Best Malaysian Betting Sites – Online Betting in Malaysia

Population: 32.772.100
Active Players: 6.500.000
Currency: MYR - Malaysian Ringgit
Regulated Gambling Products: Games of Skill [Rummy, Chess], Horse Racing, Lottery
Operator types: Land-based betting shops for horse racing at the tracks, unlicensed online bookies operating within the country
Designated Authority: Malaysian government
Status: Closed market, no licenses for online bookies are issued

With one of the highest GDP in the region, 314,5 billion USD in 2017, Malaysia is a very modern and economically stable state. However, when it comes to online betting or other forms of gambling, they did not develop much of a market. With Islam being the dominant religion of the country, with over 61% of residents, this can easily be the reason why the country doesn’t offer an advantageous climate for online betting. Malaysia, however, didn’t completely abandon the idea of sports betting and gambling.

Many local operators offer sports betting and other gambling products to Malaysian punters. However, their offer is most of the times poor and not all of them play by the rules. Therefore, finding international bookies accepting punters from Malaysia and supporting the MYR currency is the real solution for punters in the region. That’s why we give you a complete list of online gambling Malaysia websites after handpicking the best of them.

Online Gambling Malaysia - 5 Things to Know

  • The gambling laws that are in effect today date from 1953 when the Betting Act and the Common Gaming Houses Act were adopted
  • Despite betting being considered illegal, over 20% of adult citizens are wagering on a weekly basis
  • Horse racing and lotteries are the only legal gambling forms in Malaysia
  • The legal betting age is 21 in all land-based betting shops and casinos
  • Winnings from betting and gambling are not taxed

Best Malaysia Online Betting Sites

Since we’re all about providing complete information, we’re sharing with you the list of criteria applied when selecting the bookmakers in our list. As you’ll soon find out, it’s not just about odds and betting markets. All aspects of betting like live betting, Malay language and diversity of payment options were also taken into consideration.

Malay Odds & Asian Handicaps

The first thing that a good Malaysia-facing online bookie should deliver is Malay odds. This unique odds format is different from the decimal type through the way it is represented. If a team has 50% chances of winning, the odd is 1. You then get positive Malay odds for a winning chance of over 50% - betting on the favorites, and negative ones for anything that is under 50% - betting on the underdog. Check for example the following odds format table:

Malay 0.20 0.90 -0.83
Decimal 1.20 1.90 2.20
Fractional 1/5 9/10 6/5

Asian handicaps are another characteristic of top Malaysian betting websites. These betting markets are very popular among local punters so you will find a lot of Asian Handicap lines on the most popular leagues like Premier League or La Liga.

Variety of markets on popular Malaysian Sports & Leagues

Besides the sports that are popular at an international level, bookies that want to strive in Malaysia need to focus on some of the domestic sports as well. Sepak takraw is the national sport in Malaysia and bookies such as Melbet or 1xBet offer generous bets on this sport. Cockfights are also quite popular, however, that’s mostly a line you will find at illegal bookmakers. Moreover, you can bet live on your favorite STL team or take full advantage of the various Liga Premier matches on offer.

Payments and Banks Used in the Region

Even if there are no steps being made towards regulating the market or updating the law for online gambling, the Malaysian authorities applied some restrictions when it comes to payment methods. Most cards issued by local banks can’t be used for topping up your online betting account. The same for choosing bank transfer options for cashing out. The best way is to deposit through Help2Pay, Paytrust88 or Cryptos.

Malay Website

Even though most Malaysian punters speak English as well, getting a localized betting experience is always a plus. Online bookmakers like 1xBet, 22Bet or BetWinner translated their websites into Malaysian for an even more comfortable experience.

Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) Accepting Bookmakers

Being able to place bets in your local currency is not just about the bookmaker adding a nice touch to the entire betting process. It’s also a worry you can scrap of the list since you won’t be dealing with currency exchange fees and constantly calculating your deposit amounts. Here’s the complete list of bookmakers offering MYR currency.

Malaysia Bet Online - The Gambling Law Framework

aust-150x150It’s quite hard to talk about a gambling law framework when the only laws regarding gambling are over 60 years-old in Malaysia. One of them is the Common gaming houses Act 1953, and The Betting Act is the other one. These two laws deem all gambling activities as illegal within the country. There is no official regulatory body for gambling in any of its forms and the minimum age for participating in sports betting is 21.

However, The Racing Act of 1961 made horse racing legal at the race tracks. There are three race tracks in Malaysia where punters can support their favorite horses and jockeys. The good news about this lack of regulation when it comes to betting is that the winnings are not taxed in Malaysia. Some other good news come from the punters not risking any kind of legal repercussions if found using international betting sites.

Offline vs Online Betting in Malaysia

For those looking for land-based betting in Malaysia, the only form of betting is at the three racetracks in the country. We’ve checked all the venues taking horse racing bets and the best online bookies. And since we’re always focused on offering complete information for our readers, we’ve analyzed the local illegal sites as well.

