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Euroleague Predictions 2024

The Euroleague is the most important basketball competition in Europe. It’s a semi-closed tournament organized in 2000, succeeding the FIBA era in continental basketball. Every year, the top eight teams earn their way into the playoffs; the four of them, after best-of-five series, qualify for the Final Four. Our Euroleague predictions cover the broadest range of basketball daily and outright markets for every game from the regular season to the Grand Final.

Euroleague predictions for today


  • We collect the highest prices straight from all reliable and leading bookmakers. Then, we deliver average market odds next to each released pick.
  • We don’t provide odds feed now, but we plan to add it to our services shortly.
  • The bookmakers presenting next to the odds don’t mean they offer these prices. As we have ranked them, they are our recommended online betting sites; you can find valuable promos before placing your bets just with one click.
  • We post the status for all daily betting tips (won, lost, void).

Euroleague Basketball Predictions Today

BMB_Europe_FlagBetting on the Euroleague hides a medium difficulty in the regular season, so bettors have several opportunities to profit. There are plenty of parameters that you should examine to increase your winning chances.

We will do all the work for you with accuracy and diligence, using all the available data and advanced stats such as team news like injuries and bans. Our experts take a close look at all the matches every Thursday and Friday.

We also post betting predictions for today and the doubleheader weeks, where there’s an increased difficulty level due to teams’ and players’ fatigue.

From October to May, we analyze all games to post Euroleague betting tips with the most value. In addition, we release future bets for players (i.e., MVP Award, Top Scorer, etc.) and teams (i.e., Final Matchup, Teams to Reach Final, Top-8, Final Four Qualification, etc.).

When do we Post our Euroleague Predictions

BMB_Date_Time_IconThe Euroleague can be challenging because the tournament’s growth expands, creating wealthy teams and elite title contenders. As it happens, specific circumstances can lead to more losing bets than winners.

The betting interest is undoubtedly high; our primary target is to find value Euroleague bets and high odds to enhance prolificity in our predictions.

We explore all the latest injuries and bans and monitor an odds movement strategy 24/7. Then, our tipsters publish the daily picks at the highest available odds.

Every Thursday and Friday, by 10:00 am (CET), you can assess our free picks. In the doubleheader weeks, we are also posting them on Tuesday and Wednesday.

What do we Check before Posting Euroleague Predictions

BMB_ListOur experts constantly track several statistical pieces of information, forms, past results and probable rivalries before posting daily Euroleague predictions.

Following the picks, you will understand that we only recommend high-value odds without backing heavy favourites at 1.50 (1/2) or lower. There are three main parameters we analyze.

Current Form: Besides the participants’ home and away winning percentages, the form factor and the momentum are vital factors for the regular season and playoffs throughout the season.

For instance, the 2020/21 Champions Anadolu Efes had started the 2021/22 season with an unprolific 0-3 and a high of 85.7 points per game poor defensive average.

So, the Turkish team couldn’t be named a major favourite. Then, they found a winning recipe in the next couple of games, reaching the title at the end.

Ιnjuries: Euroleague elite teams, like Barcelona, Anadolu Efes, and Real Madrid, have more than one star player on their roster. No matter what, star players greatly influence the odds when they are absent.

Injuries or bans can cause differentiations in the handicaps and the offered prices; so we deeply examine all the pregame reports from our trusted sources.

Several players, like Nikola Milutinov (Olympiacos BC), Mario Hezonja (Real Madrid), and Mike James (AS Monaco), can have more than 32 minutes on average in the court, so they are irreplaceable for their clubs.

Handicaps & Odds Movements: We avoid backing opening odds and handicaps for basketball games. That’s why we post our Euroleague betting tips only 12 to 15 hours before a game starts.

Our tipsters don’t risk backing the starting lines and handicaps, monitoring all the odds changes without waiting for the prices to move in our favour.

So, before we release picks, we have in our hands all the background of each game with in-depth analysis for all the latest news and a full statistical cover for teams and players.

Euroleague Betting Tips for Regular Season

BMB_Basketball BallAll Euroleague bookmakers release odds after analyzing critical factors, like the home advantage, current form, and H2D stats. We do the same before we post our Euroleague betting tips.

We also track more advanced parameters; key statistics, and the distances participants should cover to play for their domestic leagues and Euroleague. Let’s check the essential ones.

Fatigue: The schedule’s impact is one of the main parameters you should check in the regular season. The fatigue factor determines the results in specific periods.

For example, there are some seasonal dates like December 2023, when an unusual number of midweek games are scheduled to be played. Aside from a doubleheader week between December 5 and 8, Matchdays 15 and 16 are scheduled for December 19 to 22; it’s absolutely easy to understand the difficulty level.

Key stats: Even though it’s not ultimately the safest option, evaluating advanced stats helps you understand what a team or a player can do on the court. Especially for specials and totals, they are critical.

For instance, at the beginning of the 2021/22 season, specific teams had an average point per game above 80 (i.e., Barcelona 88, AS Monaco 81.5, and Armani Milan 81).

That means betting on Over for one of these teams seems to hide value. Following that pattern for the same period, Anadolu Efes’ Vasilije Micic (21.7 PPG) offered good Euroleague basketball picks on players’ special markets.

Euroleague Betting Tips for the Playoffs & Final Four

BMB_TrophyOur tipsters evaluate each game’s background week-by-week, exploring all the main criteria before posting our predictions. Indeed, all the data based on statistics reflect each team’s performance on the court.

Although in the playoffs and the Final Four, you should necessarily check two specific parameters before placing a Euroleague bet.

Home-Court Advantage: The top eight teams win a spot in the playoffs, but only the top four secure home advantage. They have a critical edge for the best-of-five series since they play one more game in their court against lower-seeded opponents.

