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MLB Predictions Today

Many sports have started to gain popularity among bettors globally. There’s no doubt Baseball is one of them, especially in North/South America and Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and Chinese Taipei. Major League Baseball, in particular, has become one of the fastest-growing competitions for betting. Our tipsters examine every day all the factors to be informed and accurate in their MLB predictions. The key parameters we evaluate are the stats of starting pitchers, such as ERA and WHIP, each team’s batting order and average, and the implied probability of the offered odds.

MLB predictions for today


  • We collect the highest prices straight from all reliable and leading bookmakers. Then, we deliver average market odds next to each released pick.
  • We don’t provide odds feed now, but we plan to add it to our services in the near future.
  • The bookmakers presenting next to the odds doesn’t mean that they offer these prices. As we have ranked them, they are our recommended online betting sites; you can find valuable promos before placing your bets just with one click.
  • We post the status for all daily betting tips (won, lost, void).

Most Accurate MLB Predictions

BMB_Baseball_BallMLB bettors have to deal with a giant 162-game regular season for each team, which means up to 15 matches a day from March to November. Coupled with the postseason and World Series, that fact makes it very tough to analyze every game. Since it’s almost impossible to follow all matches, we are here to do the hard work for you. By analyzing advanced stats and unique conditions such as ballparks’ and pitchers’ impact, we can determine which results are going to go.

You can wager on a wide range of markets in addition to the traditional WDW (i.e., 9 innings). That’s why our MLB predictions aren’t limited to Moneylines and Run Lines. Our main target is to help you secure value odds and high returns when releasing them. For that reason, we examine all the needed parameters to increase your winning chances.

When do we Publish our MLB Betting Tips

BMB_Date_Time_IconBetting on Major League Baseball offers you a mammoth number of opportunities every day. Βaseball bookmakers release hundreds of future odds, from which team will win the World Series to who will take the Cy Young Award for the best pitcher.

After checking our trusted sources for all the latest news and line movements, we monitor the prices 24/7. So, we drive you to the elite sportsbooks with the best odds for every Baseball market instantly. Following the schedule, you can see our MLB betting tips by 11:00 a.m. (CET) daily.

MLB Predictions for Spring Training

BMB_Baseball Player-3 The MLB preseason is an entirely different part of Baseball, so you should have a distinct approach. Spring training session allows managers and their staff to evaluate players who try to earn a roster spot. Betting on these exhibition games is too risky. To avoid the preseason struggle, keep the following in mind.

Non-home-field Advantage: The Grapefruit League is held in Florida and includes several intense matchups (e.g., Red Sox vs. Yankees, Astros vs. Braves, Pirates vs. Cardinals). On the flip side, the Cactus League hosts 15 major franchises (e.g., Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers) in Arizona. As you can understand, the home-soil advantage doesn’t exist in spring training because these games are played in neutral and smaller ballparks.

Underdogs’ Value: Our experts have concluded that betting on non-playoff teams against postseason franchises is a profitable strategy. These preparation games are random, meaning the dark horses have greater winning chances. Our MLB predictions for spring training focus on underdogs’ run line. Since 2013, more than 400 (70%) favourites didn’t manage to cover the line.

Protect the Pitcher: Baseball betting has a leading principle; the starting pitcher matchup defines the odds. That parameter doesn’t exist in spring training for two reasons. Firstly, the games aren’t played in the home stadiums, so bookmakers avoid overrating the pitchers’ impact. Secondly, several managers set a 20-pitch limit for their quality defenders. What does it mean? Maybe from the 2nd inning, they turn to the bullpen process, a move that can ruin your pre-match bet. We understand which teams resort to those tactics and avoid them in our preseason MLB picks.

MLB Betting Tips for the Regular Season

BMB_Baseball Player-2The regular season in North American Baseball forces us to retool our handicapping strategy and analyze factors such as the starting pitchers’ rating, the travel programme, or the series’ schedule. In any case, these are only a few of the several aspects we examine before posting our MLB betting tips. The road to the World Series is too long. Patience is a crucial advantage, so we release our betting predictions for today and every day only when we see a clear edge according to the factors underneath.

Pitchers Rating

BMB_Number_OneOddsmakers face a unique challenge every day in evaluating pitching matchups. Our experts, tracking all the advanced stats, do the same thing in an attempt to find mistakes and value prices. The MLB picks we post are based on the starting pitchers’ impact in all main markets. Run lines, Moneylines, and Totals are ultimately connected with a sharp or ineffective pitcher. We read behind ERA and WHIP numbers, trying to find the most consistent defenders.

