How to Bet on Specials

Back in the day, bookmakers were only offering odds on top sports, however, things have now changed. Today players can find special betting options for literally anything that takes place throughout the world. You may wanna predict Messi and Ronaldo's next clubs, who will be assigned as the next Chelsea manager, or who is going to get the sack next. Meanwhile, one may also bet on novelties, non-sports-related options such as the election outcome in the USA, France or the UK; or even awards ceremonies like the Grammys or the Oscars. And since even newbies know that non-sports betting markets are offered by the best bookmakers worldwide, our guides aim at teaching you how to bet on specials; and how to expand your betting horizons and take advantage of everything a bookie throws your way.

Political Betting Guide

Political Betting Guide Go To Political Betting Guide Guide

While betting on politics isn’t as popular as football betting, there are a lot of sharp players who actually make money from elections’ and referendum bets. We have published guides on the most popular electoral processes from around the globe, such as the USA, the UK and Australia. A lot of online bookmakers offer bets on winners, totals on parliaments’ seat numbers and head to head bets on the exact percentages of political parties. So, use polls as indicators and read our guides to get to know how to bet on politics.

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How to Bet on Esports

How to Bet on Esports Go To How to Bet on Esports Guide

Esports betting is a rapidly rising field where players can make money out of betting on their hobbies, taking advantage of hundreds of both daily and outright markets. You can find high odds and competitive betting lines covering major tournaments in CS:GO, StarCraft 2, as well as lower-tier contests and regional leagues. There are also numerous available options on sports simulator tournaments, where betting on virtual events of competitions such as the NBA, FIFA and the NHL, can actually make you real money. Our goal is to lead you through this nascent betting field, so delve deep into our guides and learn how to bet on Esports.

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How to Bet on Specials and Make Money

Money bagThe step-by-step process of beating the bookies on entertainment, long-term or other novelty wagers is quite similar to traditional sports betting. You can follow our guides to learn how to bet on specials and minimise your risk when picking to do so over non-competitive odds. So, follow the steps below and place your bets.

number-1Familiarise yourself with each respective online bookie in order to have easy access to its specials betting markets. You should be able to easily spot all available options and the highest odds.

number-2Choose a bookmaker who offers bonuses on both ante post and non-sports betting.

number-3Decide upon what you want to bet on among sports, awards, TV shows, celebrity gossip, or political events.

number-4Select straight bets, totals or props. You can predict the next Ballon d’Or winner, the colour of the Queen's hat in her next public appearance, or the halftime performer during next year's Super Bowl.

Which are the top types of Special Bets

How to find the best football bookmakers The key part of specials betting is securing early high prices. These bets cover long periods, sometimes being available 1+ years in advance of the actual event. So, if you want to avoid any odds movement, grab the guaranteed early prices, especially when you back the most likely outcome. Do your research and find the best markets among the four basic specials categories.

Ante post & transfer betting

Long-term bets relate to specific markets such as sports tournaments and league winners. Bettors can predict the team that will win the next Champions League, which player will lift the Wimbledon trophy, or which horse will conquer the Cheltenham Festival. However, the options are practically infinite since the bookmakers introduced the “Request a Bet” feature.

In 2006, a bettor placed a £200 bet on Xavi Alonso to score from his own half. Liverpool’s Spaniard made a 70-yards FA Cup goal vs. Luton, and the creative bettor received £25,000 from this 125.00 (124/1) odds bet. You can find hundreds of options on sports and transfer betting, having better chances to win big by placing a bet early.

  • Which teams will be relegated from the EPL?
  • Who will be the next Ballon d’Or winner?
  • Which will be Kylian Mbappe’s next club?
  • Will Liverpool win quadruple titles in 2023?
  • Which team will be crowned NBA champions?
  • Who will be the next Watford manager?
  • Which national team will be the next World Cup winner?

Betting on Politics

Best political betting sitesPolitics occupy a huge part of current world affairs; and you can predict who will win specific elections, head-to-head special bets between political parties, and more. You may actually find popular markets on the best Political betting sites covering the USA, UK and Australian Elections as well as other electoral processes. There are also options such as Over/Under around parliament seats’ numbers, the next London’s Mayor, or special referendums to predict the winner. The odds are based on polls, a rather complex process that you should check from reliable sources in order to make well-informed decisions.

Entertainment & Novelty betting

microphoneSeveral top bookmakers emphasise on TV shows, song contests and other entertainment bets. Exploring our betting events calendar, you can find novelty betting markets over world-profile talent shows like X-Factor and the Big Brother, predicting viewership in percentage (Over/Under) and others. The complete list of these events is immense, so here are just the main ones.

Props Non-Sports betting

Which Jockeys should I pay attention toApart from political and entertainment events, there are plenty of specials betting props. The next James Bond actor after Daniel Craig is a representative example; you may also find numerous markets for Royals and celebrities couples, like the gender of their next offspring. If you are well-informed around the celebrity and gossip industry, you can bet on them and make money. For several celebrities, a common betting market has to do with their next dating partner. This props betting type is one of the hottest topics in the entertainment world, so there’s no chance of not finding an available market to cover it.

