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Online Betting VIP Bonuses

High rollers and professional players are exclusively drawn to betting sites that offer nothing less than the best playing environment. This does not only mean high odds and an abundance of payment methods, but most importantly, a quality VIP rewards program that caters to your special needs.

We will be looking specifically at these top sportsbook vip programs that offer large cash bonuses, lower commissions for high rollers, and higher limits on your bets. All you have to do is spend a couple of minutes to view our detailed guide. If you’ve no time to spare then pick any of our VIP friendly betting sites on the table below and enjoy betting as a high roller.

Which Are The Best VIP Programs For Sports Betting

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Are you a VIP? Be careful where you deposit your funds!

User IconOne of the most annoying practices bookmakers have plagued us with during the past years is poor CRM and financial background checks. Imagine making a £20,000 deposit to make a sure bet on an alleged sharp bookie only to discover that a £200 limit has been placed on your selected market.

To top it off, you won't be able to withdraw your money until you have wagered it at least once on the existing limits, meaning that you might be forced to manually place hundreds of bets.

Or yet worse, see your funds remain frozen on your balance as the payments & compliance department has decided to run an AML audit on your account. We’ve become too familiar with such practices, this is why we are suggesting that you join only the very best VIP friendly bookmakers on our list.

Types of VIP program offers

BMB_Research IconThere are various types of VIP perks all depending on which brand you are playing at and how customizable their Customer Relationship Management really is. For instance, you may find that Asian sportsbooks like to offer their high paying players much higher odds in the form of lower overround.

European bookies on the other hand show their appreciation by offering special promotions or by allowing higher winning limits.

Lower commission rates

BMB_Percentage_GenericThis is one of the favorite bookmaker offers for professional punters and lay bettors on Betfair. A good example is the Betfair VIP program (also known as Betfair commission discount) where the more your bet, the lower the Vig you have to pay on all your winning bets.

Usually, there is a point system applied, that calculates your total stakes. The more points you manage to gather, the less money you will have to give the exchange every time you win.

Higher bet & winning limits

BMB_Betting OddsMore common among Asian bookies once again, high stakes punters will see much larger limits on their allowed stakes and max winnings. This is many times described as a no-limit VIP soccer program in order to attract US high rollers who make their living from betting on football.

Some betting sites like Pinnacle and Sbobet employ this VIP customer program practice as a default, as they will not place any limits on your bets or winnings.

Higher withdrawal limits

BMB_Calculate_ProfitsApart from higher bet and winning limits, a quality VIP loyalty program will also allow you to outright withdraw your money without placing payout limits. It is obvious that at some point you have bumped into such restrictions as most soft bookies would rather have you rebet your balance instead of cashing it out.

A good VIP scheme will let you receive large amounts of your winnings without placing 24 hour or weekly limits.

No fees on deposits/withdrawals

Free iconBanking fees are an all too common problem among high rollers, especially in North America as they can eat through your profits faster than a British bookie’s commission. A quality VIP program will allow you to complete all your deposits and withdrawals without requiring any added fees.

Cashbacks and rebates

Cashback iconThis is fairly common among Asian bookies. High roller rebates are a cool way of further lowering the commission of a VIP bookie or betting exchange. This is even truer if you are making a living from betting, as you can sometimes get a weekly cashback of 1.5% on your losses, provided that you have reached the premium position on the sportsbook’s rebate ladder.

What separates a VIP friendly scheme from a mediocre loyalty program is a steady rebate rate on accumulated stakes, instead of cashbacks on special events, and eventually assist you on how to bet without money.

How To Earn VIP Status In Bookmaker Schemes

In most bookmaker schemes, attaining VIP status requires regular, active involvement in the bookmaker's offerings. Despite the fact that different bookmakers may have different specific requirements, the following are some basic tips to improve your chances of receiving VIP status:

✔️ Regular Wagering: Continue your current level of activity by consistently placing bets. When assessing your eligibility for VIP membership, bookmakers frequently take your wagering volume and frequency into account.

✔️ High Stakes Betting: You might want to increase your stakes or place higher bets. Customers that place large bets are frequently valued by bookmakers since they increase their revenue.

