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Eurovision 2019All you music fanatics out there, get ready for the greatest annual song contest, the Eurovision 2019. Last year Israel was the country that brought it home with Netta Barzilai’s “Toy”, but who will get to the top this year? Before you go “berserk” with your final EuroContest betting choice, read everything about Eurovision’s background and controversies. Check out our detailed guide on the best bookmakers for the ESC, the top special Eurovision bets and odds and of course, our tips and predictions.

Eurovision 2019 Info

Date: May 16th
Venue: Expo Tel Aviv (International Convention Center), Tel Aviv, Israel
Time: 22:00 CET
Number of participants: 42

The 64th Eurovision song contest comes with 42 participants. The “Big 5” countries, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, will be there of course. Ireland holds the record with the most wins, having reached the top spot 7 times, with Sweden (6), France, Luxembourg and the UK (5) to follow. Euro contest fans will have the chance to enjoy Madonna’s biggest hits. The great superstar will have a guest appearance this year, just like what happened with Justin Timberlake in Lisbon.

Australia will be in the contestants' line-up for the 5th time as a guest, and the Eurovision’s 42 participants will offer lots of winning chances for the fan bet enthusiasts. Especially for all those knowing the tricky parts of the ESC, the starting prices are of great value, since the bookmakers tend to make huge mistakes. In this article, you will find out which are the best bookies for the Eurovision by markets, by odds, by in-play betting and a complete betting review for the ESC.

Best Eurovision Bookmakers for 2019


Players Rating: (12 Rates) 6.4


Players Rating: (9 Rates) 6.9


Players Rating: (5 Rates) 8.9

Top Eurovision Bookies by Markets

Placing bets early greatly increases your chances of earning a bigger profit, even if the price drift out or shorten after you place your bet later Some of the best and most credible of Eurovision’s bookmakers include Bet365, Bwin, 888, 1XBet, 22Bet, and Spinsports. Check out below our in-depth analysis for the most popular Eurovision bets.

Eurovision Contest Winners Bets

The 2019 Eurovision edition is fast approaching and fans all across Europe are wondering what will be Eurovision’s winner song this year. With many great songs participating in the contest, it’s really hard to tell who the Eurovision winner will eventually be. Of course, early favorites have emerged as bookmakers around the world release odds on who the winner will be.

Duncan Laurence, who will be representing the Netherlands (the highest price is Bwin's 3.75), is currently the odds-on favorite to win the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, having garnered much praise and popularity both at home and overseas thanks to his Eurovision entry “Arcade.” In the past decade, for example, 9 out of 11 times (81%), at least three of the countries that were on the top 5 of the bookmakers’ odds, have made it to the top 5 places of the contest.

ESC Top 3 countries betting

The Netherlands’ “Arcade” may be the ultimate prediction so far, but there are a couple of songs that are quickly closing the gap. Sergey Lazarev, representing Russia with “Scream,” finished third in Eurovision 2016 and hopes he tops Eurovision’s 2019 top 3 this time. The singer has emerged as an early favorite among bookies with odds of the extra high 6.00 from Bet365, and 5.00 from Coral Eurovision betting. Switzerland’s “She Got Me” by Luca Hanni has been a massive mover in the markets as well, with its odds currently dropping from 34.00 to just 15.00. Interestingly, the UK, which has been placed a record 23 times in the top 3, and France, with 16 top 3 places, are not considered favorites to end up in the top 3 this year.

Top 10 betting Eurovision

According to the current Eurovision betting odds collected from some of the most credible bookmakers having published their starting prices for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Greece and Armenia seem to have great chances to make it to the top 10 (at the highest of the industry 1.90 and 2.50 at respectively). Cyprus and Iceland are also among the countries that can be within the players’ choices for Eurovision’s top 10 betting, both offered at odds of 1.50. It is worth mentioning that excluding Italy (1.50), all the other countries of the “Big 5” seem to be like the outsiders to enter the top 10 places. The Eurovision fans in the UK, Germany, and France are set for another year of heartbreak.

