Professional Betting

Some bettors see online betting as a recreational activity and are not really looking to increase their knowledge. Others have moderate success and have made some profit but cannot maintain the momentum. However, a handful of people have managed to turn the tables and see online gambling like any other job. Of course, professional betting is easier said than done; that’s why has released a number of high-level guides to help advanced players make a step forward.

Professional Betting Guides

Professional Betting Guides

If you want to upgrade your level, finding short-term opportunities to make some profit isn’t enough. Professional betting takes discipline and loyalty, respect to bankroll management rules, and in-depth analysis during every step. Pros keep an archive of previous wagers, and they evaluate markets and odds to manage the stakes and risks. Οur guides have an ultimate target to improve your betting skills and give you the final advice before you start making serious money. Read on and find valuable information about exploiting bookies’ mistakes and always staying on top.

Ηow to bet like a Pro

quick mobile siteAdvanced bettors follow betting rules consistently and a broad range of strategies. On the other hand, professionals use their knowledge to turn a profit. Undoubtedly, they comprehend the difference between being a fan and a bettor. However, a few parameters exist on the top of the mountain, separating the high rollers from the professionals. Betting a lot of money can’t make you a pro. That’s why we help you distinguish the main differences between high-staking and betting for a living.

Focus on specific sports

footballIt isn’t recommended to bet on random events and spread wagers across football, basketball, and other sports. Specialisation is the answer if you wonder how to bet like a pro; that factor can make you an expert and increase your chances against the bookies. High rollers often place wagers on several sports without evaluating the odds or markets. On the other hand, professional bettors aim to keep their losses to a minimum, focusing on a handful of sports and a specific type of bet. They indeed have a broader range of leagues that benefit, instead of betting mainly on popular tournaments such as the English Premier League or Champions League.

Betting at the top bookies

Is it enough for professional betting standards to find competitive odds or evaluate a bookie just for the promotions? Some players adopt a bonus-abuse strategy and try to receive as many welcome bonuses as they can. Although, multi-accounting is a part of professionals’ tactics for entirely different reasons. They target to analyse the odds disparity and pay the least possible VIG. That’s why they create accounts for more than three or four bookmakers to secure the best available prices. In-play betting options and the transactions’ speed and convenience are crucial. Finally, since many pros prefer betting ‘under the radar’, the site must accept payments via cryptocurrencies that offer a higher level of anonymity.

Discipline & emotions control

head iconIn most cases, a pro keeps records and archives and finds patterns in profitable strategies. If the winning percentage is less than 50%, the bookmakers will always beat you. Managing the emotional factor in pro betting is crucial. Meanwhile, a high roller can sometimes wager out of spite or recover instantly from losses. Having a big bankroll doesn’t mean that you will secure profits. It’s certainly an advantage but rarely determines and upgrades the profile of a wealthy bettor to a pro. Only discipline and emotions’ control differentiate the level in the long term.

How to make money from professional betting

best mobile bonus bookmakersIf you start placing bets and win a few, you will think of the ideal scenario of betting for a living. It’s hard to succeed, though; οne of the sufficient ways to achieve it’s by following specific strategies. Experts write our guides using their experience and knowledge. If you read a sum of articles, you can find the right path to professional sports betting. Here are some valuable tips:

Μanage the bankroll

Differences between a Promo and a Free bet Code Don’t bet on every game; rather, just wait for the right time until the bookies make a mistake. Professional betting needs a pattern and alternative staking plans, especially when recovering from lousy runs, which everyone suffers. Our experts have analyzed betting systems, like Martingale, Fibonacci, and D’Alembert, to give you alternatives to manage the bankroll.

Do intensive research

criteria checklistYou should face sports events as the bookmakers do if you are betting for a living; that means the background’s knowledge about each match must be close to perfect. Teams’ or players’ stats and news, the home-field advantage, previews, reviews, and trends boost winning chances but are not enough. You should also evaluate the odds movement and determine why they went up or down in most cases. Furthermore, your daily programme should include intensive research before making any decisions.

Use resources

What are good alternatives for Monese bookmakers? There’s another factor of pro bettors and bookmakers, and both use maths and advanced stats to evaluate the odds. So, in professional betting, it’s a need to save time and enjoy the accuracy when you place cover bets, for instance, like trixies and patents or converting odds types. Our Bet Calculators are handy tools for every pro who should be precise when computing advanced stats, like expected value and make quick decisions.

Ηοw do professional bettors bet

Germany Bundesliga predictions todayWhen you decide to step up your game, you should know that bookies will monitor your activity after some wins. All professionals have been assigned to categories depending on their profile. Bookies aim to reduce the risk of money laundering, whilst the ultimate target is to maximize long-term profits. Regulars and even high rollers are their favourite players. Conversely, pro and smart bettors should try a lot to remain under the radar. Let’s break down the primary profiles and explore how do professional bettors bet.


Sharp is a dedicated bettor with the perfect profile to profit from pro betting. These players are considered professionals because they have money liquidity, and their strategies are numerous. Some want to win money, not only a high percentage, and others seek the value to receive earnings or wait for all the latest info before placing bets. A handful of them follows pro tipsters for advisory reasons.


