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Tennis Bookmakers

Betting on tennis is increasingly popular among many players, and in certain countries, it comes second only to football. Grand Slam tournaments like the US Open and Wimbledon feature giants of the sport and break records in betting volume. Tennis bookmakers have to sharpen their edge to adhere to the high standards of punters.

As a result, you can enjoy a wide range of markets beyond the classic match-winner. Handicaps, Total Points and Special bets like Aces & Service-break can give great winning opportunities. Looking for your next betting destination in tennis can be confusing.

How can you single out the highest value from hundreds of sportsbooks? We shortlist only the best bookmakers for tennis after thoroughly examining aspects such as odds, live betting features and top-notch promotions. All you have to do is pick any of them and prepare for some exciting action.

Best Tennis Bookies for 2024

BMB_TrophyA simple Google search can turn up countless sites that offer some kind of wagering in an ATP, WTA or ITF tournament. However, the differences between them can be notable regarding prices, live streaming options and more.

Our table displays only the best tennis betting sites that stand out from the competition. The ratings for each bookie also consider players’ feedback as we believe that users’ satisfaction is critical.

How we Rate the Best Bookmakers for Tennis

BMB_Question MarkEach bookie can offer a variation of tennis events and markets. However, specific rules apply in all cases. The betting odds for tennis is by far the most important factor for the majority of punters. If a player retires from a game, the rules are also paramount as they can differ from one bookie to another.

Available markets have to cover a wide range of selections aside from the outright winner in all tournaments first and second-tier. In-play betting has trumped pre-match preferences and has to be available throughout the game, with many options open as long as possible. A broad set of bonuses can also be quite useful when forming a tennis betting strategy. Let’s take a closer look. 

Odds on Tennis Betting Sites 

BMB_Markets GenericYou joined a new sportsbook, made your first deposit, and you are ready to roll. The odds are probably the first factor that you will notice. What is important here is that your bookie has high odds in both primary and secondary markets. By that, we mean that in main markets like 1-2 the payout should be at least 94%.

So, aside from who will win the match or how many games a player will win, prices should be competitive in Aces & Service-break. A payout higher than 92% is a good start for secondary markets. As you might have guessed, a favourite will have lower odds compared to an underdog. 

Now, let’s see how betting odds for tennis are set. The first among the criteria is how good a player is. A look at ATP/WTA rankings will give you a good idea. Then, the surface of the tournament’s court comes into play.

For example, Wimbledon bookmakers used to offer lower odds for Roger Federer and Serena Williams because they were excellent on grass courts. On the other hand, Novak Djokovic and Naomi Osaka are great on hard courts. Another aspect that bookies assess is the recent form. If a player comes from consecutive successful tournaments, they will likely keep it up. 

Recently, some sportsbooks tend to limit bettors if they score multiple wins or shrink the stake size. It happens because they don’t want to risk massive losses from a single member winning constantly. 

Rules for Retirement in Tennis Bookmakers 

BMB_ListIf you follow tennis as a fan or punter for a while, you have undoubtedly heard about match interruptions. These could be due to a tennis player suffering an injury, not showing up or severe weather conditions.

Βookies can vary the rules of a bet in an interrupted match to count in the following four conditions: Ball served, 1 set completed, 2 sets completed and Match completed. In each case, the sportsbook will settle the bet only if one of these conditions are met.

In our Tennis Betting Rules, we match all bookies with the retirement rules they follow. Now, let’s see what happens in the interruption scenarios. In case a player does not show up, his opponent will grab the victory, but the sportsbook will settle the bets as void.

If one gets injured in the course of the game, the retirement rules above are valid. If the referee stops the game due to bad weather, tennis betting sites will settle the bets once the games are resumed.

Number of Main & Secondary Markets 

BMB_Sports_GenericTennis has been so popular among bettors because it has a wealth of options to place your next wager. The criteria for ranking the best bookies for tennis are having abundant selections. That should apply not only in primary markets like Match-winner and Over/Under but also in secondary ones.

Aces, Service-Break and Outrights should be available for betting. Furthermore, the bookie should have the markets open as early as possible. Second-tier tournaments should also not lack available betting selections. For a detailed description, you can visit our Tennis Betting Markets guide.

Tennis Promotions

BMB_Calculate_ProfitsEvery bettor loves a good bonus as it can multiply your profit with minimal risk. Many players cite it as the main reason for choosing a tennis bookie, so the bar is high on that one. Sportsbooks with a good reputation reward loyal members regularly with Free Bets, Enhanced Odds and Cashbacks.

A Free Bet will come in the form of a credit in your bankroll and is one of the most sought-after promotions. You can get one by predicting the correct result of the match. For example, you can grab a £/€5 Free Bet if Daniil Medvedev defeats Roger Federer and you have bet on that.

Enhanced Odds are also prominent among tennis betting offers and will let you get higher odds, thus higher winnings in a particular match or selection. Naomi Osaka’s odds to win more than ten games vs Aryna Sabalenka could increase from 2.10 to 2.40.

