E-sports revenue showing constant increase

    The new betting trends have managed to increase their popularity and fan base, with e-sports being at the top of this list. The latest gaming metrics from NewZoo show that for the fifth time in a row, figures are rising to a higher level regarding E-sports and it is easy to see that they are about to edge even closer to the classic betting trends. It is estimated that the E-sports are about to surpass 1.1 billion dollar revenue by the end of the current year.

    This will be a massive increase of 26.7% compared to the revenue during the previous fiscal year! According to those numbers, E-sports are by far more profitable compared to the American Major League Soccer, the English Premier League, or the Australian Rules Football. If we want to take it a little bit further, the profit compared to the ones of 2015 are tripled. Along with those numbers, the ones from sponsorships also get a huge raise, making it the most profitable sector, since all the companies are eager to be advertised on the E-sports events. Finally, it should be noted that NewZoo believes that the revenues will grow up to a massive 1.8 billion dollars by 2022.

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