Furthermore, there’s the Nobel Prize way out in novelties, where you must predict who will receive the prize in the fields of Literature, Physical, Economics, Chemistry, Physiology and Peace. Our experts have published a detailed guide with the best betting tips for the Nobel Peace Prize winner and taking an edge over bookies in each specific award.

Best Tips to Win Novelty Bets

If you want to bet on specials, it's crucial to pick where you will invest your money. Bookmakers with the most markets, lucrative promotions and bonuses, as well as unbeatable odds are indeed a very good start. We now list the best tips to help you become more successful.

Specific markets: These are the most straightforward bets among all the available options, such as the outright winners of a sports league, an awards ceremony, TV show, or political election. Head-to-head 2-way bets are similar to which team will win a basketball or baseball game; just pick the best performer between individual participants. On the other hand, bets like which place a country will take up in the Eurovision (2nd, 3rd, etc.) or forecast bets (i.e., winner & runner-ups) are harder to predict.

Early odds: Betting on ante posts is a wise alternative towards higher odds, especially on favourites. When a show begins or an election process starts, the candidates with higher winning chances offer more decent odds at that time before they -almost inevitably- drop later on.

Reliable sources: You can’t be a successful player when betting on novelties without having accurate and reliable information. You must always check the popular culture media and political news columns in an effort to gain valuable inside info. Social media, TV, even your own research on movies, awards, shows and programs can dig out helpful advice before placing your bet.

Public opinion: Several bettors believe what the public opinion says. Going against the consensus is not always profitable because, in some cases, one-sided bets win. However, you should check when both the bookies and the public agree on the winning probabilities of an outcome (e.g., a favourite on a reality TV show); so, evaluate the situation and try to remove the emotional parameter.

Is betting on specials & novelties profitable?

Which football betting site is the best If you prefer singles, novelties are an excellent option to back. Here it's about predicting the outcome over a more extended period, so you must analyse all the parameters before placing a bet; and be patient. We have a list that consists of enlightening pieces of advice. You can learn how to bet on specials and novelties following a four-step strategy.

grey arrow iconWhen it comes to novelties, you are on even ground with the bookies. For instance, the Eurovision song contest and the Oscars proclaim the possible winners from contracting authorities, boards, and public votes. Even for bookies, these are unpredictable parameters, so do your own research and take advantage of them. It’s difficult for bookmakers to be accurate when releasing betting odds for these novelty and ante post bets; simply because they can't use specific methods to calculate probabilities and fix the odds like they do with sports events.

grey arrow iconGather as much information as possible and take a critical advantage before placing a special bet. If you-for instance-back Liverpool to score more than a hundred goals over one season or the number one Christmas song on the UK's charts, you'd better be well informed on that specific topic. If you avoid random betting, you can be profitable and exploit opportunities. So, do your homework before you bet.

grey arrow iconFocus on the entertainment world, movies, TV shows, and pop culture and strengthen your knowledge. Discover areas where you can find value odds and competitive lines for head-to-head 2-way bets. Try to start from the same jumping-off point with bookies in order to have an almost 50:50 winning probability.

grey arrow iconLast but not least, find the best novelty bookies and use multi-accounts in your favour. Search for the best lines for totals betting (e.g., the number of points a country could gain in the Eurovision) and get an edge from differences in odds between the bookies. Remember that higher odds always mean bigger profits.

Q: What is specials betting?

Specials include a broad range of bets, from dailies on all sports (e.g., total number of bookings or corners in a football match), ante posts for tournaments’ winners, and non-sports-related ones such as political events, entertainment contests, and popular culture. You can predict winners, place forecasts, Over/Under, props bets and other traditional markets.

Q: Which are the weirdest non-sports-related bets?

Betting on dance or song contests, special bets on the British Royal Family or politics-related novelties is rather common. There are several weird non-sports-related wagers where you must predict things like when the world will end, when alien life will get discovered and when polar bears will go extinct.

Q: Where to bet on specials online?

There is a plethora of bookies that offer a dedicated non-sports section containing hundreds of novelty options. You can find lines and odds on 10+ TV shows worldwide, elections, and markets related to current affairs, movies, awards ceremonies, etc.

Q: Which are the best events for novelty betting on awards?

You can find decent alternatives to awards ceremonies, especially if you keep track of previous events’ records and statistics. For instance, the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, and the BAFTA Awards are among the elite ceremonies.

Q: What is Current Events Betting?

Real-life events around the globe are always an option for novelty betting. The Current Events section includes politics, pop culture, celebrity contests, gossip relationships, and baby names.

Q: Which is the most profitable strategy for long-term bets?

Υou can bet on a team to win the upcoming domestic title; one or more star players severely injured would undoubtedly affect the team’s strength and its winning chances. Ante post bets offer an advantage to bettors who risk money before a tournament, league, ceremony, or show begins. They invest in higher odds, but many factors can change the outcome over a given time. So, control yourself and place a relatively small bet on specials to avoid damaging your bankroll.

Q: How to place an each-way bet on novelties?

It’s one of the most popular options in specials betting, backing a contender to win or take the 2nd place in a tournament, a contest, an award ceremony, or a TV show. Several events follow the knock out format. Check the each-way terms that can offer you decent value even if the competitor you back doesn’t eventually win.

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