How to Bet on Tennis

Tennis is a fast-paced sport with worldwide popularity among bettors. You can find unlimited opportunities, placing bets on points, games, and sets. Have you ever wondered what makes tennis betting unique? When it comes to in-play mode, where the lines and odds change rapidly, you can take advantage of a small-time break after each point and bet effectively compared to other sports. You can also have live stream coverage for all tournaments, which allows you to analyze first-hand without searching only for a stats overview. As well, events take place round the clock, so you can always find a match to bet on. We collect all the main points to teach you how to bet on tennis and make money. Stay tuned.

How to Bet on Tennis and Win

How to Bet on Tennis and Win

Tennis is a much-balanced sport, both for beginners and advanced bettors. Firstly, you should learn how the season works, the highest level events, notch lower ones, and how the courts’ surfaces affect the results. Grand Slams are at the top of the pyramid; you can also find ATP and WTA major tournaments throughout the year and Challenger circuits or Futures events on the bottom tier. Athletes’ form, experience and stats are critical factors in searching and learning how to bet on tennis and win.

Which are the best markets to bet on tennis

If you are an entry-level bettor who wants to start betting on tennis, it’s a requirement to understand which tennis betting markets can work in your favour. If you are a novice, it’s easy to get distracted by the hundreds of betting options, so we have chosen the most profitable ones you can use.

Match Winner

Servers and returners It’s the most straightforward and easy to place tennis bet where you have to predict which player will emerge victorious. The tricky part is finding the value, especially in cases where there’s a heavy favourite. Before choosing a winner in tennis, you should examine specific factors, as we have listed below.

Men events: You can find value on good servers, checking stats like the aces per match, the first serves won (%), the average speed and more. Several rising athletes also can create opportunities coming from lower-ranking places.

Women events: Matches in women’s tennis are always shorter (e.g., best-of-three format), and the intense amount of stress is higher for the contenders. Undoubtedly, it takes less stamina, but there’s a significant disadvantage here; the time is less for a favourite to recoup from a set loss. So, you can find dark horses on high odds and secure value in your bet.

Form & surface: If you decide to bet on tennis and make money, a key part is to evaluate the shape of the contenders and the event’s surface. You can check each athlete’s surface win percentage on the current match’s court, their recent form (i.e., overall wins before the match), and the H2H results.

Set betting

Servers and returners Do you want to learn how to bet on tennis and win big? The market is recommended for more experienced players who know the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete. You can predict the correct set score and if a match will go to a tie break, the correct match scores in sets, and each set’s winning margin. For instance, in the Anett Kontaveit vs. Aryna Sabalenka clash for the Stuttgart WTA, you can bet on Sabalenka to win two sets and Kontaveit to win one. In almost all tennis bookmakers, you also have the option to wager on each set individually, so you can back a favourite to win the first and third set, for example, in a women’s tournament.

Set betting is an effective option when you back favourites with high serve percentages and you want to boost the offered odds. Following the same pattern, it seems a decent alternative to minimize risks when betting on underdogs; you can back them in the first set if you believe they can take an early lead without waiting for the entire match to lock a profit.

Handicap betting

Servers and returners Handicaps are a way for bookmakers to balance the scales between great players and underdogs. It’s riskier than backing winners but is an optimal option when you want to bet on tennis and win big backing favourites. For instance, the winner’s odds on Novak Djokovic vs. Karen Khachanov clash for the Belgrade ATP are 1.30 (3/10) - 3.55 (51/20). Suppose you bet on Djokovic to win with more than five games (i.e., -4,5 games handicap); the odds on the Serbian star are now 2.05 (21/20).

Οver/Under betting

Servers and returners When you bet on game totals in tennis, you should predict the total number of games at the end of the match. Bookmakers set the line, and your goal is to find how many games each or both athletes will win. If you believe that the total number will be higher than the line or less for a lower one, you place an Over/Under bet. Each set has a maximum of 13 games, with the tie break being the 13th. In the men’s game, where the servers hold the serve easier, the set lines are higher than in the women’s, where service breaks are common.

If you bet on the total games to be “under”, you must predict and avoid those that will go to three (for all women’s events) and five sets (on men’s Grand Slams). If you want to bet on tennis profitably, it’s preferable to pick Under on more one-sided matches with heavy favourites.