Traders have all the high knowledge and the discipline to trade wagers in betting exchanges, manually or using algorithms and advanced software. There are many risks involved when backing and laying bets, while the profit seldom is high after each process. Traders target to produce a guaranteed profit without caring about the outcome of a sports event, and their goal is always getting better odds with no added risk.


Several professionals prefer straight arbing to make a living from betting. Arbitrageurs know that they will not be rich quickly, having the goal to guarantee a profit. They dive deeper to find arbing opportunities to make money from the odds imbalance, exploiting the different prices in their favour. Arbitrage betting involves placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event and sure profit regardless of the winner.

Βonus abuser

Τhese professional betting strategies based on free bets and other promotions, signing up to multiple bookmakers just to receive their offers. Bonus abusers target sign up bonuses mostly; they read terms and conditions diligently and evaluate all the critical factors, how much time they should invest and the risk/reward ratio to make the offered bonus withdrawable.

Late bettor

For instance, late bettors try to take advantage of bookies’ technical mistakes, betting on not blocked odds when a goal is scored in a football match. That’s a typical example of a late bet, but there are several different methods for cheaters. If a bookie makes a mistake awarding a wrong player with a goal due to technical or other issues, they place a bet in such a way it should, like before the blunder.

Syndicate bettor

Several players are cooperating with sharp professionals, so, in many cases, a series of similar wagers can be placed in a short period of time. That group of bettors is working together trying to find odds’ value and exploit prices’ and line movements in their favour across numerous bookies. This high valuable info never leaves the syndicate consisting of different sports specialists.

How bookmakers detect & prevent professional betting

shield iconOne of your main targets is to remain under the bookies’ radar because they monitor players and profile them. That’s the main reason they set different maximum payouts for individual bettors. Secondly, bookies can impose restrictions on those considered harmful for their earnings. The final response measure is to cancel invalid bets and ban bettors because they are winning a lot of money or due to fraud and disloyalty. Generally, professional betting is legal. However, sharp bettors should avoid bookies’ limitations and be gubbed.

When you open a verified account, place one or two bets as soon as possible, especially if you receive a welcome bonus. You should also think about not making a substantial first deposit but a smaller one. Otherwise, bookies will understand that you are betting for a living. Make your deposits from a legally funded account, and the financing methods are clear.

Bet on your favourite events, but if you are a pro for lower leagues, hit some wagers on the English Premier League, NBA, and the NFL, where the most people bet on.

Your stakes should be whole amounts in most cases. A €150 stake is common, but a €162 can be a part of the Kelly Criterion plan which means you are a pro bettor for the bookies. Avoid placing max bets and in the middle of your strategy, add some ACCAs with lower stakes. If you increase your variance, you simultaneously increase your chances to remain under the radar.

Should I start betting for a living or not?

spyIt’s challenging to transform a hobby into a job, but in the case of betting seems quite demanding. Let’s say you have an extensive and wealthy bankroll to invest and you are not afraid of the risks at all. A decent income is enough for your needs, while you have the patience and discipline to achieve it. You are an experienced bettor with a series of strategies for pre-match and in-play betting and deep knowledge of advanced staking plans to follow. You had our expert support when choosing the best bookmakers to place bets.

Your transactions are versatile because you use cryptocurrencies for quick and easy deposits and withdrawals seeking higher limits. The potential for success exists; however, there are specific parameters you need to consider before you start betting for a living. The most important is to set time and earnings goals; how much you want to receive in a preliminary period of time. Then, you should keep records and have a winning rate above 50%. Impossible is nothing, so you can try skills and lack in professional betting, always considering our guides and the experts’ advice.

Q: Are there any pro sports bettors?

Bettors who have the patience to wait for long term results and wager with a plan can make a living from betting. They evaluate the profit/risk assessment on a daily basis and have discipline. Pro bettors build strategies and staking plans on reliable information and valuable stats. Undoubtedly, their specialization level is exceptionally high.

Q: Can an amateur become a professional bettor?

Anyone who can follow the main principles of professional betting can become a sharp player. Beginners have mostly approachable profit targets, so they can be more patient in the long term, and that’s the main recipe for winning. If a bettor has all the high-level skills but a small bankroll available still, he can become a pro.

Q: Are there advanced metrics to use for pro betting?

Pros build betting strategies mainly based on metrics. They trust the discipline model, follow advanced data for their staking plans, define odds value, and find the edge against bookies on specific sports and markets. All that behaviour and activity is based on stats and metrics.

Q: How to calculate the VIG and find value in professional betting?

It’s a pretty complicated process, even for professional bettors with controversial results. Firstly, pros calculate the implied probability of all possible outcomes and then define the real probability by removing the VIG percentage. They bring the implied probability to 100%; the actual probability shows if the odds have value or not.

Q: How to avoid restrictions when arbing?

Sharp bettors find a top bookie or an exchange before arbing since they usually provide better odds. They don’t bet big amounts and place random bets between their arbitrages to remain under the radar. Still, they select the preferred events very carefully because it looks strange for a bookie, for instance, to bet high on a lower league in a different country than yours.

Q: Why do professional bettors avoid outrights?

An outright bet can’t be adjusted to any of the high-level strategies of pro bettors. The most crucial factor is time; you can’t build a plan waiting, for example, on outrights such as the English Premier League Champion in order to learn if your bet on Manchester City becomes a winner. That means arbing, dutching, or match betting are sharp bettor tactics that don’t fit long-term bets.

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