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Just like accumulating flight miles gets you various perks such as free flights, a free baggage upgrade or a surprise first class seat, constantly placing your bets at the same bookie will earn you some very special rewards. It is the same loyalty program principle at work in both cases; however, bookmakers are known to always have a little extra for their loyal players. By offering regular punters free bets, branded merchandise or tickets to different major sporting competitions around the world, bookies have their special way of repaying their customer’s loyalty. Already sounds interesting? This is just the tip of the iceberg! Scroll down to find everything about what a loyalty bonus is and discover the way to the craziest loyalty rewards bookies have ever offered.

Expires at: 23:59 Dec 31, 2020
1xBet has a special offer for its loyal members called "X2 Wednesday". Make a deposit of up to €100 on Wednesday and receive a €100 bonus into your account.
1xBet has a special offer for its loyal members called "X2 Wednesday". Make a deposit of up to €100 on Wednesday and receive a €100 bonus into your account.
Expires at: 23:59 Dec 31, 2020

Types of Loyalty Bonuses

For anyone completely new to the term who is wondering what is a customer loyalty program or what form can a loyalty bonus take, we will start with the most used types. Since the main goal for punters is to have fun by backing their favourite teams and turn a profit at the same time, it comes as no surprise that the most used loyalty bonuses are linked with bonuses or cash.

Free Bets

Perhaps the most commonly used in a reward program sportsbook, free bets are received with joy by most punters. After all, why should anyone complain for receiving some extra credits that can be used to place bets and win even more? The loyalty offers bookmakers put together that involve free bets usually come with a wagering requirement that should always be taken into consideration. They’re still great bonuses; you just need to make sure all the Terms and Conditions are clear.

Real Cash

Considered by most punters as the best loyalty program in the world, this one offers real cash to repay players for their loyalty. Such loyalty offers on betting sites are seldom as very few bookies choose to deliver a real cash program. However, those that do so are highly appreciated as you can choose to withdraw the cash loyalty rewards directly or bet without wagering requirements.


Moving up the ladder regarding loyalty program offers, there is merchandise being used to repay the loyalty and consistency of online sports betting sites. Since most punters prefer to receive tangible rewards and not just something in their account, this approach from bookmakers is exactly what some players want. Among the most commonly used loyalty prizes sportsbook merchandise there are one-of-a-kind poker chips, personalised team jerseys, caps, windshield protection, mugs or phone cases. There are no limits when it comes to the various types of merchandise you can receive from bookmakers. Due to the sheer competition between them, bookies are always coming up with new types of merchandise to impress the loyal customers.


We have saved the best for last, and we bring you the ultimate reward system used by big bookmakers: buying tickets to various sporting events for their top customers. Nothing says loyalty like a full-paid trip to see the UEFA Champions League Final or a front-row seat for a Conor McGregor fight. The biggest bookmakers out there are always keen to send their top players to top-tier events as a form of appreciating their loyalty.

Special Loyalty Schemes

After going through the most common types of loyalty rewards, we should mention that you do not necessarily need to be a long-time active customer to enjoy some loyalty perks. In some situations, you can enjoy a free bet simply by following through the Know Your Customer procedure, that is required to fully verify your account. In exchange for completing this procedure, the bookmakers sometimes add a free bet. The same can be applied to accounts that have not been in use for longer periods. To show those players what they have been missing, free loyalty bonuses are sometimes added such as the now-defunct Bet365 Loyalty Bonus.

How do Reward Programs Work?

We have already established that the purpose of loyalty program rewards is to make the entire betting process more appealing and immersive for the punters. It is now time to check out, how exactly the activity of a player gets turned into loyalty rewards and what is the system that the bookies use to keep track on different levels of loyalty. The most common type of loyalty program involves points for a certain wagered amount while others deliver the rewards to players without giving them the possibility of tracking their progress.

Points Reward Program

With this type of functionality, every bet you place and the amount that you wagered is registered and graphically expressed through a progress bar. The more you bet, the more loyalty bonus points you accumulate in your account. Usually, there are pre-set periods in which you must collect as many loyalty points as possible. You can choose to redeem your loyalty points for any of the reward types presented earlier, and bookies will often allow you to do so on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Wagered Amount (Not Shown to Players)

This kind of loyalty system is also referred to as a secret loyalty reward program for the fact that your progress is not graphically represented. While it may sound like a less-rewarding program compared to the previous version, this system allows bookmakers to add random rewards even if players did not gather the minimum points to redeem a certain prize.

Loyalty Schemes vs Higher Odds

Punters are known to have very different tastes when it comes to what describes the best betting experience. While some of them are excited to receive loyalty rewards of any kind, there is a good portion that would forfeit any bonus offered by the bookie for more competitive odds. In any case, both sides have a point, however, there is a clear distinction. Professional bettors will gain a lot more from increased odds while those that only bet casually are pleased with the loyalty schemes since they deliver the guarantee of a nice reward, even when they lose a few betslips.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where can I find the best loyalty bonuses?

The best loyalty bonuses and rewards are gathered and constantly updated on this page. If you want to always get the best out of your betting adventure, make sure to check this website regularly, and you will know exactly which bookmakers offer you free bets, cash rewards or special tickets to events.

Q: When am I entitled to enter a loyalty program?

This is something that differs from one operator to another. While some bookmakers will enroll you in their loyalty schemes right after registration, there are examples of bookies that require a constant betting activity before considering you for their loyalty rewards.

Q: Do sportsbook betting and casino gaming offer the same reward points?

You will rarely find an online betting site that shares its loyalty programs across both their sportsbook and online casino products. It is not a sustainable model since the points collection system is different in sportsbooks compared to online casinos. Even if the points go to the same account, fixed odds betting is the activity that awards the most loyalty points, followed by online slots and table games, live casino games and poker. So, if you want to gather a lot of loyalty points and the operator quickly offers you a sportsbook and an online casino under the same account, always go with sports betting.

Q: What happens to unused reward points?

Depending on the pre-set period in which the accumulated loyalty points need to be redeemed, all the unused points will be lost after either a week, month or year. In some cases, you might be lucky enough to see an operator allow for a cross-over of unused points to the next period. However, that must be seen as an exception rather than a rule.

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