Outright betting

Servers and returners It’s a future bet where you predict the winner of a tournament. The athletes you will back should win around six or seven matches to lift the trophy, so it’s critical to evaluate the event’s draw, probable opponents, and individual factors like current form, stats, etc. One more option is betting each way, backing your favourite pick on two fronts: winning the tournament or reaching the final. For outright betting on tennis, it’s preferable to bet before the opening day to receive higher odds. For example, Rafael Nadal pays at 2.25 (5/4) odds to win the Roland Garros, with Novak Djokovic as the second favourite at 4.00 (3/1) and Carlos Alcaraz Garfia at 4.50 (7/2).

How to bet on tennis matches

Suppose you wonder how to bet on tennis matches. In that case, the steps are clear; follow the main markets, like match winners and handicaps, which are the simplest. If you are an advanced bettor, you can choose among secondary markets, like the first/second set winner, odds/even games, and Over/Under on aces/double faults. We have made a list of points that will deliver you an edge for every case, whether you are a newbie or a more experienced player.

Do your homework

bet with MonzoDon’t bet only on the most known athletes, but try to find odds that can give you an advantage over bookmakers. Make an overall analysis of the men’s and women’s ranking, stats, motivation, current form, and surface preference. Before backing athletes assess the environment; so check if they are local players and have the home-court advantage, examine if they are experienced or youngsters, and learn if they had any recent injuries.

Understand the odds

You should never underrate the bookmakers’ underdog when you bet on tennis online. Integrate what the odds represent and avoid always betting on favourites; the bets on value odds can make a profit from you. Let’s say, for instance, you back Maria Sakkari to beat Madison Keys at 1.62 (31/50) odds. The odds on Sakkari represent the number you can multiply by your stake to calculate returns. If you place a €100 bet and win, your overall profit will be €162.

Consider all markets

The future of betting sites DanmarkKnowing both main and secondary tennis markets is required to become a smart tennis bettor. For instance, some athletes haven’t the most winning chances in specific matches, but they can take a set or two. So, if you know the score market well, you can secure returns in your bankroll when betting on tennis.

Select the correct bookmaker

Multi-accounting allows you to check more than one bookmaker and secure the highest odds for learning how to bet on tennis online. You can shop around prices and select the best markets by creating more than two betting accounts. In every case, you should examine each bookie individually to secure quality odds and take advantage of offers and promotions. These have essential differences among bookies, but you must also examine more parameters to find the best.

The number of primary and secondary markets, the live betting options and the terms are critical factors to follow. Especially the rules for retirement in tennis, which are variable from one bookie to another, should be clear in order to know when your bet is a winner, loser, or void.

Best Tennis Tips for successful betting

It’s evident that tennis can be profitable if you invest your money with the right strategy. We have carefully created a list of four critical factors you should check to manage your positions in all betting markets and tournaments. Besides the analysis below, you can use plenty of reliable sources and written publications to get the latest and up-to-date information. Remember that a late player’s injury or even weather conditions can affect your bet. Our goal is to indicate how you can be a well-informed bettor who can predict matches from Challengers to Grand Slams, teaching you how to bet on tennis online.

Evaluate fitness

Even star tennis players struggle when they are in poor form or face injuries. You can see a top athlete lose the first match of a tournament or a lower-ranked one perform better than you expect. Physical fitness is a key parameter in choosing winners. You must pay attention to each player’s last matches, evaluating their fitness level. Some men and women tended to resist after long five-set or three-set matches.

Elite athletes like Rafael Nadal lost titles because of fatigue. The Spanish star hadn’t a good mental and physical approach back in the 2011 US Open. After the matches, he suffered cramps, and he lost the final in four sets against Novak Djokovic. You should always bet on top shape favourites or underdogs.

Analyze primary & advanced stats

Τennis is a stats-based sport, so all the matches and personal statistics can’t be ignored. Our tip is to follow the most recent ones in order to have a clear look at H2H performances and the current form of each athlete. You can also see the percentage of service points won and the number of aces if you bet on games and sets individually. Analyzing the available statistics must be a critical factor before betting on tennis, but not the only one. For instance, Roger Federer is a sports legend, although he has several defeats against Novak Djokovic, suffering 23 from a total of 50 H2H matches. In every case, you can boost your knowledge by reading stats when you want to place a tennis bet. Some of them are the aces scored, the number of unforced errors, the net points won, and the 1st serve percentage.