EuroSong contest Semi-Finals Bets

Of course, before we get to the grand finale, many of the participants will have to overcome the semi-finals “obstacle”. Greece with Katerine Duska’s “Better Love” is one of the songs that have moved the critics and comes with odds of 4.00 at After all the greek song is the second bigger favorite, while Iceland at 3.25 is the country having the most chances to be the winner of the 1st Eurovision semi-final.

The second Eurovision 2019 semifinal participants have the Netherlands as the country with the most chances to be the Eurovision semi-final winners, and coming with starting odds of 2.75, while Russia and Switzerland (on a market high of 4.00 and 4.32 at respectively) are the participants following the Dutch lead.

Other special bets

In case you have been feeling keen on betting on something different than the classic popular markets in this contest, you can think out of the box and try your luck on bets like “Will the winning country win the Televoting in the final” offered only at The choice of “Yes” comes at Eurovision bets’ odds of 1.75, while ”No” pays at 1.95. Other interesting Eurovision bookies odds is 22bet’s huge 4.00 for the UK’s likelihood to end up in the ESC without having gathered a point. Moreover, offers France to finish above Germany at odds of 1.55, while Germany’s highest placing than the UK one is offered at 1.95.

Betting Sites with the Best Eurovision Odds

Every experienced player knows or should know that checking the early Eurovision odds is where the big money usually lies, as the bookmakers tend to make mistakes at this stage of the competition. In the UK, the odds for Eurovision winner this year range on an average of 3.20 for the Netherlands to be the winner. At Bet365 the Eurovision “champion” is given a generous 3.40, gets the industry's highest 3.75 at Bwin, and a more modest 3.00 from 888. Things are not that different for the rest of the European markets, with 1XBet, 22Bet, and Spinsports offering tons of special bets and extremely high starting odds.

Best Eurovision Bookmakers for In-Play Betting

First, you will have to select the market you want to place a bet on a few days before the contest begins in order to have a pleasant Eurovision in-play betting experience. A tested approach is to cut down on the number of markets and focus on a niche or league that you can excel in. Bet365, 1XBet and 22Bet are the best regarding this condition, while they are also known for their high prices. The Eurovision odds for every market and outcome are updated in real time directly from Bwin, Bet365, and 888. For the rest of Europe Spinsports, 1XBet, and 22Bet are the best options, as these websites not only they offer very high odds during live betting, but it also is important that they rarely close the markets for their players.

Eurovision Promos and Betting Offers

Eurovision Song Contest Betting Guide

Our mission is to pinpoint the most important tips a player should take into account before he places a bet. We also want to highlight the best bookies that will offer Eurovision betting markets this year. Keep in mind that the key to winning the ESC isn’t just how good a song is. It’s much more complicated than that, which is why Eurovision is one of the most unpredictable betting events for punters.

The Eurovision Country Lobbies

Anyone who’s willing to bet on the Eurovision 2019 Song Contest needs to understand Eurovision controversies and geopolitics. Even though it’s meant to be a politics-free zone, Eurovision is often nothing but politics. There are countries that have extremely good relations on a geopolitical level and tend to vote for each other even if their songs don’t merit the vote. Of course, there are those who claim that certain countries allocate disproportionately high points to others because of similar musical tastes and cultures, or because they speak similar languages. Notable examples include the former Soviet bloc countries, nations from the former Yugoslavia, and Scandinavian countries.

It is also a vast truth that countries with not so good relationships on a governmental level will rarely vote for each other. On a more positive note, however, more and more singers with nationality different from the country they represent have been willing to participate in the contest during the past decade.

The Song with the Social Message

There have been many successful Eurovision Song Contest songs with a great social message during the years. Israel’s “Toy” hid a message concerning female power and social justice wrapped in a colorful, happy vibe. This year it seems like Bilal Hassani’s “Roi” is the song with the most powerful social message. The nineteen-year-old Hassani was born in France to a Moroccan Muslim family and is openly gay. He has received a countless number of abusive, racist, bigoted, and homophobic messages on social media but the song’s lyrics depict a strong young man who’s not ashamed or afraid of who he is and what he stands for.

