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How to Bet on Basketball and Win

Do you ask yourself how you can make the most of your bets in basketball? Αre you ready to learn the use of all profitable betting markets and strategies in order to make informed decisions and make money? has published a series of guides with the main purpose of teaching you how to bet on basketball and win.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the globe, with millions of fans. You can choose your picks from a broad range of basketball bets for an extensive number of games and events. Study all the basics you should know, find the best value for your wagers, and discover all about basketball betting inside out.

Basketball Betting Guide

Basketball Betting Guide

Before you start betting on basketball, you should know the basics, especially the main and secondary markets at your disposal. If you prefer wagering on moneylines and handicaps, you must evaluate all the fundamentals that can influence the outcome. On the flip side, there are numerous options, like totals and player props, where the final result is irrelevant. Help yourself make money by understanding well enough how to bet on basketball and win, finding better value in the hundreds of the offered markets.

How to Place a Bet on Basketball

BMB_Question MarkBasketball betting offers multiple options that are predictable. You can wager on several market types, which seems easier than football. Basketball has a smaller number of players (i.e., the two teams have five players each, not eleven), and you don’t need to analyze the opponents’ formation or other variables.

Before deciding where to invest your money, you should consider how to place a bet on basketball by using the most straightforward types.

Moneyline: What is the moneyline in betting? It is the simplest market. It can be 3-way (i.e., for the regular period of 40 or 48 minutes) or 2-way (i.e., you only have to bet on the game-winner, including overtime).

Handicaps: Handicaps (or spreads) are one of the most popular markets. Bookmakers set a point handicap on the favourite to balance a mismatch, and the strongest team must cover it to win or the underdog to protect it.

Totals: The Over/Under is determined by the number of points, rebounds, or assists that teams or athletes will score in a game. Totals are a profitable alternative option when you find it challenging to predict the winner.

How to Win a Basketball Bet

BMB_Markets GenericThe fast-paced basketball is attracting bettors who seek opportunities to profit. You can place single bets on basketball, ACCAs, first-period, half-time, and outright wagers, so you should have specific knowledge to take an edge over bookies.

Our goal is to teach you how to bet on sports effectively. We analyze three fundamental parameters to increase the winning chances and bolster your bankroll.

Pay Attention to the Stats

BMB_Number_One When you bet on basketball, you must check several teams’ or individual player stats that can indicate your wagers. Star athletes are often evaluated by how many points they score. However, you can place winning props based on other statistic categories. Guards serve many assists, and 7-footers have many blocks.

If you read the relative stats, you can certainly bet on totals in these markets and make money. The free throw and three-pointer percentages, rebounds, steals, and turnovers offer a detailed overview of teams’ and athletes’ skill performance. If you manage to read and exploit stats, basketball betting can be a profitable option.

Even for fast markets, like the Race To 10 Points in basketball, backing teams that can start their games dominantly.

Follow Basketball Betting Trends

BMB_Number_TwoPublic betting reflects the line movement in basketball, so it’s crucial to observe which side receives the higher amount of bets and adjust your wagers. Following basketball betting strategies on trends can be profitable if you keep a consistent approach to them without making random choices.

Let’s say you have to deal with a 94-72 against the handicap record for a 35% minus percentage in public betting. The win ratio is 56,6%, so you can have an almost 10% ROI backing that pattern. Besides consensus, the basketball betting trends can push you to think of alternative markets.

The Lakers face the Jazz for the NBA regular season and Utah is 0-5 in moneyline bets in the last five games against Los Angeles. This means that backing the home team to extend the winning streak can be profitable.

Place Live Basketball Bets

BMB_Number_ThreeThere are plenty of live betting options available where you can exploit circumstances and place winners. Let’s say that the Real Madrid vs Fenerbahce Euroleague game had the Spanish team as a pre-match favourite at 1.50 (1/2) odds. After the 3rd period, the Turks trail the home team by 7 points.

If you still believe that Real Madrid will win the game, undoubtedly, you will find higher prices near 2.10 (11/10) odds. Furthermore, you can follow different strategies regarding live totals or handicaps. If you intend to bet on the second half, it’s easier to predict what will happen in the game. The reason is simple; you have already tracked each team’s points, percentages, and possessions.

Pick the Right Bookmaker

BMB_Number_FourBasketball is a fast-paced sport with many ups and downs, so it’s a necessity to bet on securing the optimal conditions. The best basketball bookmakers provide a wide range of pre-match and in-play markets which you can use without any restrictions. Betting line movement can help you place smarter bets by understanding how other bettors respond and choose their picks.

So, it’s crucial to prefer a bookie that doesn’t lock the lines instantly and has a quick bet acceptance. Last, but not least, it’s essential to your betting activity to enjoy betting offers, like free bets, ACCA bonuses, and early payouts.

Best Tips to Win in Basketball

BMB_Betting_MarketsBasketball is dominant in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, only trailing football and cricket; that’s why you have plenty of options daily in betting. You should keep your eyes open to take advantage of any opportunities. There are three main factors you must always consider before investing your money.

