Sportsbooks Accepting Prepaid Gift Cards

Gift cards like Netspend and Vanilla Visa have been extremely popular for ages to the players keen on betting online at offshore sportsbooks. However, lately things have become tougher and many restrictions have been applied. If you are looking to play with a gift or prepaid card you should consider that only cards that can be used internationally work. We’ve made the research for you and present the sportsbooks that still accept gift cards and where you can buy them.

Best Gift Cards for Online Sports Betting

If you’re not too keen about sharing personal or bank details with the sportsbooks, paying with gift cards is always a great solution. You’ll be able to find gift cards at most convenience stores or dedicated selling points around you so getting them is easy enough. Let’s take a closer look at what are the best gift cards for online sports betting and what’s the catch with them.

Netspend Card

It’s best to start by answering the ‘where to buy Netspend card?’ question. And you’ll be relieved to know that you can order it online. Just place an order online and you will get a Netspend card in a maximum of 10 business days via mail. There’s no credit check being performed.

Once you receive it, you’ll need to activate the card and after that, easily transfer money to Netspend card via Direct Deposit or any of the available options. Uploading funds at reload locations can incur fees of up to $3.95 and if you choose the Pay-As-You-Go plan, you won’t have to worry about a monthly fee.

You can use the Netspend card at any sportsbook that accepts debit Visa or MasterCard. Additionally, you can withdraw money from Netspend card at an ATM. You can also combine your Netspend card with a Western Union account to maximize its potential.

Vanilla Visa Card

Another highly-efficient gift card you can use to deposit at online sportsbooks, the Vanilla Visa is also very popular among bettors. Unlike the Netspend, you can’t get one online, however, you can buy Vanilla Visa gift card with credit card from any of reselling partners (Walmart, 7/11, Shell, Best Buy, etc). The only fee you should expect when using this card is the Activation Fee which is deducted at purchase. Whenever you’re using a Vanilla Visa gift card online, there’s no extra fee applied. The maximum value for Vanilla gift cards is $250, respectively $500 for OneVanilla.

Now that we’ve covered what is a Vanilla Visa gift card and where you can get it, let’s see how it scores for online betting. Just make sure to attach your Postcode to it to be able to use it online. You can also use one through PayPal, however, you won’t be able to transfer money from Vanilla Visa to PayPal.

The only downside of the Vanilla Visa card comes from not being able to take out cash at the ATM with it.


Although it’s not technically a gift card, DirectPay online deserves its spot in our list of excellent great payment options for online sportsbooks. To address the natural what is DirectPay question, it’s a bank transfer method that allows you to send funds directly from your bank account to the online betting site.

You can easily use it through your online banking app and enjoy the advantages of a Directpay transfer. The main advantage of Directpay is the absence of fees. Most USA sportsbooks accept Directpay as a payment option and you can also get your money back through it in up to 3 business days.

Using Direct Pay online makes betting more fun and efficient. And since it’s already linked with your bank account, you can use the attached debit card at an ATM to get cash.

JCB Card

Some of you may already be wondering what is JCB credit card. Well, JCB is short for the Japanese Credit Bureau and they offer online credit cards to citizens all around the world. Luckily for US citizens, these credit cards can also be used for online betting and getting an online JCB card is quite straightforward.

Unfortunately, though, there aren’t so many US sportsbooks accepting payments via JCB card and there’s no real way of getting cash from it. The fees involved are applied to the amount you use and you can look at up to 12% monthly if you don’t cover the used amount in time.

MST Card

To make an MST gift card purchase at an online sports betting site you first need to get one online. These cards come in predetermined increments and, just like most other gift cards, you won’t be able to request a payout on them. So, if you wish to make a deposit, buy an MST gift card online and access the cashier of the sportsbook to insert the details. There is no extra commission when you make the deposit.


GoldPay used to be one of the few e-wallets to cater to online sports betting enthusiasts from the United States of America. However, it was announced since 2011 that they will quit the US gambling market. It functioned for about a year and managed to cover an empty niche at that time. However, if you’re looking for reliable ways to add funds to your online betting accounts, just pick one from above.


Even though at first, the rebranding from EZvoucher to PasteandPay looked like it will guarantee a stable partnership between the payment option and USA punters, it looks like EZvoucher/PasteandPay is no longer available in the US. So, talking about PasteandPay sportsbooks or PasteandPay casinos doesn’t make a lot of sense right now, however, there was a time when this easy to use voucher was quite popular among online betting aficionados.

Which Sportsbooks Accept Gift Cards

After checking out the most reliable gift cards to use for adding funds on your online betting account, it’s time to complete that information with the top sportsbooks accepting them. Besides a list of online betting sites accepting gift cards, you also receive precious information about limits, payout possibility, and other popular payment methods.

Intertops Gift Cards

Intertops is one of the biggest sportsbooks addressing to the US public and they’re happy to accept any gift card type as long as it can be used for international online transactions. Out of all the gift cards accepted at Intertops, Vanilla Visa gives you the highest deposit limits, namely $500. That won’t be a problem because the maximum deposit by card stands at $1,000. The minimum amount to deposit is $10 and there are no fees applied to your transaction.

To request your winnings from Intertops, you can use debit and credit cards issued by Visa or MasterCard after you complete and fax a Credit Card Authorization Form. There’s always the option to request a payout via Check with a minimum payout amount of $150 and a maximum of $3,000. It can take up to 5 business days until your payout is processed, however, there are no added fees to worry about.

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Bovada Visa Gift Cards

Next, we’re checking the Bovada gift cards availability. According to their website, Bovada does accept gift card payments as long as these can be used for online and international payments. This means that you can go for Vanilla Visa or Netspend Bovada gift cards. The minimum you can deposit is $25 while the maximum for the sportsbook is limited at $1,000.