Malaysian Turf Clubs

Malaysia has three horse racetracks where betting on horse racing is accepted at licensed bookies. The three are the Penang Turf Club in Penang, Perak Turf Club in Perak, and the Selangor Turf Club in Kuala Lumpur. All three of them offer a generous range of bets on horse racing, however, you will have to take into consideration the entry fee between MYR 5.70 and MYR 7 as well as having to go to the track in order to place a bet.

And while Selangor Turf Club also accepts bets at off-site locations like the Kelab Rekreasi Honey Line or the Bingo Sound Sdn Bhd, you still need to physically travel there. The lack of any kind of bonuses for the bets you place is also a downside of racetrack betting when compared to an international online bookie.

Online Sportsbook Malaysia - What are Your Options

After covering the land-based offer available to Malaysian punters, let’s check out and see if the online environment is more appealing. Here, you will be able to enjoy international online betting sites and local illegal bookies. Right from the start it should be clear that the difference between international bookies and the local illegal ones is the way they operate. The local ones are usually working with agents and credit so there’s a big risk you won’t get your winnings or you accumulate huge debts since you don’t have to pay before you bet.

Trusted International Betting Sites

Compared to the land-based venues, the international betting sites allow you to bet on other sports apart from horse racing. Football, basketball, rugby, cricket and even the national sport of Sepak takraw - 1xBet and Melbet. Each of these sports comes with a vibrant offer of betting markets for both pre-match and in-play bets. Most of the Malaysia online betting sites are licensed by a trustworthy authority so the risks you’re taking are considerably lower compared to local sites. The bonuses you get when making a deposit of placing certain bets are also a big plus that Malaysia online gambling brings compared to both the offline alternatives or the illegal sites.

Illegal Sportsbooks

Since the authorities show a very strict attitude towards online betting, a lot of illegal online websites started to appear. They take advantage of the Malaysian punters’ desire to wager on their favorite sports and teams and turn to scams when it comes to paying winnings or validating a winning betting slip.

23acemy - despite the fact they got a PAGCOR license and putting a lot of effort into building the website and platform, 23acemy built quite a negative reputation among punters. The specialized forums contain several complaints of unpaid withdrawals with no justification.

Bet88 - mybet888 or my bet 88, is basically the same company that runs under multiple websites to try and reach as many punters as possible. They promise huge sign-up bonuses to make new punters deposit and then they don’t honor the bonuses or apply ridiculous wagering requirements on them.

wClub365 - trying to rip-off bet365, this website doesn’t even try to look legit. Of course, with so many punters looking to place online bets, these sites still enjoy a bit of success. However, with proper advertisement of the trusted international bookies, they will slowly disappear.

GDBet333 - the same approach as before. It’s enough to do a quick Google search and you will find plenty negative reviews from players that had a terrible experience with these guys.

Royal36 - another one of the Malaysia illegal online betting websites that at least tried to get a license. However, it looks like that doesn’t prevent them to just cancel winnings and accounts based on abusive Terms and Conditions clauses.

Rrich88 - another branch of the bet888 or mybet88 brands, this illegal bookmaker enjoys the same negative publicity among local punters.

MYLVKING - just one look at this website and you will be able to tell there’s something wrong. The live-chat welcoming message in English doesn’t make any sense, the website is all cluttered and disorganized. All the signs indicate that you should stay away.

Malaysian Online Bookmakers - How to Deposit & Cash Out

With all the restrictions in place, deposits from your bank account to ewallets such as Skrill or Neteller may not get processed. Especially if you indicate that the funds are destined for gambling.

When it comes to local payment methods, EeziePay, Paytrust88 and Help2Pay are the most popular. 1xBet, 22Bet and BetWinner support Paytrust88 payments and you can use the method with all the big banks in Malaysia - MayBank, Hong Leong Bank, Public Bank, RHB, CIMB, HSBC or BSN. There are no fees applied to bank transfers. However, you should be aware that you can encounter issues on some transfers, if the bank checks where the money comes from.

For a 100% trouble-free online betting experience at online bookies, cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals is the best way to go. There are plenty of bookmakers in our list accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Malaysia Online Betting - How Does the Future Look Like?

After many raids against illegal betting operations have taken place within the country, starting 2019; Malaysia is concerned that illegal gambling has already turned into an epidemic. As a result, back in July, Malaysia's Home Minister declared that the gambling laws need to be updated and brought in the current century. Talks between lawmakers and the Communication and Multimedia Commission, Bank Negara Malaysia and The Finance Ministry already took place in May to formulate a plan of attack. Acknowledging the need for change could be a first beneficial step for the online betting landscape in Malaysia but it’s hard to predict how things are going to change.

Complete list of betting sites in Malaysia

Q: Is Bet365 Malaysia still servicing players from the region?

Indeed, bet365 Malaysia is one of the best bookmakers local punters can turn to in their search for high odds and diverse markets.

Q: Do I have to pay taxes on gambling winnings?

Not at all. Winnings deriving from online (and offline) betting or gambling activities are not taxed in Malaysia.

Q: Can I access 1xBet Malaysia?

Yes, 1xBet is one of the best bookmakers available to Malaysian punters. With plenty of betting markets and deposit options, MYR currency and a fully-translated website, you’ll have an excellent experience.

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