Not Recommended Bookmakers

We, as, take pride in evaluating how honest a betting site is, by checking multiple aspects. However, not all online bookmakers are equal in terms of safety and trustworthiness. Some have maintained an excellent track record and met all of our criteria, while others have steadily decreased the betting offering. The list of not recommended bookmakers you will find on this page does not necessarily mean you should avoid them altogether. Rather exercise caution when wagering. There is a separate list with all the online scam bookmakers. Read on to understand what to be on the lookout for before registering and why a gambling site might end up in the maybe pile.

List of Not Recommended Betting Sites 

criteria checklistThe following table contains information about sportsbooks that the team does not suggest creating an account with. The results are based on the review updates that the sites undergo regularly. It is also our principle to listen to our community’s comments and try to resolve all issues that pop up on our complaints page. However, some bookmakers refuse to answer our inquiries. This means that a bookie’s stature can change from time to time. Some sites were once on the list, but not anymore, and vice versa. We consider multiple factors and make sure the list of not recommended betting sites is always up to date.

Why dishonest sportsbooks exist 

BettingThere is a vast range of causes why a bookmaker fails to be considered 100% honest, which led to the induction in the ‘not suggested’ betting site list. Each bookie appears there for different reasons, which you can find on the list. Some are connected to the payment options, others with the overall product, and a few with the brand itself. Some of the reasons can be easily recognized by looking at the website’s home page, while others require reading the Terms and Conditions very carefully. It is a tedious process, which is why we have compiled all the different scenarios here.

Gambling license downgrade 

The operating license a betting site holds is one of the primary things we check during our reviews. Of course, some authorities like the MGA or the UKGC are more reputable than Curacao or Costa Rica, for example. This does not mean that all sportsbooks only running under a Curacao license are not trusted, but it is concerning. Traditionally, bookmakers that do not hold a Tier 1 license should be treated with caution due to the looser regulations that engulf them. We can move a brand to the dishonest sportsbooks if they had a great license in the past, but not anymore.

Not resolving complaints 

In our Player Comments and Complaints Page, you can read what other community members have to say about online betting sites. When we receive a complaint, we contact the bookie directly and ask about the problem. Of course, some are willing to reply and resolve any issue, while others do not bother taking the time. This is, for us, a reason to be added to the list of not recommended sportsbooks because it creates a bad rapport.

Slower Verification 

Creating and verifying your account should be a simple and straightforward process. If you need more than 1-2 business days to verify your identity, then something might be wrong. These procedures have to be as fast as possible. Otherwise, there will be frustration. When we get a hold of a site that takes too long to go through the documents you have sent, adds more steps, or makes excuses and keeps asking for newer or more ‘clear’ ones, we might flag it.

Poor Customer Support 

A quick and knowledgeable customer support team will always receive a good ranking. On the contrary, if an agent does not know what they are talking about, we do not suggest it. Imagine if you have a problem with a payment method, want to change your settings, or even do not understand a type of wager. If the CS is not in a position to clear things up, why bother? Another reason would be advertising false hours of operation. Some sites state that they offer 24/7 Customer Support, but only for emails. There could be no Live Chat to answer your questions in real-time.

Changing of Terms & Conditions 

It is not uncommon for a bookie to update the Terms and Conditions of the website from time to time. However, if this happens very often, like twice a year, it is too much. Also, since you are usually notified via email, you should receive a list with all the changed terms. Some sportsbooks alter their TnCs regularly to tip the scale in their favor and fail to inform players what they have changed, hoping no one will read them.

Faster Limitations 

If you have already been a bettor for a few years, you must have heard of accounts being limited. These limits apply to how much you can bet and can be as low as €1-2 and might even close your account completely. It is not a secret that betting companies do not want you to win, but you have to know if they are scamming you. In most cases, a site will claim that you used arbitrage betting strategies or abused the promotions to limit your account. Nonetheless, you will always receive your money, but if a bookie is quick to restrict you if you are winning, we do not suggest playing there.

Delaying Payments 

betting types on politicsEvery bettor’s primary concern when wagering online is how much time is required to cash out winnings. A few sites offer speedy withdrawals, while others tend to delay paying players, even for 10+ days. They might ask for additional documents or claim there was a problem with the method and send the funds back to your account. What’s more, some sites do not even advertise the time you need to wait for a withdrawal to go through. This happens because they want to have a reason for taking too long.

Not Recommended Bookmaker Practices 

Above we saw quite a few reasons why it is possible to not trust a betting site. However the story does not end there. Besides payments, limits, or poor customer support, there is a wide range of other aspects you should take into consideration. These could range from a mediocre betting offering to few promotions and payment options. They are not exactly reasons to avoid a bookie altogether, but are enough to make you second guess them. Let's have a look. 

Decreased Betting Offering 

Money-back The average payout among online bookmakers ranges somewhere between 92-95%. It is neither great nor awful; it is what it is. If the odds are lower than that, we feel it is too low to bother with registering. Some brands started out giving players very high odds, but as long as they gained some traffic steadily decreased them. And since we check the overall payout, huge disparities among sports are another thing we consider. The absence of essential features like Cash Out or Bet Builder is critical because you cannot utilize the full betting potential.

Slow Bet Acceptance 

The number of seconds required for a wager to be taken is significant, especially when betting live. In sports like basketball and tennis, where you bet on who will win the next point, every second counts. This is why we believe that 3-4’’ is a good time. Anything more than that is too long and can cost you a lot of money.