Find motivation

coin tossMotivation is a tricky part when betting on tennis. You should consider two factors before you make the last decision. Some elite players, like Rafael Nadal, love to play and conquer specific tournaments. So, backing the Spanish legend in the French Open is an absolute must. You must include in your research the process to find out which tennis events are favourable for players.

On the other hand, you must observe where these athletes will not be equally motivated, mostly in smaller tournaments or before the elite events, like Grand Slams and Masters. You will see them lose in the first rounds, and the explanation is quite simple; a calendar year in tennis offers numerous events, so a tennis player can’t be in top form for a whole season.

Check surface & weather

online betting payment methodsIf you want to learn in deep how to bet on tennis online, the surface factor is one of the most critical ones. It can easily affect the final result, so before you place a bet, it’s necessary to check the court preference of the player you will back. Rafael Nadal has a 91,5% win percentage on a clay surface, having won more than 460 matches in his ultimate career. Roger Federer took 71 trophies on a hard surface where he overcame the 770 wins. When analyzing facts and stats, take a look at each player’s numbers regarding the surface. You will check the differentiation in their successes accordingly to the hard, grass, clay, or carpet court (i.e., synthetic surface).

Grass and hard courts are the fastest due to their slippery surface, producing an unpredictable bounce to the ball, so the athlete who serves the ball can take advantage of these courts. On the flip side, clay surfaces slow down the speed of the ball. In that case, the athletes with physical skills gain an edge because they have more stamina on bigger rallies. Similarly, one more factor you must always analyze is the weather conditions (i.e., except for indoor events). For example, wind can affect a tennis player’s performance.

Which are the best tournaments to bet on tennis

From exhibition events to Grand Slams, there are several options all over the year. You can bet on Challenger Tour tournaments, ATP/WTA Tours, events like the Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup, and the four ITF major tournaments. Grand Slams are the most popular for beginners, mid-level, and professional bettors, so we have published unique guides for each one to learn how to bet on tennis and take an edge over bookies.

Australian Open: The tournament is played on a hard surface and is the first of the calendar year. Novak Djokovic has a record of nine single titles, so he’s almost always the antepost favourite to lift the trophy. You can follow our Australian Open Betting Guide to find the best betting offers and discover the top markets for winners, totals, and game/set handicaps.

French Open: Search for the best players on clay surfaces who can beat the ultimate favourite, Rafael Nadal, and start betting on one of the most important world tennis tournaments. You can find tips and secrets in our French Open Guide, learning why the women’s tournament can be unpredictable and when youngsters have increasing possibilities to upset the favourites.

Wimbledon: The oldest tennis tournament worldwide is the only one on a grass surface, so big upsets are expected. To avoid mistakes, follow our Wimbledon Betting Guide and learn which warm-up events you must follow before deciding who to back and who is the favourite to win it this year.

US Open: It’s a hardcourt tournament and the continuation of the US National Championship, one of the oldest championships in the world. In our US Open Betting Guide, we have published all the warm-up tournaments you must watch to evaluate the competitors’ form, like the Silicon Valley Classic San Jose (WTA Premier) and Montreal Open (ATP 1000). Discover how to bet on tennis matches on a hard court and why servers have an extra advantage due to the fast surface.

Masters: The ATP Masters 1000 is a multi-surface series of nine tournaments where the top-ranked athletes compete against each other. Along with the ATP and WTA Finals, the season-ending championships of the ATP and WTA tour, are considered the most important series of events besides Grand Slams. The ATP Masters 1000 consists of Indian Wells, Miami Open, Monte-Carlo Masters, Madrid Open, Italian Open, Canadian Open, Cincinnati Master, Shanghai Masters, and Paris Masters.

ATP/WTA 250/500: These tours are the second and third tier of ATP/WTA tour events, and they come after Grand Slams, ATP/WTA Finals, and Masters 1000 in the tennis pyramid. The money prizes are higher for the athletes, and each tournament’s winner is awarded 250/500 ranking points. Each tennis player’s ranking is based on their best performances and results in a calendar year, so these events can determine their positions in the rankings.

