How to Beat the Bookies

When it comes to online betting, do you think the most important thing is finding the best value for your money? Maybe it’s the highest odds or the appropriate time to place your bet, pre-match or in-play? The bookmakers seem unconquerable, so many bettors believe it’s pointless to make a profit in the long term. Read our guides and start to manage your bankroll effectively and avoid losses. Learn how to beat the bookies by following our tips for the best betting systems, using calculators for full cover bets and learning to be profitable on the exchanges.

Betting Systems

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Do you have confidence in your profound sport? You also think it’s adequate to know its rules and the background to place winners. Maybe you are a sharp bettor who integrates all the primary odds evaluation tips and explores all the offered markets to find the best opportunities. Undoubtedly, you are a high-level bettor if you fulfil all the requirements above. But there’s something else to check; do you have a staking plan? Some bettors have a great winning potential; however, they nullify it because their staking plan harms the starting investment. Our guides for the best betting systems enhance your knowledge about stake sizing, offering alternatives to be successful.

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Bet Calculators

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We have built our tools to help you boost your potential, even if you are a beginner or an advanced bettor. You can decide the type of wager you wish to place and work out easy returns. If you bet on singles or doubles, the maths are simple; in that case, our Bet Calculators offer you speed and accuracy. However, the tool is needed for complicated bet types like trixies or systems with more selections like Super Heinz. You need a clear mind to make the right decisions, not exercise your mathematical skills. Additionally, it’s critical to know your potential earnings if you don’t win all the picks and try different stakes or systems from your mobile or desktop.

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Guides for Betting Exchange Sites

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Betting exchanges give players the unique capability to place wagers against other users rather than the bookmaker. However, not too many sites offer this type of service, with less than 10 operating on a global scale. This is because you need a high volume of players to ensure that the bets will be matched. New ones come into the spotlight rarely. Nonetheless, playing on these websites can prove extremely profitable and is a way to test and use specific strategies. Read our guides below to learn more about how they work, which are the best ones, as well as all the different types you can come across while betting online.

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How to beat the bookies today

winnersHave you ever thought about receiving the highest potential from your bet without risking a fortune? One of our primary targets is to highlight what works and share strategies to break down all the needed steps you should follow. shows clear guidelines and suggests beneath all the tested and trusted tips to beat the bookies today.

grey arrow iconImprove your betting skills and build a winning profile. Maybe you have struggled sometimes, but it’s never too late to recover.

grey arrow iconFind a reason behind each bet and set clear goals in your mind; otherwise, it would be tough to build a winning strategy. Everyone can fire wagers daily, hoping for a stroke of luck. If you bet randomly, the chances to win are against you.

grey arrow iconSign up with two or three bookmakers and claim bonuses, such as welcome offers and free bets. It’s the best way to bet when your wallet needs a boost.

grey arrow iconChoose one or two sports and learn deep all the markets, even the secondary ones. Explore all the available options at your preferred sportsbooks. Then, you should follow a specific number of teams, while it’s also critical to start watching the games you bet on.

grey arrow iconStay away from wagering just for fun if you don’t have a clear shot for pre-match betting. You can find plenty of in-play markets and bets. Ιf you use a live streaming service, monitor the game progress and have full stats coverage.

grey arrow iconHeavy favourites win more frequently than dark horses, but if your strategy is built only on low odds, it can’t work in the long run. If you bet on favourites with a positive ratio, you have several wins, but check your returns; the clear profit will be small relative to the investment you have made. Additionally, one unexpected loss can cause you damage.

Which is the best way to bet

magnifying glassAll players bend their minds to find a strategy that works. The optimal goal is to find the best way to bet, which alters depending on your profile. As you can discover below, we complete our analysis about prioritization, alongside the main criteria you should integrate to start your day with winners. So, let’s beat the bookies together.

Find value odds

Think that a placed bet is a deal between you and your bookmaker; the challenging part is understanding whether your selection has value. Let’s break down an example to help you know how to beat the bookies. The odds on Inter Milan to win Liverpool are 2.50. If you use our Implied Probability Calculator, you will conclude that the bookmaker believes that the Italian side has a 40% theoretical chance of winning. Do you think the odds are wrong? It’s time to take advantage of a probable bookie’ fallacy and place a value bet. The well-informed and dedicated bettors know how to distinguish the prices in their favour.