Deposits are instantly processed and, regarding fees, you should expect an activation fee between 3 and 5% applicable on Bovada Visa gift cards as well as other accepted gift cards. Also, if you go for debit or credit cards, there are no fees applied on the first deposit, however, all others will mean a 5.9% tax on Visa and MasterCard and a 9.9% fee for AMEX.

For withdrawals and deposits without any fees, Bovada also offers Bitcoin. While there are no fees applied by the sportsbook, exchanges and other wallets may apply small taxes. If you’re not a fan of crypto, you can also request payouts via check. It can take up to 15 business days for the check to reach you, however, there are no fees applied and you can request payouts between $100 and $3,000.

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BetJoe Gift Cards

If you were looking for Betjoe gift cards, we have some bad news for you. Unfortunately, this sportsbook does not accept gift cards at the moment. The same goes for users hoping to find Betjoe GoldPay support or BetJoe EZvoucher. The only payment options accepted by BetJoe right now are Bitcoin, debit or credit VISA and MasterCard cards or Skrill. The minimum deposit with any of these methods is $10 and cards are capped at $5,000. Other options include Moneygram, Bitcoin with a max of $9,500 or Bank Transfer which is slower but allows a one-time payment of $25,000.

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BetOnline Gift Cards

Sports betting enthusiasts can make a Betonline deposit with Vanilla Visa gift card. This is actually the only type of gift card accepted by the sportsbook. You should keep in mind that a processing fee of $7,5 will be applied as well. Bettors looking for a way to use a Betonline MST gift card have the option to go for a VISA or MasterCard debit or credit card. The minimum amount is $25 while the maximum sits at $500 for these cards and are not available for payouts. If you’re into crypto, there are 5 cryptocurrencies to choose from for deposits and payouts while P2P or Money Order are also viable options. A bit slower compared to the rest, Bank Wire and Check payouts are also available at BetOnline.

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BetPhoenix Gift Cards

Unfortunately for sports betting enthusiasts that stick to gift cards for making deposits, BetPhoenix doesn’t accept any. So, if you were hoping for the opportunity of a BetPhoenix Netspend card deposit, you need to change your plan. The same goes for BetPhoenix Directpay or any other bank transfer option. However, these guys are big on cryptocurrency and standard debit or credit cards. The deposit limits for Bitcoin stand between $10 and $5,000 while credit cards offer a minimum deposit of $50 and a max of $500. Moneygram, Voucher and alt coins are valid options as well.

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5Dimes Gift Cards

After the entire 5Dimes Amazon gift card story, the sportsbook decided to drop gift cards altogether. You won’t be able to deposit to 5Dimes with Visa gift card or any other type for that matter. However, they are still one of the most generous sportsbooks when it comes to payment options. You can choose to pay via credit cards, P2P, Money Order, Cashier Check, Bank Wire or cryptocurrency. So, while a 5Dimes Visa gift card payment is definitely out of the equation, there’s plenty to choose from.

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Sportsbetting Gift Cards

The gift card deposit support isn’t too extended. They only accept Vanilla Visa cards that are activated for online payment. So, make sure to attach your postcode before using your Vanilla to deposit at this sportsbook. If you were hoping to find support for Sportsbetting MST gift card or Sportsbetting Goldpay as well, we’re sorry to be the ones that deliver the bad news.
However, debit and credit cards issued by VISA or MasterCard are supported and you can deposit as low as $25 while the maximum sits at $500. Besides cards, you can also choose to add money via Bitcoin, P2P, Money Orders or Cashiers Check.

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BetDSI Gift Card

BetDSI is very open when it comes to payment methods. The BetDSI gift card payment options are diverse enough to make it easy for sports betting fans to fund their account. You’ll be able to access deposit methods like BetDSI JCB, cryptocurrency, P2P, Bank Wire, Money Order or Check. The minimum deposit when using all types of cards is $45 and that also makes you eligible for a bonus. On the other hand, the maximum you can pay per transaction is $1,500. The daily limit on card deposits is $3,000, the maximum weekly amount is $6,000 while on a monthly basis you can deposit a max of $9,000. Gift Cards

It looks like at gift card deposits aren’t supported. It’s the same story with prepaid cards and bookmaker GoldPay so if you only deposit with such options, just pick any of the above-mentioned sportsbooks. However, if you’re willing to take other payment options into consideration, there’s plenty to choose from. Debit and credit cards, Western Union, Moneygram and a wide offer of cryptocurrencies are a few examples of deposit options supported by Vanilla Visa, considered by most players to be the best gift card out there, can be used in many online and offline locations. So, if you bought one specifically for sports betting, you don’t have to worry about not being able to spend the money on it.

MyBookie Gift Cards

MyBookie accepts gift cards for payments, however, not all of them can be used. If you have a MasterCard MyBookie gift card, you can go ahead and use it without a problem. However, when talking about a MyBookie Visa gift card, the situation shifts entirely. The minimum deposit via cards is $45 while the maximum is at $500, while for AMEX the limits are $25-$2000.

Or, if you just want to skip cards altogether, choosing the MyBookie DirectPay option enables you to pay directly from your bank account with no fees and instant processing. Other deposits and payout methods offered by MyBookie include ACH, Bitcoin, and P2P.

Should I Use Gift Cards or Not?

Some of you can already answer this question after going through all our examples. Others may still remain loyal to gift cards as a payment method for sportsbooks due to the anonymity they offer and the improved control over what you’re spending. However, the bottom line about gift cards is that, except Netspend, none allow you to request a payout and some involve high fees for deposits.

Our recommendation is to stick to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as all USA-facing sportsbooks accept them and the fees involved are lower if any. Also, Bitcoin can be used to request payouts as well, compared to gift cards that can be used for depositing only

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