Ballparks Advantage

BMB_Number_TwoHome soil advantage determines our MLB picks approach, especially during the regular season; yes, there are stadiums where Baseball players love to play. We evaluate the appropriate stats after each season ends. So, we can understand when a home team is a favourite and why some ballparks produce runs.

For instance, going back to 2019, we can confidently say that Colorado Rockies’ Coors Field was and remains a batter-friendly ballpark. With a 0.302 batting average and 0.380 on-base percentage, it’s not a surprise that the specific ballpark produces a high number of runs. That’s why outfielders have to play very deep and close to the borders, giving extra field for hits and runs.

Designated Hitter

BMB_Number_ThreeThe National League’s teams used the designated hitter when they visited the American League’s ballparks, so the DH rule made a difference in interleague games. In the 2022 season, the rules finally changed, so all the teams will use the designated hitter, eliminating pitchers’ hitting. Pitchers are bad hitters, so their appearance on the plate reduced runs in games without DH.

Moreover, starting pitchers included in the batting order remain in the lineup even once they are done pitching. The Shohei Ohtani rule, named after the former Los Angeles Angels pitcher, gives two-way players like him the chance to have more at-bats, being both the pitcher and the DH in games. When posting MLB predictions on Totals, we always check these rules’ effects.

MLB Betting Tips for the Postseason & World Series

BMB_Baseball Player-3Our analysts create a database of stats during the regular season. When the postseason starts, they understand which teams can win more games and reach the playoffs. Futures are always part of our betting pattern, but we also post MLB betting tips daily from the Wild Cards round to the World Series, besides our MLB All-Star Game Prop bets, which is a special section.

When Baseball comes into the postseason, we evaluate additional criteria.

Follow the News: The injuries & suspensions sector is crucial for betting in all sports. Maybe in Baseball, even a significant absentee can be replaced more easily, except when a pitcher or outfielder can miss 50 or more games. In that case, managers have to find a more permanent solution.

Let’s take Charlie Morton’s injury in Game 1 of the 2021 World Series. Although the Braves starter fractured his fibula, Atlanta took the lead against Houston, breaking the home soil advantage with a 6-2 win. Ηe deemed out for the remainder of the series, so Atlanta needed to change the pitching rotation.

Key Stats: Our tipsters advise all the reliable and official stats sources, analyzing what a pitcher can do from the mound or the number of runs a team can score. Every day, we break down the stats table for offensive skills, such as at-bat, batting average, caught stealing, and extra-base hits.

Moreover, we check the advanced stats leaders in pitching, evaluating the ERA, WHIP, earned runs, and innings pitched progress. Our MLB predictions include special selections based on data, like Moneylines and Run Lines for 5-inning betting. Especially for the Wild Card games and our MLB World Series predictions, where the markets are numerous, that process can give high-value bets.

What do we Explore before Posting MLB Predictions

BMB_ListBetting on Baseball’s 2-way markets, it’s not as easy as it seems. We do not like backing favourites at 1.50 (-200) odds or lower. We analyze all the available markets, but our tipsters mainly focus on Run Lines and Totals in their MLB predictions.

Except for the main critical statistical info, like H2H results and current form, we also consider less critical factors.

Top MLB Rivalries: The Boston Red Sox vs the New York Yankees remains one of the most intense and fierce rivalries across all major sports. The million-dollar question is, “Does the public care?” Some bettors are wagering based on emotion.

A Red Sox fan will probably not place a bet against Boston before a matchup against the Yankees. We will evaluate their rivalry only if they play for the Wild Cards, as it happens in 2021 or the Championship series.

Weather Conditions: We have the deep knowledge to analyze the weather factor before every ballpark game. Betting on the Chicago Cubs on Wrigley Field, you should wait a few hours before the first pitch. Phenomena like winds influence the stadium, so we take the information about the weather conditions in Chicago before we post Over/Under MLB picks.

You should always keep in mind that Baseball is a summer sport. Secondly, there are ballparks with retractable roofs, like Houston Astros’ Minute Maid Park, where the weather has no impact on the games.

Doubleheaders: Athletes face the fatigue factor all the time in their career, playing games almost every day for a seven-month period. Our experts focus mainly on full nine-inning doubleheaders. In those games, the managers try to field competitive batting lineups and bullpens only in one of two successive games on the same day.

Our MLB predictions for that type of contest are determined by each team’s news and starting pitchers.

How to Make MLB Tips Today

BMB_Betting TipsMoneylines seem the simplest way to bet on Baseball, as it happens in all sports with two probable outcomes. Reading our guide, you can understand how we make our MLB picks for all available daily and future markets. After all, Baseball is a statistics-heavy nature sport.

