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NBA Predictions Today

The NBA is the best Basketball championship globally. After Golden State’s golden era (2015-2018), where the Warriors triumphed three out of four times, four different franchises have won the Larry O’Brien trophy (i.e., Nuggets, Raptors, Lakers, and Bucks). Betting on the NBA hides a high level of difficulty, especially during the regular season. From October to June, there are 1,230 games before the Playoffs, including the inaugural NBA Cup. However, we analyze all available data every day, carefully processing stats and the latest news before posting our NBA predictions.

NBA predictions for today


  • We collect the highest prices straight from all reliable and leading bookmakers. Then, we deliver average market odds next to each released pick.
  • We don’t provide odds feed now, but we plan to add it to our services in the near future.
  • The bookmakers presenting next to the odds doesn’t mean that they offer these prices. As we have ranked them, they are our recommended online betting sites; you can find valuable promos before placing your bets just with one click.
  • We post the status for all daily betting tips (won, lost, void).

Most Accurate NBA Predictions

BMB_Basketball BallOur tipsters make an in-depth analysis of all possible data before posting. They release daily NBA betting tips on players’ Specials and Totals for Points, Rebounds, and Assists. also evaluates all the parameters that can influence the odds, examining factors like travel distances, back-to-back games and days of rest that are crucial for our picks.

So, we are here to do all the hard work for you, publishing betting predictions for today and helping to grow your bankroll. To provide accurate picks, following a pattern is essential.

That’s why we focus on teams’ or individual players’ stats (e.g., average scoring, recent teams’ offensive and defensive performances), seeking where the value is.

We examine all the latest news and valuable data, like the injuries, suspensions, home-court advantage, and odds tendency. Finally, we post our NBA predictions on Moneylines, Totals, Spreads, and the most extensive range of markets.

What Time do we Publish our NBA Predictions

BMB_Date_Time_IconThe NBA’s popularity increases year by year, so it’s expected that the betting interest has exploded lately. Collecting all the latest injuries and suspensions and tracking the shaded line movements, we aim to release the most accurate and valuable NBA picks at the highest available odds.

We monitor the prices of the leading NBA bookmakers 24/7, driving you to the top-level sportsbooks with the best odds for every Basketball market instantly.

The league’s schedule includes 82 games for every team, so we have daily action to cover. Following the calendar, every day by 13:00 a.m. CET, you can access our free NBA predictions.

Top NBA Betting Predictions Tonight for the Regular Season

BMB_FavouriteAmong all the top American sports, the NBA might seem the easiest to make predictions and win. Basketball rules are more intuitive than Baseball or Ice Hockey, for example. However, in reality, the ΝΒΑ is one of the most challenging leagues to bet on. You should have deep knowledge about several factors that can affect the results. Let’s check the most important ones.

Ranking: Several professional bettors create players’ archetypes based on advanced offensive and defensive stats. Measuring their recent performances compared to their achievements in the previous seasons, they create algorithms and predict Specials and Props for players and teams, respectively.

Our tipsters use these algorithms to post worthy picks for the regular season, the In-Season Tournament, and our NBA All-Star Game betting tips. Remember, though, that it’s not entirely safe to only release predictions by reading numbers and doing advanced maths.

You can rank a team, for instance, by examining the last season’s winning rate in-depth. Although, there are several factors to evaluate the winning rate for the current season, such as the schedule, the recent win percentages, etc.

Fatigue Factor: One of the main factors that reflect teams’ ranking is the schedule’s impact. Maybe it’s rare in the regular season, although it’s common for a team to play three games in four days or simply back-to-back with minimal rest.

Hence, the teams’ ranking seems to be schedule-dependent. Besides the fatigue factor, we check other critical parameters before posting NBA betting tips, like the home advantage, the previous matchups between the opponents, and the travelling kilometres.