Possible “Favors” from Previous Years’ Votes

It looks like Eurovision voting this year won’t be much different from previous years. The Baltic countries are expected to follow their usual Eurovision Song Contest voting “system,” while the same is expected to happen with the countries from Scandinavia and former Yugoslavia. Greece and Cyprus will most likely exchange their 12 points as they have traditionally done except for in a few cases. Russia, which is a strong candidate to win this year, should normally collect 12 points from all the ex-Soviet countries, excluding Ukraine, which recently withdrew from the contest.

The Australia Factor

Australia’s Eurovision 2019 participation is relatively new, they participated for the first time in the 2015 contest in Vienna, Austria. Owing to its cultural and political ties to European countries, the Eurovision Song Contest has been televised in Australia by the public broadcaster SBS for over thirty years. In honour of the contest’s 60th running Australia was invited to compete in the contest.

The country’s best result came in 2016 when it finished in the second place, and the possibility to end up in the same place this year is offered at 21.00 ( Australia also finished in the top ten in 2017, when it took ninth. Australia’s Eurovision 2019 participation will be the song “Zero Gravity” performed by Kate Miller-Heidke.

The ESC Newcomers

Unfortunately, there will not be any new Eurovision Song Contest entry this year. Kosovo and Liechtenstein were expected to be the two fresh nations in the contest but they have both canceled their plans, aiming to debut in the 2020 edition. It seems like Eurovision Final 2019 will be a “veterans” contest, as the contest will feature five representatives who previously performed, including Sergey Lazarev, who represented Russia with “You Are the Only One” in 2016, winning the first semifinal and placing third in the final.

Order of Appearance

The organizers avoid placing songs in the same genre one after another, so don’t expect to listen to two ballads or dance songs in a row. The Eurovision running order is particularly important from a betting point of view as well. The songs with the best odds to win in the semifinals and final usually come at the end of the show, so the voters listen to them last and have them fresh in their memory during voting in comparison with the ones they heard at the begging of the show.

Top Eurovision 2019 Predictions

Here follows our final predictions with detailed analysis for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest split into three parts: Semifinal 1, Semifinal 2, and the Grand Finale.

Eurovision Song Contest Semifinal 1 Tips

The Eurovision semi-final 1 winner according to early predictions will most likely include Cyprus (4.00 at 22Bet), Iceland (3.25 at 1XBet), and Greece (4.00 at Spinsports) in the top 3. Some of the most credible bookmakers, including Bet365, Bwin, 22Bet, and 888, offer great Eurovision semi-final 1 odds for these countries, which are also expected to end up in the top 10 in the final. Even though everything’s still pretty unclear, the Cypriot song “Replay” performed by Greek-Georgian artist Tamta is seen by several fans as the dark horse that can possibly shock the world and win Eurovision for the first time in the country’s history.

Eurovision Song Contest Semifinal 2 Tips

The second semis will take place on 16 May in Tel-Aviv and it seems like we will get a taste of the final in this Eurovision Song Contest semi-final. From the eighteen countries participating in the second semifinal, the Netherland’s “Arcade” (2.75 at and Russia’s “Scream” (4.00) are the absolute favorites to finish first. The songs of Armenia, Sweden, Malta, and Switzerland are seen as favorites by the fans and bookmakers alike. It would be wise to pick Russia or the Netherlands as the winner of this semifinal.

Eurovision 2019 Final Tips

Most of the bookmakers globally have already started offering high odds and intriguing bets for this year’s Eurovision, although not all the countries have selected the songs and artists that will represent them. There are Eurovision betting tips that every bettor should take into consideration before placing a bet. Currently in first place is “Arcade” from the Netherlands, with most credible betting companies such as Bet365, Bwin, 888, 1XBet, 22Bet, and Spinsports giving a return of about 2.90 to 4.10 on a Dutch victory.

Russia is close behind with odds of 4.00 to 6.00. There are several countries that will fight for a position in the top 5 including Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Italy, Armenia, Malta, and Greece. Keep in mind, however, that in the final many countries won’t vote as they currently vote in online polls, but politics will matter. And in that case, the likes of Russia and Sweden will have many more allies than the Netherlands.

List with the best Eurovision bookmakers

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