ask an agent to complete the transaction.

This option comes with a slight fee depending on the amount and your region. If you hold a NetSpend Card it is more simple and easy to withdraw funds since you can ask for a payout to your card. However, as we have mentioned, the card is available in limited countries.

Does WU come with fees and limits

BMB_FeesUsing Western Union services always comes with fees. If you choose to deposit through an agent, you will be informed of the charges before you proceed. Depending on your region, a conversion fee may apply to your transaction. Also, the fees differ between international and local transactions.

The maximum exchange rate fee is 6%, but this charge does not apply to countries inside the Eurozone. When you deposit to Western Union betting sites through your account, you can check the fees with the company’s calculator.

You have to fulfil your country, your zip code, the currency and the amount. Regarding limits, most offshore bookies that accept WU typically have high limits. Some other bookmakers may have high minimum deposit limits to $100 plus the fees.

Countries where Western Union transfers are popular

BMB_Globe As one of the oldest trasfer money services globally, Western Union transactions are allowed in more than 180 countries. When it comes to betting, some of the most popular are the USA, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. Below you can find more details about two of them:

Top Betting Sites in the Philippines

Pakistan Betting Sites

Is there a legit alternative for Western Union Gambling?

BMB_AlternativesWhen it comes to sending money offshore, a MoneyGram sportsbook can also be a legit alternative to Western Union. These two services have some differences. Funds are available in 30 minutes through Western Union's online and mobile app transfer options. It might, however, charge greater fees and offer less withdrawal support.

On the other side, MoneyGram offers online and physical transfers, typically with reduced fees and faster settlements. MoneyGram can also be a good option for players looking for quicker and more flexible transactions because it has higher weekly withdrawal limits.

Does it worth betting with Western Union

BMB_Book SpyWestern Union has been around for many years. With over 150 years of experience, WU can offer safety to players and keep their banking details private from any bookmaker. At the same time, Western Union betting sites allow players to get a welcome bonus and claim any other offer or promotion.

On the negative side, not many bookies accept deposits through Western Union, especially in Europe. Another significant disadvantage is that players have charges in every transaction.

To sum up, WU comes with limited benefits for bettors. Even the possibility of withdrawing money from any ATM with the NetSpend Prepaid Mastercard is not a big lead since it is available only in limited countries.

Western Union can be a solution to deposit on offshore sportsbooks that accept money orders, but generally, I would not recommend betting with Western Union. Other payment methods like wallets (i.e. PayPal, Skrill) or instant banking (i.e. Trustly, Sofort) offer many more advantages.

Complete list of Western Union betting sites

The leading edges of Western Union betting sites are under the radar activity and availability to claim any promotion. So, check below the complete list and choose the one that suits you best.

Q: How long do WU transfers take to complete?

Transactions through WU are safe, but they could be slow at some times. Usually, every transaction is completed within 2 to 4 business days.

Q: Can I use my local currency?

WU operates in 200 countries and multiple currencies. If you visit a WU spot, the agent will inform you if your local currency is supported. Also, if you hold an account, you can find this information online before proceeding with any payment.

Q: Are there any fees?

Straightforward answer, yes. Betting with Western Union comes with fees on every transaction. The exact amount depends on your region and if you proceed with international or local payment.

Q: Can I withdraw using Western Union?

One drawback when choosing Western Union Betting sites is that many sportsbooks don’t allow withdrawals. In these cases, players need to find an alternative to withdraw their winnings.

Q: Does WU have an app?

Yes, Western Union comes with a dedicated app for iOS & Android devices. Players who also hold an account can easily use their account balance to despot to their favourite bookie.

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