Football Betting Strategy

Corner Betting Strategies

Corner betting tends to be one of the most misunderstood betting markets. For the vast majority of punters the number ......

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Corner kick betting – How to bet on corners

Do you really think that the total number of corner kicks in a football match is depending mainly on luck? ......

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Second Half Betting

The best bet is always the one you think you would have placed after the match, right? But that’s impossible, ......

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English Premier League 2018/2019 Odds

The greatest European championship is a few days away from kicking off and the very first bets and speculations on ......

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How to bet on football and win

Few other sports can offer such upsets like football does. We’ve seen Leicester City win the English Premier League and ......

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Last minute bets

Are you patient enough to watch a football match for 80 minutes without being tempted to risk a penny and ......

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Referees and football betting

Referees. The age-old scapegoats of fans, punters and oftentimes football coaches alike. Even the slightest mention of a referee’s name ......

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Late goals betting strategy

Nothing encapsulates the emotions associated with football like last minute goals. Few things compare with witnessing your team score a ......

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How football managers affect our betting analysis

Betting analysis is basically reading numbers, right? That’s what the vast majority of punters do. A large cluster of wins, ......

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Betting on goal scorers

Betting on goal scorers has become increasingly popular during the past years among bettors. Apart for being an amusing choice ......

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What is the Draw No Bet – DNB Meaning

Do you often feel like placing a match win bet on a specific team, only to stop at the last moment because ......

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Cards betting: How to bet on football cards

Betting on football players to be booked with a yellow or red card may sound like a bizarre type of ......

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What is European Handicap

Asian Handicap enjoys the lion’s share in global handicap betting, as it is the more popular way of trying to ......

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Asian Handicap Total Goals – Over/Under markets explained

Asian handicap betting is extremely popular among bettors as it can be used to simplify a match result bet. Instead ......

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Both Teams To Score (BTTS) – Advanced betting guide

Given that the main target of every football team is to score more goals than their opponents, it is only ......

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Live betting Strategy- In play betting tips

Live betting is something like travelling to the Far West about 150 years ago: An exciting adventure, a trip to ......

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What does over under mean in betting | Οver and under betting strategy

The over/under bet is the most popular of the so-called “special” bet types, apart from those associated with the final ......

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Football Value Bets | How to beat the bookies at football

Value betting is one of the most common terms punters use when they discuss long-term profit strategies in sports betting. ......

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A detailed guide on Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap betting has traditionally been the most popular way of placing bets on football in Southeast and Far East Asian ......

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Football Betting Guide – Soccer Betting Markets Explained

Football betting is truly the king of sports punting. It claims the lion’s share on the total amount of bets placed, a staggering ......

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