Challengers: The ATP Challenger Series is the second tier of professional tennis, where you can find many of the best upcoming athletes or even top stars who recover from injuries. You can risk some upsets against the odds than the ATP or WTA major tournaments if you are betting on tennis.

ITF World Tour: The ITF World Tour is the entry-level professional tennis which gives the athletes the chance to promote to the ATP Challenger Tour and the ATP Tour. The prize money of the tournaments is lower, up to the $25,000; these prizes enable more athletes to make a living, so they are vital for the whole of tennis growth worldwide.

Team events: Davis Cup, Laver Cup, ATP Cup for men, Billie Jean King Cup for women, and Hopman Cup for both men and women are each year’s main team events in tennis. The Davis Cup is the most known; the international teams compete in a group stage held across different countries. The USA team remains the most successful nation with 32 won titles.

Can I make a living from tennis?

SPayoneer spytarting to bet on tennis, you can choose from the lower rungs of play, like ITF Futures and ATP Challengers, to top tier tournaments such as Grand Slams, Masters, and Olympics. Comprehensive research and deep knowledge of the sport are the main attributes of a wise and successful bettor. If you bet on less known tournaments, you should check some high-rated athletes who exploit these events to improve their fitness. Usually, they are favourites on low odds against unseeded opponents who have a high motivation to reach the highest level. So, backing underdogs seems like a good idea. Regarding betting on Grand Slam tournaments, you should evaluate other parameters like the draw and the potential route to the final, especially if you are wagering on outrights.

One fundamental principle is to know all the tennis betting rules in depth. A typical example is to pay attention if any bet you place should apply to the “bet void if a player retires from injury” rule. Pay attention to the stats, especially the most recent ones (H2H, current form), and keep in mind the last ATP and WTA rankings. It will be best to watch specific tournaments and players to delve deeper into each differentiation (surface, athletes’ motivation, weather conditions). Tennis offers one of the widest range of markets in betting; so by securing the very powerful odds following betting strategies, such as wagering on winners, games, sets, or fast markets like the next point, you have the chance to bet on tennis and make money.

Q: What should I check before I start betting on tennis?

You must follow certain principles to increase your winning chances when betting on tennis. Besides the odds and the available bonuses, you should stream the events. That allows you to watch each match and bet on the same page, which is a massive advantage against bookies.

Q: How to bet on tennis and win big?

One thing to note is that you should find the best tennis promotions among bookmakers that offer free bets, ACCA bonuses, and enhanced odds. The second step is to secure the highest odds for pre-match and in-play markets. Read all the stats referring to the match or the tournament you want and apply your picks to a specific staking plan to protect your bankroll.

Q: Is handicap betting an option for tennis?

Predicting the winner of a tennis match has nothing to do with spreads. The favourite players must win by at least the number of games they are laying via the handicap to overcome it. An alternative option is the set spread; in that case, you must predict at how many sets the favourites will win. The common line of +-1,5 set applies to best-of-three set matches, where you can bet on the underdog to win at least one in order to place a winning bet.

Q: How to bet on tennis live?

Players have plenty of options in tennis live betting, following a specific strategy for each set. Usually, they watch the first three or four games taking a closer look at the form. You can bet on the athlete with the most aces, the fewest mistakes on the court, and choose markets like the game-winner on a 40/40 score and who will win the tie-break.

Q: Which are the most popular tennis markets?

There are numerous markets besides winners, sets/games, and handicaps. You can pick Over/Under on total aces, the set with the most aces, totals on double faults, and specials on breaks (first service and most service breaks).

Q: How to bet on tennis online for each set?

Several markets refer to individual sets of a tennis match; you can bet on the total number of games to be played and which player will win the set. Handicap betting markets give extra options for set betting, as it happens with specials on aced and double faults.

Q: What do Over/Under 21,5 games mean in tennis?

It’s a common line for the totals market. You can bet Under 21,5 if you think that a tennis match will have a lower number of 21 games and Over 21,5 if you believe that the total games will be higher than the line.

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