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Best Sports Bookmakers

Online betting has grown exponentially in the last few years, challenging both players and sports bookmakers. If you visit a bookie on Saturday, you come across hundreds if not thousands of pre-match and in-play events. From Premier League and Bundesliga clashes to lower-tier leagues, the options are endless. For example, a Man City - Liverpool match will offer 100+ betting markets from full/half-time winners to card & corner bets.

While variety can be great, it can also be overwhelming. We, at, compare the sports betting sites on critical concepts like pre-match and in-play betting, together with parameters such as sports & markets, odds, special bets, features, and bet placement experience. Betting in popular sports like football, basketball, tennis, and horse racing is laid out in detail, so your next bet will find you ready to score some big profits finally. 

Best Betting Sports Sites for 2024

Each bookmaker has one or more sports that pay more attention to. For example, the UK's best sports betting sites will emphasize football, greyhounds, and horse racing. In the US, the same will happen with the NBA, the MLB and the NFL. As it would be tedious to do your research on each bookie, we have done all the hard work for you. In the following list, you are about to find out all of the sportsbooks available in your region, with the top 3 sports, overall odds, and features they excel in. 

What makes Sports Betting Bookmakers good 

What makes Sports Betting Bookmakers good The most critical aspect for the majority of players in sports bookies is the betting features. A Bayern - PSG knockout UCL match or a Lakers - Celtics NBA final draw the interest of bettors not only because of the giants competing against each other. 

First and foremost, the available markets. In pre-match betting, the number can reach 100+ per match, while in live betting, the number of markets fluctuates to the run of play. For example, if two goals are scored early in the game, the over 2.5 goals market might close. However, a market of over 4.5 goals can show up. The same goes for corners or cards, for example.

Another crucial factor is the odds. Higher odds mean higher winnings, so it’s no surprise that is considered so important. In pre-match betting, the odds are based on factors such as league position, players out, and recent form. A favorite of 1.40 can go to 1.70 if injuries hit a couple of star players. In-play odds are calculated on the above plus on the current score since the match started. If one particular selection has accumulated 70%+ of betting volume, the price will drop sharply.

Bet placement and acceptance dictate the process of choosing the selections you want to bet on and how fast the sportsbook accepts them. In pre-match betting, the whole process is simple and straightforward as odds do not change rapidly. However, in live betting, prices go up and down at will, affecting your bet acceptance. It could take up to 10 seconds before confirmation, or you could see a message that prices have changed. In that case, you can place your bet with the latest odds. 

Stake and winning limits define how much a player can wager and win. Recently there are more and more examples of sports betting sites that limit players once they win a few bets. A £/€1 stake limit is a way of the bookie to state that you are no longer welcome there. 

All in all, signs of a good sports betting bookmaker include many selections, which could reach 400+ in derbies. Average odds that surpass 95%, quick bet placement, and high stake and winning limits complete the picture of a competitive sportsbook.  

What bets do Sports Bookmakers offer 

Sports popularity might differ from one country to another, but there is some common ground in global betting. From giants of the industry to newcomers, football is undoubtedly the most dominant sport, with tennis coming second. That means that sports betting bookmakers have to offer a wide range of markets with competitive odds in these two sports to stay ahead of the curve. Basketball and horse racing finish the top 4 on a global scale, while they might score even higher in local markets. Thus, all reputable sports betting sites will offer an abundance of selections to players in the respected events.


The king of sports leads the way in global betting. More than 40% of sports bookmakers' total volume is wagered in football, thanks to a vast selection of games and markets. At the forefront of players’ preferences are the Premier League, the Bundesliga, and the Champions League. In terms of selections, football offers by far the most extensive ones. Full and half-time winner, over/under in goals, corners, cards, players’ specials, and Asian markets are among the most sought after at sportsbooks like bet365 & Betfair. 


tennis-ballThere are many good reasons why tennis ranks so high in bettors’ choices. Firstly, there are significant tournaments taking place throughout the year. The US, Australian & French Open, and Wimbledon are the most dominant ones, while ATP Tours and ITFs attract significant interest. Secondly, a wide range of markets and selections give multiple chances of winning. Match, set & game-winners, over/under in games and fast markets like what happens in the next 1 or 5 minutes are available in tennis bookmakers like Unibet.


One of the most popular sports in the US, with growing popularity in the rest of the world, basketball could not be missing from basketball betting sites. The NBA and the Euroleague offer matches almost daily, with players of the highest caliber. Sportsbooks like Pinnacle or Bwin place great emphasis on pre-match selections like full and half time winners, over/under in total or team points, and players’ specials. You can also come across exotic markets like the next team to score.

Horse racing 

Since the beginning of betting, horse racing has been a staple choice that stood the test of time. With everlasting popularity in the UK and a strong presence in the rest of the world, horse racing hosts several major tournaments like the Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National, and the Royal Ascot. Race winner Place Forecast and Forecast draw the majority of wagers at horse racing betting sites like Betfred. 

Which are the Top Sports Betting Sites

In sports betting, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each country and region has its betting tradition and culture, which shows how the players place bets. A popular sport in one place of the world might be considered strange in another one. Thus, we have listed the most popular sports for major markets like the UK, US, Europe, and Asia. 

