La Liga Predictions 2022/23

The home of some of the European football powerhouses, La Liga, has offered some exciting betting moments recently. Real Madrid enters the race as the defending champion being the favourite for the upcoming season in front of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. So, the same battle is expected for this year, not only for the first place but for the European qualification spots and to avoid relegation. That spells some good news for punters as it increases the wagering opportunities. With our La Liga predictions for the 2022/23 season, you will go to the bookie prepared for some big winnings.

La Liga predictions for today


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Spanish La Liga predictions today 

Spanish La Liga predictions today But why you should pick our La Liga betting tips over the hundreds that you can find online? Our tipsters collect all the data and information about the 20 clubs of the competition. The current squad, latest form, missing footballers and historical facts are all taken into account. We do not limit our selections to 1X2, but we find high-value shots at Over/Under, Asian Handicaps and Both Teams to Score markets. In a few minutes read, you are about to get hints and tips to apply immediately to your next betslip. We strive to gather all the latest info before releasing our tips. That includes any last moment news like an injury. Therefore our La Liga predictions today get posted on the day of the match or in the previous evening by 22:00 CET. These include Match-Winner, Goals Scored, BTTS and more.

La Liga predictions this week 

Matches at La Liga take place on the weekend. Kick-off hours vary from 14:00 and 16:15 to 18:30 and 21:00 (CET). Derbies like the El Clasico (Real Madrid - Barcelona), Madrid derby (Atletico Madrid - Real Madrid) and the Derbi Barceloni (Barcelona - Espanyol) are usually reserved for late Sundays. That being said, we upload our La Liga predictions this week, the same day the match begins a while before kick-off. This way, we ensure that our tips are updated with the newest data.

How we find the best La Liga Betting Tips 

How we find the best La Liga Betting Tips The starting point in recommending a selection is the odds together with the likelihood of winning. That combination allows us to provide you only with the highest-value markets from our La Liga betting sites. Moreover, we consider each club’s strong and weak areas, the table position, latest run, and the history among the opponents. The atmosphere in the club could also affect the performance on the pitch. Multiple injuries or the relationships between the manager and the star players are good examples.

La Liga betting tips today from our experts 

There are few things more frustrating for bettors than predictions of ridiculously low prices like 1.25. We know that from first hand as we have been betting for quite some time. Our La Liga betting tips today will always be of top value, helping you build a bankroll, regardless of your initial capital. In the same context, we aim to give variety in the selections we offer. The classic 1X2 and Over/Under will always be favourites, but we also focus on other markets like Asian Handicaps and Both Teams Score. Being diverse is a good strategy as opportunities might arise in more ‘’untraditional’’ options.

Criteria for our La Liga betting predictions

Criteria for our La Liga betting predictionsThe main element that dictates a team’s strength is the roster, where we focus first on our La Liga betting predictions. Thanks to the world-class players they boast, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona will have a massive difference in odds compared to Almeria and Cadiz. It is easy to spot the difference when title challengers face below the mid-table clubs, but in top-6 matches, you have to be more thorough. 

The results in the last five games are a good indication of the club’s form. A streak of victories will boost morale and affect performance positively. On the other hand, a losing run could spell trouble for the upcoming fixture as the atmosphere in the dressing room might suffer. The form of an individual footballer, especially if he is the star of the club, could also play a significant part. Karim Benzema’s or Robert Lewandowski’s goals could carry respective squads to the top of the table. 

Before we release our Best Betting Predictions for Today, we check the players ruled out due to an injury or a booking. A muscle pull in the last practice could mean that a particular footballer is out and disturbing the manager’s plans. La Liga is also famous for the bitter rivalries it includes mainly among Madrid and Barcelona clubs. In such clashes, the incentive and the spirit can trump any other factor. In the last stages of the season, it is also helpful to check if the club you want to bet on has a clear goal. If there is a game between a team fighting to avoid relegation and a mid-table team that can not go up or down, our Spain La Liga prediction will favour the former.

Winning with our La Liga Betting Tips 

Winning with our La Liga Betting Tips If you have placed a few bets before in football bookmakers, you most likely did it on 1X2 and Over/Under markets. They have been staples of punters for decades and can still be profitable. However, modern betting offers so much more in terms of variety. Therefore, we amended our La Liga Betting Tips to include Final Standings, Derbies, and Correct Score selections. Furthermore, the beginning of the season comes under our scrutiny to enter the race prepared.

