It is common knowledge that in order to become a VIP member on a bookmaker you have to bet big, as lower stakes players don’t generally enjoy the same privileges as big spenders. The VIP bonus is a unique program that has been devised to reward high rollers for their preference to a specific bookie. Usually a high deposit will catch a bookmaker’s eye, leading them to offer a VIP membership that will immediately begin to award bonuses.

If you like betting a lot of money, make sure that you qualify for a VIP Bonus. In most bookmakers the standard amount a player has to wager before he is labeled a “big fish” is over 10.000€, but in some cases VIP bonuses might be awarded on a lower scale, even on monthly deposits of 500€.

If you gain the VIP department’s approval, you will receive an e-mail, that contains exclusive bonuses, free bets and, in some rare cases, other special offers such as leisure trips. In some bookies you have your own account manager and you might even receive a prize on your birthday!

Bookmakers VIP Programs

vip bonus Should you be informed that you have become a VIP Club member this means that your membership has been upgraded to a VIP one and that you now have access to exclusive privileges. These usually consist of larger limits on withdrawals and wagers. Your transactions will be processed in a much quicker fashion, given that you have gained the bookmaker’s respect. Some companies might even offer higher odds by lowering their commission, allowing you to win more without increasing your bet.

This bonus system is carefully devised to attract high rollers.However there are bookies that offer VIP programs that can award you in regards to a single deposit’s amount, so the first levels of a VIP membership might not be too hard to reach. For example, if you can spare 1.000€ on your overall bankroll for the season, it’s sometimes preferable to make a single deposit, instead of topping up your account on short time periods.