NBA Betting Tips for the Postseason & Finals

BMB_TrophyThe NBA Playoffs are an entirely different tournament compared to preseason, regular season, and NBA Cup games. There are four rounds; each best-of-seven series is completed when a team achieves four wins, so each franchise could play an additional 28 games in the postseason. Even the best teams lose 15 up to 30 games in the regular season, where some dark horses often make upsets.

On the flip side, these upsets are undoubtedly less during the postseason, where the difference in quality among teams is diminished. Hence, we evaluate each postseason matchup, considering specific criteria before posting our NBA predictions for Playoffs and Finals.

Home-Court Advantage: You should never underestimate the crucial importance of the home-court advantage when you bet on the NBA. Most franchises are playing better at their court in front of their supporters. That factor has existed both in the regular season and postseason throughout the ages, also affecting the NBA In-Season Tournament odds.

Looking back at previous years, such as the 2014 season, you can check that 19 of the 30 franchises had a winning record at home (i.e., better than 0.500). The home-court advantage determines, in some cases, the spreads, especially in games between equal teams.

On the flip side, some teams perform well on the road; if the visitors have a positive away record and the handicap, betting against the spread might be a profitable option.

Key Stats: Every Basketball game compiles data and stats, so the critical part of research is to focus on the key numbers that can determine the result. We evaluate the statistics from three specific categories before posting our picks for challenging postseason games and our NBA Finals predictions; points in the paint, turnovers, and rebounds.

All the elite teams perform well in these statistical categories, keeping their dominance when providing a high average of points or rebounds and a low turnover ratio.

What do we Check Before Posting our NBA Predictions

BMB_ListFollowing our NBA predictions, you will understand that we don’t back favourites lower than 1.50 (-200) odds. Firstly, we analyze the spreads from when sportsbooks release them until the first jump-ball. It’s a non-stop daily procedure in order to discover opportunities when predicting winners or handicapping any matchup in that league.

You can check the two main parameters we examine when we post our NBA betting tips for today and every day till the Finals.

Players’ Injuries: When a star player has an injury before a postseason game, it influences oddsmaking and betting. For instance, the dominant Milwaukee Bucks aren’t robust and efficient without Giannis Antetokounmpo, a giant in the paint.

The loss of a star-quality athlete due to injury or suspension can cause a significant adjustment in the lines. So, we keep an eye on pregame reports, getting informed from our trusted sources before posting our NBA predictions.

Tracking Line Movements: Several experienced bettors check the opening NBA odds, seeking bookies’ errors to take advantage of. Then, they look for the lines and spreads that move in their favour.

We follow the same strategy when releasing our NBA picks, also monitoring the odds movement. That’s why we post our selections only 12 to 15 hours before a game starts.

Generally, we avoid posting on shaded lines because, in these cases, favourites lost their value (i.e., if the Bucks were a -9,5 favourite and now are a -12,5, that 3-point margin is deterring for us).

How to Make our NBA Tips Today

BMB_Betting TipsThe Moneyline market is the simplest way to bet on Basketball; you only have to predict which team will win the game. Examining specific factors, you can understand each pick’s implied probability. The latest team news, probable injuries, and the current form of both teams are parameters that can help you predict the outcome. Let’s go deeper, checking two more crucial factors before we post NBA predictions for today.

Rivalries: After seven decades full of action, the NBA has had major rivalries between teams in different conferences or opponents in the same division. The Celtics vs. Lakers rivalry is the greatest because these two powerhouses have the most NBA titles.

There are several other matchups with an intense rivalry, such as Lakers vs. Clippers, Knicks vs. Nets, and Bulls vs. Pistons. Let’s follow an example for the New York Knicks vs. Boston Celtics clash.

These are two of three traditional franchises still playing in their original cities. The Knicks are the favourites at 1.83 (-120) odds, while the Celtics pay 2.00 (+100) to make an away win. A 50% implied probability is relatively high for a visitor team, so you can find decent odds on elite teams betting on our NBA predictions.

