How to Bet on Sports

Sports betting continues to see year-to-year growth; billions have been legally wagered online on sports events, but these are only the early days. The vast majority of bettors are sports fans, so they welcome any industry’s innovation that makes betting on matches or events more engaging. Our guides aim to teach you how to bet on sports effectively without exposing yourself to ruffling risks. On, you will find all the essential pieces of advice to place successful bets online for your favourite sports.

How to Bet on Football

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Do you want to scan all the football markets before placing your bets? You know that never losing is what we all want to achieve, but it’s difficult to happen. However, making well-informed decisions can increase winning chances. Our detailed football betting guides aim to upgrade you to a sharp bettor. You should know most betting markets inside out when you bet on football. To be profitable requires principles to follow; that’s why we have released articles for the best football betting strategies that analyze how to find high-value favourites and underdogs, special bets for teams and players, and which football leagues are the best to bet on.

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How to Bet on Basketball

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As you have signed up for a basketball bookmaker and checked all the available betting options, you are ready to place your bets and establish your strategies for all the elite leagues and tournaments. We have listed tested tips for main and secondary markets, such as moneyline, point handicaps, and totals, analyzing all the primary factors you should examine to bet on basketball and win. Follow our guides and learn how to pick your games for value, backing firm home underdogs and road favourites. We have published articles about the critical parameters of observing the moving lines, team schedules and fatigue based on the fast-paced sport.

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How to Bet on Horse Races

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Are you new to horse race betting and don’t know where to start? Or do you have some experience but are searching for ways to form consistent strategies? Either way, you are at the right place. Our team of expert punters has released a series of guides that will help you become successful. From basic terminology like how does each way work and what is a dead heat to advanced strategies such as how to use scalping or how to lay the favourites, we give you all the necessary tools to turn a profit. Let’s dive right in.

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How to Bet on Tennis

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In terms of growth, tennis betting will continue to grow strongly because of its unique nature. The high number of matches available every hour and day forces bookmakers to offer higher odds, more options and better promotions. We have published articles for all markets, examining even the secondaries, like the Over/Under on aces/double faults, the correct score after a given number of games, and the matches’ duration. Even on shoulder periods, where there are limited alternatives for bettors, tennis lower-level events, like ITF tournaments, are extremely popular. Just follow our guides and learn how to bet on tennis, check our tips for seasonal betting and win big.

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Other Sports

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There are advantages to betting only on one sport; you can understand the rules deep, and it’s easier to be informed on crucial info like injuries and suspensions. Furthermore, you control your bankroll sufficiently by making fewer bets. On the flip side, sports betting doesn’t mean you must bet on one sport. Have you ever thought of spreading your bets around and finding profitable baseball and ice hockey options? Consider that each football or basketball season lasts eight to nine months; you have twelve to bet around one calendar year. Our guides for the NHL, MLB, Cricket, Boxing, and Golf aim to learn how to bet on other sports. Remember, it’s harder to bet on leagues like the NFL, so our tips can help you become a winner.

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Learn How to Bet on Sports Online

Should I use ante-post betting for the Pegasus World CupMany bettors stand to make money from online sports betting, seeking winning opportunities. Some may be lucky in the short term, but it’s challenging to keep a healthy bankroll over a long series of wagers. Το be resistant to betting, needs smart choices and a broad range of available options. The tricky part is to find the sport you can produce wins. Undoubtedly, Football and Basketball are prevalent globally. However, our guides contain full background info about how to bet on sports and make money in a growing number of events from Tennis, Horse Racing, and American Sports.

Football: There are hundreds of matches available every day and a great variety of markets. You can qualify for multiple offers among the best sports bookmakers, enjoying the highest odds. Our guides teach how to evaluate the background of every match and study the parameters that can push you to bet on football successfully.

Basketball: Players love handicap betting, trying to predict which team will cover or protect the given handicap. Besides moneylines and totals, the point handicap is popular in high-scoring sports like basketball. The guides we have released make a comprehensive introduction to all leading markets and how to bet on basketball, taking the edge over bookies on NBA, Euroleague, and other elite tournaments.

Horse Racing: A sport with several markets and numerous races daily. It can be profitable if you build correct horse racing strategies. Find the upcoming events, look at your favourites’ past performances, take the advice of our guides and place your bets on horse races.

Tennis: Are you a sports bettor who searches for major upsets and spot bets on tennis? Can you evaluate which surface gives an advantage to baseline athletes? Our guides can boost your knowledge and help you find the best tennis bookmakers to place your wagers.

Other sports: Besides the shade of famous sports, there are plenty of alternative options that aren’t as complicated as you think. Combat sports, golf, and cricket are some of them. In sports like ice hockey, scoring isn’t high enough to bet on handicaps, so you can use the moneyline. Understanding the basics of baseball betting and the pitcher’s impact on the game is a key to finding winners. Our guides indicate how to bet on more sports and place successful bets without being an expert.