The quarterfinals include four matchups, with the 1st facing the 8th team, 2nd vs 7th, 3rd vs 6th, and 4th vs 5th. Our tipsters analyze all the high-gravity matchups and evaluate the home-soil parameter that can determine the four finalists.

Let’s break down an example for the 2020/21 Euroleague edition. In the regular season, the first four teams (i.e., Barcelona, CSKA Moscow, Anadolu Efes, Armani Milan) took a qualification spot for the Final Four from the postseason.

They, respectively, have exploited their home advantage against Zenit St Petersburg, Fenerbahce, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich Basketball.

Star Players: The elite players’ status determines the winner in most cases. Star and quality players and their skills are essential factors before posting our Euroleague betting tips.

Watching the MVP Award list, you can check that huge names were named Final Four’s most valuable players leading their clubs to the crown.

For instance, the Greek legends Dimitris Diamantidis and Vassilis Spanoulis won the MVP award on two and three occasions, respectively, and led Panathinaikos BC and Olympiacos BC to multiple titles.

Looking back at the 2020/21 season, Vasilije Micic was named the Final Four’s MVP leading Anadolu Efes to the title. Also, you can find NBAers in that list like Anthony Parker in the 2003/04 season with Maccabi Tel Aviv and Luka Doncic in 2018 with Real Madrid.

Top Euroleague Player Points Predictions

BMB_FavouriteBetting on points, rebounds, assists, and steals can be indeed profitable if you try to have full statistical coverage for teams and players for the whole season.

We collect and analyze each team’s last five or ten games in the competition for all games. Especially for players’ specials, we analyze the broadest range of advanced metrics in-depth before posting our Euroleague betting tips.

We search the total points, rebounds, etc., in all previous encounters for the tournament and their domestic leagues. Then, we examine the bookies’ lines, seeking for the mistake.

Focusing on players’ efficiency rate, usage percentage, and pace factor, we can find hidden value, publishing Euroleague basketball picks for totals and specials on assists, blocks, and steals.

Our next and final step is to make a value rating, comparing odds between two or more basketball bookmakers. In 2-way markets, placing bets with the highest value and implied probability is essential.

How to Predict Winners in the Euroleague

BMB_Betting TipsWagering on winners is, for most players, the main and the most challenging part of their basketball betting strategy. It’s the most straightforward way to bet on the sport.

In our article, we analyzed the main criteria we constantly examine before publishing our Euroleague predictions. Let’s go deeper, tracking two more critical factors.

Betting on Favourites: Our tipsters avoid posting Euroleague basketball picks with low odds. Αlthough, the league offers several opportunities for bettors who are backing huge favourites. A wide range of games provides an almost ultimate favourite for Matchday 1 of the 2023/24 season.

For example, deciding to bet on Bayern Munich Basketball 1.21 odds against Alba Berlin or Virtus Bologna’s  1.50 versus Zalgiris Kaunas it’s clearly a matter of analysis.

We focus on the home-win ratio of two favourites collecting data from the latest tournament editions of these games. Undoubtedly, the latest news and the main advanced stats play a pivotal role before posting Euroleague basketball picks.

We will never back a favourite at such low prices, but we will certainly examine the handicap. In the Virtus Bologna vs Zalgiris Kaunas, the 4,5 points handicap seems a line that the home team can cover; so, the 1.93 odds hide value.

Rivalries: Euroleague shareholders board consists of 12 representatives of the licenced teams that have a multi-aged contract. There are three teams from Spain, Barcelona, Baskonia, and Real Madrid, and two from Greece, Panathinaikos BC and Olympiacos BC.

Obviously, the format creates some massive clashes with great interest. In that case, we usually find decent odds for both elite contenders, so we analyze all the parameters above to release our Euroleague predictions for the rivalries.

Where to Bet on the Euroleague Season

BMB_Best IconIn the list below, you can check the top Euroleague bookmakers where you can place a Single or a Basketball Accumulator. They offer the broadest range of markets and the best odds for the regular season, playoffs, and the Final Four.

Q: Where can you find Euroleague predictions for today?

During Euroleague’s regular season, playoffs and Final Four, our experts analyze all the games and choose the odds that hold the most value. The primary target is finding the most valuable Euroleague basketball picks from the continental’s top-tier popular betting markets.

Q: Which are the most popular markets for Euroleague betting?

Wagering on the winners and handicaps is the most popular option among bettors who can also play a Euroleague bet in all reliable bookmakers on total points, teams and players specials, and outrights.

Q: Which are the best outright markets to place a bet οn?

You can place long-term bets, exploring a broad range of outrights for the final matchup, the teams reaching the Final, Final Four and Top-8 qualification, and players’ awards like the MVP of the regular season.

Q: What should you keep in mind when betting on the Euroleague?

Before posting our tips, we monitor the odds, all the latest teams’ news from our trusted sources, and basic stats like H2H games history. We also analyze the schedule, watching for weak doubleheaders and avoiding back clubs with tired players due to long journeys and consecutive games.

Q: Which team will win the Euroleague for the 2023/24 season?

Four are the main favourites to win the title for the 2023/24 season; Real Madrid pays 4.50 (7/2) odds to win the Final Four and the crown; meanwhile AS Monaco and Olympiacos BC follow with 7.00 (6/1). The Spanish giants Barcelona rank fourth in the long-term bets with 7.50 (13/2).

Q: Which team is the most successful in the Euroleague history?

In the last decade, four teams, Anadolu Efes, CSKA Moscow, and Real Madrid, won the trophy at least twice. The Spanish powerhouse leads the titles with eleven, being the most successful club in the competition.

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