Home & Aways Wins (%): After the Covid-19 pandemic, the home and away winning percentages have adjusted again. Crowds’ return was a crucial factor that determined results. Utah Jazz, for instance, was exceptional in the 2020/21 season, having an 86,1% winning percentage at home (i.e., 31-5).

On the flip side, the Houston Rockets had reached a low 25% home record (i.e., 9-27) in a shortened 72-game season.

Suppose Utah hosted City Thunder as a 1.13 (-769) favourite to win. Jazz’s winning percentage for the 2021/22 season (i.e., 29-12 at home) undoubtedly was a factor that bookies considered. So, now we do the same before we post our NBA betting tips for today.

NBA Picks for Totals & Props

BMB_Money_ProfitWagering on Totals (points, rebounds, assists, etc.) is a very challenging part when you start learning how to bet on Basketball and win. For example, the total points line for the Bucks vs. Nets game is 240,5. So, Milwaukee and Brooklyn must score 241 points at least combined to make the Over pick a winner at 1.90 (-111) odds.

For every NBA game, we search the total points scored in previous encounters between the opponents. We also collect the recent points stats for each franchise’s last five or ten games, making an average. Then, we compare the result with the bookies’ line, examining if there is value in posting Over/Under NBA betting tips.

Sometimes, following the same procedure for players, you can find betting opportunities among Props. Proposition bets relate to betting markets that don’t influence the final result of a game.

For example, a very sharp player in free throws, like Stephen Curry, who can score 15 or more in a row, can be included in our daily NBA picks if we decide to post a Prop bet.

Following the stats tables for the season, we have a primary target finding predictions for Props monitoring the points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks leaders.

Where to Bet on the NBA Season

BMB_Best IconIn the list below, you can track the top NBA Bookmakers with the most extensive range of markets and the highest odds for the regular season, NBA In-Season Tournament, postseason, and Finals.

Q: Where can you find NBA predictions for tonight?

Every day during the NBA regular season and the Playoffs, our experts analyze all the matchups and evaluate the highest odds in order to find the most valuable NBA picks from that elite tournament’s popular markets.

Q: Which are the main markets for NBA betting?

Wagering on the lines is the most popular option among NBA bettors, who can also place bets in all reputable bookies on Moneylines, Total Points, Futures and Props.

Q: What should you look after when betting on the NBA?

Before we release our NBA betting tips, we observe the odds, the teams’ news and the fixtures’ history (e.g. H2H games). Τhen, we track the lines and spreads movements due to probable injuries, examing advanced key stats and home/away teams’ winning percentages. Moreover, we check if there’s any teams’ motivation to compete for the inaugural NBA Cup.

Q: What is schedule tracking in the NBA?

Every day before we post our NBA predictions, we look at each team’s schedule, looking for back-to-back games that would lead a particular franchise to fatigue. The schedule tracking can help to find picks on fresher underdogs, for instance, giving, in general, a great value to bet against tired teams.

Q: How often do favourites win in the NBA?

Besides the 2019/2020 season, where the home soil advantage had vanished due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the favourites win a close 70% percentage on average when playing in their court. Based on the previous seasons’ stats, in 2015/16, for instance, the favourites’ winning percentage was 71,9% at home and 65,3% away.

Q: Which team will win the NBA Finals for 2024?

Four franchises are the main favourites to win the NBA title for the 2023/24 season; Milwaukee Bucks pay 4.50 (+350) odds to come first in the Finals, while Boston Celtics (5.00, +400), Denver Nuggets (6.50, +550), and Phoenix Suns (7.00, +600) follow.

Q: Which team will win the Western Conference for 2023/24 NBA season?

According to outright odds, the Nuggets are the favourite to win the West at 2.20 (+120). Phoenix Suns (2.50, +150), Golden State Warriors (4.00, +300), and Los Angeles Lakers (4.00, +300) are the other strong contenders to take first prize in the NBA Western Conference for the 2023/24 NBA season.

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