What is the best way to bet on sports

The Manager Generally, you have two options when it comes to betting. You can place your bets on land-based shops or online bookmakers. Before you start, it’s important to check some vast factors. The odds value and the staking plan are needed parameters to determine before deciding what to bet on sports. So, we make a clear distinction between the two main strategies and the most common types of sports bets, an essential step before adding selections to your betslip.


It’s an age-old strategy in online sports betting because most bettors believe it enhances winning chances. However, our experience has shown that it’s not so simple. Betting on low odds, from 1.10 (1/10) to 1.50 (1/2), might be profitable for a certain amount of time, but even a small series of losses can damage your investment. Players who back favourites permanently set high stakes in most cases. So, it’s pretty important to weigh up risks and rewards. For example, a bet on 1.30 (3/10) odds means you risk €100 to win €30.


If you only consider the prices and not the winning chances they represent, betting on high odds might be a suitable option for your needs. It’s attractive to chase big wins with small stakes, seeking opportunities and bookies’ miscalculations. The bettors who place wagers on underdogs insist that high prices help overcome the house edge. If you think that backing underdogs can maximize the value of your bets, follow our guides and learn all the secrets for how to bet on sports online and win with small stakes and big prices.


It’s a common mindset that singles have higher winning chances. Our guides point out the advantages and disadvantages, advising how to bet on sports and win with only one pick. Undoubtedly, it’s a decent option for moneylines, handicaps, and totals where you can find many 2-way markets. Single betting can ensure profit in the long run if your selections have a high winning ratio and choose bookmakers with lower VIG. Compared to doubles or bigger ACCAs, a single bet protect you from losses due to only one miss, which is critical in betting.


An ACCA bet consists of four or more selections, and all legs must come through to win. That type of bet is popular among those who bet on football, basketball and American sports, wagering on whole matchdays for the NBA, NFL, and the NHL. The odds are higher, and bookies offer special bonuses to attract your interest, such as ACCA Bonuses or Enhanced Odds. The potential earnings are very high, unlike singles or doubles, but bettors who bet on sports with accumulators reduce their winning probabilities without a doubt.

Full Cover Bets

They are more complicated and more expensive than ACCAs. Although, full cover bets can give you an excellent alternative for online sports betting if you follow specific steps with discipline. The general idea behind these “two to eight selections” bets is to find at least two winners and still receive returns. You can reduce the risk, but your earnings will be smaller than betting on ACCAs. Trixies and Yankees are the most popular ones. However, figuring out the total stake and potential winnings is time-consuming. That’s why we created multiple Bet Calculators to help you make the right decisions.

Live Betting

Many bettors, amateurs or professionals, prefer live betting as a profitable alternative to beat the bookmakers. The main goal is to exploit the weak points of the process, using a strategy based on your skills. If you watch a football or basketball match, it’s easier to bet because you can observe how it goes, which team is better, the form and several other facts. Live markets, such as the next team to score, or the time of the next booking, can secure you instant earnings.

Best markets for online sports betting

Risk Management Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun ProjectThere’s no limit to the number of betting types and markets available, so many times, it’s difficult to avoid confusion. Depending on the nature of each sport, the markets have different structures and levels of difficulty. For example, football includes unique specials, like bets on corners and cards; these markets only concern football bettors. On the flip side, certain markets are adopted for the vast majority of sports. Let’s see the best markets for online sports betting and all the needed info on how they work.


You can find European and Asian handicap markets to bet on sports like football, ice hockey, and tennis. Weaker teams are usually given a spread advantage, while the favourites start with a negative score they must cover. Handicap betting is also prevalent in basketball (e.g., Euroleague and NBA) and the NFL. The Asian handicap is a 2-way market that removes the draw as a probable outcome by giving one contender a lead start. On the other hand, the European handicap is a classic 3-way bet that includes a win, draw, and lose.


The moneyline or full-time result market is the most straightforward because you only need to predict the match-winner. Depending on the sport, you will have two, three, or more options depending on the sport. Football bettors know that there’s a draw in the game and if they back one team or another, they might lose the bet in case of a level score. On the flip side, basketball and ice hockey bettors place wagers on moneylines where always there’s a winner after regular time or overtime. That version is undoubtedly more popular and attractive as a 2-way market that offers higher winning chances.

Οn the contrary, horse and greyhound races have more contenders. In that case, the VIG is higher because bookies try to minimize their overall exposure. So, the question “How much to bet on sports?” has a clear answer for horse racing bettors. Indeed, low stakes are better because the winning percentage is lower. It’s different to bet on one team to beat the other compared to a field with ten different horses.


The Over/Under market calls bettors to predict two possible outcomes related to almost all the main statistics in all sports. Usually, online sports betting on Totals refers to the number of goals or points scored in a match. Bookies can also offer totals on stats like passing yards (American football), assists and rebounds (basketball), and runs (baseball). If you are a football bettor, you can find total markets for cards, corner kicks, and combos with other options like winners and BTTS. The lines are adjusted depending on the stats’ nature. For example, the most common line in football is 2,5 goals. For the NFL, on the contrary, it might be 46,5.