Pitching Analysis: On April 10, 2021, former New York Mets pitcher Jakob deGrom reached 185 games as a starting pitcher. Now, you can look at a unique stat; he has allowed one or no runs in that number of games 87 times; untouchable, indeed.

Pitching is a big part of Moneyline and handicapping Baseball. Selecting a listed pitcher for his high skills and good stats means that you are backing his team. Before we post our MLB picks, we analyze the earned run average (ERA), which expresses how many runs a defender gives up per nine innings; solid pitchers have a lower ERA than 3.00.

Furthermore, our experts examine each player’s WHIP (i.e., Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched). This stat seems a better KPI than ERA because it takes every opponent batter into account; WHIP counts the scoring chances a pitcher creates for the opposite side and how often he loads the bases.

Consensus Factor: Public opinion is a part of betting worldwide, but we make no MLB betting picks based only on that factor. We check every matchup’s consensus, evaluating the odds and each contender’s real winning chances. Taking an en example the Game 2 of the 2021 World Series between Houston and Atlanta, you can check that the slight favourite’s consensus was 49%, while the Braves had 51%.

The Astros lost Game 1 in their field, although bettors weren’t sure about their win at Game 2. Comparing that with the offered odds (i.e., 1.96 for Atlanta and 1.89 for Houston), you can understand an agreement between bookies and bettors on the Braves’ winning chances.

MLB Betting Picks for Totals & Run Lines

BMB_Markets GenericBetting on Totals and Run Lines is a challenging part of your potential Baseball strategy. Analyzing the pitching factor above and the batter-friendly ballparks, we have covered a massive percentage of the process we follow to release our MLB betting tips.

The remainder refers to the line movements and when we have to face betting trends on Baseball lines. Focusing on the lines and checking the opening Spreads and odds might be helpful when wagering on Totals and Run Lines.

Undoubtedly, it’s necessary to integrate as bettors what an Asian handicap is and the European Handicap meaning. A probable injury of the starting pitcher can affect that situation as the main reason; that’s why we post our MLB betting picks 9 to 12 hours before the first pitch.

Where to Bet on the MLB Season

Q: Where can you find MLB predictions for this week?

Every day from spring training to World Series, our tipsters release MLB predictions for the most important matchups, seeking the best odds in all popular Baseball markets.

Q: How do we release our Baseball predictions for MLB?

From exhibition games for Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues to World Finals, we analyze all the stats, the ballparks’ effect, and the injury or suspension news. Generally, we examine all the factors influencing the games before posting picks on Moneylines, Totals, and Run Lines.

Q: Αre MLB Parlays profitable?

Parlays or ACCAs are popular bet types that combine individual bets on the same wager. Undoubtedly, you can receive higher payouts from MLB parlays, but you should remember that one loss is enough to do damage to your bet.

Q: Can umpire stats help for releasing MLB betting tips?

Umpire stats have increased popularity among analysts when it comes to Baseball betting. Some umps have tight or wider strike zones, facts that can affect the number of walks, hits, and runs. So, their stats are valuable for advanced tipsters.

Q: Why are the F5 bets more popular among bettors?

Starters on the mound play a massive role when it comes to 5-innings betting lines. Wagering on these Baseball markets, you simplify the game. Most bullpens that consist of relief pitchers go into the field for the last three or four innings. So, F5 betting might be more profitable than full game betting because you subtract the bullpen effect from the final result.

Q: What should you look after when following MLB betting picks?

Before posting our MLB betting tips, we monitor the odds, the teams’ injuries and suspensions, and the main statistical data (i.e., H2H games, current form, etc.). Then, we examine the advanced stats for pitchers and batters, tracking probable line movements.

Q: What is the most batter-friendly ballpark in the MLB?

Batting on the Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies, it’s a dream for all Baseball offensive players who enjoy great numbers there. Due to its location in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado’s home venue has traditionally produced a high number of runs. Although, nowadays, due to increased total lines at 11 or 12 runs, the successful Over MLB picks have been reduced.

Q: Where are the MLB future odds posted for the next season?

The MLB odds for the next season’s World Series are posted by the leading bookmakers when the previous season ends. As closer as you get to the World Series, the shortest odds you get for the top contenders and the elite franchises.

Q: What is the Ghost Runners rule in extra innings?

In Baseball overtime (i.e., extra innings) the contenders can place a runner on second base at the begginning of each half inning; the Ghost Runner rule can theoritically cut down lengthy overtime games.

Q: Which are the top Baseball bookies for MLB betting?

Reading our articles for Baseball, you can check the best MLB bookmakers with the most extensive range of markets for this US sport and the highest odds from the spring training to the World Series.

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