Keep records & Avoid max bets

head iconBankroll protection and growth are vital parameters to help you find the best way to bet. You can set a starting investment and divide it into base units. Then, follow our guides for betting systems and discover the perfect one for your needs. Control your emotions, avoid max bets, especially after lousy runs, and keep records based on winning percentages and efficiency. Use advanced indicators like ROI (i.e., profit/loss ratio of your investment) and Yield (i.e., profit/loss related to the total stakes you set), evaluating your betting activity and profitability day-by-day.

Do your research

Differences between a Promo and a Free bet Code Homework determines the mindset behind each bet you place. Do you want to beat the bookies today? Odds’ evaluation and the stake are critical factors, but doing your homework is essential too. Let’s say you are a basketball bettor who prefers handicaps. Before you decide and add a selection into the betslip, you should analyze all the main stats of the game you chose. Some of them are each team’s position in the league table, the injuries, the total number of points and rebounds. After the offensive and defensive stats analysis, you should move on by looking at individual stats and how star athletes have been performing lately. In any case, the optimal scenario is to have alternative resources and take the advice of insiders, tipsters, or reliable news websites.

What is the best strategy for betting

Germany Bundesliga predictions todayΤhere are numerous strategies to follow if you ponder how to beat the bookies. However, you must find one that suits your needs. Whether it’s sports betting, casino, or poker, there’s no perfect method to permanently secure earnings. Our goal is to help you find the most suitable and stick to it. It’s not enough to make a winning series of random bets or make a short term profit. Let’s see how to find the vital points to build your strategy.

Bet on singles

number 1 iconSingles are the best way to bet since your potential profit depends on one selection. That’s why many pro bettors prefer singles to multiply their winning chances. You can back favourites and underdogs or select between 2-way and 3-way markets. One more critical advantage is that your research is always easier. The answer is quite simple; you can check stats and trends, win/loss streaks, absences, or everything that can impact the game without spending time.

Low staking plan

Winning with our Bundesliga Betting Tips Βookmakers always find a way to profit long-term, and it’s a fact that will never change. Some bettors trust and build a low percentage bankroll strategy, but it doesn’t mean their method is poor with no high potential success. On the flip side, a low staking plan can be pretty effective for those who have the discipline to stake only the 1-2% of their total investment. It’s a major advantage to be conservative and protect yourself from big losses. Besides that, the most advanced and complicated plan may confuse and force you to lose consciousness.

Sign-up to multiple bookies

quick mobile siteIf you are looking for the best way to bet, it’s necessary to always wager on the highest prices you can find. Value and the best lines should be in your favour, a factor that can boost the winning chances. All players should have alternatives in betting, and multi-accounting gives plenty of them. So, it’s a necessity to sign up to more than one bookie to compare odds and enjoy the heyday of services.

How to beat the bookies using maths

Kelly Criterion equationMath basics are necessary for betting and can determine our strategies in all parts of the process; when we 1) evaluate the prices, 2) comprehend the meaning of probabilities, 3) convert odds, 4) build staking plans. Do you think reading numbers is only computing your winning ratio? For instance, you need math skills to read stats; or make an in-depth backtest going through past results and finding trends. So, let’s beat the bookies and create a consistent profit from betting by using maths.

Calculate probability: Even if you are a beginner and have low-level mathematical knowledge, you need to learn the basics. Undoubtedly, it will help you to find the best way to bet. offers a broad range of Bet Calculators to evaluate odds and turn them into probabilities. It’s a perfect chance, also, to work out all bet types within just a few minutes. Moreover, if you bet on multiple bookmakers, North American or Asian, you will need to understand what American, Malay, or Hong Kong odds represent. Place your bets on the odds type you can sink in easier.

Full cover bets: These bet types has a vast range of fans who want to hedge the risk and place higher stakes to achieve it. The full cover bets are made up of all available combinations for the number of picks you add to the betslip. Trixies, Yankees, Heinz, Super Heinz, and Goliaths are the most known ones. They consist of several smaller bets, so you should understand their structure, even if you have a calculator at hand. Most full cover bets are pretty expensive; to use them, find bookies with small VIG and do comprehensive research for each pick.

Betting systems: More advanced bettors need math knowledge besides their sports and betting experience to follow betting systems like Martingale, Fibonacci, and Labouchere. Stake sizing is vital to locate value bets, and the mathematical approach helps the bettor make the right decisions and avoid taking major risks in both cases. Our advice is to use all the systems for a short period of time, evaluate your bankroll growth, and start again.