Special bets is an immense range of markets where you can predict goal-based, points-based, or players’ stats-based picks that don’t affect the match's outcome. For instance, which player will score anytime in a football match is one of the most popular prop bets. So is for a penalty to be awarded. If you bet on basketball, the teams’ race to 10 or 20 points can give you the flexibility to chase a profit without waiting for the final result. Sometimes, you must be fortunate to receive earnings from specials, but if you succeed, they will be high.


It needs patience and a deep analysis when you bet on sports, especially outrights. Predicting the winner for one competition or entire league and foreseeing other long-term possibilities is tricky. You can also find markets for the top goalscorer of the season in football or the MVP in the NBA, for example. If you like tennis, the top-seeded player based on the sport’s ranking system can give you returns in the case of a winning prediction. Horse racing includes some profitable outrights, like ante-post bets where you can secure higher odds before a top tournament, like the Cheltenham Festival or the Grand National, begins.

How to bet on sports and win

Germany Bundesliga predictions todayThe main goal in online sports betting is to find the edge and beat the bookies. It’s not easy, but players who have the experience to evaluate the needed information before placing bets have decent winning chances. Reading the odds and finding value is an advantage. The use of betting trends and a staking plan based on profitable systems may produce consistent earnings across all sports. Simply follow our piece of advice and learn how to bet on sports and win.

Multi-accounting: It’s optimal to have more than one account. The reason is quite evident because you can compare odds and choose the best prices, while it’s a booster for your strategies to qualify for all the available bonuses.

Betting schedule: If you are a bettor for specific sports, it’s a good idea to plan every day and week, making a schedule for your activity. Avoid betting on every game, especially if you bet on two or more sports. You can also divide your schedule into time zones. It is helpful to stop having several bets open simultaneously, which is hard to track.

Learn the markets: Before risking money, you should know what exactly you bet on. Firstly, you must understand the main markets for your preferred sport, like moneylines, handicaps, and totals, and how to combine them on ACCAs and systems. It’s preferable to choose one or two sports and a limited number of markets on each one. In that way, you will place bets you are more comfortable with.

Value bets: If you want to take an edge over bookies, you should place bets based on odds value. Smart bettors check permanently the probability of the chosen prices besides the other factors that can determine the final result of a match like teams news, etc.

Can sports betting be profitable?

spyThe answer to the question, “Can I make money consistently from online sports betting?” isn’t so simple. Bettors should try daily to improve their skills and understand all the needed parameters to win. Undoubtedly, it’s critical to manage how much to bet on sports; advanced sports knowledge also increase the chances to reach the goal. Furthermore, numerous factors can determine your status; the most important is clear-headed homework based on team news and stats and an analyzed odds monitoring and evaluation. Stake sizing can help you to manage bankroll with stability, but when it comes to sports betting, there’s one main principle that you should follow. Don’t bet on matches without fundamental insight into the rules and their background. If you are a football fan, bet on football; if you try to become a basketball expert, place your wagers on your favourite sport respectively.

Q: Which are the most popular sports for betting?

Football and basketball are two of the most popular sports globally, but season and location factors determine the betting volume of each sport. For instance, MLB attracts bettors when other sports have their offseason in the summer. UK players love horse and greyhound racing, while Americans place billions of bets every year on the NBA, the NFL, and the NHL.

Q: How much to bet on sports?

That’s a controversial part of betting because it ultimately depends on your bankroll. The main principle here is not to wager more than you can afford. Your starting investment and stake should be a matter of protection, so our guides for betting systems will be handy for your decisions about staking plans.

Q: What can I bet besides sporting events?

Many users consider it safer and more profitable to wager on the US Elections, Oscars or Eurovision Song Contest rather than football or basketball. Novelty bets have the potential for great earnings for those who have the module to search, analyze info, and make predictions.

Q: How to bet on sports with the best markets?

A good piece of advice is to prefer 2-way markets, like moneyline on American sports, or totals where the Over/Under betting is available. However, the most complicated markets, such as special bets and outrights, can offer you high odds and profitable opportunities.

Q: What steps to follow to become a successful sports bettor?

All our released guides deeply analyse the principles for making money from online sports betting. Besides that valuable information, you should check some generic but fundamental parts of your betting strategies. For example, you don’t have to bet every day; be conservative, have a day off, and avoid placing wagers without a purpose. Don’t chase losses, clear your mind if you face a lousy run, and never stop gaining knowledge remaining ahead of the field.

Q: How to bet on sports online safely?

Before you start betting, you should know that you can make real money from betting by placing winning wagers. Safety is one of your priorities when you come into the process; all the leading bookmakers have secure platforms to protect accounts, deposits, and personal data from external dangers.

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