La Liga predictions week 1

The beginning of the season might have some bettors in doubt. After all, they are the first official matches and wagering on them could be challenging. Our La Liga predictions week 1 make things clear regarding the issues you need to notice. First, it’s the transfers. La Liga teams are always very active in signing players, and the 2022/23 season was no different. Robert Lewandowski, Aurelien Tchouameni and Raphinha switched teams and are ready to make a statement. Still, you should consider footballers who left like Diego Carlos, Brais Mendez and Mathias Olivera and check if the managers controlled the damage.

It is common for many clubs to start the race slowly and build up in the long run. That is especially the case if a lot of players have moved in and out and the chemistry is in doubt. In the case of a managerial or even an ownership change, the performance could also suffer initially. Over the course of 38 matchdays, clubs can make up for a poor start by accelerating later on. Also, keep in mind that the first couple of matches is when a dark horse can challenge a favourite for the above reasons. That could reflect in our Spain La Liga betting tips as it has happened multiple times in the past. 

La Liga predictions table 

La Liga predictions table Before betting on the final standings, you should have a good idea of the shape of La Liga. Twenty clubs are facing each other over 38 matchdays. The first four get a ticket to the Champions League, the fifth to the Europa League, and the sixth to the Europa Conference League. The last three finishers will go down to La Liga 2.

Real Madrid won the title last year, and it is considered the heavyweight one for the current season, offering lower odds than Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. The Merengues boosted their defence with Tchouameni and Rudiger transfers, and with Carlo Ancelotti in charge, they want to remain dominant. The Blaugrana signed Lewandowski and Raphinha, spending €100 million to find their new offensive leaders.

La Liga Derbies

The most famous rivalry in the world is part of La Liga fixtures. The El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona goes back to 1902 and has provided some of the greatest football moments in history. Fueled by political and regional differences, the derby built up to become the no.1 football clash in the world. The rivalry is not limited to Spanish football as the two opponents have also met in the Champions League. A victory in this match is almost equal to winning a title due to the clubs’ status.

The Madrid derby between Real and Atletico has risen to prominence in the last decade thanks to the Rojiblancos challenging for the first place. The two clubs also met in the Champions League Finals in 2014 and 2016; both times, Real Madrid emerged victoriously. A local rivalry has Merengues dominating, but Atletico tries to catch up quickly.

Barcelona is once again part of a heated rivalry, this time with RCD Espanyol. The Derbi Barceloni has a regional character, and the Blaugrana have the lion’s share in wins. Espanyol has been in relative decline in the last few years, so Barcelona will likely keep commanding the Catalan affairs.

When you want to bet on a derby, remember that the motive plays a great role in winning aside from strength and form. Our La Liga predictions always emphasize that, as history has shown, it can make a difference.

Spanish La Liga score predictions

Spanish La Liga score predictionsMore and more bettors lately prefer to wager on the correct score or the number of goals in a particular match. That market offers a wide variety of selections with fluctuating odds. Strikers like Benzema and Lewandowski are bound to give headaches to the enemy defences. But first, let’s look at some data regarding Spanish La Liga score predictions. The average number of goals in the last two seasons was 2.5, a little lower than other top-tier leagues. The most frequent scoreline was 1-1 (15%), followed by 2-1 (10%). Clubs scored most goals between the 76th - 90th minute (24%) and 31st - 45th minute (20%). Over 2.5 goals occurred in 45% of the matches while Under 2.5 in 55%. Finally, both teams scored in 50% of the games played approximately.

Where to bet on La Liga 2022/23

We have made a great effort to recommend only legit sportsbooks that stand out in terms of odds and markets. By joining any of them, you can be sure that they adhere to our high standards and have been constantly tested and tried.

Q: What are the top La Liga betting tips at

We always include some classics like 1X2 and Over/Under as they are fan favourites and have a good payout. Since we like to have all our options open, we also evaluate markets like Asian Handicaps and BTTS.

Q: When do you release your La Liga Predictions?

When matches are held on Saturdays on Sundays, we post our predictions on the day of the game a couple of hours before or the previous evening by 22:00 CET. After matchday 10, when all games. Thus, we ensure to know all the latest info regarding the teams.

Q: Are outright markets in La Liga worth it?

They most definitely are, as they contain markets like Next Champion, Top Goalscorer and Top 4 finishers. Long-term selections can hide real opportunities, as the bookie might not be up-to-date in a particular event.

Q: What is the process of deciding your La Liga predictions today?

The first issue to notice is the roster. Real Madrid and Barcelona are favourites for that exact reason. Then we assess the last five games. If there is a winning run, that is a good sign. To have the best impression of the club’s situation, we check any missing players. In that case, we modify our tips if a star will not play.

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