Bookies offer Loyalty Bonuses on a regular basis as a reward to active players. The most common types are the sports betting loyalty bonuses, where a player’s betting activity has to exceed a standard limit (for example, if you place a total amount of 2000€ in a month you get an X amount loyalty bonus). Unlike other types of bonuses, you don’t need to make a deposit to receive a loyalty bonus. However, you should note that loyalty bonuses generally come with an expiration date, so make sure to check your emails or any messages on your account.

There are also betting loyalty programs where you collect points (reward programs). Every time you place a bet, you earn a certain amount of points that can be exchanged at the end of each week or month for a cash bonus or another reward. On the following table you can view and compare a few of the best reward programs that world known bookmakers offer.

Bookmakers Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Bonus
Bet365 Bet365 is the leading bookmaker in the industry, with millions of members across the world. The extensive coverage of betting markets, the special bets and the great number of available sports, will satisfy the most demanding players. The deposits are free of charge, while ther is a huge range of payment methods available for all the players. Register now and get in the line for a free bet, resulting by your betting activity.Claim
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B' Inside
Bwin Bwin is a gigantic company in the betting industry. They were founded in 1999 and were firstly known as Bet and Win. They offer a huge number of markets and sports events daily, reaching 30,000. Bwin also provides a great number of alternative betting selections and some great services, such as "multiview", which can be found at the live betting section. Register now at Bwin and get the loyalty program B' Inside.Claim
Players rating: 85/100 (4 Rates)
Betonline Lifetime Bonus
BetOnline Betonline rewards its customers with an incredible 25% lifetime bonus on any deposit.Claim
Loyalty Bonus
Vulkanbet With Vulkanbet the more you play, the more you win. Place your bets, play your favourite games and gain points which you can exchange them for bonus and free bets. Place your bets now!Claim
Players rating: 65/100 (2 Rates)

Loyalty Program Rewards

Point programs

This is one of the simplest and fair types of loyalty bonuses. The more you bet during a specific period (usually a month or a week), the more points you will earn. At the end of this period you can cash out these points and receive a certain amount of money, with the exchange rate being stated on the bookie’s bonus terms. The main advantage of this bonus type (sports betting loyalty program) is that you easily check how many points you have amassed thus far and what your prize might be.

Loyalty BonusCashback

This type of sports betting loyalty bonus, rewards players with a percentage of their lost bets during a month. Each bookmaker has its own terms and percentage limits, as well as any other requirements regarding the bonus.

Wagering bonus

In this case the bookmaker calculates your total wagered amount and not just your lost bets. The more you bet, the more you get, regardless of your winning percentage. Usually the betting odds are taken into account, with higher odds giving higher bonus as well, so your wagers are multiplied with the odds chosen. This is considered fair especially for regularly high-rollers.

Freebets (Loyalty Free Bets)

This is one of the most common Loyalty Program Rewards. You receive a certain amount of money that can be spent on a free bet, depending on your total wagers and losses. You seldom know the required amount to qualify for the bonus, but you will receive it instantly when you have  fullfilled the bookmaker’s specific criteria.

Online Bookmakers don’t offer the Loyalty Bonus only as a reward to players, but also to give them an added motive to keep on betting. You are advised to carefully  read the terms of the bonus. In most cases, you have to wager the loyalty bonus a number of times (usually three) in a specific time period before you are able to withdraw it. Regarding the collected point bonuses, most bookmakers will not allow you to claim the bonus if you have not completed the verification process (KYC).