✔️ Points for Loyalty: Several bookmakers offer loyalty programs that award points to consumers based on their wagering activity. You can become a VIP by earning a considerable amount of loyalty points. To learn more about how points are accrued and used, review the exact terms and conditions of your bookmaker's reward program.

✔️ Length of Membership: Maintaining long-term customer loyalty may be a factor in achieving VIP status. Some bookies give priority to loyal patrons when deciding whether to offer VIP status.

✔️ Tiers of the VIP Program: Some bookmakers offer several tiers within their VIP programs, each with unique bonuses and criteria. You can progressively advance to VIP rank by first achieving a lower-level tier.

✔️ Contact Customer Service: You can get in touch with the bookmaker's customer service if you've been consistently active and think you qualify for VIP status. They can advise you on how to improve your chances of being accepted and can provide information on the prerequisites and procedures for VIP status.

It's important to check the precise terms and conditions of each operator because each one has its own VIP program policies and requirements. Additionally, it should always be a top priority to gamble responsibly. Limit your betting to what you can afford to lose.

Benefits of being a sportsbook VIP member

BMB_BankrollApart from rebates, higher limits and more beneficial bookmaker bonuses, you want to feel yourself at home when betting on a quality sportsbook. This is why the very best high roller betting sites will dedicate an entire department to make sure that you have the optimal betting experience.

Dedicated VIP manager

Should you prove yourself as indeed being a high stakes player then the sportsbook will open its doors to the VIP customer program by assigning a VIP manager to you. This is done in order to save you time from having to contact the customer support in case you require some assistance.

Most operators will have a Customer Relationship Manager team (CRM) while more high roller friendly brands will focus a VIP manager to selected customers.

Faster withdrawals

Withdrawals require a confirmation by the fraud and payments department before your money is transferred. One of the added perks of being a member of the VIP program is that no background checks are required when it comes to withdrawing and depositing money. In essence, being becoming a VIP means that you will always get your payouts faster.

Special “feeler” odds

This is a remnant of the earlier days of online sports betting, when trading software and Big Data was less used among sportsbook traders. Successful punters were frequently offered pre-market enhanced odds.

Sometimes mentioned as VIP boost program, this is to get a better estimate to the wisdom of the crowd when balancing their odds sets. This way they could minimize having a specific result being targeted by sharp bettors and also award better payouts to their VIP players.

So where should I bet as a VIP?

BMB_ListWe’ve got one word of advice for high rollers. Asian bookies and Betting Exchanges. Trusted Asian operators and betting exchanges like Betfair attract not only high stakes player but even sportsbook traders who are following the market movement and are buying low commission odds to increase their own juice.

What truly separates Asian VIP bookies from let's say their UK counterparts is that they are some really fast withdrawal betting sites, as they do not require an exhausting amount of documents such proof of wealth. Plus, British soft bookies will ten times out of ten place limits on a winning account.

Pro’s tip

BMB_Book SpyBeing a high roller means dealing with some serious money. Even if you manage to earn 10% profit on your stakes you will be hit with transaction fees when you split your money among e-wallets. Furthermore, there’s always the case of withdrawing your winnings as cold, hard cash either by using a debit card or by sending your money to a bank.

In order to diminish and even null any banking fees, you can use a popular gaming e-wallet like Skrill and Neteller that has its own VIP program. It is split between Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond where you can get free transfers between wallets, lower foreign exchange conversion rates, a dedicated VIP manager and fixed ATM transaction fees.

Q: What are the key features of VIP programs offered by bookmakers for high rollers?

High rollers who participate in VIP programs typically receive personalised customer service, reduced commissions, and increased betting limits. Additionally, they provide tailored bonuses and promotions, higher withdrawal limits, and exclusive cashback offers.

Q: How can I earn VIP status in bookmaker schemes?

In bookmaker schemes, becoming a VIP requires regular high-stakes betting as well as active engagement. You can also greatly improve your eligibility by interacting with support, earning loyalty points, and keeping up a long-term membership.

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