What is the easiest bet to win

If you bet on sports or novelties and explore all the probable outcomes, you undoubtedly know that all markets have a certain level of difficulty. Consensus says that a bet with low odds and high winning chances is easy; however, that’s not the naked truth because it hides risks due to the bigger stakes. You can follow some key points, with higher winning chances to beat the bookies.

2-way markets: Τhe Over/Under markets allow you to predict if an event from football, basketball, or other sport will have less (Under) or more (Over) goals, points, etc. than the offered line. The critical factor is having two possible outcomes to choose from, which means almost 50% winning chances. Moneyline and handicap markets for the NBA, Euroleague, MLB and NHL are included on 2-way markets. Additionally, you can select more 2-way markets between DNBs, double chances, and even/odd goals, points, runs etc.

Low odds: Τhe winning chances are high when you bet on low odds. If you bet on heavy favourites, you should check how often they win in order to protect your bankroll. However, the transition from the odds to implied probability shows that the strategy can be profitable. For instance, backing favourites on 1.40 odds means that your bet has a 71,43% winning percentage; it’s considered high in betting without any doubt. So, the wagers on low odds are easy bets for the most bettors.

So, can you actually beat the bookies? provides numerous strategy options, guides, and tools to boost your winning chances, alongside a detailed analysis of all you need to know to beat the bookies. Beyond a doubt, your target is to make money from betting. So, follow our experts’ trusted pieced of advice and increase your winning chances.

number-1Choose more than one bookmaker and open accounts. If you want to profit over a long-term basis, it’s a need to compare and evaluate odds. Even a tiny juice difference is critical for you. Undoubtedly, it’s necessary to calculate odds probabilities and identify their value.

number-2Decide your bankroll and the strategy you will follow. Random betting can cause damage to your starting investment, especially if you face a losing streak. So, chasing losses, it’s not the best way to bet.

number-3Follow simple tactics when you place bets. Bet on singles; it’s always a good piece of advice. However, you should be careful when you back heavy favourites because only one loss will affect a whole series of bets. Be prepared to handle a bad streak and take the small wins. Every bettor chases big ones, but it’s something unlikely to happen. You should always keep in mind that every little helps in betting.

number-4Keep a clear record and analyze your bets, winners and losers. It’s needed to know before you place the next bet the total amount of money you have invested, the appropriate stake, and the bookmaker you should use for each of your wagers.

number-5Learn a sport inside out and consider on a daily basis all the necessary aspects about games; current teams’ form, stats based on attack and defence, news (injuries, suspensions, etc.), head-to-head history.

Q: Which are the best strategies to beat the bookies?

All betting strategies can be profitable if they have clear principles a bettor should follow. Besides the basics for the odds value, staking plans, and high-level sports knowledge, several other factors can determine your winning ratio. For instance, understanding math sequences will help you integrate the structure of advanced systems like Fibonacci. Your betting know-how also can be boosted by studying crowd psychology because common sense sometimes affects odds.

Q: Which is the best way to bet?

Although some main principles distinguish the sharp from novice bettors, there's no winning pattern. If you are a sports specialist with a clear strategy, even if you bet on singles or systems and have the discipline to follow a staking plan, your winning chances are high.

Q: How use maths and beat the bookies today?

Math knowledge is a vast advantage in betting. If you understand what numbers can do, you can evaluate tipsters, take advantage of bookies’ bonuses, and use all the statistics databases. Furthermore, you can build your staking plan and learn how to trade and bet on exchanges quickly.

Q: How to improve your gambling skills?

The main idea to become a winner in betting is to integrate all the needed knowledge and improve yourself in all terms of wagering. You can start with small bets with low risk and learn how important it’s to evaluate and compare odds. It’s not easy the upgrade to a pro bettor, but even a casual one can make money. Open betting accounts, learn how the bookmakers react and what they offer you, and then build a strategy suitable for your needs.

Q: How to beat the bookies by betting on singles?

If you are wagering on singles can be a profitable strategy in the long term. The ultimate need is to follow specific rules regarding discipline and stake sizing. It’s not a good idea to back heavy favourites all the time because even one bad loss can damage your bankroll. However, single betting belongs to players’ common strategies due to high winning chances.

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