A Cashback offer works great to save the day after an unsuccessful betting run. In the form of Cash or Free Bets, they usually range from 10% - 30% of your daily or weekly losses and are available to both recreational players and high-rollers.

Live Betting on Tennis Bookies

BMB_Live BettingThe amount of bettors who prefer to wager in-play rather than pre-match has increased exponentially in the last few years. The fast-paced nature of tennis is a prominent incentive to place live wagers as the action unfolds in the blink of an eye. The no.1 issue here is the available markets.

Since the score in points and games can change quickly, it is vital for you not to have limited selections. Moreover, the markets should be open for as long as possible and refresh according to how the game progresses. Time acceptance of your bet is also crucial as top tennis bookmakers will take it immediately, regardless of the run of play.

In addition, features like Cash Out and Live Streaming have become essential. With the Cash Out, you can pocket some early winnings before the bookie settles your bet. So let’s assume that you backed Stefanos Tsitsipas to win the first set against Dominic Thiem in the French Open. The Greek is ahead by 4-2 in games, but the Canadian might turn the tide.

You can use the Cash Out to grab the amount that the Roland Garros bookmakers offer you. The remainder of the match is irrelevant after that. Continuous availability at high odds is the most crucial part of live betting. Tennis betting sites should also accept a Cash Out request instantly as the prices might go up and down quickly.

Live Streaming allows you to watch the game live on your PC or smartphone the same way you would on your TV. Aside from the fun part, it can help if you like to place in-play bets. Especially in close games, it is much easier to see who has the upper hand when you have a clear image than just reading the score. Keep in mind, though, that some streams lag a few seconds from the actual play, and that could mess with your live betting.

What Tournaments do Tennis Bookmakers Offer 

BMB_TrophyAn essential part of any tennis betting strategy is grasping the competition you are about to bet. The good thing about tennis is that several tournaments like the Grand Slam have worldwide fame for decades, making it easier to know the participants better. Still, there are several perks to get familiar with as more competitions like the ATP Challenger Tour and the ITF World Tennis Tour, which we are about to explore.

Grand Slam tournaments 

BMB_Baseball_BallThe four most important tennis tournaments in the world in terms of prize, rankings and money are called the Grand Slam. The name comes from winning all four in the same calendar year after Steffi Graff made that landmark achievement in 1988.

Australian Open held in late January - late February, French Open (or Roland Garros) in late May-early June, Wimbledon in late June-early July and the US Open in late August-early September are the four major contests. We have sorted all the information and tips before you bet on our best bookmakers for tennis in our guides.

ATP/WTA Tour & ITF Events 

BMB_Baseball_BallThe second and third-tier tennis tournaments might lack the prestige of the Grand Slam ones, but they score high in bettors’ preferences. There are several series that each organization offers annually, and the good thing is matches are held often; hence they give you a much-needed diversity in our Best Tennis betting sites.

ATP/WTA Finals with a prize of 1500 ranking points and ATP Tour Masters 1000 with 1000 ranking points are the top-flight competitions in this division.

ATP/WTA Tour 500 and ATP/WTA Tour 250, with 500 and 150 ranking points, respectively, are somewhat lower in prestige, and the ATP Cup can work as a great warm-up to the Australian Open, which precedes. In ITF events, the  ITF Tour (Futures) for Singles and Doubles and the Davis Cup for Teams are the premier competitions.

Which is the Best Tennis Betting Site

BMB_Book SpyChoosing your next tennis betting site from many candidates can be confusing, and I have seen it even with experienced punters. The recipe to success starts with going for a bookie tailored to your playing style. What do I mean by that?

If you fancy in-play betting, find one with a top-notch live platform. If you just look for the best betting odds for tennis, our table shows which one has the best prices. Then see if that sportsbook has a variety of markets in the events you want to place your wager on.

And last but not least, check for bonuses with fair requirements. Legit bookies reward active players, and that is a sign of mutual respect among them.

Q: How can I find the best bookmakers for tennis?

The most important criteria are competitive odds, a high number of markets, an excellent live-betting platform and regular bonuses. The easiest way to find them is to consult our table, as we have done all the research and come up with precise ratings.

Q: Are tennis betting websites legal?

That highly depends on the country you live in. Certain governments have restricted access to online gambling. We recommend playing on legal tennis betting websites, and these are the ones we shortlist.

Q: Which are the tennis betting markets that can help me win?

Classics like Match-winner (Moneyline) and Totals like Over/Under in games and sets have been staples for tennis bettors. We have seen that you can score some good winnings in Handicaps and Outright markets like the Winner of the tournament.

Q: Can you tell me the tennis bookies with the highest odds?

We are confident that we list only the best tennis betting sites in terms of odds. However, if you want a quick heads-up, you can’t go wrong with bet365, 888sport and 22bet. Dozens of players have given feedback for the top odds they offer.

Q: What are the best tournaments I can find on top tennis betting websites?

The Grand Slam tournament, which includes the Australian, French, US Open and Wimbledon, is globally the most prestigious tennis event. Tennis bookmakers offer abundant pre-match, and live markets as the best names of the sport face off. ATP Finals and ATP Masters 1000 are also favourites of punters.

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