Search injury news: It’s important to know when star athletes sit out just before an NBA or Euroleague match begins. Every advanced bettor keeps a close eye on all news studying the injury reports and rumours before investing any money. If you know about sidelined players, you can find exceptional props on the substitutes who share the backup minutes.

Examine team schedules: There are scheduling advantages that can be exploited, especially for the NBA, where teams usually play three times a week. For instance, you must avoid backing a favourite on a back-to-back game.

Each NBA team plays almost 15-20% no-rest games during the regular season, which is a scheduling disadvantage due to fatigue. Moreover, you can back well-rested teams after a day off, even underdogs on higher odds.

Check home-field advantage: The home-field factor is always critical in sports because no team wants to lose in front of their crowd. You can back underdogs with better injury reports against their opponents when it comes to basketball. You can also bet on basketball teams that can go against the spread when they are heavy underdogs at home (e.g., +10,5 points or higher).

Which are the Easiest Leagues to Place Basketball Bets

BMB_Money_ProfitAdvanced players can find good opportunities in secondary competitions, like the Asian championships in China and the Philippines. However, the leagues with a higher status, such as the NBA and the Euroleague, seem more predictable because you can find reliable injury reports and advanced stats breezily.

You can locate several different tournaments in the sports betting calendar all year round, which means the opportunities are endless.  


BMB_TrophyIf you manage to predict each team’s motivation, the NBA is one of the best leagues to bet on basketball. There are several spoiler teams in the regular season in the regular season, so you should profile them before investing your money. It is more difficult for the favourites to play all games at 100% for an 82-game period.

After the All-Star break, the dominant teams' motivation becomes more robust when they seek a higher ranking because of the postseason goal. You can find over a hundred different markets for each 48-minute game, especially in the playoffs. If you need some more help, follow our NBA predictions today and stay ahead of the bookies. 

Εuropean Tournaments

BMB_TrophyThe Euroleague and the Eurocup are far behind American basketball, but there are top teams, like Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Efes, you can back and make a decent profit. The lines for totals in all statistic categories are lower due to the 40-minute games duration. Some clashes are between well-balanced opponents, so in that case, you can bet on the underdogs’ handicap.

Domestic leagues

BMB_TrophyThe Spanish ACB, Turkish, Italian, German, and French leagues maintain their place at the top of all European domestic leagues. Bookmakers offer several different options and markets, both pre-match and in-play. On the other hand, in Asia, PBA online betting has become particularly popular the last few years. 

International tournaments

BMB_TrophyThe national teams’ games are different because every bettor must consider each team's momentary readiness, physical skills, and tactical approach. Besides continental tournaments, like the European Championship, the Basketball World Cup, and the Olympic tournament remain at the top of the elite international contests.

Outrights are the most popular basketball bets when wagering comes to national teams, especially for the 1st-place or the medals (1st to 3rd) markets. You can back favourites, like the USA or Spain national basketball teams, on decent odds.

Can Betting on Basketball be Profitable?

BMB_Book SpyMaking money from basketball bets isn’t easy. You should follow primary multi-level principles to profit. Only well-informed bettors can get an edge over bookies. Our list includes enlightening advice.

⏩ Start your betting activity from the easiest tournaments, the domestic league in your residency, for instance. You must learn all the information you need about each team you want to bet on basketball.

⏩ Read all the reliable sources for the league you choose to wager, local press, insiders, and injury reports. It’s fundamental to know everything about each league’s background.

⏩ Suppose you are a newbie bettor and start including the NBA and the Euroleague in your strategies. These leagues provide the most markets and opportunities and the most competitive odds.

⏩ Follow our NBA Picks and Euroleague Predictions from our experts with a high win ratio. These picks can enhance your bankroll and unlock your mind after a losing streak.

Q: How to bet on basketball games online?

A dedicated basketball bettor should do extensive research, following injury reports, advanced stats, and each team’s schedule, especially for the NBA. Moreover, if you want to make money from basketball betting, you should have live alternatives and capitalize on possible odds mistakes by the bookies.

Q: Which is the most popular prop bet on basketball?

You can place a wager on an outcome that doesn’t affect the final result. Keeping an eye on teams’ and individual players’ stats, you can bet on markets like players’ combined points, rebounds, assists, total games’ three-pointers made, and the teams’ race to 20 points.

Q: Where can you find the highest basketball odds?

Every bettor wants to make the best deal, finding one of the best basketball betting sites with the highest odds and the greatest number of markets. Sign up at more than one bookies to compare prices for each market. Look at North American bookmakers for the best lines for spreads and totals for NBA and NCAA contests.

Q: How to bet on college basketball?

To bet on the NCAA, you must understand the odds, the markets and make well-informed decisions. After the regular season, March Madness declares the college basketball Champion of the USA. Remember that a game includes two halves of 20 minutes each.

Q: How to bet on basketball point handicaps?

The negative point handicap shows the favourite in a basketball game. To bet on the stronger contender and win, that team must cover the handicap. On the flip side, the underdog has a positive point handicap; if it wins or loses by less than the handicap, then it becomes a winner.

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