Low transaction limits & Fees 

The minimum and maximum amounts you can deposit or withdraw from your account are a ranking factor that divides recreational from professional sites. If you want to test a bookmaker before registering, you should only have to stake €5-10. If the minimum deposit is €25, there is a problem. On the other hand, high stakes players, who want to keep a lot of money in their balance, can be restricted with a max limit of €5,000 per month. Besides the transaction limits, you can encounter fees on payments, which can affect your balance considerably. Fees might apply to either deposits and withdrawals, depending on the method, or to convert your money into your preferred currency. There are bookies that did not have fees but inexplicably added some or certain payment methods.

Fewer payment options 

Online betting sites must provide a variety of payment options. Period. If one only has 5-6 available and does not give you the chance to add funds with e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, or credit cards, it is a warning sign. What’s more, some bookies have decreased the number of payments available or might allow multiple options for depositing but only withdraw via bank transfer, for example. This is very frustrating because it can take a long time to cash out or cause fees to be attached to your withdrawals.

Fewer promotions & unfair terms 

Top brands globally provide new and existing players alike with an array of promotions such as Enhanced Odds, Free Bets, and other Bonuses. As a bettor, you indeed like it when you have them at your disposal. However, some sites tend to remove any Welcome Bonuses or change the roll over requirements significantly. By lowering the max stake amounts, not allowing the Bonus with many payments, or giving you less time to wager the amount, they restrict you a lot. You should also be aware of Welcome Bonuses that are too good to be true and read the Terms and Conditions carefully. What’s the point of claiming a 100% Deposit Bonus up to €500 if you have to roll over it 20 times within a week.

Lousy user reviews 

Hopefully, you will agree with us when we say that we offer objective opinions on all bookmakers on our site. Understandably, though, sometimes you might not feel entirely comfortable. This is why you should read what other members of the community have to say. We do the same thing. We carefully scan player reviews and complaints, check their validity, and end up not approving of a sportsbook if needed.

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Change of Platform & Technical Issues

It is not uncommon for betting sites on changing their platform providers. Usually, the reason is to pay less money and/or to obtain a new gambling license. When this happens, though, we give some time to see how it will respond if the site shows software glitches or other technical issues that were not present before we can no longer recommend it.

Poor treatment of partners 

The list of dishonest bookmakers you found on this page contains sites that we used to promote but disagree with their practices completely lately. One of the main reasons we might have changed our mind is if they show reluctance to pay or delay payments for our services a lot. You might think this is personal but consider this. If they do not pay us, what stops them from doing the same to you? We do not like dishonest sportsbooks, but, unfortunately, we also come across breaches in agreed terms and financial issues very often.

Why trust the Recommended Bookmakers

While we review a betting site, we take into account ten different categories. Betting Markets, Odds, Live Betting, Reliability, Payment Methods, Withdrawal Speed, Customer Support, Bonuses, Mobile Navigation, and Website Design. Some are more, and others are less important, but all contribute to the overall score. We update our data as often as possible so that bookies can improve or impair their ratings. For example, losing a Tier 1 license would mean that the ‘Reliability’ of a site would drop. By the same logic, if a site improves the average payout across all sports, it would receive a higher grade in terms of betting. In any case, sportsbooks can change stature, and it is not unheard of one ending up in our list of scam bookmakers.

What to consider before registering with a bookie 

Payoneer spyBefore opening an account with a betting site, there are many things to consider, especially if it is a new one that does not have many years of experience yet. Reading the bookmaker reviews on our site should be number one. We include all the general information you should know, including license, payment methods, bonuses, promotions, stake limits, and everything else you should be vigilant of. After visiting the site and creating an account, we carefully read all the Terms and Conditions to ensure no hidden traps.

I understand it is a tedious procedure, but it is crucial to grasp what a bookie has to offer. Another important thing is to avoid depositing before completing the verification process. I have come across many incidents where players claimed the Welcome Bonus and won a respectable amount of money. However, they could not withdraw their winnings because the customer support team said there was a problem with the documents.

Q: Are all betting sites honest?

No, even if you are a novice in betting, you must have heard of sites trying to fraud players. It isn't easy to know from the beginning which are the ones not to be trusted, but there are several dishonest signs you can identify. This is why we have done all the research for you and have divided all bookmakers on our site depending on the level of trustworthiness we have for them.

Q: How are bookmakers regulated?

Several gambling authorities issue operating licenses to betting sites. The most well-known ones are the MGA, the UKGC, Gibraltar, and Curacao. Of course, some have looser ways of evaluating a sportsbook, so if a site has a weaker license could end up in our not recommended bookmakers list.

Q: Is the list of not recommended bookmakers trustworthy?

Yes, absolutely. We review all the bookies on our site regularly and alter their stature if we feel they have decreased the product they provide to the players. You will find a unique score for each bookmaker on our site, alongside all the reasons for making an informed decision.

Q: Can a not recommended sportsbook improve?

Of course. Our decisions are not final. We review our listed bookmakers at least once every three months, so all the information is updated. Even if a gambling site received a mediocre rating at first, it could be improved if they upgrade the offering and vice versa.

Q: What are the signs of a not-suggested sportsbook?

There are several reasons why a bookmaker might not be 100% trusted. These range from slow verification and poor customer support to payments, wagers, and poor operating licenses. Nonetheless, this does not mean you cannot give them a go.

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