British Sports Betting 

British Sports Betting The home of some of the top sports betting sites in the world still sets the path for the industry. UK players’ love for football and horse racing stands firm, and that reflects the betting habits. The Premier League, the Championship, the FA Cup, and even lower-tier leagues accumulate large amounts of wagers in British sports betting sites. Horse racing does not fall behind as there are daily races like Newmarket, Ayr & Guineas. British players continue to bet on fractional (British) odds, translating to the ratio of the amount won to the stake.

North American Sports Betting 

North American Sports Betting Online sports bookmakers started to operate in large numbers recently in the US to tap the market's enormous potential. The majority of the stakes go to competitions like the NFL, the NHL, the MLB, and the NBA. College leagues (NCAA) are also highly popular. In Canada, most players place bets on Ice Hockey events, closely followed by basketball. European football (or soccer) also gains steadily in popularity. North American bets are placed in American (money line) odds. If they are above evens (2.00), show as a positive number, translate to how much you could win on a successful $100 bet. If they are below evens, it translates to a negative number, reflecting how much money you need to bet to win $100. 

European Sports Βetting 

European Sports Βetting One of the top destinations sports betting sites has always been Europe. Countries like Germany, France, Italy, and Spain have a long tradition of betting, still upheld today. Football is by far the most popular sport on the continent. Leagues like the Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga, together with the Premier League and the Champions League, are accountable for large betting volumes. Tennis and basketball also have a significant audience among bettors. Grand Slam tournaments and the Euroleague collect the bulk of wagers in the respective sports. European players prefer to bet with European (decimal) odds. These work by multiplying the stake with the decimal odd, i.e., 1.50 x €10 = €15

Asian Sports Betting

asiaThe biggest continent in terms of population could not stay behind in the betting area. What makes the Asian bookmakers so attractive is the abundance of Asian markets like handicaps and totals, together with high betting and winning limits. In conventional sportsbooks, it is typical to be limited or outright banned if you win consecutive bets. However, this is not the case with Asian bookies. Moreover, the deposit and withdrawal limits are also higher-end, critical for high turnover players. Sports-wise, football and tennis have the lion’s share in popularity, with cricket, baseball, and table tennis to follow in local markets.

How to find top-rated online sports bookmakers

How to find top-rated online sports bookmakers Once we have made clear the sports and betting features of online sports bookmakers, it is time to look at other important factors. The safety of a bookmaker dictates whether the funds you keep there are guaranteed. Furthermore, we examine how odds & payouts work, and one of the hottest topics in modern betting, mobile availability.

Safety & Transparency 

Since we talk about money at stake, it is imperative that your sports bookmaker has a clean record of transparency and is adequately regulated. That also applies to the banking institution that holds players’ deposits. Moreover, a KYC process that does not require extensive documentation and is completed quickly weighs positively. On the same note, fair bonus requirements that do not include absurd terms and correct bet settlements also count on the plus side. 

Betting Services

Top sports betting sites stand out from the competition with the variety and quality of betting services. Cashout is among the hottest ones, as it can make a huge difference in your balance by salvaging a likely lost bet. Similarly, setting stake & winning limits once a player wins a few consecutive bets makes high turnover bettors look for an alternative. Finally, a policy that some sportsbooks follow dictates that in case of wrong odds, the betslip will be canceled. Again, since the responsibility does not lie on the player, it is not fair to carry the consequences.

Mobile Experience

More than 60% of the total betting activity takes place on a smartphone. Therefore, all good sports betting sites must offer gambling on the road. Top sportsbooks have a dedicated app for iOS & Android, which they update regularly. A friendly interface and requiring a few taps to action are mandatory. All the features of the desktop version are available, with live betting as a stand-out advantage. Placing your bets or cashing out your winnings when on the move are two of the reasons that made mobile betting immensely popular.

The final word on the Best Sports Bookmakers 

Final word on the Best Sports Bookmakers Finding your next best bookie is not an easy task. However, there are certain things I can point out, which apply to everyone. Safety always comes first; therefore, consult our listed bookies. We only include verified sportsbooks, on which extensive background checks have been performed. Then, look for a bookie that offers Full (or even Partial) Cashout, does not limit players who won a few bets, and has a straightforward KYC process. Our players’ reviews are your greatest tool in these areas. Finally, nowadays, I cannot stress enough the importance of a top-of-the-notch mobile app. Betting on mobile is the dominant trend, and it will only become more popular onwards.

Q: How do we rank our sports betting sites?

The process we follow is thorough and examines every aspect of the bookmaker. The most important are safety, available sports & markets, odds and mobile features. Furthermore, we include players’ comments and reviews, as feedback is a valuable tool to evaluate sportsbooks.

Q: Which are the best payout sports betting sites?

In terms of payouts, the standards are closely related to the sport. However, we can use some percentages as a rule of thumb. In football & basketball a good payout rate is around 95%. In tennis it reaches 95%, when in horse racing a satisfying one is 93%. In live betting a 94% and above payout is on the higher end.

Q: How can I find the best sports betting sites for beginners?

The most important rule is to find a bookie that offers a multitude of markets in a sport you know and enjoy. The reason is that being familiar with it, rapidly increases your chances of winning.

Q: Can you tell me the most secure sports betting site?

All of our listed bookmakers score high in safety & transparency. We have gone through a meticulous testing process, to make sure that you deposit funds to reliable and secure sportsbooks.

Q: What makes the best live sports betting sites?

For a bookmaker to reach a top level in live betting, it should offer a wide range in sports and in-play markets with competitive odds. Furthermore, bet acceptance should be instant and not delayed or cancelled by price changes.

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